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How do I Resist Marxism in America?


The time is late! It’s long past time to resist Marxism in all its forms because America’s existence is now in jeopardy.

In any case, we’re learning how to resist rapidly, and the best part is that America is getting more robust than ever! All America has to do is continue resisting while learning more, and our democratic republic can shed this approaching tyranny.

Let’s examine the list of resistance points to understand how to fight back better.

List of practical ways to resist Marxism.

Don’t consume mainstream information.

Mainstream media is not meant to inform us! Every word and image is carefully chosen to cause or strengthen a mass psychosis. So, be careful!

Please don’t underestimate the power of their propaganda or our lack of ability to resist it. Furthermore, encourage everyone you know to do the same.

Sharing stories and comments.

Despite the tremendously necessary purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, censorship and shadow banning is still present. So, share! Share! Share! Because that’s how Conservative media survives and flourishes today.

Get involved in local politics.

Want to get out from behind your computer or smartphone? Attend and get involved with local politics! Of primary importance are your nearest GOP precinct and local school boards. There I’ve found tremendously successful MAGA people with an infectious energy to save America.

But I don’t think MAGA has completely taken control of local politics because there is still much to do. There are still lots of openings for patriotic Americas to participate.

Find out how to attend a GOP precinct meeting.

Strengthen family bonds

The MAGA-led Republicans are paying more attention to keeping their families together and taking control of local politics, especially critical school boards and GOP precincts.

Nevertheless, the Marxist-led Democrats continue their strategy to destroy families and retain local control over boards. But, the “cat is out of the bag,” and they will not succeed.

Having the government take control over kids, allowing kids to make permanent, life-changing decisions on genders, and continuing to inject babies with a dangerous vaccine is too much.

Help wake up those around you.

Everywhere we look, we see an awakening of Americans who now realize their country is under attack from within, namely, the Marxist-led Democratic party.

And so, thousands of motivated political organizations of all types are rising to counter the Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs of the Marxists.

Support MAGA-led Alternate Economy

Already we are seeing signs that corporate America is reversing course in its persecution of Conservatives. For show and acceptance by the Globalists, they announce authoritarian-style edits, then quickly retreat when they see their business and stock values plummet.

However, I still see a battle ahead as the MAGA-led Republican party will take over Congress and further cement local community control. What will happen when a new Congress tries to break up Big Tech?

With Conservative media rising in importance and size, Big Tech has some decisions to make!

Help fund MAGA lawfare against the Marxist Democrats

Both sides file a staggering number of lawfare cases against one another. I guess it’s better than kinetic warfare.

For example, Trump, MAGA, etc., are already preparing to file election challenges for 2022, even before the election starts. Trump says he may start in Philly with election fraud charges.

Enlisting Sheriffs to counter ballot stuff

When I heard this idea, I was impressed at the creative thinking, but the DOJ quickly damped my enthusiasm by threatening legal action against anyone interfering with the voting process.

They claimed the threat of arresting voters in real time was unconstitutional voter intimidation. Unfair! Because in court cases, multiple judges claimed MAGA-led Republicans had no proof of voter fraud.

However, it’s still a great idea to provide constitutional policing muscle in the lawless or compromised states.