Guide to Taking Back America!


America is not being taken over, it’s being swallowed whole! Therefore, any guide must be about a ground-up rebuilding and strengthening of our people and ideals.

At the same time, we cannot let America slip away until there is nothing distinguishable to save. And so, I say with good reason that these are times to try the souls of good people.

Here I present my most practical guide which focuses on taking back America as a military laser. So, buckle up! It’s going to take discipline and guts! But, know that its goal is extremely worthwhile!

Steps to take back America

Many say the Marxist attack on America is fundamentally spiritual, and I suspect most of you would agree. And so, this is where we start preparing for the battle to take back America. The good news is you do your life gets better and more fulfilling.

Soul search your commitment to freedom

To begin with, re-examine the strength of your belief in your God-given right to personal freedom.

However, I wonder if they are so fixed in their thoughts or brainwashed trance to die on demand. That is if they really knew what was going on!

But maybe you’re the more independent type. Did you serve in the military or started or ran your own business? If so, like me, there is no way you can live under Marxism. It’s a simple question of us or them!

The question really shouldn’t be complicated. Because your first answer will come from your heart. My advice is to go with your first feeling. But, you’ll need to develop a personal depth and rally behind it. Because no one is coming to save us!

Get in touch with God!

Honestly, if you don’t in this crisis of good versus evil, I don’t know when you would. In this case, I’m not talking necessarily about churches.

But, do you really believe America needs a moral base to survive? Or, can the laws of the land control morality. If you think they can, then you should follow the Marxist. But you’ll be severely disappointed in the difference in what it promises. Ask those who’ve escaped from Cuba!

And no, I don’t say this flippantly.

The family! The heart of America

The strength and heart of America is the family. Much of the weakness and chaos you see around you is the result of Marxists tearing it down.

Instead, even as we talk, they are replacing the family concepts with Marxism ideals of the state. The Critical Race Theory (CRT) teaches that you are not always right and the state can better take care of kids.

If that concept goes mainstream with our kids, America is doomed! Even though not true, kids will find out too late or have nothing to compare.

Do you ever get a creepy feeling? That sometimes your kids look at you at times as if wondering who you are! Well, that’s the encroaching CRT stealing you kid!

Get to know your US Constitution and its history

Get to know both the articles and amendments and especially its preamble which states its purpose. Know that it was written by Patriots who stood the real possibility of being hanged or shot for standing up for freedom. So you know it was written from the heart.

Get to know the historical background because its concepts weren’t dreamt up out of thin air. Learn the circumstance of its time. Because getting back to at least its basic concepts is the secret to understanding what you’re fighting for!

Understand that the Marxists think it’s only a good guide on how to attack us. And, why America and Marxism can never coexist. In fact, in many ways, that’s actually the biggest lie of all!

Take control of your local politics

There is a saying even in Washington D.C. that “all politics is local.” For that’s where their political base or grassroots live.

This is where MAGA has shown the most stunning success. They’ve stormed the local boards as in schools and elections. Join them by attending a board’s next meeting, or simply electronically applying for a board seat. After all, there are some 200,000 empty board seats now in America!

Support the new conservative economy

MAGA has so much economic power that it must be wielded. Besides, how exciting creating our own economic base! Especially, when we know our belief in individual freedom when coupled with capitalism can’t lose!

There is no sense in wasting time battling Marxist on economic issues. When just creating our own economy will kick their collective butts.

But, move fast on this one! Because the Biden economy has already targetted and weakened the purchasing power of conservatives. That is both workers and business owners.

But, this must be done to ensure taking back America. Besides, it’s rather exciting in the true tradition of capitalism.

Restore election integrity safeguards

The concept is simple, but the legal means are complex. The Marxists have seized the voting apparatus of our elections in many states in many ways.

And, they have been cheating for decades as they gradually tried to keep their fraud quiet. But, it’s now out in the open!

The battleground is making mail-in voting illegal in as many states as possible. Because every state that allows it turns into a Marxist-controlled area.

And, if they control any more than they do. Then, we cannot take back America. It’s that simple!

Listen to terrific Anti-Vax Music by guitarist Erik Clapton!

His music and words warn us about the serious side effects of his second COVID vaccine. He says they were the scare of his life! His hands even went numb for a few weeks. And so, he sings and plays, “This has gotta stop!”

Rock out to some Youtube anti-vax music from a guitar king! Eric Clapton plays and sings about his medical troubles after having two COVID vaccines.

It is a song about how Eric Clapton thought he’d never play the guitar again after two vaccine shots.

Keeping the CRT movement in retreat

The communists’ CRT indoctrination racket is out of its bag! But, yet they continue to gaslight us!

And so, this is an obvious time to stop talking about finding more evidence. And so, ignore what the Marxists say and focus on just getting CRT out of the schools.

At this instant, the MAGA movement is now mobilizing against it! In fact, many Marxist CRT programs are now in retreat. As Mama and Papa bees swarm to overrun local school boards.

America is an exceptional place!

Maybe you think America brags too much! But, that’s not it! America is an exceptional place because its people rule over themselves and it has the strongest safeguards against falling under tyranny.

The whole world is watching America right now!

And so you know that’s a big reason why the Marxist fired off the appearances of a bumbling America in Afghanistan.

My point is to keep your appearance clean and show your determination because what happens here will happen to the world. America, the great experiment in self-rule!

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.