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How do the Democrats Plan to Win the 2022 Elections?

Inject reality into how you think Democrats plan to win in the 2022 General Elections!

The Democratic Party plans to win the 2022 elections using its proven election fraud techniques. That is using voting machines to insert fake electronic votes followed by backfilling the corresponding number of fake paper ballots.

MAGA also has a proven technique for nullifying the Democratic Party election fraud. Their technique is overwhelming fake vote counts with in-person, same-day voting.

However, I wonder how long before the Democrats claim victory before elections even occur. Incredibly, we’ve recently seen signs this may happen when the Democrat mainstream media “mistakenly” published election results twice before the election happened. Well, that’s another way the Democratic Party plans to win elections.

List: Details of Democratic Party plans to win again in the 2022 election.

  • Dishearten MAGA by indicting Trump for something to keep him out of elections and maybe lock him up in a Washington D.C. jail.
  • Pack state voter rolls by registering illegal immigrant voters.
  • Mislead and indoctrinate illegal immigrants on the need to do their civic duty to riot to prevent a coup from Trump supporters.
  • Use election tricks, like open primary elections, rank voting, placeholder Democrats posing as Republicans, gerrymandering, etc.
  • Stuffing ballot boxes
  • Promise a slew of free governmental programs, even while driving the country into a recession or worse.
  • Use the same corrupt machine ballot counting system.

Let’s review these ways, along with cheating updates, followed by ways to stop them.

Put Trump in jail for something, anything!

If a Washington D.C. court indicts Trump, he will serve jail time. And he may very well be! And, the Democratic Marxist would love it if MAGA would start something kinetic.

After all, MAGA is declared “Domestic Terrorists,” so they can be quickly rounded up and tried for sedition at the least. How do I know this? Because that’s what Hitler did when he began consolidating his power in the 30s.

And the Democratic Marxists are following Hitler’s plan to a tee!

Why does the Democratic Party keep so many names of people who don’t vote?

The Democratic Party thrives on dirty voter rolls with the names of people who could vote but don’t because they can use them to fabricate fake votes. Then, their operatives delete their names only to add them back just before the next election.

That is why control over voter rolls is critical to stopping election fraud.

What follows is how they inflate the voter roles to backfill the fake vote count generated by the voting machines.

Adding the names of illegal immigrants to voter rolls

Illegal aliens dropped off for a long-term stay in Maine Hotel. Who is the Marxist kidding?

You didn’t think the Marxists left our borders open for no reason. I assumed that they would use their names to fatten up the voter rolls in critical counties and states with Democrats.

Once voter roll operatives enter the names of illegal immigrants and other aliens into the state voter rolls database, it is like “money in the bank” for Democrats because they can use their names to register votes, thus changing election winners and losers.

Other methods, mostly in blue states, involve getting them driver’s licenses, in which case they are illegally but automatically registered to vote. To be sure, Joe Biden proposes offering illegal immigrants National ID cards, which would give them voting rights.

Improbable and impossible: Nursing homes and dead people voters.

Yes, the Democratic Party even stoops to using the ballots or names of those nursing homes and dead people. Don’t be surprised! Because their number can often be enough to switch election winners, like in Michigan in 2020.

To show how important their votes are to the Democratic Party, they still widely refuse to delete them. Therefore, MAGA must replace all State executive branch officers in charge of elections and make sure State Legislatures’ power restored where it constitutionally belongs.

The Democrats’ election 2022 plan is exposed!

Let’s start with this crazy video on MSM that lays out a Democratic Party’s plan to win. You will not believe what you are about to see and hear!

Election 2022 midterm campaign strategies have come to light.

How the Democratic Party leaves borders to win elections.

After fraudsters at the end of a machine’s internet connection to change the results to their liking, the people on the ground swing into action to deliver enough fake ballots to cover what they did.

To do this, they need a ready list of possible or likely voters who did not vote. This pressing need leads to their most pressing problem! Trump and MAGA trounce them so bad that they run out of names!

And so, they leave our Southern border open and bus illegal immigrants to swing counties and states. Then, Biden issued an Executive Order to issue them National ID cards, ensuring they could vote in the midterms.

“Frontier-style” voter registration for the 2022 midterm elections.

