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How to order a Trump Digital Trading Card called an NFT.


I am a novice crypto guy who only understood the generalities of blockchain and non-fungible tokens. At the same time, I knew I could eventually figure out how to buy a Trump Digital Card (NFT).

While buying my first Trump Digital Trading Card was a lengthy process. knowing what had to happen helped me follow the steps more intuitively.

Here is the announcement made on Truth Social on December 15th, 2022

“MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! My official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection is here!” Mr. Trump said on his Truth Social site. “These limited edition cards feature amazing ART of my Life & Career! Collect all your favorite Trump Digital Trading Cards, much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting.”

Before I read the announcement, I was going over how MAGA would raise more money because the lack was undoubtedly a factor in the sputtering of the 2022 midterms Red Wave. And here it is! See how to set up your own EFT Trading Platform.

Are you wondering why Trump is becoming an NFT Trading Card Creator?

Update on my purchase: I bought a Donald Trump Digital Card a day late and paid $168 instead of the initial $99 offer. Two days later, I received several offers for $348, but I’m holding tight for a while.


What are Electronic Non-Fungible Tokens (EFTs)?

They represent ownership in a digital object that does not represent a set amount like currency but can be priced individually to be traded, sold, or leased. A typical example would be a collection of art like the Donald Trump Trading Card Collection of Meme Art.

What is an online crypto wallet?

This is where you buy and store your cryptocurrency. The recommended selling platform Openseas.io will require that you have one with an available balance before becoming a member.

The process of buying a Donald Trump Trading Card

Can I purchase it even though the Cards are sold out?

The Trump Digital Cards (45,000) did sell out during the first 12 hours of the sale, but not the resale and trading of them, which will go on forever. In other words, the first ones sold for $99, but the ability to buy a resale shortly follows.

In the resale world, the question is will the future sales prices be more or less than the original $99 price? Here is your answer: on day two of the offering, the prices almost doubled, which is typical.

If this sales model sounds like an auction, you’d be right! And it goes on 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

My Donald Trump Digital Card NFT

Trump standing in front of stars with his arms up and hands clinched.
Here is the Trump NTF Trading Card I bought.

Where to buy

The buying process for a newbie like me seemed to go on forever since I had to set up an account with https://opensea.io/, buy some crypto with my Debit Card, use some of the cryptos to buy the Card, and set it for resale.

Note: Openseas is not a Donald Trump site; it’s where his site directs you to buy resales and trade.

The official Donald Trump Card website is https://collecttrumpcards.com.

Buying steps

The buying steps are not as simple as laying down your cash or credit card. First, I had to install an electronic wallet app on my browser and buy crypto with my credit card to get into the game.

Which I di! But, stupid me, I got this congratulations message right off the bat saying my transaction was successful! I thought the purchase of my selected Card was made!

Having lived my tragic history of online buying errors, I knew I’d better verify that my chosen NFT of Trump was listed in my Profile. And it wasn’t!

After calming myself down, I realized that I’d only bought crypto and not purchased the NFT Card!

So learn from my mistakes, and follow these steps. I am keeping in mind where you are in the ordering process.

  • Get a pen and paper ready
  • Go to Oceansea.io using your browser.
  • Set up an account, and include your picture and username.
  • Select Explore, then the “Donald Trump Digital Card Collection.”
  • Select the Card you want. You’ll be told you have no funds. So choose to add funds using another crypto or use your credit card.
  • Go back to the Card and either make an Offer or Buy it Now.
  • Go to your Profile to view your purchase.
  • Leave it alone, or put it up for sale.

What happens after my purchase?

How I raised the price of my EFT.

I included this because it took me an hour to find the answer. To reduce your asking price, you must delist it and then relist it. Or, you don’t need to list it for sale at all! That’s what I did for now! Go to your Profile and select the area at the bottom of the image to delist for sale, raise the price, or lower it. You’ll have to chip in a little “gas money” to do the task. I’ll explain what that is later.

Buy the Card (s), and “Baby, you’re invested in the crypto world!”

While somewhat true, buying a Trump Digital Card NFT is unlike buying Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. To buy, you must use an Ethereum utility token which is not technically a cryptocurrency.

But, the value of your Card can go up and down depending on the value of Ethereum at any given moment. And that’s why you may see the value of a Card change in real time as you’re buying or selling.

At this moment, it’s down.

A fun way to donate to Trump!

At least, I understand that buying the cards is like a non-deductible campaign contribution. But anyway, I donated almost $200 today, a donation amount I would have reached for if not for the NFG Cards by Trump.

How to convert your Trump Digital Card Money to cash withdrawal.

For those who want to lay down some cash to have fun, maybe make a buck, and then quickly get out. I leave you with a link to the advice of the world’s most significant crypto exchange; with this advice, nothing is as easy as it sounds.

Furthermore, having done so once, it’s much easier to get addicted to crypto when your profits and losses flow more freely!

Warning! The Globalist Media’s false info about the investment status of the Cards.

The mainstream media or Mockingbird media does not want the Trump Cards NFT to succeed or anything he or your country tries to do. So, they assign journalists to report on the status of Trump’s offer, which is fine. But their calculations and analysis are entirely off!

Either they don’t understand the NTF business, or they are liars. And so ignore what mainstream business says and track the numbers yourself.