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Julian Assange Extradition News

The UK judge hearing Julian’s extradition case put off a decision until after after US election 2020. The timing of the decision tells us it’ll be political.

Breaking Julian Assange extradition news reports! News is slow right now, as the English magistrate hearing the case is playing political games by waiting till just after the 2020 election to decide.

Although the hearing over, the judge announced her decision is delayed until January 4, 2021. If you suspect her timing dictated by a US 2020 election date, you’re not alone.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll look around at the FAQ section, watch a video, click a link, or generally get acquainted with Julian and his extradition case.

Latest Julian Assange Extradition News

FAQs – Julian Assange Extradition News

When will the UK court decide whether Julian Assange can be extradited to the US?

The extradition request by the US case has been heard, and the judge has retired to render a decision on January 4, 2021.

What do Democrats fear Julian Assange would testify?

Democrats and anyone involved in the Mueller report are afraid that Julian Assange will testify that he did not receive the Podesta emails from Russia, as they testified in the US Congress. Instead, Julian will testify that Wikileaks received them electronically from a Democratic National Convention insider. Note: days later, Police say Seth Rich was robbed on the street and killed, although nothing was stolen.

Where is Julian Assange jailed?

Assange is incarcerated in HM Prison Belmarsh, reportedly in ill health.

Are journalists and whistleblowers enemies of the people?

A question at the heart of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning’s case is whether there is an exception when a publisher releases information against the rich and powerful.

Julian Assange Extradition News

We wait until January 4th, 2020 for decision on extradition.

Julian Assange’s extradition hearing ends and the decision delayed until after the US 2020 election.

In an obvious attempt to decide Julian’s extradition case based on politics, the UK judge hearing his case is delaying a decision until after the US election, January 4th, 2020. What a coincidence!

The globalist court masquerading as an honest English court is basing its decision on how to best keep Julian from testifying in the US. The reason: the court serves the interest of a global communist comradeship, not the rights of individuals.

Interestingly, within the US House of Representatives, there is a recent move to drop the case against Julian.

My opinion is that they expect to win the 2020 election. So they want Julian to be extradited to the US, then snatched for an espionage trial.

What I’m saying is that the move to drop the case is only a “head fake.”

Julian is too smart to fall for it! And that’s why he’s still fighting US extradition.

Obviously, he’s not afraid of testifying for the parents of the murdered Seth Rich. But fears a tricky US “deep state” that wants him jailed for a life sentence. Why? They are still protecting their false predicate for starting the Mueller Investigation.

Background of Extradition Case of Julian Assange

Julian Assange exposed the crimes of the most powerful leaders in the world by publishing whistleblower leaks. He thought the freedom of press laws would protect him. He didn’t realize that at this time in history, they didn’t apply to the politically powerful.

However, the “deep state” was careful not to charge him with crimes that would expose their corruption by court-ordered “discovery.”

And so, they tied Julian up in an English court with lesser charges and lawyering tricks in England.

Anyways, here is the reason given by an Ecuadorian official. They say Assange broke “normals” and never mentions the 4.2 billion financial package.

Doubting the influence of the US government on Julian’s UK extradition case?

Then, consider the three-year 4.2 billion dollars financial aid package to Ecuador signed. Happened just before Julian’s refuge status was canceled, and he was dragged out of their embassy.

What do you think, another coincidence?

Demonstration to Free Julian Assange

Energy is building again to free him! Is America ready to hear his testimony? Will he get a fair trial in America?

“I am Julian Assange” – The desire to free him heats up just before his hearing on September 21, 2020.

Behind the Extradition Request: The Parents of Seth Rich

The connection between Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning is their political activism or “raging against the establishment.”

They both believe our world is better off when communications between power brokers are out in the open.

The parents of the murdered Seth Rich requested that he testify at their court case for “wrongful death” against the US, hence the extradition request.

However, our “deep state” doesn’t want Julian even near a US Court, as court testimony could lead to denying the veracity of two intelligence official’s testimony to Congress.

New York Judge asks British Court to Make Julian Assange Available to Testify in Seth Rich Case in the US.

The parents of Seth Rich filed a claim, and so their US judge asked a British Court to extradict Julian Assange to testify in the US.

Julian doesn’t want to extradition because he fears another politically motivated trial. However, his woes began under the Obama administration, and Trump’s position on the Assange matter is not clear. We’ll probably know after the 2020 election.

New York judge wants Julian to testify about Seth Rich and his download to a key memory stick and upload to Wikileaks. Important, because this destroys the Democrats insistence the info came from the Russians.
After 7 years, Julian dragged out and charged by Scotland Yard of “jumping” a bond.

Why the “deep state” and Julian Assange fear each other?

The British and American governments claim Assange was not a journalist, even though he won many prestigious awards for journalism. The truth is he just pissed off the wrong people who were struggling at all costs against President Trump at the time.

Julian Assange is a dangerous, loose end for high-ranking intelligence officials. For they swore to Congress that Russians hacked the Podesta emails, not Seth Rich.

If extradited to the US Congress or a US court, he’d counter their false testimony. He’d swear that Russians did not upload the famous John Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks, but rather it was Seth Rich.

Since the Mueller Investigation was at least partly based on who did it, you can see the importance of Julius.


I wonder if Julian knows that Trump doesn’t consider him a criminal. Or, does he question whether Trump really has control of his administration?

Having read so much intimate info about England and the US, he knows how dangerous they are. And so, he’ll feel safer in jail in England, rather than in the US charged with espionage.

The pain inflicted on Julian due to the corruption in the US and England is an embarrassment for everyone.

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