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Looking Back! Conservative Social Media Platform Parler Gets Singled out for Cancelation

The Parler was de-platformed for not policing its social media comments. After all, it did not block murderers from using its platform to announce their intentions of mass shootings. However, neither did Twitter or Facebook!

And so, why was Parler singled out for punishment?

For context, Gab Social also suffered the dreaded Cancel Culture a year earlier and canceled its online banking services.

And so, Parler’s online business was severely damaged for political reasons.

Why did Parler build a free speech social media platform?

When the creeping censorship of Twitter and Facebook became too much, investors and techs created Parler as the new “public square” for free speech. And it took off strong from the beginning!

One of its early investors is Dan Bongino, who has his show on Rumble video sharing and Fox News. We don’t hear much about Parler because the competitive social media platform business is conservative.

I guess no news is good news. And its app is still in the app stores.

Parler’s Beginnings

Parler began as any other entrepreneurial enterprise — to fill a need. Even back at the beginning of Trump’s presidency, there was a need to get out conservative viewpoints.

Here we drop in on the founder John Matze and Parler’s early days canceling Marxist bots.


No doubt the investors were genuine Patriots who saw Parler as a money-making machine. After all, tens of millions of motivated, online Patriots had nowhere else to go.

Parler’s de-platforming

Like “green,” inexperienced troops rushed to the battlefield to fill a gap; Parler was created in response to the censorship of conservatives by the rising internal totalitarian state in America. And the corporations doing the censoring were some of the same ones who tried to take down Parler.

So that you know, Parler was negligent, even though it had reasons. It even happened twice in separate incidences.

Nevertheless, Parler fell victim to the Cancel Culture of the rising corpocracy totalitarianism of America. While Facebook, Twitter, etc., were left untouched for the same oversights.

Parler get deplatformed by Amazon (AWS)

A podcast on what happened the day before Parler was de-hosted.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cancels Parler

Amazon Web Services did give Parler one chance to do a better job policing speech; the second time, it was de-hosted by AWS. However, according to our First Amendment, AWS never had the right to ruin a business without a court order claiming free speech was illegal.

In any case, Parler’s social media was down for over a month until they found a new hosting company and online bank services. And, they found a good one!

The trouble is that other conservative media platforms rushed in behind Parler. And it lost the advantages of its initial head start.

Apple and Google Playstore removed Parler apps.

Apple and Google removed the Parler app from their stores, showing their outrage! And, coincidently, removed a platform for Trump to speak to their base.

At the time, this was a big blow; even though Parler offered their apps on their website, it was not the same as having them on two far-reaching, international app stores.

However, other conservative social media platforms outmatch Parler, so the app stores decided to let its apps back in. I’m not sure how that works pride-wise!

What were the results of Parler’s de-platforming by Amazon?

Parler found another hosting provider offering similar private, cloud-based hosting like Amazon. But, this time, it has a CEO who believes in free speech. The results are that Parler is more secure, and Amazon is minus a $300,000 thousand a month customer.

And, it looks like Parler is looking at near-future improvements that the globalist Amazon (AWS) would never have allowed.

For example, Parler and Gab are now looking at partnering to form a conservative online banking processing services company.

Amazon (AWS) hosting is exposed as a Marxist organization.

Amazon (AWS) exposed its Marxist bias when it de-platformed Parler and not Twitter for the same hate speech moderation oversight. It centered around an individual planning shooting and talking about it on both platforms.

In all fairness, Amazon sent out warnings. But what is “hate speech” anyways? The question is whether the killer’s words have been legal under our First Amendment.

Google and Apple delist Parler’s apps.

In addition to losing their Amazon hosting, Google and Apple delisted Parler from their App Stores. Plus, their online banking merchant also canceled their online payment account.

Nothing unexpected here, as they had already demonstrated their anti-American stances. With their censorship and shadow banning of conservative platforms and user accounts.

The savagery of their “cancel” attack on Parler ended an era. Many more cancelations happened but to only individual profiles or users.

The number of Patriots fleeing bgianttech censorship skyrockets!

After Parler’s de-platforming by Amazon (AWS), conservatives felt disgusted and fearful. They knew for sure that big tech was not their friend.

This de-platforming was a final straw for millions of users! It’s when the BIG migration away from Big Tech began in earnest!

Instead, sites like Gab and other conservative sites recorded record growth! Too bad that most ran too fast and never checked out the pedigree of their newly adopted conservative sites.

Parler scrambles to get back online.

What a situation for a conservative social media site with millions of users! No host, black-listing, and no online banking. Parler was offline for several months!

There is no doubt that Parler scrambled to get back online. Meanwhile, the Marxist Operation Mockingbird press was in full swing, putting out false information.

Users of Big Tech services were left to talk among themselves while they thought they had shut the mouths of conservatives.

However, in the end, Parler returned online more robust and secure. Let’s see how a strong dose of reality dramatically changed Parler.

The HUGE challenge of moving Parler’s private, cloud-based Amazon platform

Parler had 30 hours to find and move their data from Amazon (AWS). That was impossible. And Amazon knew it!

Amazon Web Services hosted Parler as a private cloud service featuring online stability and flexibility, so it wasn’t easy to move to new hosting.

Unwilling to take a step backward, they found a boutique hosting service willing to offer a similar service. And so, Parler again has put “all its eggs in one basket.”

Parler gets back online!

When Parler found a way to get online again, you might have thought it was the same. But, behind that, Home Screen is a very different home!

Faced with the same Cancel Culture deplatforming as Gab a few years earlier, Parler found a similar answer.

Parler carves out a secure, sensible network environment (Geeks only)

Parler’s new hosting company, SkySilk, is a small boutique hosting company. It’s customers’ data residing within a cloud-based distributed network. In Parler’s case, data resides on the network and within an open-source application called Ceph Storage.

The Ceph hosting architecture for its hosting is flexible and extensible, enabling more efficient block storage (Ceph RBD). Its file system storage uses a metadata server (Ceph MDS) and objects storage with both Amazon S3 API and Openstack Swift API simultaneously using the same pools.

In other words, they have joined Gab in selecting a distributed network. But, with a private network rather than a public one like Gab. Which one is better is up for debate.

Of course, Gab covers itself by getting a private license for its open-source software. In contrast, Parler has a private, open source license for a private system. If that makes sense to you, then you are a geek!

Domain Name moves

Parler moved the domain name Parler from Dreamhost to a more conservative Domain Name reseller called Epik. (Click here for a history of the Parler.com domain name.)


Parler is now back online, but again with “all their eggs in one basket.” Hopefully, this time they have chosen wisely their hosting company. And have a plan for a quick move to another host if necessary.



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