Listen up, Patriots! Being the majority is not enough!

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The Marxists are again planning creative ways to legally “steal” the 2022 elections. This time they’ll use their old playbook of mail-in voter fraud and somehow legalize the votes of illegal immigrants. Forcing Patriots forced into a desperate situation no one wants to even talk about!

Let’s not fool ourselves this time! There are plenty of precedents of governments controlling the masses, and leading them to destruction. My point is that being the political majority is not the security many people think it is.

Even now, the Patriots are spending too much time chasing the shiny objects. And so, the immediate reason we got to this sad state is about to repeat itself–a corrupt election in 2020.

Mail-in voting and mind-controlled judges

What I mean is that sadly the principal reason for Trump’s catastrophic loss is still there. Mail-in voting and its many corrupt facets are still standing by for a repeat. And, quite frankly, they don’t care or fear MAGA for this reason.

State Legislatures must “grow a pair”.

Moreover, this time around, the state legislatures in swing states must grow pass meaningful election integrity safeguards legislation. Otherwise, the unthinkable will again happen!

After all, they hold the ultimate election fraud weapon. They hold constitutional plenary (absolute) power to decertify an election or send a new slate of electors of their choosing.

Our founding fathers understood very well the danger of totalitarianism.

They even foresaw that one-day tyranny would try to take control of our elections by cheating. And so, they designed a Constitution by the People to block them.

And so, that power resides with state legislatures.

The awesome power of state legislatures?

And so, they gave the state legislatures the “monkey-wrench” to stop cold tyranny like we see today. They gave them the unchecked plenary power to change an obviously corrupt election.

They gave it to the state legislatures because they are closest to the people. Even so, we find Marxists have infiltrated state elections, which is often blocking the use of this power.

The need for majorities in both chambers

To use this power to block corrupt elections, they need a majority vote in both chambers.

Sounds simple to block an obviously corrupt election, but it’s not! Especially, when Republicans think they have a majority, but they find they have Marxist sleepers in their mindest.

The role of conservative media in waking up the state legislators.

Over some 70 years, Marxist have plotted to take-over America using mainstream media to create a false reality. And now, the easy solutions are behind us.

MAGA supporters are now building a distributed network of Conservative media to combat them. It’s a long road, and this platform is an index bridge to help you navigate them.

No doubt, the Marxists stole the 2020 election using a very detailed plan. They plugged every weak spot and bought-off people in high places and candidates early on.


Conservatives are in a bad spot, and it’s going to take a miracle for America to survive in any form. The totalitarianism Marxists have long planned this takeover. And, their alliance is very influential and wealthy.

By Team Go Beyondo

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