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Why We Still Live in America.

If you are a patriot, you may be wondering why you still live in America, or whatever you call it. The best answer may be that you think we can still restore it. And maybe we can, but it won’t be easy.

Is it that bad living in America?

Step by step, tyranny in America gets worse while MAGA gets stronger. There is no doubt we are on a collision course. Already, communism swallowed up a big chunk of America, so our survival as a nation is no longer guaranteed.

However, it’s not that bad living in America as long as we have hope and faith in each other and get off our butts. There is still no better place to live for now.

Threats of a Disinformation Governance Board

We get closer to saying it’s not worth living in America when the Homeland Security Department named a “Disinformation Governance Board.” BTW, in what American reality does the US Constitution mention a federal power to form either institution?

In any case, the “trial-ballon” creation of the Board is postponed, which tells us the Marxists pulled back because they thought we were not ready. Maybe, they are delaying it until after the elections, or we will stop fighting back so much.

Global Marxism seeks to remove American sovereignty through health care.

Naomi Wolfe warns of the dire consequences of giving our national sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

Look to previous treaties with the World Health Organization and the non-Senate approved Amendments proposed in Davos, Switzerland, on May 24th, 2021. The Amendment proposed by the Biden administration would give the World Health Organization virtually unlimited power in times of medical emergencies.

Anyway, this new ministerial institution of truth is supposed to stamp out misinformation. In other words, censor its opposition, starting with any political news sources that go against its narrative.

But MAGA is the majority, You say!

If we have learned anything lately, being the majority is not enough. A stubborn, well-organized Marxist insurgency with its RHINO turncoats has taken over many levers of power.

The Marxist revolutionary plan works well when citizens are uninvolved, even when outnumbered, which is always the case.

Proof: An unpopular minority can still take over a country.

The Marxists are unpopular and a minority, but still, they are on the verge of the most significant revolutionary takeover in history! However, you can question whether it’ll last.


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