How to Save America by Ignoring Marxism

Surprising reasons why you can and must!

racial discrimination

All things considered, the best way to save America is by ignoring the Marxists. So you can focus on re-building America without too many interruptions!

In the hope that you can better focus on the winning formula of improving the economy and lifestyle of America. By doing so, the Marxist will be forced once again to retreat into the shadows.

So let’s reset our focus on returning America to the fundamental truths of our founding fathers. Yes, times will get tough but you must not let them distract you from your mission.

Table: Why people prefer Americanism to Globalism.

Freedom of religionSatanic cult or No god
Make America Great Again (MAGA)Destroy America and build a new communist country instead
Gun RightsState protects you
Rights over bodyForced vaccines
Property Rights“You will own nothing, and be happy”
PrivacyNo privacy
Kids belong to youState owns the kids because it knows best
Protect the sanctity of lifeAbortion on demand
Right to unlimited economic opportunityGuaranteed monthly income based on level of compliance to social norms.
The result of these differences in perceptions produces realities so different the two sides cannot live as one society. Exactly like the Marxist wanted.

More about Americanism versus Globalism.

Know the Marxists’ playbook to ignore it better.

However, do not underestimate the Marxists’ playbook? Because it’s unstoppable if you are exposed too long. And, difficult to recover to reality once in their propaganda matrix.

And so, it’s best to learn it, so you can forget it. With this in mind, I hope that makes sense to you!

The Marxist playbook is so full of deceit that its author dedicated it to the devil. And so, even mentioning it is like taking a loaded gun out of my dresser draw. Because I really don’t want to!

And, I wouldn’t but America itself is in such extreme danger. And so, consider this information on your own because it’s not for everyone!

Since the Marxist rules to take over America is long-time, public information, so it’s easy to find. In fact, it’s a 70-year old short book of rules called, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinksy. You should take a look because there is a lot more than I can squeeze in here.

For example, how Marxist brainwash someone into thinking they may be racist. However, you can plug in your own labels(s) because the mind-control process works the same irregardless.

But, first, you must understand what they fear, and use it. Because the plug-in mind-control trigger must tap into it in order to destroy them from within.

How Marxist identify your hidden fears, and then freeze you with accusations!

For example, remember the first time you were called a racist, and you froze. And so, you were stunned that someone would even think about calling you that awful word!

And so, you’re speechless! With this in mind, that’s how you freeze the enemy!

Please note that this process requires the enemy knows something about you. That is why saying that you have nothing to hide doesn’t cut it anymore.

“Keep pushing a false narrative until it comes out the other end as the truth”

Lie until they believe it! Even when it sounds ridiculous! Because when a lie is repeated often enough, it will eventually breakthrough to become the truth. In other words, “gaslighting.”

You may not like using this rule because of the lying part. But, I included it because we’re gaslit so often, and it’s so powerful!

For example, in the long run, given enough time and repetitions, you probably could! In short, this is an open attempt to pit us against each other.

For example, there are ridiculous lies of Critical Race Theory (CRT). With CRT, the gaslighting is so bad that regular people are confessing they are racists and taking a subservient kneel.

An Antifa member once laughed at me saying, “MAGA is so ridiculous! They fall for everything.” I said nothing back because he is right!

Then, make them apologize, even when not true.

The Marxist “Big Lie” ends with the push to use their false reality to convince their minions of the ridiculous. It claims that America is systemically racists and therefore must be destroyed.

Conveniently, “The Marxist Great Reset is waiting to fill the void.”

Do you see how Marxist gaslighting and brainwashing automatically evolves and spreads like cancer? Because of the mass acceptance of a series of planted perceptions feeding a false reality.!

“Acuse your enemy of what you are guilty of.”

Democrats calling MAGA racists is a perfect example of “Opposite Speak.” And, they can get away with this insanity because they control their realities.

Especially impressive when the Democrats themselves are the ones who set up the misery. Because in the name of socialism, they set up a dependent class of voters after the Great Depression. Afterward, President Johnson even sealed the Democrat voting pack with the “The Great Society” legislation.

Setting aside the ridiculious planted perceptions of the Marxist.

First, you must realize that America was attacked by both a biological and psychological weapon. Which are the most powerful, modern-day weapon systems in the world!

Furthermore, if you expose yourself to their repetition of keywords, you will get brainwashed. And so, you need to tune out of and ignore any Marxist propaganda.

With this in mind, be assured that you won’t miss anything as Marxism doesn’t work. That is except for the mind-control techniques that I’m about to teach you here.

