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How Does Operation Mockingbird Destroy America?


A depiction of a wolf (Operation Mockingbird - CIA) covering the ears of the American public in order to brainwash them.
Wolf blocks the lamb from hearing the truth.

Operation Mockingbird is destroying America by creating a mass psychosis of opposite reality to create conflict and chaos. It’s an enhanced occult or hidden psychology that’s been around for centuries and recently enhanced by those thinking they have a right to control us, including our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to overthrow or control nations or regions.

At the center is Operation Mockingbird which takes global control and responsibility for controlling, categorizing, and punishing all human minds. I’ll bet my explanation goes far beyond what you were expecting.

While a basic understanding and belief in mind control will get you inside the door, the article aims to help you understand what happens when it infects and takes over a country. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll better understand how to counter the Global totalitarians who want to control the planet.

Furthermore, you’ll understand why the battle to restore America must include countering mind control with a new and better America. Your country needs you to become a MAGA digital counter-propagandist (MDCP)!

How are false realities created?

False realities are created by victims absorbing a repeating pattern of propaganda that penetrates their subconscious; the result is an ongoing distorted reality. For example, when a victim is brainwashed into eating a raw union while believing it’s an apple!

On a grander scale, when done by the legacy media, this reality distortion of many people is called mass psychosis. Mass censorship is required to protect the process and ensure the subconscious mind remains open.

FAQs About Operation Mockingbird

What is Mass Psychosis?

Mass psychosis, mind control, or brainwashing controls what many people think through a structured program of repeating key phrases or messages.

What is Operation Mockingbird?

Operation Mockingbird is the propaganda arm of Operation Paperclip, which began when our intelligence department set up the immigration of German mind-control scientists after World War II.

Why is Operation Mockingbird publishing false propaganda?

Where did Operation Mockingbird come from?

It evolved as the propaganda arm of Operation Paperclip, which immigrated dozens of mind control scientists from NAZIS Germany immediately after World War II.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

These are algorithmic programs that respond to human questions by scrapping Google. Since Google is partisan, so are the resulting chatbot answers.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus.

How is Operation Mockingbird Destroying America?

Creating a devilish choice of realities

Creating an alternate reality featuring no rules is creating chaos within America! And the godless, Marxist Democrats are the only suspects.

Fantastically only the devil is upset with rules; he believes the real God is punishing me by making me live by morals, good or bad. He wants to free me to do whatever I want, good or bad, under his rule.

Only by enunciating God can I indeed be free. And so, that’s the Devil’s pitch as to why living under his rule is better. No thanks; communism is well-proven only to cause human misery!

The famous eating a raw onion thinking its an apple demonstration

So powerful the mind control process that a potent, raw onion can taste like a sweet apple!

What’s also discomforting is that anyone is susceptible, regardless of age or educational level, if Operation Mockingbird is given a chance.

The following is how I shore up my defenses. Hint: knowledge is the power to avoid and fight it off.

Getting comfortable with invisible lies

“Opposite speak or twisted speak” are propaganda weapons used throughout 5th Generation Civilian Warfare; without them, the Marxists would not have had a chance to take over America. Maybe you’ve figured it out, but I wonder if most others understand the damage already to the minds of Americans?

Repetition of weaponized articles creates a false world where victims cannot process apparent facts. Interestingly, higher educational levels rather than common sense are more susceptible.

Click below to watch a radical lefty news analyst spews the best example of pure “Opposite Speak” you have ever heard! Have your barf bag nearby!

Why do globalists want to prevent the discussion of opposing political views?

Have you noticed how left-wing demonstrators are shielded from talking to their opposition on TV or at a demonstration? Why are the handlers so strict about it?

“Don’t talk to the racist!” Meaning, don’t talk to anyone against us!

Did you ever wonder why we needed to wear masks when common sense told us they do practically no good? Yes, the real reason was to limit the discussions we’d have between us.

Well, they got their way, and there are many Democrats out there, of which we have no chance of red pilling them.

All reporting is designed to support their narrative.

Because only articles that support their false narratives can be understood by their mass psychosis victims anyways, anything else is racist!

The twisting of facts and putting the truth of an article last has gotten so predictable. For example, the title of Democratic zealots starts as if they have the goods on Trump, but toward the end of the article, we find out the author has nothing.

They write thousands per day the same way, written to strengthen the mass psychosis caused by Operation Mockingbird. Let’s see if you can pick up the writing ordering pattern.

Article TitleMy comments after reading the article
‘Final nail in his coffin’: Trump’s taxes contain ‘robust evidence of criminal tax evasionThere are no “final nail” or “criminal tax evasions, only “could” and “maybe if” statements.

Providing blanket propaganda support

Mockingbird media has been caught partnering with the Democrats to censor MAGA media (Conservative media). Twitter’s messages made the public show unveil conversations.

The time for wondering is over!

Using “gradualism” to hide tactics

Operation Mockingbird is gradually destroying America. Push the tyranny as hard as possible but back up when there is too much resistance. Then, let things cool, and come back against us even harder.

Here are examples where we have allowed them to mistreat us when we should have stopped them in the first place.

An unjust two-tier justice system

The creation of a two-tier justice system in America was never legislated; it crept up on us. Only now do many patriots realize what’s happened!

For example, if someone is a “stakeholder” in the U.S. global communist government, they never get punished by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in any meaningful way. Yet, the DOJ threatens pissed-off moms and dads at a school board meeting, “white terrorists!” By putting them in this legal category, they set up parents for stern prosecution under the U.S. Patriot act!

How is such an unfair legal situation not grounds for the immediate impeachment of U.S. Attorney General Garland?

Gestapo-style arrests for patriots

Patriots are being arrested in Gestapo-style arrests because our fed’s police forces ARE the new U.S. Gestapo! For example, in the arrest of Roger Stone, some 40 police officers and the FBI raided the home of a 70-year-old man and his deaf wife! They dragged them out of their house at four in the morning after breaking down the front door with a “battering ram.”

The over-muscular raid was uncalled for and only designed to sew fear, which was the hallmark of the German Gestapo throughout World War II. These show raids are done to stop “dangerous” sources of “disinformation.”

Doubt the power of climate politics? Read my funny but sobering story on how I got 13 climate/pollution activists elected in a college student body election.

Coverup for COVID dangers

Stay apart, don’t go out. Operation Mockingbird needed time to establish a durable false reality about COVID to keep the medical tyranny of harmful shots going. They needed a robust worldwide mass psychosis to cover up the apparent misinformation passed on to industry leaders and doctors.

Were they aware they were killing and maiming people? It depends on which reality they are living in. And that’s the most honest, accurate explanation.

Slandering those who question their “authority.”

Operation Mockingbird made “election deniers” victims! When the fact is, they may be right. At least all the ballots in swing states should be examined.

Taking the long road to do things right, the globalists-led Democratic party sent out hundreds of their lawyers to change election laws to their favor. Many say so they can more easily cheat.

However, reversing corrupt elections is nearly impossible, which left MAGA-led Republicans swinging their swords at windmill blades, like Don Quixote.

Destroying religion

Religions once focused on belief in Jesus Christ are now the most oppressed in the world. Somehow Operation Mockingbird has managed to sway even churches to support a world vision where they are not needed or welcome.

I told you in advance that understanding would get crazy!

Breaking up families

From programming kids to separate from their families to adapt communism to the firm adaptation of abortions, the Globalists want to break up families. So, everyone can focus on blind obedience to their political leaders.

Here is where I extend the influence of Operation Mockingbird into the curriculum of child and adult textbooks. This takes a cadre of communists running federal, state, and local education decisions, which is precisely what I find.