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MAGA Delegates Take Over Michigan GOP Convention.

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Helping MAGA take control over GOP precincts is how to take back America. For example, consider what happened when MAGA won control to take over the Michigan GOP precincts. It got their candidate on the General Election Ballot!

No doubt the mama and papa bears are leading the way to take back America by causing RHINO chaos. Winning control of GOP precincts is the “lock and key” to get it done.


What is a Republican precinct?

A precinct is the smallest political unit of the state-level Republican party.

What is a Republican Precinct Committee Person?

They are Republicans elected or appointed to sit on their local Republican precinct board.

Are there similar non-political board committees to join?

Yes, there are many! School boards, neighborhood boards, etc. In addition to a Republican precinct committee (board), join another one you’re interested in.

MAGA’s GOP Precincts committee people in Michigan outvote entrenched RHINOs

At the April 24th Michigan GOP convention, the entrenched RHINOs were rude-awakening. The new MAGA forces drastically outvoted them in favor of their candidates.

Their success and win demonstrate what happens when MAGA takes over a GOP precinct. And even better is what happens when multiple chairmanships fall to MAGA.

Read this “How to Post” to discover how it did it.

For example, one will run against the Secretary of State (SOS) job. And the other as Governor.

What a shocker!

How do I become a precinct committee member?

Becoming a committee person is easy, depending on your precinct. Generally speaking, it’s easier to become one in rural areas.

However, all too often, the most competitive ones are those that wield the most power. And so, getting elected or nominated is more challenging but more rewarding. Nevertheless, the “cherry on the cake” is MAGA taking over the chairmanship.

Video from the War Room on Rumble

Video: Ex-election lawyer Dan Schultz reminds us of the importance of GOP precinct strategies in getting out the vote. He advises involving your friends and family as much as possible.

Important! As a first step, go to Dan’s Precinct Strategy website for complete information.

Responsibilities of GOP Precinct Committee People

  1. Vote in person or by proxy at every district and county election.
  2. Assist the Republican Party by helping register MAGA voters.
  3. Assist and encourage Republican voters to vote on election day.
  4. Attend District and County meetings.

How to Flip Your Local GOP Precinct

To become serious about saving, do whatever it takes to get on a board and become its chairperson. Therefore, please bring many friends into the fray so they can vote for you. Or, elected them also.

Surprisingly, flipping a GOP precinct to a “Make America Great” board is often straightforward. Yet, that’s where the political power of the grassroots lies!

Dan Schultz and Steve Bannon explain the critical decisions made in local precincts and how conservatives need to take them over.

An experienced GOP precinct lawyer tells you how.

Much of what I learned comes from a website by an experienced precinct lawyer, Dan Schultz. He teaches all of you how to take back your local precincts.

He also wrote a book about it which helps him pay the bills. You can buy the book he wrote on the subject. Dan says, “Until we first toss out both the Rhinos and communists at the local GOP precinct level, MAGA can never gain control.”

His exposure to the Steve Bannon War Room and his site has helped start a firestorm of conservative activism at the precinct level. And it’s already making a big difference!

How to take over voting control over local precincts:

  • Go to PrecinctStrategy.com to get contact info for your state.
  • Join or start a Facebook Group.
  • Research local government websites for news of open meetings.
  • Start with a school board meeting to inform members that you do not support teaching “critical race theory” (race-based communism).
  • Track meeting dates on social media
  • Get to know the responsibilities of each board and how things work.
  • Enlist like-minded friends to help vote out Rhinos and communists.
The results of a Republican grassroots movement in Palm Beach, Florida. A complete takeover by America First in this precinct.

How many board seats are open or unopposed?

Hundreds of thousands of board seats are open nationally. Additionally, thousands of chairmanships go unchallenged. So, getting elected or even appointed as even a chairperson is often surprisingly may be easy.

Your country needs like-minded friends to replace Republican Rhinos and Marxist members quickly. With a determined grassroots national effort, nothing can stop the MAGA movement!

An example virtual precinct meetings announcement

An example of a Democrat call an e-board meeting. The Rhinos and communists often called them to prevent conservatives from ganging upon them.

Your virtual attendance at a scheduled, open meeting is also helpful in gathering info, even if it’s listen-only. But going virtual is not a substitute for in-person attendance at precinct meetings because that’s where the fun begins!

Don’t forget to vote out Moderate Republicans (Rhinos)!

Too many moderate Republicans are either brainwashed or communist infiltrators. You must remove them, as they pose an imminent threat to our democracy. They are just as corrupt, if not more. To help uncover them, ask around and look at their voting record.

For example, consider the Mariposa County Election Board and how they stole Arizona’s 2020 national election for Joe Biden. Although all board members claim Republican registration, they steal elections like Marxists.

Democrats and RHINOs scurry away like rats when exposed or challenged because they know what their exposure to the light does.

Why Didn’t Conservatives Take over Republican Party Precincts Sooner?

You have your own life to manage, which seems more urgent than politics., yet this is not always the case. Because a lack of attention and participation always results in personal losses of some sort.

The unavoidable results of a general inattentiveness to your representative government are always wrong. Moreover, some people want to rule over you.

That is the nature of tyranny.

How to take over your school board too?

Likewise, take back your school boards that teach “Critical Race Theory.” Attend a board meeting, join or form a MAGA group, and then run for a seat. Always to take over the chairmanship.

This article is an idea of what’s happening at the local school level.




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