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Is MAGA Now in Control of the Republican Party?


MAGA is the Republican party because it is just right of center on the political compass; on the other hand, the RINOs have moved too far left of center to represent the Republican party. So, the “we the people,” MAGA, fill the vacuum to form the new Republican party.

For backup, look to the ideological MAGA takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives and the more enlightened coming chair of the Republican National Committee. Plus, the swarm of MAGA supporters gathering control of GOP precincts and school boards nationwide, just for starters!

Moreover, the election fraud by Marxist-led Democrats and RINOS against MAGA is the only reason it doesn’t have control of all three branches of the Federal government, plus most local, county, and state governments.

Why I know MAGA is now the Republican Party.

“We the people” are MAGA.

John Frederickson travels around the East Coast in 2022 in a campaign bus. Here he gives his report on what is happening with voters. There is no way Democrats won Pennsylvania!

And that’s what the Republican party was designed to do. Sadly, returning power to the people is not what most Republicans have in mind. Or am I wrong?

Why do we need an “awakened” U.S. House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy?

After watching the selection of the U.S. House Speaker in January 2022, there is hope that RINOs are waking up and staging a comeback. If so, there should be a significant political re-alignment and merger with MAGA.

Whether we admit it or not, MAGA needs RINOs to awaken because we need their campaign money, power, and influence merged with us. Because I doubt that America can survive without such a merger.

Brainwashed or corrupted RINOs

How the Marxist-led Democratic party and RINOs can continue to reverse the American value system without repercussions is the story of my time. It’s a story of deception and denial, the teaching story of the “slowly boiling and dying frog.”

The values of Republican voters haven’t changed, only how votes are counted and platform messages sabotaged and diluted with large-scale media buys by monied RINO candidates.

MAGA promotes the Republican platform

While the Republican RINOs lack a platform message, much like the Marxist-led Democratic party. If it weren’t for the word “Republican,” I’d think they were also hard-core Marxists like the Democrats.

What happened to the RINOs? Why did so many turn away from American values? Greed, scandal, mass psychosis? Most likely, a different motivation for each.

In any case, for now, MAGA carries the Republican platform banner

Lost RINOs: MAGA has more voters, more involvement

MAGA activism is roaring through the Republican party. From school boards to local Republican precincts and presidential elections, MAGA is where the action is. American patriots are ushering out the anti-America RHINO regime.

Yet, incredibly, too many Republican RINOs are so deep in denial or mass psychosis that they consider us extremists! Only a rotten Republican National Committee (RNC) with a chairwoman related to U.S. Senator Mitt Romney could allow this to happen!

Now that the U.S. House is under better control, it’s time for a massive re-vamp of the RNC.

Honest vote counts show MAGA sweeping recent elections.

We see this in the Primaries leading up to the 2020 midterm elections. MAGA sweeps them in the absence of massive election fraud and RINO sabotage. Look at the MAGA sweep in Florida during the 2022 midterm voting for proof.

More Conservative media viewers

Conservative media is growing because it represents the majority (MAGA), despite the doubtful election counting of voters. Mainstream media is showing the strength of its mass psychosis; otherwise, voters would ask themselves more, ‘How could this happen?”

I have almost entirely switched to Conservative media for political news updates and practically never consume traditional news because globalists have taken over them.

Fox News loses viewers as it tries to ride the fence between RINOs and MAGA.

When Fox News ditched MAGA over its belief in a stolen 2020 election, MAGA stopped watching in droves. Many believe that either Fox News was threatened with a lawsuit by the voting machine makers or the board members were too Marxist-leaning. Or a combination of the two.

I don’t know what happened to this guy. I thought he was an American hero standing up to the Marxist Obama. But, he suddenly turned against MAGA (maybe he was an infiltrator). The excuse was he didn’t like Trump’s style. But was that a good-enough reason? Then, he is selected by the Marxist to sit on Fox News boards for some reason.

MAGA-led Trump raises more money from the people.

The people donate money to Trump, not the Republican party. A brewing state of political warfare existed between Trump and the compromised Republican party.

But, I contend that the people are the party, not the monied Republican interests. If I am wrong, then God help us!

Republicans donate to their RINO candidates to beat MAGA.

This reality is hard to believe! RINOs blocked the people’s will to elect cooperative friends and strengthen their power. In donating money to defeat MAGA candidates, they showed their hand in abandoning us.

Conclusions: Defending the RINOs in the best way I can

In the best case, since they believe the lie that recent elections were NOT stolen, they are now part of the mass psychosis that believes MAGA is an extremist cult. And they thought pushing MAGA aside was patriotic.