How to Space Travel Without Sacrificing Your Political Soul.

First Space Hotel? How-to-Space-Travel-Without-Sacrificing-Your-Soul
Artist depiction of first barracks or hotel for space travel visitor?

I hate to get political on something so potentially beautiful as space travel. However, the New World Order people have already decided to only send their friends into space. And so, we must build our own Conservative space travel infrastructure if we want to go.

Obviously, I am only using space travel as an extreme example. In order to show that we must build our own Conservative economy for absolutely everything needed.

The Globalists make no case their tyrannical-style government is the only way humans colonize space. Like everything they do these days, they just assume we won’t dissent as Patriots.

Instead, ride on American capitalism to buy a ticket!

There is no reason not to use a capitalist engine to drive innovation and selection. Based on who succeeds enough to afford the transportation. After all, space travel should be purchased, not handed out as political favors.

Nevertheless, the extremely rich technocrats, who straight-armed our anti-monopoly laws, are now handing out the space tickets. And, that is not likely to change soon.

And so, just another reason why Patriots need to reduce their earnings for a while to establish a new primary economy. How exciting is that!

Using climate change as an excuse for a tyrannical government.

President Trump was reducing US pollution in America using capitalism, not socialism. And, his progress was going along far faster than any other country.

Could that be a reason the Globalists were so anxious to get rid of him? As he was single-handedly destroying their narrative that a tyrannical government was necessary!

How can we put our future in the hands of lying Globalists?

For whatever reason, the Globalists lie about everything! And so, even if their “Save the Planet” rhetoric is sincere, how can we trust them?

They lie about political matters and COVID at every turn. They publish “white papers” about reducing the population of our planet by an astonishing 95%! And, they say we’ll be happier with less while they sabotage free economies.

No thank you!

I’ll take my chances with the collective intelligence of a free people, rather than the Globalist technocrats.

Reclaiming individual and economic freedom

No doubt that things have gotten out of control. And, the Globalists are strong! But, so are we! As long as we don’t just roll over, and instead stand together to not comply!

However, we are going to need to learn to work together like never before. Much like an army fighting a common enemy in a matter of life and death.

But, I’m confident we can do it. Especially considering the latest events. However, I do not doubt the strength of our enemy.

Money and the new Patriot economy

Want to predict the economic future? All you have to do is figure out what the New World Order needs to block our new economy.

Easy! They need to monitor our every purchase, block purchases at Patriot businesses, and disrupt any supply chain we may have.

Doesn’t this sound familiar already!

Keeping your food pantry full

To all you preppers out there, you’re time has come! But, you’re going to need to help your Patriot neighbors, and teach them well.

Because there is no future for you alone! For, the only strength we have is in numbers and economic power.

Rest assured my words will come true. That is unless something dramatic happens, it’s going to be a long winter and summer.

No space tickets for you!

Conservatives are light-years from buying a ticket to another planet! Think about the distance from rising above second-class citizenship to planting a red-white-and blue flag on another planet!

Especially, when the very technocratic powers we need to split up are now selling the space tickets!

And, no the Globalists are not going to change their minds. They have already been brainwashed and their false realities become more distinct and warped every day.

Red, white and blue space travel tickets

We got to get to space! Because we don’t want the Globalists dropping rocks on us from orbit. Or, “Rods of God” transforming our bodies into barbeques.

Instead, fortunately, or unfortunately, we need to build our own brave new world. Which really can be the best the world has ever seen!

We already have (had) the best system for creating wealth the world has ever seen. And, no matter what excuse is used by the Globalists. It’s still true!

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.