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Is Secession the Only Option for the Red States?


Secession by red states and counties may be the only way to restore America because the Democratic party candidates won most of the critical political offices in swing states, which now prevents Republicans from winning elections far into the future.

Therefore, the MAGA Republicans explore the advantages of secession to protect citizens in red states from exposure to tyranny.

However, Republicans have the majority in the House, but its Speaker is a staunch RHINO. And so, prepare for a mixture of betrayals with some victories when the gavel is handed to him in Jan 2023.

Unless radical changes are made, we’ll tread water in misery in 2023 until the Uniparty finishes us off in 2024. Meanwhile, MAGA continues to grow and solidify its local power.

Since our lives are sure to worsen under Marxist rule, let’s dig into what would happen if red states seceded because life in America could become unbearable if we don’t.

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States considering secession

11/18/2022 Illinois27 Counties agree to talk about secession.

11/16/2022 California – Counties continue to organize to secede from California.

11/12/2022 Oregon – Many counties want to merge with Idaho.

10/03/2022 Texas – Wants to secede from Union.

Note: If enough states seceded and didn’t allow mail-in ballots or voting machines, this would be a path to take back America.

Why red state secessions will not solve all their problems.

While secession for red states may someday be the only option, the results of such a drastic step are worth analyzing. That is before the change, not after.

First, lets us confirm that election fraud is the central issue. After all, if we had fair elections, we could fix things without secessions. And so, I move on to look at what happens if a red state does secede; what would change?

Totalitarians stole critical election offices in swing states, and that’s decisive because their wins cut off MAGA’s ability to change their election laws that outlaw mail-in voting and corrupt election systems. Therefore, I am pessimistic about any Republican’s chances to win in 2024 because it appears the electoral count can’t add up to 270 or beyond without wins in those critical swing states.

The effects of Google’s partisanship will cross the borders of secession.

Google and Big Tech partisanship will follow red states into their secession because their online dominance has no physical boundaries. And so, even if a new election apparatus is set up, the online cabal can still influence voter preferences and steal an election without us even realizing it.

Moreover, platforms you never even visited, like Tik Tock and others, are busy creating and reinforcing the globalist. And their power to swing elections is more powerful than most realize.

My point is that even if red states secede, the online cabal can and will still influence newly formed states. This is one way of stealing elections that will not go away.

I understand now the enormity of Elon Musk buying Twitter.

Unfortunately, election fraud will eventually return.

While any state that secedes will immediately reform its election laws, fraud, although much less, will continue because the Marxists will not give up because their planned global government cannot allow free nation-states to exist.

The only path is to join others to form a new U.S. coalition of free states that outpaces the other communist part of the nation. This would be a long process.

The Marxist disease will only follow.

Ok, you’ve seceded! Does that mean that all Globalism or Marxism is neutralized or left? Not by a long shot!

They will still be there, looking for opportunities to sabotage your fledging state of freedom-loving people. Why? Because that’s what they do!

Secession from the Union

Creative types of secession are now on the table; don’t think only about the type threatened before the American Civil War. Some are taking advantage of mini-secessions by creating sanctuary areas.

The specific language that allows a state to secede is below for all to see. However, if the feds allow an “invasion” to occur, there is more language that gives immediate permission.

…”no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

… “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

(This is Article 4, Section 3 and 4)

U.S. Constitution – Article IV | Resources | Constitution Annotated | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Is secession the only way to restore America?

One significant advantage of secessions for Republicans in blue states is the opportunity to start fresh with honest elections. Because no doubt they’d sweep the elections in these newly formed states.

This is especially true in the larger states, like California and New York, where Republicans now have little chance of winning.

Secessions would help America because the resulting extra states would empower Republicans because they’d mostly swing red. Besides, secessions powered by Republicans offer a chance to have elections without the corruption of Democratic party election rules.

Does election fraud keep a state blue?

State secession is again being discussed among red states because the communists and its media have found the formula to turn states blue and prevent them from changing back.

Unfortunately, the U.S. is now at a political point where the Republicans cannot win mathematically. And so red states must distance themselves from the resulting power of a communist-controlled Federal Government, with the notable exception of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Florida’s big win by MAGA was interesting because it showed the actual breakdown of MAGA versus the communists. The victory was made possible because Florida had a MAGA major in its state’s legislature and key political positions.

U.S. state secession history

The only time a U.S. secession was tried, President Lincoln refused to allow it. However, the U.S. Constitution does not bar secessions. So that success would come down to another contest of wills, like the American Civil War.

