How do the Democrats Plan to Win the 2022 Elections?

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The American fascist Democrats do indeed have a secret weapon to beat MAGA in the 2022 election. It’s real and in our face, yet no one talks about it.

For over a year many wondered why allowing so many illegal immigrants to enter America was so important. Many guessed that it had something to do the with 2022 election. But few know why they are already legal to vote in state and local elections.

So let me explain more about “The Right to Vote Under Local Laws”. Which are the most dangerous threat to American elections yet!

The real Democrat plan to sweep the 2022 elections

Democrat Party lawyers huddle with comrades, Rhinos, and corrupt judges over an additional method of cheating. That is adding tens of millions of illegal immigrants to the voting roles of states. All under careful and constant brainwashing to vote Democratic.

Here is what you don’t know. The Right to vote in local elections” laws say all they need to do is show up! Or, worst case, show 6-months of their water bill payments at the same address! No photo ID is required!

The great mobilization of voting illegal immigrants

This mobilization of illegal alien votes using these old laws greatly helps the loosening of voter laws by the courts. And, the extent of the loosening voting qualifications will be a big surprise for MAGA.

That is unless enough MAGA state legislatures pass new laws tightening voter registration rules. If they don’t, the Communist Democrat party will rule indefinitely!

Obeying state and local election registration laws

Of course, the Democrat communists are at this moment organizing their illegal immigrants. They have employed a fleet of Democrat lawyers to create voting requirement paperwork. And, large numbers of social workers to make sure they vote Democratic.

That includes staying put in their assigned state for the minimum time necessary to acquire residency as an illegal alien. And, staying out of sight so that MAGA supporters can’t find them.

If you were wondering why the Democrats have kept their location, now you know why.

“The Right to Vote Under Local Laws”

The source of their election engineering experiment is a very old law. Which allows anyone to vote simply by being present during a local or state election. Regardless of their immigration status!

Insomuch as they may need additional legal support, the Democrat lawyers dragged out “The Right to Vote Under Local Laws“. If the strategy of their immigration and election lawyers are successful, millions of illegals will legally vote Democrat in the 2022 election.

How the Democrats plan on stealing the 2022 election with illegal immigrants.

While Republicans smug up with dreams of a 2022 election win, again, the Democrats come up with another plan. But, this time to legally steal it!

Since Democrat fraudsters continually run out of fake voter names in landslide victories again them, they decided to go big and import an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants. Once in the US, they keep them away from truthful political news while grooming them with fake Democrat promises of a better life.

I suggest clicking the above link to open and read at least the one-page Abstract at the beginning of the Democrat’s strategy. It will summarize the constitutional logic on why illegal aliens should be allowed to vote at the state and local levels. And, that is without the passage of any new federal voting laws. Note: the entire PDF document is 75 pages.

The only way to defeat the Democrat Marxist election strategy is for red-state legislatures to immediately pass stricter voter eligibility laws. Laws that would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to vote.

Sorry Democrats! Americans are not going to allow tens of millions of illegal aliens to decide their elections!

Of course, the blue state legislature can do the same. And, don’t think it’s not possible! As some Democrat legislators are souring on the whole Democrat experience!

Democrats try to nationalize national elections

Now you understand why HR1 “Voter Rights” was the very first bill in the House considered with the new 2020 Congress. As you can now better guess, it was to block state legislatures from passing laws to block their plans for an election win.

So far, two Democratic Senators are blocking passage. And, they deserve to have their own national holiday for doing so.

Nevertheless, the fascist Democrats keep tucking this critical bill inside other bills. They are hoping they won’t notice!

And so, a critical job for us voters is helping them read every bill completely from now until the Democrats no longer control the US House. Screaming at the top of our lungs when we find it.

In a fleeting moment of awareness

Joe Biden actually admits that the fix is in for the 2022 election.

Democrat lawyers appear planning on legally winning the 2022 national elections with illegal immigrants. In fact, so great is their confidence that nothing can stop them, they created a public document.

For example:

Cities and towns across the country are expanding the right to vote in municipal elections to include sixteen and seventeen-year-olds, noncitizens, nonresident property owners, and others. With the main route for winning in 2022 will be with illegal immigrants legally voting.

Uknowledge University, “The Right to Vote Under Local Laws.” PDF Document

It explains why an old law that allowed illegal immigrants to vote in state and local elections is still valid. Look for a test in a local court just before the 2022 election.

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