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How to Defeat Marxism in Your Neighborhood?


These are eight relatively easy ways to defeat Marxism in your neighborhood. While not too time-consuming or complex, you should read them.

This list can be used in singular battles with progressives or as a checklist. And to show the wide range of political tactics available to restore America.

Table of Contents

8 Ways to Defeat Marxism in your neighborhood

  1. Boom! Collect signatures to petition for a Special Session for a School Board vote on a particular topic. If successful, the vote will reverse the decision of the Board by mandate. And reverse their decisions via automatic binding mandate.
  2. Encourage your state government to pass laws to block unconstitutional Federal laws.
  3. Recall local Marxist and RHINO politicians.
  4. Contact your State Legislators to tighten your state election rules, especially mail-in voting and when forensic audits are warranted.
  5. Share Conservative information online and in person.
  6. Contribute to Conservative websites.
  7. Actively seek out businesses that cater to Conservatives. Let’s build our Conservative economy.
  8. Apply for an appointment with your local school board and the Republican Party precinct board. Raise money and hire a lawyer if blocked for no reason.

Defeating Neo-Marxism or Progressives in your neighborhood begins with clarifying your values because every trick will be used to get you to comply with their craziness. This is a spiritual war, and the Devil himself wants to snatch your soul.

1. Start petition drives for recalling Democrats and Rhinos.

Just because they won or stole an election doesn’t mean you can’t shoo them out with a recall election. If you and your friends will go out and collect enough legal signatures, you can start a recall election to remove your least favorite Marxist board member.

Generally speaking, you can only recall elected officials within your state.

Be aware that the Marxist Democratic party will steal a recall election if they stole the original election. For example, that’s what happened in California with Governor Newsome.

2. Tell your Governor to quickly counter unconstitutional federal laws with your state laws.

After all, the communists are blatant and aggressive about taking away your rights through Federal laws. But, your State Governor and Legislature have the power to make the feds first prove its laws are constitutional.

For example, Governor De Santis did what he could to stop gene replacement vaccine requirements in cities and counties with a $5,000 fine.

3. Tighten Up Election Integrity Safeguards

First, eliminate mail-in voting, tighten absentee ballot rules, clean election rolls, and require a Voter ID. Second, do not allow a driver’s license as a substitute for a Voter ID card!

Unfortunately, most Motor Vehicle Bureaus do not check their immigration status as promised. Because too often, an illegal’s Voter ID automatically comes with a driver’s license.

Especially in these days of out-of-control mass immigration, issuing an actual Voter ID card is critical!

4. Share Conservative Information

Censorship and lack of financial help from globalist corporations have left conservative social media platforms starving for attention and funding. The lack of attention is not near as bad as the lack of funding.

Share conservative articles others would like to read. And put conservative social media platforms on your Favorites List. Also, you’ll find several live-streaming, conservative stations on internet TV stations for free or within packages.

Conservative sites need your help because they don’t have access to unlimited funds like the Marxist one. And so, even a good one could get overpowered.

For example, buy great bedding accessories from Mike Lindell of My Pillow.com fame. Also, Alex Jones at Infowars has put together some of the best vitamin supplements in the world.

These examples were considered radical right-wing, but now they are much more conservative because what they dished out turned out to be true.

6. Buy from conservative American businesses.

To avoid the dreaded Cancel Culture, Conservatives need to build a separate economy because the Marxists, especially the globalist corporations, will never give up! And so, we must put them out of business ourselves!

The good news is that the alternate conservative economy is well underway, and the Marxists have no answer for it. The stock values of their global companies are plummeting while capitalistic-driven, entrepreneurial businesses led by conservatives are booming.

7. Help take control of your local GOP precinct boards.

Dan Schultz is the website owner of precinctstrategy.com, which encourages and directs MAGA on how to precipitate and take over GOP precincts in local areas.

Here is how. Go to the GOP precinct strategy site for information. There you will find the answers to your questions. If not, the site can put you in touch with an election lawyer for free help.

Too many people do not understand the power of local GOP precinct boards. They can determine platforms and who gets supported by the party.

MAGA can seize control of local GOP chairmanships and therefore have a say in how the precinct affairs. And so, the committee members outvoted the RHINO establishment at the Republican State Primary Convention.

Already MAGA people are swarming and taking over GOP precincts across America. But still, there are tens of thousands of precinct seats needing filling.

How a tiny percentage of Patriots taking over GOP precincts can save America.

If only 3 percent of the 75 million who voted for Trump become precinct board people, then MAGA controls the Republican party! Here is a link to a popular MAGA site that can tell you much more, including exactly what to do.

Graphical presentation of how the GOP precincts are manned before and after MAGA influence.

8. Reverse the rulings of a Marxist school board – while still in attendance!

Not many people know about this way to take your neighborhood back. But, if the people in attendance vote among themselves, they can control a School Board and force them to change a ruling. Click here for more information.

True representative republican in action!

8. Employ this fruitful strategy for talking politics with neighbors who vote for the Democratic party candidates.

Your Democratic friends are so used to hearing fake news from the hierarchal that they can no longer reason. This loss is natural for brainwashed individuals, and so why fight it?

My experience is to ask them a question, then stand back and let them talk themselves into an answer. This regiment is the only way for their brainwashed minds (nothing personal) to enlighten themselves.

For example, ask them for help in understanding why it’s ok for Democrats to bus illegal immigrants to red states but not ok when a red state governor buses illegals to a blue state. And then, just let them talk until they are in a corner they created.

MAGA now shows more political muscle than any American political movement in history. The Marxists are still trying to figure out exactly what hit them! Let’s keep them on the run and force them to present their political ideals in honest, American-style public discussions and elections.