Guide to Getting CRT Out of Schools!

First of all, you may be wondering how the Feds could start such a program? After all, education in America is NOT one of their enumerated duties. The answer is trickery and extortion. Are you surprised?

And so, it’s come to this! Parents who oppose CRT are now labeled as “political domestic terrorists”. Moreover, I hope everyone gets the significance of this label from our Department of Justice (DOJ). Because they really are in the new Marxist Regime in America!

Furthermore, I am blown away by how fast parental organizations are rising to protect their children. And how quickly and efficiently they’ve acted to take over their local school boards. To the Marxists, they really are terrorists!

To help any way I can, I make this Guide a switchboard of ideas and sites to stop what’s happening to your kid’s education. Also, I add sites to help you find MAGA legal help in case of trouble. To which I recommend you line up your legal council in advance considering the aggressiveness of the feds.

What is CRT?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is systematic training that teaches racist and white people are inherently evil. Furthermore, it teaches that the state is their real family, not their mother and father. In other words, CRT flips Americanism on its head!

CRT recognizes that racism is codified in law, embedded in structures, and woven into public policy. CRT rejects claims of meritocracy or “colorblindness.” CRT recognizes that it is the systemic nature of racism that bears primary responsibility for reproducing racial inequality.

American Bar Association, January 11, 2021, “A Lesson on Critical Race Theory.”

Important to put forward that history tells us that Marxism never comes clean with who they are until it’s too late. So only you stand between a Marxist child growing up, and an American.

How CRT divides families

CRT divides families by teaching kids values that oppose their parents. Specifically, that the state is their real parents. In addition, it divides democracies by stirring up fake racial tensions.

So read your child’s textbooks, watch their videos, or lurk in a Zoom video class. If your school is teaching CRT, you’ll immediately recognize it. And say, “What the hell!”

“Common Core” kicks off CRT

CRT began during the early years of Obama’s first term as president, under the cover of a federal program called “Common Core”.

The answer is in the tricky wording. “Common Core” is a “state-led” federal program. This trick comes to haunt us as we realize that it actually did control what kids were taught from 2009 to today. Who instigated the program?

If you guessed Obama, you’d be right!

How CRT brainwashing of school children began

So sneaky was the gradual federal takeover of their education that hardly anyone realized what was happening! But, why couldn’t anyone see that fundamental constitutional law was in fact being broken?

Because the US Constitution does not enumerate any power over education to the federal government. Therefore, the states have total control over education in their states.

Moreover, what the communist-led Obama feds did was sneaky as usual! But, why Trump didn’t stop it is unexplainable!

Obama and the federal “Common Core” educational program

In 2009, the Obama administration passed a massive education bill called “Common Core”. Its purpose was to supplement “state-led” efforts to improve the teaching of children. But, it was a trick!

Because it was designed to go around our Constitution by dangling federal grant money. In other words, the states were under no obligation to accept the money. But, of course, they did and unfortunately got too used to it!

Pure, hard-ball extortion!

Because big money always leads to hard-ball politics, the state education departments were soon overrun by communists. And then, national organizations like the National Board of Schools, Teachers, etc. took over.

And so, “Common Core” guidance turned into mandatory CRT for school children. Moreover, it’s fair to say those two words, “state-led” followed on by lots of your tax dollars changed everything!

Head of the Dept. of Education, Betsy DeVos

Betsy was the head of the Dept. of Education under Trump, and she was very much in favor of charter schools. But, what about “Common Core”?

For the life of me, I do not understand why “Common Core” was left standing by Betsy and Trump. Because the resulting test scores of children tanked, and it was obviously unconstitutional in fact.

My personal experience with losing the mind of an American child

About three years ago I became a step-dad. And, I looked for ways to make a difference in a 12-year old boy’s life.

Being active in American politics for over 6 years, I began his indoctrination with our American values. He was open and had a lot of questions for the next 3 years.

But gradually, I noticed that he was doubting what I was saying. Moreover, he wasn’t doubting my logic but my facts. It was obvious his young mind was being fed communist propaganda.

In 2020, I told him that Trump was going to win because America was built to resist a tyrannical takeover. However, his Marxist teachers told him otherwise.

And so, he faced a crossroad!

Then, on Nov. 4th, 2020, Biden stole the election in the middle of the night! And so, I tried to explain what happened.

But, it was too late. His Marxist teachers were proven right! That I was not to be trusted.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t asked me and doesn’t want to hear about my politics since.

He says my politics are embarrassing him.

What you don’t know about my story is that it happened in a foreign country.

How do I stop the schools from teaching of CRT to my child?

  • Take back majority control of your local and state school boards.
  • Take back majority control of your local GOP precincts.
  • Unionize if you must.
  • Vote out your Democrat or RHINO Governors.
  • At your first opportunity support the disbanding of the federal Department of Education.