On the other hand, Texas included a clause in their petition for admittance that they could leave the Union whenever they wanted. Is that an admission that written approval is required?

How to separate from the Union without going full secessions.

There are intermediary options before resorting to a complete secession from the Union. These are practical protective measures against temporary tyrannical ones while deciding whether the next step is necessary.

After two national elections of increasing election fraud, there doesn’t seem to be any immediate solution because we failed to use the constitutional hammer to stop it. That is the state legislatures’ absolute power to declare an election fraudulent and send its presidential electors.

These options concern counties or states declaring their areas sanctuaries from federal control. This option was used many times in setting up areas free from federal immigration control. So, this strategy is proven legal and works.

Separation and merger into another state by counties in blocks

This is what “New California” is attempting with Idaho. The blueprint is how West Virginia seceded from Virginia. The group has been around for some time, now celebrating its 10th Convention. But power-hungry California governor Gavin Newsome wants no part in making his state smaller.

A significant drawback of this method is the possibility of merging into another state. And that state (Idaho) loses control of its election process, becoming another communist state.

Establish a sanctuary area instead of secession

Since states formed the federal government, not the other way around, many are claiming exemptions from federal laws, like immigration deportation. This is an excellent way to secede without actually seceding.

A “slice and dice” series of sanctuary areas seems more fitting now than secession, along with these other suggestions. And, remember, the States only granted specific constitutional powers to the feds. Moreover, the States formed the Feds, not the other way around.

Take control of local boards.

Take control of local boards, and you may feel freer. Maybe, you don’t need to push for secession after all.

Take control of your school boards and GOP precincts by any means necessary. And home schools your kids until you can eradicate the CRT curriculum from your local schools.

A complete secession by a state or group causes all kinds of legal challenges. It’s not as simple as just walking away. There are so many contentious questions that could erupt in a Civil War.

For example, starting with sharing the national debt and a payment schedule: what is the responsibility of each side? Or the fact a communist state cannot allow a neighboring country to remain free. Otherwise, too many people in the blue states would flee to the red states, which is already happening.

But there are many other considerations, so I built a pros and cons table below to help you understand. However, there are so many other considerations!

So many that we need to realize the depths of what President Abraham Lincoln meant when he said, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Pros and Cons of secession?

Secession is a massive step! So people need to be sure that’s what they want! But they have reasons.

The fake news of mainstream media has left America so divided I wonder how the bridge between their induced mass psychosis and the truth can ever be bridged.

Bringing the obvious to the surface, the communist already used Safe Zones as a limited secession tool to protect their political gains while waiting for Obama and Hillary to complete their great takeover of America.

Knowing the communist will never stop attacking with any power they retain, the only answer is their complete removal. This brings up a primary point of whether secession would remove them from our lives. I offer the table below to help organize significant points.

It’s already happening at the beginning of secession, with no relief! From: Dr. Turley on Rumble
Restores freedom in red statesProvides a bad example of the inability to resist communism.
Keeps the Feds off our backs.The red states must fund expanded defensive force.
Defuses a kinetic war.The underlying problems will come back.
Allows red states to return to prosperity.True, but what about the blue states
Provides a clear demonstration of the advantages of the socialism/capitalism mix.Causes the people in blue states to suffer under Communism.
Provides a military loyal to AmericansThe communists will use what’s left of a blue state army to threaten or attack.

What would secession be like?

If a state or group of them managed to succeed from the Union, there would be chaos! But maybe not as much as if a red state stayed.

Besides, lifestyle differences would occur because “Woke” regions are designed to fail economically. For example:

Next is a substantial possibility to think about. Secession may or may not happen along state boundaries. It could gradually happen between rural and urban areas instead.


But the red states would do fine economically by keeping their mixed socialistic/capitalistic economy, while the blue states would fall into further decay.

This economic prediction is why the blue state would have to eventually come around and join the new America of the Republicans. Thus reuniting America.

Exposure to the truth about Marxism is awakening people. Thank God for the rise of Conservative Media!

Urban by Rural

I’ve read articles about dreams of having two countries, safe zones within states, or state mergers (which is unconstitutional). But both won’t stop the communist onslaught.

They sidestep the problem of fake media news by the communist Democrats and the corrupt elections. If allowed in the rural or safe zones, it brings us back to needing a free press and elections.


Any secession or safe zones only run away from the attempted communist takeover.