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Guide to Getting CRT Out of Schools!

The constitutional power of parents is bearing down on our Critical Racial Training (CRT). The dominance of this Marxist training program is coming to an end.

Oddly enough, the lockdowns gave parents time to glimpse into the school curriculum of their kids. And, when they did, they were repulsed by their children’s propagandized curriculum and weird, partisan teachers!

And so, parents become leading political forces in the drive to take back America. They are registering to vote and showing up in record numbers to overwhelm Marxist school boards.

So, “What can I do to help?” you ask? Join them because we have a whole country to take back!

Table of Contents

Here is how to remove CRT from your child’s school.

Taking control over your child’s school boards is how you remove CRT.

If you need help, go to Moms for Liberty to join a parent advocacy group. If your state doesn’t have a chapter in your state, get ten like-minded moms together and start your own.

Forget the emotional pleas at school board meetings.

Yes, speak in front of the board, but only to announce that you are interested in joining or forming a voting block. Note: We are not aware of any Marxist school board ever removing CRT because of an emotional plea.

For help in confronting or talking to your school, go to the Parent’s Rights in Education website. To copy a parent’s education proclamation that you can read to them to a school board. And links to legal help in case you get in trouble.

Here is how to win school board elections.

Learn to use the same campaign weapons as the big guys to take over school boards. And, get as much help and money as your can because the Marxists play hardball.

Suppose you’re not accustomed to the political limelight; campaign for a friend. And do it as if your life depended on it.

Freedom of Information Requests

As a school district resident, you can petition a copy of any official correspondence for a stated purpose. This request is called a “Freedom of Information” request.

And, just like the big guys, broadcast negative information about them.

Gather petitions to remove some or all members.

Any parent or group can get a petition started to remove any board member. And, you don’t even need a reason!

Loudoun County is an example of an extreme Marxist school board put on trial for teaching CRT and even ignoring a school bathroom rape!

A local petition is the one place a pure democracy rules over a constitutional republic.

All states have similar but slightly different ways to remove school board members. And so, you’ll need to do research, network among friends, and attend a school board meeting to find out how.

For example, parents collected tens of thousands of petition signatures to remove a Marxist school board. What’s unusual is there wasn’t a recall election but rather a court case to remove the entire board. Handy to know when your election system is corrupt.

Plan on the temporary loss of Federal Grant money.

Even though the feds have no constitutional power over education, they extort local school boards by withholding grant money if a school board doesn’t go along. That is with their so.called “state-led” “Common Core” (CRT) rules.

MAGA boards will lose this grant money for their communities. However, the size of its grants is not that large. And in any case, abandon all federal grants that hinge on teaching CRT or any other Marxist propaganda.

Learn how counting school board votes work.

If you and your friends need to take over a school board representing a large population, you must factor in election fraud. These stolen school board elections always involve the use of the same equipment.

That means you need to spread your courage to those who can stop their usage. You can only win with a massive landslide if there is no election integrity.

Some brave parents who stood up against CRT

home parents accepted the limelight and spoke publicly in front of school boards. While brave, I hope you are past this and work behind the scenes to remove the Marxists.

Father and daughter explain why CRT training should end!
Show by a mom who refuses to allow her five kids to receive CRT training.
Steve Bannon outlines the progress of an “army” of citizens overrunning school boards. While the overall goal is taking control over the board, the immediate one is getting rid of CRT and replacing it with Patriotic learning content.

Incredibly annoying is many teachers are putting the political indoctrination of their students ahead of their education. Our American kids ranked 26th out of 46 worldwide in math scores!

Meet the enemy! An innocent-looking teacher is a Marxist teacher monster!

She fooled many parents! Maybe you’ve had a parent/teacher meeting with a similar teacher. You’d never know she was teaching your child Marxism behind your back!

It shows that all MAGA parents must get more involved with their children’s schools! You must know and witness what’s going on from the top-down and bottom-up.

Progress in getting CRT out of our children’s schools.

MAGA has made significant progress in removing CRT from their children’s schools. Its fans have already removed many Marxists from school boards and taken control. Just one thing, though, we need to do the same in blue states.