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How can I resist the Marxist plan to take over America?

How can I resist the Marxist plan to take over America?

Discover what the totalitarian Marxists want from you.

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The totalitarian Marxists want to rule the world because they are a cult of psychopaths who are fascist supremacists, with policies so heinous that they are forced into deception and lying to win elections.

And so they want to weave their false version of reality on their members until they cannot process the truth. Those who don’t go along are eliminated.

Right now, the choice is between good and evil. It is a time of life and death. It is up to you to decide which side is which.

Why do totalitarian, global Marxists want to control the world?

The desire for dominance is as old as school-yard kids wanting to take control of the playground. Or a gang wanting to control a few city blocks. While we know it’s difficult to know why they feel that way, we do know it happens.

The same goes for adults controlling the world; some never change. And so, we go through another round of attempted world dominance by a group.

What we’re facing is a totalitarian takeover with a Marxist chaser. Pretty evil on its surface. Let’s discover more about it so we can fight it.

How the desires for world dominance by the Marxists were reignited.

The United States fought two world wars against nazism or communism, during which tens of millions died. And so, we helped form and joined “The League of Nations” to ensure that another world war never happened again!

Soon afterward, “The League of Nations” was renamed the United Nations and headquartered in New York, New York.

And yes, representatives of the United States actively promoted a one-world government. However, they assumed it was a global democratic Republic-type Constitution. Somewhere along the line, however, the United Nations was taken over by communists, then the transhumanist.

Why did the United Nations turn its back on a global democratic republic?

Too many countries were blocked or slow in developing the necessary middle-class, so they were not candidates for an American form of government. Of course, the Marxists strategically sabotaged our efforts, and eventually, our intelligence agencies joined against them.

In other words, we didn’t manage our country well or the opportunity to spread freedom globally. And so, the Marxists filled the void.

Marxist philosophy enables a faster transition to transhumanism.

Global Marxism allowed a more direct path for achieving transhumanism. This movement is proven as we see it quickly deleting the genes in billions of human bodies. Plus, their gene deletion therapies are already culling the global population.

All in preparation for transitioning like-minded people into a transhuman world. Unbelievable? Too much to handle? At least you’ve now heard an explanation that makes sense!

The Global Marxist mission?

The goal of the globalists or totalitarianism

Anything that gets in their way (people or objects) is racist. This significant jump means that only using laws when they suit them and extreme gaslighting are perfectly fair to achieve their goal.

Along the way, the Marxists strapped on prevalent causes. They changed the meaning of words, like racism, and global warming, to cover and wrap up the coming horrible human misery caused by communism (feudalism).

Action list for the U.S. to resist total Global Marxist dominance

  1. Financially support and use conservative media platforms.
  2. Refuse to comply with medical authoritarianism proposals by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  3. Prevent the confiscation of all personal property.
  4. Prevent global de-population by a privileged class.
  5. Resist their isolation efforts to keep you in your homes.
  6. Erase their efforts to rewrite history.
  7. Protect rights to own private guns by opposing laws passed to take away those rights.
  8. Insist capitalism, not socialism, take control over digital money markets.
  9. Insist on information market options that don’t surveil us.
  10. Stop the attempted subjugation of the U.S. Military under the United Nations.
  11. Help MAGA and America become food, water, and power independent of government.

8. Control over a global digital money system

And now, we join the Marxist world (recently re-labeled as the democratic world). Biden has issued an Executive Order for the U.S. money supply to convert to digital currency. And it commands that it be done before MAGA can take control of Congress.

While there are many reasons named, we all know it’s mainly about control over us. And the further dissolution of our rights. For example, it will open the age of expiring or directed purchases and the destruction of personal privacy or political resistance.

Why do the Global Marxists want total control of us?

The global totalitarianist wants to control us because they think they can run the planet better than the collective intelligence of its people. Or, at least, they have a better, more streamlined form of government better suited to a one-world government format.

The transhuman plan for us.

Of course, throughout history, nation-states have tried to control the world for defensive purposes or religious fervor. But, the latest effort was for a different reason: saving humanity.

Personal Security

Many countries, including the U.S., wanted a central government to take control to ensure we’d have no more world wars. This dream was especially true after the three atomic bomb blasts in Japan.

The promise was a one-world government in exchange for guaranteed peace. The problem was assuming a United Nations based on American values would be the result, which over time proved impossible.

Is totalitarianism better structured for world government?

On the surface, totalitarianism seems better structured for managing a world government. The trouble is that most people don’t like the idea.

They want to be free to produce their irrational thought and use free will to pick and choose ideas and how they relate. Turning people into happy robots is not going to work!

What is the status of their totalitarian attempt at a world takeover?

The takeover of America is well on its way! I would say it’s now at the beginning of the end.

In an unfamiliar way, what we are seeing is the way Intelligence Departments now fight wars. That is: America is under attack by Global Marxists using 5th Generation political warfare.

And so, join with people and organizations to learn the subtle ways of stopping the takeover. Hint: a direct approach will not work.

The smartphone addiction opens the door for the Marxist totalitarians.

For those born before smartphones, we know that personal relationships, family, country, and close contact with God are far more satisfying. But, the totalitarians have fallen into a mass psychosis themselves.

They are living in denial of what it means to be human.

Once the light shines, you begin to understand the evil of Marxism. And how they need complete control over you. Otherwise, you’d never agree with or tolerate their dystopian future. By the way, the Marxists of today also want most of us dead because a culled world population makes their job so much easier.

Why is Marxism having so much trouble overthrowing America?

America is built from the ground up to defeat tyranny, whether it comes from foreign enemies or within. We have more defenses than any other country in the world:

  • U.S. Constitution, with an embedded Bill of Rights
  • Checks and balances on all levels
  • Power based at the state and community levels, not federal
  • A superior economic system

The Marxists want to end the cultural values of America.

Once you realize that Marxism is one huge justification for human slavery, and you’re the future slave, the hair on the back of your head should stand straight up! There is absolutely no common ground between Americanism and Totalitarians. Instead, they are mortal enemies.

Yet, we’ve adopted a hybrid political and economic system that pits the two ideologies and economic systems against each other. We lost faith in our constitutional republic and our neighbor’s abilities and desired to look after our fellow citizens better than the government.

Marxists want to take away your belief in God.

The Marxists want churches of all dominations shut down because it doesn’t acknowledge that a God exists.


For the Marxist, the state is your family. Everybody and everything you have is due to the state. Yes, they teach to worship the state. Like they do in North Korea.

Taught in schools, businesses, the military, etc., is Critical Race Theory (CRT). Where students mistakenly learn that whites are systemically racist, and parents hold back the youth from worshipping the state.

The Marxists want babies aborted and all births controlled in state laboratories.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) are Marxists trying to eliminate nation-states like the U.S. It only wants one state for the entire planet under its control.

And so, they condone tearing down statues and rewriting history to show everything before was evil. When in fact, it’s they who are the evil ones!

Marxist takeovers require darkness, cover, and deception.

Marxist sabotage must operate in the shadows as light exposes and destroys their plans. The question is whether it’s already too late.

The communists want to leave us with no way out of their trap. A trap that is political, economic, cultural, etc. They don’t want us to leave the country or hear any info about other countries.


Marxist use mass psychosis to brainwash about 30% of the voting public in the U.S. This propaganda effort has produced a world of opposites where one side cannot even talk to the other.

For now, the Marxists are winning. But their rate of progression is slowing as many on both sides wake up. And so, the Marxists need to stage a false event or something soon. Otherwise, they will not get what they want.



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