How Can Patriots Make America Great Again?

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A practical citizen guide on how patriots can help make America great again. One focused on taking back our country from the Democrat communist through efficiency and priorities. Plus featuring detailed explanations of exactly what to do.

Patriots can make America Great Again by stubbornly sticking to the principles of the US Constitution. And being strategically smart about how they do it.

Being strategically smart includes not wasting time and energy pointing out time and time again the obvious. Let’s spend the vast majority of our time winning back America, rather than complaining about the Biden Regime.

BTW, thanks to all for making the America Great Again movement. I’ve been at this job for over five years now. And, I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow patriots for jumping in.

List of steps to Make America Great Again

  • Recall all members of local boards – Save time and start over. Simultaneously recall several at one time.
  • Contact your State Legislatures to establish this list of election integrity safeguards.
  • Support conservative social media platforms because it’s our only voice at the moment, and please share what you like.
  • Stand tall and tell people you are for Americanism, not Marxism!
  • Attend local Republican precinct meetings, plan on taking them over.
  • Go to local rallies and have your own political get togethers.


What is a Patriot?

A patriot is someone who loves his country. These days they are usually Republicans.

What is an political election recall?

A political recall is a process by which citizens can remove elected officials from office before their term is completed.

How does a political election recall work?

This process typically includes the circulation of petitions by recall organizers, the evaluation of signatures by election officials, and a public vote if the petitions are deemed to have sufficient valid signatures.

The Details: How Can Patriots Make America Great Again?

While these times of an attempted communist takeover can seem pretty grim, it’s not too late to take back America. After all, we have the political power of the people and the states on our side.

With a corrupt national election in 2020, the Biden Communist Regime took control of our Federal Government, including the presidency, Congress, and some say the US Supreme Court. It wouldn’t be such a calamity if not for their determination to erase America.

And, now patriots have we’ve retreated to the political power of local and state governments, while a patriotic, Democratic Senator from West Virginia blocks the bills of communism.

Recall communist officials in your local boards.

MAGA volunteers take over Maricopa County’s Legislative District 15. A collection of RHINO Republicans and outright Marxists resigned! Good riddance!

A recall is your chance to correct a bad political selection. To do so, follow your state’s guidelines for gathering signatures. Then remove them!

If you need to recall an entire board! Do it! America can’t wait for individual recall elections.

So, that brings us to an imperative! The recall election must be honest, or why bother recalling. Make sure your Republican state legislature has cancelled those last-minute, illegal election laws that stole the 2020 election from Trump.

Elect Republicans at all levels.

The respective state legislatures have the absolute (plenary) constitutional authority to determine how state elections organized. Yet we have a conflicting congressional law called the “Election Clause” the feds keep citing. Obviously, the US Supreme Court should soon decide this power question, but they won’t!

Was our Constitution talking about absolute power just for state elections, or did the states’ absolute power include running national elections in their state?

The Federalist Papers are clear that our founding fathers meant both state and federal elections. But, our US Supreme Court is so flaky now that no one knows for sure what will happen!

Senate Bill SR1

Even so, the Biden regime is trying to pass the SR1 Senate Bill. This Bill would enable the feds to dictate how states hold national elections.

He wants a federal law to codify every last-minute election rule used to steal the 2020 election. If this Bill passes and the states obey, Republican candidates could only win by out-cheating the Democrats.

So, there are several ways to make a difference:

  • Help make sure voter roles updated.
  • Help Republicans win their elections from the county board members to the state legislature level.

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