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How does the elimination of free speech damage American values?


The elimination of free speech in America damages our values by creating a moral vacuum that allows propagandized fake realities to flourish. Even more, it removes the inherent advantages of nationalism, such as the superior intelligence of collective wisdom, unbridled innovation of a free people, and values built on religious morals.

America is in an information war against the Globalists! And the key to success is retaining our God-given right to free speech.

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What caused the erosion of American values?

Celebrity Jon Voight talks about the damage caused by a lack of moral leadership over the last few decades.

Americans allowed the morals of Christianity to slip away, so we are to blame. A natural tendency to put off the maintenance of our faith by attending church and a Marxist plot to end religion.

Even worse, the absolute potential power of this mass psychosis may even trick some into thinking they are better off living under totalitarianism. That is, until they feel a military boot on their neck!

There are plenty of examples of what’s happening, and most countries are now rebelling, trying to shed themselves of tyrannical government oppression.

So, let’s try not to get America into the terrible situation of needing a kinetic revolution. Instead, let’s nip this totalitarian stuff in the bud by exposing and understanding what they are doing to our values.

What American values are under attack by Marxists?

All American values that hold our country together are under a pre-planned attack by Marxists because they know that our belief in God, strong families, and patriotism must first be destroyed to disassemble America. If you believe in America, you’ll want to know more about what they are doing and how close they are to successfully taking over America permanently.

Do you remember how so many patriots knew what was coming? Nevertheless, we are still shocked at how fast their insurgency came at us!

That’s because of their pre-planning, especially their widespread and profound infiltration of critical posts in all areas of our lives. You’ll need more information to reverse what they’ve done to our country, so let’s get started.

Replacing God with a political leader

As improbable as it sounds, Marxist families can evolve into the new gods. If you think this is impossible, you only need to look to North Korea.

However, the Marxists knew they needed to isolate the population and feed propaganda continually until a false mass psychosis activated. Then, we would believe anything we’re told because we don’t know better.

Destroying the family

Marxist totalitarianism seeks to erode families’ cohesiveness as a precursor to steering loyalties to their regimes. They don’t want any interference with their drive to make the government their sole family.

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And so, let’s step one by one on how they make family life irrelevant so that you can be on the lookout and reverse their attacks.

Kids as wards of the state

Marxist schools teach kids to act independently, to identify, and even to change sexes without their parent’s permission. They taught that even babies have a sexual side and can be stimulated. Teachers teach kids with their Critical Race Theory (CRT) that America is a racist nation, which it is not.

Abortions become patriotic

Propaganda programs pregnant women that they have absolute rights over their bodies, with no concern for their babies. Those who disagree are considered enemies of democracy or racists.

How did censorship change American values?

Censorship allows the propagandist unfettered access to the human subconscious, which is required to plant false messages that eventually become a false reality. Once the psychosis is established, American values can be changed with ease.

And I’m not talking about subtle changes; the subject or society can be led to believe the opposite of reality. Even previous beliefs about God, family, and country can be reversed by censorship, followed by continual transmission of the same lie.

And the victim(s) never realize they’ve been re-programmed!

Media Takeover

With incredible planning and deep pockets, the Marxist Democrats took over total Mainstream Media during the early 60s. It began on the nightly news and in our best universities; now, their communists’ brainwashing is everywhere!

  • Cable News, Google Search, Facebook, major websites, etc., are now all part of the Marxist Operation Mockingbird. Plus, Democrats, RHINOs, and many judges.
  • Censorship of Conservative News Outlets – Marxists control the manipulation of values through censorship and dirty tricks to end free speech. However, they are losing this part of the info propaganda war as Conservative media grows and asserts itself.

Fighting back with alternate media political information.

Conservative media is rapidly expanding and improving, just in time for the 2022 election. It looks like it’s the driving force behind the MAGA-led Republican resurgence.