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Important! How Do Schools Begin Teaching America Values Again?

Important! How Do Schools Begin Teaching America Values Again?

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Starting each school day by saying the pledge of allegiance and teaching American history and civics would be an excellent place to start. It’s been so long since we’ve focused on teaching American values in our classrooms that I wonder if we even remember how.

Here is a link to some great ideas.

However, for those parents saddled with Marxist school boards, you must first control their chairmanship. Then toss out any national education association influences and cut strings to federal grant money. Otherwise, no teaching of American values will be possible.

Let’s get on a track that enables you to take back control of what is in your child’s curriculum. Moreover, while I no longer have a child in the public school system, I know a nation-ending education conspiracy when I see one.

So-called “state-led” federal programs that corrupt your kids

The first thing to know is that the US Constitution gives the feds zero power over education. And so, ALL of their programs are unconstitutional.

So how do they get away with it? They call these “state-led” programs approved by political and educational leaders. In other words, they exist because of “plays on words,” a trademark of the Obama era.

Terminate the so-called “state-led” programs and refuse their funds before teaching American values can return. Here are some of their seemingly harmless program. Also, you’ll come to learn, though, that all of them must be ended, not renegotiated.

Remember, all of these programs are “state-led” (sic).

A state-sponsored school lunch program

Parents must refuse their grant money to reverse their takeover attempts and send them packing! Schools must instead adapt to funding their schools on local and state taxes if this is ever to happen.

Kari Lakes, a Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona Governorship, explains how the Joe Biden Regime is withholding National School Lunch Program funds from schools that don’t adopt his perverted sexual agenda.

Biden Regime extorts parents into the adaptation of a child “sexual grooming” campaign in exchange for a National School Lunch Program. It promises better nutrition for less money in exchange for letting men dressed as women read and play with their kids.

Almost all parents have no idea of the terms of accepting this money. And finding information online is nearly impossible, but here it is on May 22, 2022.

Public, private and religious schools across the country take part in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. These schools must all develop policies that treat “transgender”-identified students as the opposite sex or as whatever “gender” they claim to be.

USDA Promotes Program Access, Combats Discrimination Against LGBTQI+ Community | Food and Nutrition Service

American values enshrine a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so they focus on individual rights and freedom. And that distinction is the reason our democratic republic is so flexible.

To jump-start making technology work for MAGA, we should educate children and everyone to follow their skills and interest from an early age. But at the same time, steer them toward focusing on basic skills, like reading, writing, and mathematics.

The “Common Core” or “Critical Race Training” (CRT) Programs

CRT is the Common Core Program on steroids. And must be promptly removed from some 40 states who are training their kids to be communists at this moment.

Recently CRT was substituted for Common Core to foster racial hatred within the US.

The “state-led” federal Common Core program supposedly improves the quality of your kid’s education, as measured by comparing test scores with the rest of the world. However, it’s only another Obama-era Marxist hoax.

The primary purpose of Common Core is to indoctrinate your kids into communism while lowering test scores on basic skills. It’s another sleight of hand with words.

The core American values of God, family, and country

These American values once made our country a great place to live. The Neo-Marxist know this and so are trying their best to wrangle them away from us.

While America allows a lot of flexibility within these core values, in a democratic republic, there must be some common ground for sharing America.

What good is technology without American values?

Without American values, people live in misery, and societies fall apart. They are leaving most to wonder why they are even alive and the others squabbling over assets.

No other set of societal values in world history has brought so much fulfillment to its citizens as a democratic republic. However, psychopaths are continually sabotaging our drive for self-rule.

These facts are what children must learn. Or, they will grow up to hate God, family, and country. Like we are seeing now from some children brought up in the 60s.

Can we compromise with the Marxists?

There is no part of Marxism ideology compatible with God, the family, or the country. No matter how one mixes the two, Marxism will never be compatible with Americanism.

Since CRT is the primary curriculum of children in America, they will grow up as Marxists and hate America. Pretty scary!

Where do we start re-instituting Americanism in public schools?

Parents must take over the chairmanship of the school boards and GOP precinct boards for good measure. Local political activism is the game’s name while we clean up our state and federal elections.

Then, the corrupt US Department of Education will have no say in you’re child’s education.




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