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MAGA Already IS the Republican Party.


The traditional values of the Republican party are embodied in the MAGA movements. A movement that still stands a little right in the middle of the political compass. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

MAGA is one or two Republican conventions away from installing a chairperson. Then, the transformation of the Republican party, and I say America will be complete.

Is MAGA the same as Trumpism? the answer is no, we crossed that rubicon a long ago.

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List of 5 reasons MAGA is now the Republican Party

  1. Represents the values of Conservatives.
  2. Fundraisers raise more than old Republicans.
  3. Voting out RHINOs in record numbers.
  4. Win more GOP primaries.
  5. Trump turns out tens of thousands of people at rallies, while RHINOs rallies crowds are tiny.

Video on why MAGA is the Republican Party

MAGA occupies the slightly right-of-middle position on the political compass.

MAGA is the middle right of the political compass, meaning its members are Conservatives. Yet, the Democrat Marxists claim they are the middle, and MAGA is a right-wing terrorist group! The difference is pure propaganda by the Democratic party.

Based on a stolen election and control over mainstream media, the Democratic Party Marxists are trying to claim the middle of the political compass and sway Independent voters. In addition, they are claiming because they are the “majority,” they represent the democratic majority, which is gaslighting their faces!

Activism has taken over the Republican Party.

MAGA activism is roaring through the Republican party. From school boards to local Republican precincts and presidential elections, MAGA is where the action is. The anti-America RHINO regime is being ushered out by American patriots.

We see this in the Primaries leading up to the 2020 midterm elections. Where, in the absence of massive election fraud MAGA sweeps them, with only a little help from RHINOs.

Let’s look at some of the other ways MAGA has taken over the Republican party.

  • Has more members and can swing elections.
  • Spearheaded the drive to clean up our elections.
  • Raises more campaign money than the RHINO Republicans.
  • Taken more control of local and state politics.
  • All spirited campaign rallies are MAGA’s
  • Driving force in alternate economy to counter the Marxist Democrats.

In other words, the old Republican party is nothing but a shell, and MAGA is the new Republican party.

Fox News rides the fence between support for MAGA and Republicans.

When Foxnews ditched MAGA over its belief in a stolen 2020 election, MAGA stopped watching in droves. Many believe that either Foxnews was threaten with a lawsuit by the voting machine makers, or the board members were too Marxist-leaning. Or, a combination of the two.

Ex-U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan

I don’t know what happened to this guy. I thought he was an American hero standing up to the Marxist Obama. But, he suddenly turned against MAGA (maybe he was an infiltrator). The excuse was he didn’t like Trump’s style. But, was that a good-enough reason? Then, he is selected by the Marxist to sit on Foxnews boards for some reason.

Strange things going on

While Foxnews sticks its neck out keeping MAGA hosts on the air, it won’t cover such critical happenings as the election fraud and border invasion. And this comes after Foxnews called the Arizona election for Biden way to early. Smells like a lawsuite or shareholder threat of some sorts to me.

In any case, the hosts who surprisingly keep their mouths shut for so long are gradually coming out of their shells. Again, something strange is going on at Foxnews.

One thing is sure

The Republican party is infiltrated by Marxists, along with Fox news. And a lot of them will never hold public office again because MAGA is now the Republican party!