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How can I resist the Marxist plan to take over America?


Not too hard to figure out. Reversing everything the Marxists do is my straightforward plan to stop their insurgency because everything they do is dedicated to taking over America. I can’t do it alone, so it’s “all hands on deck!”

Also, the subject matter is so large that I broke it down into two more manageable topics: stopping election fraud and managing my online security. Because if we can together achieve those two objectives, the rest will fall into place. And America will be saved!

So, let’s get on with resisting the Marxist plan to take over America with a simple plan with only two critical objectives. Not to mislead you, but both are challenging!

List of ways to resist Global Marxism

Stop the “big tech” privacy intrusions

Stopping the “big tech” privacy intrusions grows more complex or impossible daily. Honestly, despite taking security lessons from the best online personal security expert in the business, I still don’t know how to stop them.

However, we must continue trying to be invisible to big tech because how can we defeat something when it can accumulate our data and track us? If you think you’re safe because you have nothing to hide, think again.

Stop the congressional approval of digital money.

Digital money sure should be convenient, but it’s not being implemented for our convenience. Instead, it’s to make controlling us easier for the globalists. Even now, it’s being tested with no congressional oversight seen by the people.

Incredibly, Joe Biden already signed an Executive Order approval, even though that job belongs to the U.S. Congress. Therefore, make sure you know your local congressmen and tell them to vote; no, because you and I are not ready for any technology that increases tracking against us.

Considering the massive break in our confidence in our justice system and other institution, there is no reason to think they won’t track and regulate us through digital money.

The type of network for U.S. Digital Currency will predict if our privacy is paramount.

U.S. Digital money should exist on a blockchain network where information about money is untraceable, except with a standard Search Warrant. But, the info structure of what’s happening is on a non-blockchain proprietary network system. Therefore, the structure gives away our government’s privacy intentions.

It’s revealingly the Central Bank’s testing of its digital money does not reside on the blockchain, meaning the system is open to manipulation, spying, and rule setting, never possible with paper currency. Looks like the proposed digital money system will be used for our convenience, control us, and obliterate our privacy, and it will be global.

A Biden Executive Order already authorized the testing of digital money for America.

Unraveling the mandating of vaccines

We have the right to protect the privacy of our medical information. Yet, the Marxists want it centralized and under their supervision.

Their papers reveal wanting to bolt my vaccine information to the digital currency system while they insist on having no such plan in person. Their choice to avoid the client security of the block says it all!

Again, I will contact my state legislature rep, asking her to stand up and push for challenges to any Presidential Executive Order that mandates vaccines. And remind her that any digital currency issued must be based on a blockchain to guard my financial and medical privacy.

Resisting the tracking of my location

While I have nothing to hide, I don’t want my government to know everywhere I go. Yet, they do, without my permission. The combination of digital currency and vaccine passports with tracking me is too much!

Taken one by one is bad enough, but with this last piece of information. The Marxist control freaks could block me from buying food unless I get a vaccine.

Do you think this couldn’t happen?

Ask the people in Australia, whose Marxist insurgency seems only one to two years ahead of ours! In many stores, the unvaccinated or unregistered may not enter or buy because their digital currency (credit card) is blocked until they get jabbed.

Avoid Globalists’ propaganda.

Anyone, no exceptions, that spend time absorbing the repeating false narratives that come from the Globalist-controlled Democrats will suffer from reality distortion. A harsh reality is that our minds are not equipped to resist, so we can only avoid them.

What about our countrymen, family, and neighbors suffering from mass psychosis caused by false narratives?

To complete the picture, the attack profile of the globalists is a “5th Generation Civilian Warfare” mainly aimed at conquering civilians without firing a shot. And we already have millions of wounded countrymen suffering from mind control.

Let’s start with the heart of the matter. The one trap powering their drive to end our privacy, gain control of us and destroy our wealth.

Smartphones are designed to track you.

While smartphones and tracking software were initially designed to deliver to Google shopping preferences, their capabilities have grown far beyond. Whether you have an Apple or a Google Android device, they now know where you go and much more because their thirst for power goes beyond shopping; it goes to world dominance.

Once the light shines, you begin to understand the evil of Marxism. And how they need complete control over you. Otherwise, you’d never agree with or tolerate their dystopian future. By the way, the Marxists of today also want most of us dead because a culled world population makes their job so much easier.

Household appliances as information relay points.

Most don’t realize that many household appliances can spy and report on you, even lightbulbs! If they are internet enabled, there is almost certainty! Because they belong to a standard network called “the internet of things,” where things talk, relay, and share what their sensors can discover.

Once again, the techies built something we didn’t understand or were approved for. And the technology is turned into an anti-privacy weapon.

To reduce the flow of info piling into my central profile folder with Big Tech, I am not looking up what reporting can be stopped and which appliances are the worst offenders. However, becoming invisible to the internet is now impossible.

Strengthen my core values

Weak people make a weak country. And so, I am responsible for strengthening my core values, including my religion, family, and love of my country. For that matter, it wouldn’t also hurt to lose a few pounds.

After watching old movies, I noticed a clear gap between American men then and now. Before, men were more masculine and sure of themselves; many had strong core beliefs and were nobody’s fool. They are the ones who won wars that mattered.

I need to pay more attention to my decline in value. I will begin by counting every golf shot and cutting out the sweets.

And yes, I realize that we don’t live in the days of Davey Crocket, but it doesn’t matter because the belief in these core values can carry forward forever.

Prayer and my belief in God.

The Marxists want churches of all dominations shut down because it doesn’t acknowledge that a supernatural God exists. They want me to accept that their Marxist government is my church on earth. When do I think a mass psychosis of this magnitude can’t happen? I look to North Korea as an example.

Reliance on family

For the Marxist, the state is your family. Everybody and everything you have is due to the state. Yes, they teach us to worship the state. Like they do in North Korea.

Taught in schools, businesses, the military, etc., is Critical Race Theory (CRT). Where students mistakenly learn that whites are systemically racist, and parents hold back the youth from worshipping the state.

The Marxists want babies aborted and all births controlled in state laboratories.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a global Marxist trying to eliminate nation-states like the U.S. It wants one government for the entire planet under its control. And so, they condone tearing down statues and rewriting history to show everything before was evil. When in fact, it’s they who are the evil ones!

And so, I write this blog to remind myself of others that we are about to lose our country.


The future of America is in our hands, and gradually I’m breaking old habits to strengthen myself to fight against global Marxism. I know we can never be defeated if we never give up, but we can’t wait 500 years!

And so, I look at myself in the mirror every day to see an old warrior instead of just an old man.