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Guide to Restore America

Guide to Restore America

Are you wonder how you can help restore America? Well, this is the place!

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This Guide focuses on things you can help to help mend America, rather than just keeping up on the news. Instead, let’s get busy fixing our country. This focus contrast with the constant efforts by most to prove what we already know; Marxists are attempting a coup against America.

A word of advice, the Marxists don’t care much about demonstrations or what you think; they only care about political power and breaking apart your religion, family, and you as an individual. So, here I focus on these points.

I will try to keep that focus on how you can hold up your end of managing your country. But first, I’ll get into your first steps with an introduction, some good news, and encouragement.

As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such a twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.

Ex-Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas

Quick list of ways to help restore America:

  • Understand how the latest U.S. Supreme Court decisions provide the tools for taking back our country.
  • Defend your values by openly and vigorously telling others about your belief in God, your family, and America.
  • Make repairing or restoring your country using your ideas a priority.
  • Vote for MAGA candidates, especially those who want to abolish illegal Executive branch institutions.
  • Volunteer to observe elections and help eliminate ALL election vote tabulation machines.
  • Help take over the chairmanship of your local GOP Precinct.
  • Get the Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum out of your schools by voting out the Marxists.
  • Share links and donate to Conservative media.
  • Stop buying products and services from corporations aligned with the Marxist coup.
  • Join MAGA groups to help bring out the votes for irregular elections, such as recall attempts, special elections, etc.

List of Graduates of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

I don’t know a better starting point for people to look out for and explain recent U.S. History than the U.S. list of WEF graduates. While I already knew quite a few, these three on the main list shocked or amused me. (List courtesy of Dr. Malone, famous MAGA virologist.)

  • George Bush Jr., former President
  • Adam Kinsinger, US House of Representative
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
  • President Macron of France

Learn how the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions can help you save America.

Just before the U.S. Supreme Court took off for its 2022 recess, it left us the decisions we needed to save America. I encourage you to read about the all-important ruling and how it can save America.

This opportunity is real. Go to this link within this site about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in West Virginia versus the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It seems the Conservatives in the Court ran out of excuses for not acting and unleashed a real dinger.

All of MAGA needs to get acquainted with the spear and legally use it. Even if your court case goes back to the U.S. Supreme Court. Because it is the final say about reversing a stolen election and dismantling an out-of-control dangerous American bureaucracy

Openly defend the benefits of living in America.

Patriots must activate; we can no longer sheepishly accept the Marxists’ ideological abuse. An excellent place to begin is by re-reading our U.S. Constitution. No other country has such a brutally honest, pertinent, and brave document.

Learn the true meaning of living in an “exceptional country” and why the phrasing is so unfortunate. Because it’s not about bragging, but freedom, our Constitution’s built-in ability to resist tyranny is exceptional.

Furthermore, America is a light on a hill or a beacon for the rest of the world. Not because we are better but because we are the place to emulate or flee to in case of political persecution.

Repairing yourself, then America.

I try to get in the right frame of mind: knowledgable, kind, but dominating when I talk politics with a lefty. After all, considering what’s going on, there is no reason to hold back.

Like a passenger in a troubled airline, I know to get that oxygen mask on first, so I can help others.

“America will be Great Again when it is good again,” says the author of a book called “The American Restoration.” Meaning faith, family, and personal sacrifice.

A Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Lee Edwards

“… if we really want to restore our country and we’re very serious about restoration, regeneration, renewal, it’s not going to be rooted in Washington, D.C., and in government. It’s going to be rooted in faith, the family, and personal sacrifice in our communities, in our neighborhoods.”

Authors: Timothy S. Goeglein and Craig Osten, American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation 

Living with American values as a guiding light is a key to happiness because it allows a deepening of religious beliefs, family values, and love of the country. Contrast this with a Marxist Regime where happiness serves the state’s well-being.

Dr. Carol Swain talks about the importance of strong families in restoring America.

This mistaken value is why Marxists claim anyone who opposes them is a “Domestic Terrorist.”

Speaking from the “Belly of the Beast”

We are now in the “Belly of the Beast,” as the Marxists cheated to swallow the federal level when they stole the presidency and the U.S. House and Senate in 2020. They are now encouraged to come for your family and you. And there is no guarantee that we can stop them.

Thankfully, the power of states and local governments provides a back door for a grassroots movement. Taking control from the ground up provides a foundation to fight back.


Things are not near as bleak as they seem because time can fix anything, except maybe getting that damn gene replacement therapy designed to kill us all. It’s a nightmare threat of forced therapy than keeps my “bug-off” plans alive.