Examples of brainwashing triggers of American Marxism

  • Printing more money is good because it doesn’t cause inflation.
  • MAGA people are dangerous, even while Antifa beats up people.
  • Gene Replacement Therapies save lives, even though more die from the injection than COVID itself!

And, they no longer even worry about making sense because many Democrats will follow them no matter what! Because they have them under their mind-control.

As such, they’ll never stop re-enforcing and expanding their false narrative until stopped! And so, we look for a solution to how to go around their brainwashed minions.

How to Save America by ignoring Marxism?

For one thing, don’t help them by wasting time on their diversions. Because all of us have many critical positive contributions to make in order to save America.

For example, don’t give them a victory by attending a rally in Washington D.C., only to get locked up. Because we need you working intelligently working to build a parallel MAGA economy. More on that later.


While America is not like it was 250 years ago, and so never can return. Besides, who wants to relive the past when America has such an exciting future ahead.

But, exactly how do we do this when Marxism has so deeply infiltrated America. The only answer is to start over again! And hope many key Marxists and corporations see the light by becoming capitalists again.

Now you know why the Biden Regime is so anxious to bankrupt the middle class.

America now desperately needs to lead the world away from the ledge of the Marxist abyss. This time not with a military, but by example. The world is now more ready than ever for real leadership. They are watching us.

Ignoring Marxist diversions, there is no time for them

One thing is for sure, we have no time to fight Marxism! Except to copy their ability to ignore or quickly adapt to challenges and steamroll opponents.

Same for the MAGA movement, we’ve got to stop rehashing and complaining. A begin in earnest rebuilding America in the image of our founding fathers but adapted to modern times.

Without looking back and without fear!

For example, common sense tells us we need to build a new parallel economy. From which an American version of globalism emerges.

We’re not there, not even close. And so, spending so much time fighting, rather than building makes no sense, and it’s not our nature!

The importance of establishing a MAGA economy

The reward for ignoring Marxist diversion is more time to establish a MAGA economy. One that is based on free markets and entrepreneurship.

The one thing we cannot afford to do is waste time rehashing what the Marxists and RHINOs did to America. We must begin now to build our own parallel economy.

I know people are saying we need to first fix the 2020 election, and that’s important. But, there is no guarantee we can. In fact, I only see ways we can’t!

It’s often said that what the Marxist fear the most is us! I think what they mean is our greatest strength. Our ability to create a big, fat, wealthy world economy!

Our country needs us! No one is coming to save us! And, a little secret…I like it that way!

There is no time to waste. Every meeting, rally, comment needs to focus on our strengths. Not repeating the obvious injustices!

Could we do it living under communist control? Why not, the Marxists overthrew America while under a democratic Republic!

Domestic companies

Domestic, meaning house, community, local, district, region, state, etc. that’s our power base. It’s the one that America was founded on.

Sure there will be sacrifices. Saying no to everything the Marxist order will lead to consequences. But, it must be done!

Let’s start by being MAGA centric. Buy MAGA, only visit their businesses, and begin MAGA stock takeovers of global companies.

Global companies

The sad fact is that there are practically none right now. And so, we must establish new ones or taking over others.

The right move is organizing to buy their stock to take them over. Not randomly buy their stock for personal profits.

As new or influential stock owners we must conscientiously bring back their corporate cultures. Of course, we must stop the teaching of communist propaganda in all schools. Because we’ve already seen how powerful and dangerous the false realities they create.

MAGA economic perception changes

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I recommend focusing on bull-rushing through the building of a MAGA economy while paying minimal attention to the Marxists. So much work needs doing that we have little time to even think about them.

MAGA needs to focus on building our economic perceptions based on reality. So, the Marxist false reality will fall on its own!

We are fighting a force stronger than you can imagine!

Unfortunately, the New World Order is more than a dictator ideology. It’s a group or cabal of the richest most powerful people in the world. A group that goes back to the days of King George and the American Revolution.

A time of impossible odds faced by only a 3% participation of colonists. The odds of our American success against them are about as low as then.

To learn more about this group, which is the same one we face during the American Revolution, watch this video about the Committee of 300 or the Club of Rome. Especially noteworthy is how they blame America for the world’s overpopulation and feel they must destroy the industry of the middle class.


If building a MAGA reality sounds too difficult, too much work. Imagine what it would be like to take up arms against an enemy that controls elections and the military! Or, living in a communist country under a “Great Reset.”

Which is easier? Which is more dangerous?

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.