How to Defeat Marxism in Your Neighborhood?

Hear the good news for a change!

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Start with a MAGA takeover of all local boards because most likely, they are already filled with Marxists! You might think your neighborhood is different, but most likely it’s not. Because they are everywhere, especially in positions of power.

And so, follow me as I give out ideas on how you can help save your country by taking back power in your own neighborhood.

8 Ways Local Ways You Can Help Defeat Marxism

  1. Boom! Collect signatures to petition for a Special Session for a School Board vote on a particular topic. If successful, the vote will reverse the decision of the Board by mandate. And, reverse their decisions via automatic binding mandate.
  2. Encourage your State Governer to pass laws to blocking unconstitutional Federal laws.
  3. Recall local Marxist and RHINO politicians.
  4. Contact your State Legislators to tighten your state election rules, especially mail-in voting and when forensic audits warranted.
  5. Share Conservative information, online and in person.
  6. Contribute to Conservative websites.
  7. Actively seek out businesses that cater to Conservatives. Let’s build our own Conservative’s economy.
  8. Apply for an appointment to your local school board and Republican Party precinct board. Raise money and hire a lawyer if blocked for no reason.

2. Tell your Governor to quickly block unconstitutional Federal laws.

After all, the communists are blatant and aggressive about taking away your personal rights through Federal laws. But, your State Governor and Legislature have the power to just say no.

Moreover, citizens can declare sanctuary states, counties, cities, and I’m wondering if you can even declare your house a sanctuary house from mask mandates!

3. Immediately! Begin Recall Initiatives for Democrats and RHINOS.

No need to wait until they come for you! Because they will! Instead, immediately initiate one or more recalls. Don’t forget to recall the RHINOs because in many cases they sabotage America even more than a Democrat!

4. Tighten Up Election Integrity Safeguards

In the first place, eliminate mail-in voting, tighten absentee ballot rules, clean election rolls, and require a Voter ID. Second, do not allow a driver’s license as a substitute for a Voter ID card!

Unfortunately, most Motor Vehicle Bureaus do not check their immigration status as promised. Because too often a Driver’s License used as an illegal’s Voter ID Card.

Especially in these days of out-of-control mass immigration, the issuance of a real Voter ID card is critical!

5. Share Conservative Information

Censorship and lack of financial help from globalist corporations have left conservative social media platforms starving for attention and funding. The lack of attention is not near as bad as the lack of fundings.

Share conservative articles others would like to read. And, put conservative social media platforms on your Favorites List. Also, you’ll find several live-streaming, conservative stations on internet TV stations for free or within packages.

On the other hand, the communist online community has practically unlimited funding. Donate to help level the playing field!

Buy great bedding accessories from Mike Lindell of My fame. Also, Alex Jones at Infowars has put together some of the best vitamin supplements in the world.

These examples were at one time considered radical right-wing, but now they are considered much more conservative. Because what they dished out turned out to be true.

7. Actively Seek Our Businesses Run By Conservatives.

To avoid the dreaded Cancel Culture, Conservatives need to build their own economy. Because the Marxists and especially the globalist corporations are not going to give up. That is until Conservatives can win a majority of their stock. Idea…

True to the financial ideals of capitalism, the financial interest of their stockholders have a duty to seek out maximum returns for their capital. Constantly analysing markets, they now move their headquaters to the new largest market which is the China Empire.

8. Take Contol of Our Local Precinct Boards.

America has paid dearly for our ignorance and lack of participation in local and state politics. This is the one place, the fastest way, where MAGA can lay down a checkmate on the Marxists and the RHINOs.

If we can get 3/10ths on a percent of the 75 million who voted for Trump on precinct boards, MAGA completely takes over the Republican party! Here is a link to a popular MAGA site that can tell you much more, including exactly what to do.

Smart Move! Start petitions to call Special Board Session for People Vote.

Boom! Similar to a recall election, but you the people instead demand a Special School Board Session to vote on anything passed that you don’t like. If the people in attendance win the vote, then the School Board is mandated to change its ruling. Click here for more information.


Frankly, MAGA is now showing more political muscle than any movement in history. The Marxists are still trying to figure out exactly what hit them.

Already MAGA people are taking are swarming and taking over GOP precincts across America. But, what’s really amazing, is how many more Marxists and RHINOs still need replacing! Plus, there are still tens of thousands of empty committee seats needing filling.

In case you’re wondering what to call what we’re doing. We’re building a GOP/MAGA “ground game!”

By Team Go Beyondo

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