For detailed information on the requirements for a school board member click. Meador, Derrick. “How to Become a School Board Member.” ThoughtCo, Aug. 29, 2020

Taking control over school board

Remember, you are in charge! You can take back control of a school board. If your child is being taught CRT, don’t wait another day to stop it.

Below, I give you advice on how, and examples of other courageous parents.

For even more help on how to confront or talk to your school go to the Parent’s Rights in Education website. Which even has a parent’s education proclamation that you can read to them. And, links to legal help in case you get in trouble.

Gather petitions to remove some or all members

Loudoun County is an example of an extreme Marxist school board put on trial for teaching CRT and even ignoring a school bathroom rape!

All states have similar but slightly different ways to remove school board members. You’ll need to do research, network among friends, and/or attend a school board to find out how.

Here is a notable example of a Marxist revolutionary school board on its way out! After local parents collected tens of thousands of petition signatures. Noteworthy, in this case, there won’t be a recall election, but rather a court case to remove the entire board.

You’re not alone! Watch other parents take a stand against CRT.

Father and daughter explain why CRT training should end!
Show by a mom who refuses to allow her 5 kids to receive CRT training.
Steve Bannon outlines the progress of an “army” of citizens overrunning school boards. While the overall goal is taking control over the board, the immediate one is getting rid of CRT, and replacing it with Patriotic learning content.

Especially maddening is many teachers are putting the political indoctrination of their students ahead of their education. In fact, our American kids ranked 26th out of 46 worldwide in math scores!

Meet the enemy! Innocent-looking teacher is actually a Marxists’ teacher monster!

Take a good look! Maybe you’ve had a parent/teacher meeting with a similar teacher. And, never knew she was teaching your child Marxism behind your back!

It goes to show that all MAGA parents must get more involved with their children’s schools than ever before! From the top down you must know and witness what’s going on.

Many readers have asked me what they should do. I ask you what you wouldn’t do to save your kids and America.

The great benefits of home schooling

If your kid is in trouble because of CRT, nothing reverses it affects better than homeschooling. Besides, doing so can greatly help your relationship with your kid(s). In fact, homeschooling will strengthen the bond with your kids for a lifetime.

While many of you can’t manage or afford this kind of schooling. I invite you to at least explore it. Maybe you’ll come up with some innovative ideas for your personal situation.

Private schooling

The first thing to know is that getting kids into a private school is not a given because many of them are full. But, if you and your kids are fortunate enough, you’ll most likely quickly find out they are better. Because they focus on academics rather than social issues.

Who instigated teaching our children CRT?

Description of the huge national movement against CRT by moms and dads.

The huge federal Department of Education, which should not even exist, began CRT using tricks and plays on words.

For example, creating a “state-led” national program to improve and standardize education. When there was nothing “state-led” about it!

Instead, you should think of the Department as the manager of a federal extortion scheme against the states. That uses your federal tax dollars to force the teaching of Marxism to your children. Therefore, the entire department needs disbanding.

You need to know about “Common Core.”

Specifically, one umbrella program is called “Common Core.” Which should be renamed, “Illegal to the Core.” Anyways, it’s the one taken over by CRT.

This means that schools can stop teaching CRT, but thus become ineligible for federal funds. This is nothing more than a Marxist attempt to get around a block to federal tyranny in education. And so, the federal education department needs closing!

Parents against CRT officially become Domestic Political Terrorists

Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States scoffed at the idea that he place parents on a terrorist list. While technically correct, the list does exist within the FBI counter-terrorism department. However, the FBI is under his control, and so, again he lies.

At an even more basic level, we should be amazed that these federal institutions are involved at all! Because they have no enumerated constitutional power to regulate education–none!

Why the Feds comes down so hard and quick on parents against CRT?

Parents around the nation were shocked when parents were told they have no say in their child’s education. Moreover, for many, it was the “final straw” in knowing a communist’s takeover was in progress.

The DOJ got thought against parents against CRT when they realized how dangerous they were to their future election wins. The big mistake of the communists was daring to say parents had no say in the education of their kids.

Specifically, when they rallied in the Virginia election in 2021 for a surprise win for the governorship. As a result, single handily, they flipped the election and defeated an incumbent communist candidate.

Action, not noise!

We’ve heard this from Steve Bannon on the War Room lately. Moreover, what he’s saying is so true! Especially now!

It’s time to acknowledge that parents who oppose CRT are considered “domestic political terrorists.” As such, it’s time to settle down the emotions, and turn them into actions.

Because the “cops” are on your tail.


It breaks my heart to see the Marxist brainwashing our kids. Especially, when it also further divides the entire nation.

Our founders wanted you, the parent, in charge of your kid’s education. That’s why they gave the feds absolutely no power over education.

Every time, you hear the feds getting involved, there is some kind of extortion by a Marxist group going on. Always campaign to keep them out of your kid’s schooling!

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.