Is Secession the Only Option for the Red States?

It may be the only remaining move!


Secession may be the only option for Americans, other than civil war. Because so many are brainwashed with long-lasting mind-control programming. That’s right out of the Marxist playbook!

For that reason, we need a contingency secession plan. And so, it looks like one is already unfolding. Because Patriots in blue states around the country move into the freer red states.

For this reason, we are close to the point where we need to separate the two non-compatible political realities. Before America’s internal guerrilla war gets worse. Let’s see how that might work!

What are the reasons that red states should secede:

Despite these good reasons, the American Marxist Democrats do not want red states to secede. Mainly because their goal is the subjugation of ALL America under the United Nations.

For this reason, their movement cannot afford to have peace-loving people with a wealth-generating economic system roaming around on their planet.

The impossible compromise between Patriots and Marxists

Patriots and Marxists cannot compromise because they live in opposite realities. Therefore, we are headed for a civil war. Unless something happens to prevent it.

Patriots believe in individual freedom, and Marxist the power of the state. The fact that the Marxists are trying to convince us they honestly won the 2022 election. And people will be happier owning nothing.

Now that we know the impossibility of the conflicts. Let’s see if there are any brewing wars needing stopping.

Stops a civil war in America

A civil war that is already in progress. Like two fighting kids, sometimes it’s best to put them in separate rooms for a while. Giving both of them time to cool off.

While not as simple when half the world wants to seize power over the whole world. Seceding from the US Union would be like a “castle the king move” to protect ourselves.

Especially these days war would kill and maim many, especially if we must defend ourselves. So, let’s be calm and nice while we show them how’s done!

Allows red states at least to prosper while waiting for blue states come around

All things considered, capitalism buries socialism every time there is a faceoff! Even more, the longer secession goes on the truer the statement.

As people in the blue states see what they’re missing, then, they’ll move to red states. Leaving blue states in the dust.

Making it clear that Americanism outperforms Globalism.

Just a dream! But, imagine crushing Marxist America would suffer. Just by playing fair while competing economically.

In the final analysis, look at the wealth and lifestyle of America compared to communist states! It’s no wonder that most want to move to America!

Plus, one doesn’t see people in America trying to break out! We only see people in communist countries trying to break into America.


The “The times they are changing,” as Bob Dylan wrote! He went on to say, “The first ones now, will later be last.”

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.