Unless a state legislature has passed laws that update who can vote, illegal immigrants may be allowed to vote according to the existing frontier law. Just by showing up and signing their ballots with an “X.” Note that this special law does not apply to federal elections.

The set of laws is called “The Right to Vote Under Local Laws.” If the strategy of their immigration and election lawyers are successful, millions of illegals will legally vote Democrat in the 2022 election.

Democrats brainwash illegal immigrants before the 2022 election.

Proving there is nothing the Neo Marxists won’t do to sabotage America, now they’re caught indoctrinating illegal aliens. In an operation that taxpayers pay for.

Democratic operatives are teaching these hidden illegal immigrants that Democrats represent the people, and Trump is a “white supremacists” rebel who wants to kick them out of the country. If they doubt, look at our name, “Democrats.”

2020 U.S. Census an election weapon.

Every ten years, America has a new national census with the layout and questions approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. However, something strange happened in the latest one. A simple question asking about citizenship was not allowed. The U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts ran out the clock on getting it approved.

Does that leave any questions about him?

Why is this important?

The cross-tabulation of noncitizenship on state voters’ rolls cannot be determined, giving the Marxist more freedom to add illegal immigrants since the Census never asked the question.

Open primaries and RHINO placeholder candidates

Tina Peters, who ran for Secretary of State and lost when everyone knew she won, is interviewed by Steve Bannon on the War Room on Rumble video-sharing.

Tina Peters’ loss to a candidate implanted into the Republican Colorado Primaries is a prime example of ballot counting fraud. And it continues in the 2022 midterm elections.

In this interview, she appeals for a recount after the State of Colorado said she must first pay $240,000. Let’s hope she raises the money and gets the hand-recount of ballots she requested.

In case you’re wondering, it’s too late to insert another MAGA candidate for the General Election. Moreover, Colorado is a pivotal state and home to the fraudulent election counting machine maker.

Open primaries

Open primaries are combined elections, supposedly in the name of efficiency. They are one election for the Democrats and Republicans. While it sounds like an innocent idea, it’s not.

The reason is that Democrat voters can vote for weak Republicans. Therefore, knocking out the best Republican candidates.

Placeholder candidates

Placeholder candidates are weak candidates pumped up by RHINOs. The RHINOs confused Republican votes on who to vote for.

The Democratic Party can still cheat during the 2022 midterm elections.

The Democratic Party can cheat again as it did in 2020 because the criminal laws they passed on still on the books. These laws are primarily illegal because they were not made law by the state legislature, as directed by the U.S. Constitution.

Unfortunately, the Marxists have placed an army of comrades in critical positions, such as Governors, Secretaries of State, judges, etc., to block these offending election policy changes.

A lot will depend on what happens in the next few months. What laws can friendly state legislature pass to stop or slow down the election fraud of the fascist Democrats?

Bombshell! Colorado election machine fails accuracy test for past 2022 election.

Tina Peters ran for Colorado Secretary of State but lost; afterward, she raised a quarter of a million dollars to challenge the election with a recount.

Rather quickly, election officials fed a machine 4,000 ballots for an “accuracy and logic” test, which failed miserably! While the ballot count was correct, an automated system sent sixty percent of the ballots for manual adjudication! This percent is far, far above the legal minimum!

This single machine and patriot could be the chink in the armor that leads to a worldwide rejection of the machines and alters the world’s political history!

Can a President illegally leave a border open and use illegal immigration to win an election?

What if the Democrats keep both congressional houses because illegal immigrants were given a National ID Card via a Biden Executive Order? When they crossed into the U.S. because Biden didn’t do his constitutional duties?

Furthermore, would enforcement (impeachment and removal) be forthcoming even if you know the answer?


Unlike so many MAGA election prognosticators, I am not so confident that MAGA will take control of both the U.S. House and Senate. Because, like in previous elections, the Democratic Party Marxist will cheat. Most likely, MAGA wins the House, but not so sure about the Senate.

Again, our internal political war hinges on our ability to stop election cheating by Marxists. And we’re yet to prove we can win in critical elections (except for the recent gubernatorial election in Virginia.)

Even more disturbing, another pandemic is looming. And the World Health Organization may postpone the midterm elections if given the power at the end of May 2022.