Is Secession the Only Option for the Red States?

It may be the only remaining move!


Secession is not the only option for the red states to avoid a communist takeover of America. However, states need a backup plan to secede just in case. There is no guarantee we will survive even until the 2022 election.

But we can look at reasons to feel bullish about America’s future. Never before have its people understood so much about our founding principles or the importance of getting politically involved.

Maybe you’ll already witness online video scenes of moms and days literally storming local educational and government board meetings. And, they recall members who rule like out-of-control bureaucrats. By doing so, they help lead our country away from communism.

Of course, there is also the “freight train” of forensic audits rolling down the tracks. Already the evidence of ballot fraud in battleground states is beginning to sweep away the Biden victory. As Former President Trump recently said, “How can he rule when he lost?”

However, the communists don’t care much if they rule with the consent of the people. All they care about is power!

How to Avoid Needing a State Secession:

  • Take back local politics, get rid of the Marxists on local boards.
  • Pass state laws to bypass Federal ones.
  • Cleanup our election systems and win big in 2022.
  • Win control over the House and Senate in 2022
  • Pray that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and other Democrats of conscience continue to vote their conscience and block the communists’ agenda.
  • Primary out RHINO Republicans at every level of government.

Why a state has the right to secede?

A state is its people! And they have a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Even if you are not religious, you can fight for what you want.

When faced with a future of living under communism, you may want to consider how hard you’re willing to fight for your individual liberty. Looking at the uprisings in Cuba, both of us should fight hard to kick the American Marxist out of power.

Canceling “Cancel Culture” to avoid the necessity of secession.

Any conservative force that threatens the communists is now subject to their “cancel culture” organizations. They organize and execute plans to strip away identities and incomes. The American Marxist will go to any length to overthrow America. They want it gone!

Just for clarity, don’t think for a moment that what’s going on is really about racism or saving the planet. It’s an attempt to convert America into a communist country, and possibly much worse.

They won (cheated) in the 2020 election. And once they took power, the Communist takeover train accelerated tremendously!

With control of Congress and the Presidency, a “stacked” US Supreme Court, and an irretrievably corrupt national election system, the communists seize permanent control over America!

However, to consolidate their takeover, they know they must move quickly before Conservatives recover from 2020. And, it sinks in what’s happening!

If patriots don’t stop or discredit them by 2022, the Democratic Marxists have another 2-years to finish the takeover.

Is state secession illegal?

The Globalists claim our last Civil War is proof that secession is illegal. After all, President Lincoln stopped the succession attempt.

On the other hand, there is nothing in the US Constitution even mentioning the legality of secession. Interestingly, some states wrote the right to secede in their state constitutions when they joined the Union.

However, there is a strong language in our Bill of Rights that the people have a right to reject any government that doesn’t serve their needs.

Can we individually learn to live as communists?

The globalists say a “New Normal” or a “Big Reset” is coming! Our lack of say in the matter is a big clue that we’re already living under tyranny.

Can or should we accept the crushing feeling of knowing we’re second-class citizens? Subserviate to the ruling class!

Democrats cannot successfully run America, and they have no intention of doing so.

The end goal of America Marxists

They want America converted into a communist government instead, like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, or China. Big tech, mainstream media, and global corporate America continue poisoning brainwashed Americans with corporate Maoist propaganda.

Already conservative, and some from the left, are fleeing their homes to reside in states run by Republicans. Let’s designate them as the “Safe States of America” until we figure something out.

List of states with a secession option on an upcoming election.

TexasGoing to voters for approval in 2021
FloridaGoing to voters for approval in 2021
These state elections happen in 2021

No one knows for sure, besides there would probably be a core who secede together, then others would follow.

Do the terms “safe zones” or “strong cities sound familiar? Democrats used them to protect “their” cities from an American Trump administration.

They are a combined strategy used by communist state officials and the deep state. It protected their march toward communism after Hillary lost in 2016.

Texas should adopt this strategy to protect itself while it still can.

Would the US ever reunite after secession?

While a secession that marginalized the Maoist corporate oligarchy while America reunited is a sweet dream, there is no guaranteed this would happen.

The Texas people are not the type to accept abuse from the Feds!

Texans aren’t the type to accept abuse, not at all. That’s why they may be the first to secede if push comes to shove.

On the other hand, what does Texas have to lose? The feds banned from producing fossil fuel energy while opened up their Southern border to a flood of immigrants.

There are already proposals being offered in the Texas State Legislature!

Could the Globalist drive and independent Texas into the ground?

The Biden administration now has a full set of tools to make Texans miserable! But, could they drive an independent Texas into the ground.

The last thing in the world the Biden administration would allow in their panic about the world ending in 9 years, is a carbon-producing Texas. Whether or not, they are part of the US.

At the current rate of illegal immigration (illegal voters), Texas will become a blue state, losing the right to even vote for secession! I’m sure this fact is being discussed now!

Texans felt the evil from the Biden administration as they refused to let them produce more electricity during the coldest storm in generations. And so, the state of Texas had only one viable option: Buying electricity from California at 10 times the going price!

While Texas is not yet in trouble, they must do something! And, they know it!

Could Texas survive as an independent country?

Unmolested, there is no doubt Texas could be independent and successful. But, their Maoist neighbors are not about to leave Texas alone. They will subvert and attacked until the state submits!

But, everyone knows. Don’t mess with Texas!


Hard to tell what Texans do when faced with no good options. But, I can tell you that being forced to immediately shut down a booming carbon-based energy business while giving up their personal liberty to communism is not in their playbook.


By Wayne

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