Who is Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy?

Let’s come forward and itemized the oligarchy’s many groups. Then, give it the proper label — communism!

the great reset is global communism

A global Maoist corporate oligarchy is now fully exposed! It’s a big, powerful, and ugly mean-looking animal! It laughs at the fools we’ve been and the tyranny they created. It demands we submit!

But, we now know who and what they are. And, a welcoming sense of clarity is now on the battlefield. Let’s take it one step further and distill who they are and what they want.

Nothing new much! They are communists. They have failed before!

But this time around, a new generation of “elite minds” think they have new twists on the old, failed idea of communism that make them unstoppable! The truth is that if they had no bad ideas, they’d have no ideas at all.

Americanism is the step forward, not rehashed communism. I wish they’d get their geopolitical history straight!


The Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy!

Many of us have struggle for years for a precise name for the enemies of America. Thanks to the four years that Former President Trump gave us to figure it out, we finally have our answer.

And, it’s scary! America, and much of the world, is heavily infiltrated with indoctrinated people who think they live for the “higher purpose” of world communism. And so, we have a multi-generational political and cultural war on our hands.

Note: Trump had them pegged! I’m just putting down the obvious in one place.

Drum roll, please!

Here is the list of Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy members!

  • Authoritarian countries
  • The United Nations and European Union
  • The Pope
  • The Democratic Party (especially dangerous, Obama, Hillary, etc.)
  • Most large universities and many radicalized students
  • Embedded judges and local politicians
  • Much of Hollywood and the entertainment business
  • Mainstream media – CNN, ABC, AP, etc.
  • Large, high-ranking wildly partisan websites (many)
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Most large businesses, organizations involved in global trade.

As you can see, its membership scope is broad and its members powerful.

Should America simulate the Oligarach’s “cancel culture” activities?

Should deplorables follow in their footprints? And, become even more deplorable? Should conclude that we are on a war footing where anything goes!

After all, we’re in a position dry up demand for major corporations and recall politicians because we are the majority. But, we lack the organizational assets, like a major conservative social media platform. But, we’re getting there!

From what I’ve seen recently, patriots are already learning how to fight politically! I’m thinking of the masses of local citizens recalling local communist politicians and storming their local governments–especially Arizona’s forensic audit of the 2020 election.

What Role Did Maoism Play in the Demise of the US?

The Maoist footprints are all over the demise of the US. While the deception and brainwashing of America started in Marxist Russia, the Maoists’ methods of stealth are more prevalent.

Background on Maoism

Mao Zedong is the father of Maoism who eventually became President of the Chinese Communist Party (CCO). He’s ruled China since the end of World War II.

Early on in his political life, he used his Chinese military for his political ends, but later in life, he became a fan of using silent war techniques. We now see them used against the US.

Mao probably began the campaign against America shortly before he died. His fingerprints are all over it.

America was defeated by Marxism-Leninism revolutionary theory that evolved into a Maoism constant, long-term, silent attack. Its secret is the comprehensive military-style detail and continual use of misdirection.

‘Never let the enemy know neither the nature of your attack or the direction’ is a phrase that accurately explains how they conduct war. Of course, there is a lot more to it.

What is Maoism?

Maoism has clearly represented a revolutionary method based on a distinct revolutionary outlook not necessarily dependent on a Chinese or Marxist-Leninist context.

Britannica, Maoism, “Definition, Origins, History of Maoism”

The Elites

At its core, the global Maoist corporate Oligarchy is about using this point in world history for a “Great Reset.” To transform America and the entire world to fit the dreams of the “elites.”

Succinctly put, it’s a power grab, like what happens so often in world history; it’s nothing new!

It’s an attempt to reshape the world, like what was planned after World War II. The only difference is this time around, we’re not victims of a sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, but rather an internal political attack.

Yes, I can go along with the idea that “fundamental changes” are needed. And, we need to “Build Back Better.” But, these slogans for liberal socialist Democrats are only a cover for them to switch whose in charge from us to them.

Here I talk about their smokescreen for their true intentions and the breath and gall of their “fundamental changes.” And how they will soon affect your lifestyle.

The truth is we will be far happier keeping our individual freedoms and again throwing communism on the trash heap. Here is why Americanism is better than global communism.

Financial: The impossibility of paying off our debts.

“America must declare bankruptcy or allow confiscation of all our property,” says Peter Schiff, a man whose claimed the end times for the finances of America (and the world) is here.

Start with “The Great Reset” and the communists taking ownership of everything you have, in return for a conditional monthly stipend paid with fiat money!

The Great Reset is global communism, and so demand that we be happy owning nothing personally. After all, communism is about sharing misery right?

Your Personal Property Confiscation

Of course, the elite will live under a separate set of rules. You may even see you’re house turned over to one of them in exchange for political favor. You might end up making payments from your monthly stipend to a host on CNN on your own house!

Sounds far-fetched? Not really!

Cryptocurrency: Is it out of reach of government?

I don’t know! I’m just asking? But, I’ve been thinking for years now, ‘How does a private crypto company fiat digital currency take the place of international banks'” Obviously, they don’t!

So, I remain an ordinary man, instead of a multi-millionaire, like most of you who once had money on the table ready to buy Bitcoin. But, didn’t do it for some reason.

Since cryptocurrency is considered an asset by the soon-to-be communist dictators, it may be confiscated! My guess is that they will cause a crash at some point, and then buy all the bitcoin for less with payment in a world cryptocurrency.

Like I said years ago, “… there is no way any government, much less a world government [global communism] is going to let private citizens take control of the money supply.”

Note: I am not a financial counselor, and I only offer my personal opinions on investments. Please do your own further research before any investing.

The Great Reset is global communism in disguise.

The communists claim the “Great Reset” is essential to save the planet, stave off a financial collapse, etc. It’s their code word to a complete global, authoritarian takeover–which is close at hand.

No more loyalty to a nation-state, family, or religion. Your only loyalty is to the state. And, there is no right to private property, except for the elites.

Doubt what I’m saying? Look at the blatant two-tier legal system we now live under!

Societal Changes

Since The Great Reset is global communism, and it cannot withstand competing concepts. Our society must be totally destroyed, including concepts of mother, father, and family.

They must take away our past. No reminders of a better time.

Statues, movies, books, websites, travel, etc. All must all be approved by the communist state.

If you know someone who commits a crime, you’re assumed guilty — unless you’re a Democratic Socialist Member.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

Folks, this is real!

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

The 4th Revolution is the blending together of technology and lifestyles. So you know, because so many have differing opinions of what they were and the lack of importance, I leave them out of the discussion.

Great video, but doesn’t take into account jobs lost, mean they are free to invent new businesses.

Is the COVID 19 lockdown hoax so we can publically display submission?

The COVID 19 lockdown hoax was part of the Davos member’s plans to create chaos and fear to speed up the adaptation of global communism by ordinary people.

How will it alter the way you work and live?

The Fourth Generation lifestyle will be more of what we see now under the COVID 19 hoax, submitting to a central controlling government and technocracy.


I am nervous about living under a communist rule, even if it claims to have a splash of Capitalism. Now, that I think about it, how the heck can Capitalism exists under a global Maoist oligarchy!

By definition, it can’t be Capitalism! Makes me wonder what else our rulers soon to me are misleading us about!


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.