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How to Defeat Marxism in Your Neighborhood?

You are defeating Marxism in your neighborhood by joining others in winning control over local GOP precincts and school boards.

Maybe you thought you were helpless? Well, you’re not!

Our founding fathers designed our Constitution from the ground up to defeat tyranny by seizing back local control.

And that includes voting, where I have some promising news.

Legal MAGA ballot harvesting can flip elections.

Embarrassing, but the answer to how MAGA can win in 2024 has always been right in front of me.

But, like most, I was too proud to realize it.

I, for one, am not too proud to get past the stench of mail-in voting and its lack of chain of custody to win in 2024.

Because holding my nose opens the door to legal ballot harvesting, which is legal in some form in 29 states.

Video: Tom Woods talks about the importance of protecting your neighborhood.

Rifles cannot take down F35s

There are other options now than taking down a modern military with small arms! But I get the MAGA’s extreme anger with the Biden regime’s sell-out of America.

Nevertheless, the patriots are slowing the previously inevitable march of global communism domination. So now is not the time for a kinetic civil war against a domestic and international military because we would surely lose.

So let’s quit talking about it and focus on winning elections and strengthening grassroots control because we are getting stronger!

1. Continual recall elections for Democrats and RINOs

Just because a Democrat or RINO slipped through during an election doesn’t mean we can’t catch them on the backside. Especially when a favorable election law gets passed by your state legislature that could change results.

If you and your friends will go out and collect enough legal signatures, you can start a recall election to remove any of them! And if your efforts fail, get better at ballot harvesting and recall them again.

2. Go along with legal ballot harvesting laws, for now!

Twenty-nine states allow some form of legal ballot harvesting. Please find out how the Marxists are doing it, then plan how to out-harvest them!

Some form of ballot harvesting is legal in most states. Find out what they are and become great at it! As you can see from the link, the state laws are not uniform, so it’s imperative to learn precisely what you can do.

3. Job not done till ballot is in the box

Get the ballots filled in and signed, then dropped into the remote boxes. It’s that simple!

If legal in your state, push people to let you drop the ballot into the remote boxes. Please don’t count on anyone doing it!

4. Share online Conservative media with friends.

We are in a political and information war; one affects the other. Since the Democrats control the mainstream media, we must compensate for the disadvantage. So far, we’ve done a terrific job growing Conservative media; all that is necessary is to continue our efforts.

Our secret to overcoming disadvantages is sharing Conservative media of all kinds because the unseen exposure can be explosive. So far, this one is of a digital campaign that the Democrats have no answer to. Why? Because we are a determined majority.

Conservative sites need your help because they can’t access unlimited funds like the Marxist one. And so, even a good one could get overpowered.

For example, buy great bedding accessories from Mike Lindell of My Pillow.com fame. Also, Alex Jones at Infowars has put together some of the best vitamin supplements in the world.

These examples were considered radical right-wing, but now they are much more conservative because what they discovered was true.

6. Only buy from Conservative local businesses.

Conservatives must build a separate economy to avoid the dreaded Cancel Culture because the Marxists, especially the globalist corporations, will never give up! And so, we must put them out of business ourselves!

The good news is that the alternate conservative economy is underway, and the Marxists have no answer. The stock values of their global companies are plummeting while capitalistic-driven, entrepreneurial businesses led by conservatives are booming.

7. Help take control of your local GOP precinct boards.

Here is how. Go to the GOP precinct strategy site for information. There you will find the answers to your questions. If not, the site can put you in touch with an election lawyer for free help.

Too many people do not understand the power of local GOP precinct boards. They can determine platforms and who gets supported by the party.

MAGA can seize control of local GOP chairmanships and therefore have a say in the precinct affairs. And so, the committee members outvoted the RHINO establishment at the Republican State Primary Convention.

Already MAGA people are swarming and taking over GOP precincts across America. But still, there are tens of thousands of precinct seats needing filling.

How a tiny percentage of Patriots taking over GOP precincts can save America.

If only 3 percent of the 75 million who voted for Trump become precinct board people, then MAGA controls the Republican party! Here is a link to a popular MAGA site that can tell you much more, including exactly what to do.

Graphical presentation of how the GOP precincts are manned before and after MAGA influence.

Reverse the rulings of a Marxist school board – while still in attendance!

Not many people know about this way to take your neighborhood back. But, if the people in attendance vote among themselves, they can control a School Board and force them to change a ruling. Click here for more information.

True representative republican in action!

8. Talk politics with those who’ve had enough of Biden.

Your Democratic friends are so used to hearing fake news from the hierarchal that they can no longer reason. This loss is natural for brainwashed individuals, so why fight it?

My experience is to ask them a question, then stand back and let them talk themselves into an answer. This regiment is the only way for their brainwashed minds (nothing personal) to enlighten themselves.

For example, ask them for help in understanding why it’s ok for Democrats to bus illegal immigrants to red states but not ok when a red state governor buses illegals to a blue state. And then, just let them talk until they are in a corner they created.

MAGA now shows more political muscle than any American political movement in history. The Marxists are still trying to figure out exactly what hit them! Let’s keep them on the run and force them to present their political ideals in honest, American-style public discussions and elections.

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