How Can Conservatives Take Over the Republican Party Precincts?


Conservatives can take over the Republican Party by applying and getting elected as precinct committee people. Then, with the help of friends, finishing the job by becoming the majority.

If you were wondering how to get involved to save America, this is an excellent way. And, there are thousands of precincts! With tens of thousands of committee member positions open.

Stay classy, but be insistent! Your country really does need you!


What is a Republican precinct?

A precinct is the smallest political unit of the state-level Republican party. Groups are then organized into a central District.

What is a Republican Precinct Committee Person?

They are registered voters living within the precinct (usually). They are elected or appointed to sit on their local Republican precinct board.

Are there similar non-political board committees to join?

Yes, there are many! School boards, neighborhood boards, etc. In addition to a Republican precinct committee (board), join another one you’re interested in.

The National Impact of Local Precinct Action

When Patriots take control of local Republican precincts, they take control of the Republican Party–no more RHINOS!

What is a Precinct Committee Person?

A Republican precinct committee person is the grassroots of the party. They are the members of the legislative district committees who vote on the party leadership of their county and state committees.

While it is normally an elected office, in special situations, they can be appointed. So don’t wait for the next election to apply. In most cases, it’s better to contact the District Chairman for your precinct for an appointment form.

Responsibilities of Precinct Committee People include:

  1. Vote in person or by proxy at each and every district and county party election when qualified to do so. This allows you to elect who leads our legislative districts and counties.
  2. Assist the Republican Party register voters.
  3. Assist and encourage Republican voters to vote on election days.
  4. Attend District and County meetings.

Sample Steps to Get Elected as a Precinct Committee Person

The steps and terminology for each state can be a little different.


  1. Verify that you are a registered Republican voter in your district and county and your physical address is correct.

    Use for your election office or County Recorder for info about you.

  2. Download and fill out Nomination Paper Declaration of Qualification.

    Usually a simple form.

  3. Notice the deadlines for filing.

    Each state will have their own deadlines, so see if you are on time. Normally, the precinct primaries are around August during even numbered years. If your timing is off, contact your District Chairperson to see if there is an opening and follow directions to Request for an Appointment.

  4. Be Patient

    The process can take weeks. While waiting for confirmation you won’t be able to vote, but keep attending the precinct meetings anyways.

How to Flip Your Local Precinct

Dan Schultz and Steve Bannon explain the important decisions made in local precincts and how conservative need to take them over.

Surprisingly, flipping a precinct board to a “Make America Great” majority is often relatively easy! All that’s required is your initiative and steady involvement.

After all, hundreds of thousands of board seats are open and thousands of chairmanships go unchallenged. So, it’s relatively easy getting elected in a precinct primary or get appointed by your District chairperson.

So get started! You and your like-minded friends need to vote out as many Republican Rhinos and Marxists as possible to save your country! Nothing can stop the Conservative Movement if you do!

A word of caution, many boards are obvious close-knit groups with one seemingly patriotic outlier. If you vote all of them out except the outlier, there is a good chance they’ll turn into a spy.

Already many conservatives (“America First) are already taking control, but it’s time to take even more!

The State-by-State, Expert Advice on Precinct Strategy

Much of what I learned comes from a website by an experienced precinct lawyer, Dan Schultz. He teaches how to take back your local precincts.

You can buy the book he wrote on the subject. I’m told that this one book has started a firestorm of conservative activism to take back precincts. Note: I receive no compensation for referring to his book or website.

In the book, Dan says, “Until we first toss out the Rhinos and communists at the local precinct level conservatives can never have their own party.”

How to taking over voting control over local precincts:

  • Go to Dan’s website-specific page for detailed “getting started” information for each state.
  • Spread the word among like-minded friends that you want involvement.
  • Join or start a Facebook Group.
  • Research local government websites for news of open meetings.
  • Start with a school board meeting to let members know that you do not support the teaching of “critical race theory” (race-based communism).
  • Fan on social media looking for groups and board meeting announcements.
  • Get to know the responsibilities of each board and how things work.
  • Enlist like-minded friends to help vote out Rhinos and communists.
The results of a Republican grassroots movement in Palm Beach, Florida. A complete takeover by America First in this precinct. The communists and Rhinos were sent packing!

Should I attend virtual precinct meetings?

An example of a Democrat call an e-board meeting. The Rhinos and communists often calling them to prevent conservatives from ganging upon them.

Attendance at a virtual precinct meeting to gather info is a good idea. Just know ahead of time that your status may be “listen-only.”

By the same token, they are not a substitute for in-person attendance at precinct meetings. Because that’s where the real fun actually begins!

Why Remove Rhinos From Local Precinct Boards?

Don’t assume all is well just because a precinct member says so. Trump’s opponents love plotting in the darkness.

Some are Republicans with different views, while others are outright communists! Regardless, they all need to be removed! Otherwise, they will stay behind to stab you in the back.

For example, considered the Mariposa County Election Board and how they stole Arizona’s 2020 national election for Joe Biden. Although all members listed as Republicans, their actions tell a different story.

Why Didn’t Conservatives Take over Republican Party Precincts Sooner?

Conservatives didn’t focus on local precincts sooner because we thought the Republican Rhinos were on the people’s side.

Besides, taking away our attention, candidate Trump came on like a tornado in the 2016 election. And so, our attention focused too much on him!

Besides, we thought the Republican Party was in charge of local precincts.

Unfortunately, neither Trump nor his supporters realized until now that the communist infiltration and Rhino corruption were so deeply normalized at the precinct level. Otherwise, “a call to arms” to take back the precincts sent sooner.

Why not take over school board too?

Just as important and using the same methods, take back your school boards who teach “Critical Race Theory.” If your school board is loaded with Marxist, then your kids taught communism.


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