How to Get CRT Out of Schools!


Work on the process of removing and replacing Marxist school board members and teachers while ignoring what they say! Don’t waste your time even talking to them because they live in another reality!

Certainly, there is a process to removing Critical Race Theory (CRT) from your child’s classroom. That is to say, follow it to save your child from the clutches of Marxism.

And so I cannot help but devote this post to your understanding of the basics. So, you will get motivated to attend your next school board meeting.

What is CRT?

For one thing, it teaches that America is systemically racist and white people are inherently evil. Another is that the state is their real family, not their mother and father. For this reason, CRT is a Marxist education curriculum that flips Americanism on its head.

CRT recognizes that racism is codified in law, embedded in structures, and woven into public policy. CRT rejects claims of meritocracy or “colorblindness.” CRT recognizes that it is the systemic nature of racism that bears primary responsibility for reproducing racial inequality.

American Bar Association, January 11, 2021, “A Lesson on Critical Race Theory.”

Important to put forward that history tells us that Marxism never comes clean with who they are until it’s too late. So only you stand between a Marxist child growing up, and an American.

How CRT brainwashing of school children began

The first thing to remember is that the brainwashing of school children didn’t start yesterday! In fact, we let it sneak up on us over some 70 years!

However, to do so took a large Federal institution to coordinate and pace the brainwashing. What’s remarkable is that the institution never even had any constitutional authority to get involved.

I add this information to let you know that when push comes to shove. The power to determine the curriculum of your child really is in your hands.

And, if we ever have a chance for a fair election, please vote for the candidate who’ll deliver a smaller government. Specifically, a president who’ll completely dismantle the Department of Education. It’s too dangerous and besides unnecessary.

Why you and your family are the victims!

When you believe in Americanism, and your child grows up a Marxist, nothing good can happen. Not only because Marxism always leads to human misery, but because it separates kids from their families. And so, there are critical issues at stake!

The most venerable to CRT are our school-age children. Because they are the most susceptible to the deepest level of Marxist indoctrination.

So read your child’s textbooks, watch their videos, or lurk in a Zoom video class. If your school is teaching CRT, you’ll immediately recognize it. And say, “What the hell!”

Stopping the teaching of CRT to your child

Getting involved with your local school boards is where to begin. You and fellow Patriots must seize board control by any means necessary!

In many cases, you’ll find MAGA people at arms. Join them and make sure control of the board is the first and central issue.

You’re not alone! Watch other parents take a stand against CRT.

Father and daughter explain why CRT training should end!
Show by a mom who refuses to allow her 5 kids to receive CRT training.

Action! Make sure MAGA controls your local school boards

Go to the next local school board meeting to vote out non-MAGA boardmembers. Then, plan how to get you and your friends to replace them.

Make no mistake, what your after is control of your local school board!

To point out, you won’t be alone as moms and dads across the country are doing the same.

You can collect votes for a petition which will automatically call for a special session to reverse any board decision.

Steve Bannon outlines the progress of an “army” of citizens overrunning school boards. While the overall goal is taking control over the board, the immediate one is getting rid of CRT, and replacing it with Patriotic learning content.

Especially maddening is many teachers are putting the political indoctrination of their students ahead of their education. In fact, our American kids ranked 26th out of 46 worldwide in math scores!

Meet the enemy! Innocent-looking teacher is actually a Marxists’ teacher monster!

Take a good look! You might have already had a parent/teacher meeting with a similar looking teacher. And, never knew she was teaching your child Marxism behind your back!

It goes to show that all MAGA parents must get more involved with their children’s schools than ever before! From the top down you must know and witness what’s going on.

Many readers have asked me what they should do. I ask you what you wouldn’t do to save your kids and America.

How do I remove CRT from my kids’ schooling?

If you read or watch what CRT teaches you’d be horrified! And so, your first move is picking up a book or lurk in an online class yourself. I guaranteed you’ll be outraged and then motivated to do something.

Kids schooling options to avoid CRT:

The great benefits of home schooling

If your kid is in trouble because of CRT, nothing reverses it affects better than homeschooling. Besides, doing so can greatly help your relationship with your kid(s). In fact, homeschooling will strengthen the bond with your kids for a lifetime.

While many of you can’t manage or afford this kind of schooling. I invite you to at least explore it. Maybe you’ll come up with some innovative ideas for your personal situation.

How scholarships and grants fo private schooling?

Getting your kid into a private school is somewhat getting them into a college. Often parents need to visit the financial office in person to see what scholarships or grants are available. If you are a minority, you have an even greater chance of qualifying.

Maybe only a temporary situation, hopefully, your child and you can make the most of it.

How do I quickly get CRT out of my kid’s classrooms?

Getting CRT out of your kid’s classroom is probably your first choice. After all, you already pay your state and local taxes to support it.

However, be warned the Marxist pushing CRT feel they are in the final stage of an American takeover. And, will fight you tooth and nail! So, get ready for a fight!

Almost always the first question I get from parents is where to start! Hardly, a secret anymore.

Booting the Marxist off school boards is the fun part!

Start with attending school board meetings, then network with others facing the same problem.

Sometimes, you can make fast progress, other times you’ll need patience. In most cases though, you’ll need to replace Marxist board members. That’s the fun part!

By Team Go Beyondo

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