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Guide to Restore America


This Guide helps you clarify and strengthen your beliefs in God, family, and country, so you can better help restore your country.

Since America is already toppling, this Guide will quickly get to the point.

Here I hope to help you restore the same values of yesterday’s American Revolution in new ways to turn back the Marxist insurgency. This time the victory will be uncompromised and all ours.

I’ll tackle winning the state and national elections here.

Guide to Restore America Guide sign with fireworks in background

Table of Contents

List of ways to Restore America

America is under attack in every way imaginable! And so I break them down into organized vectors for clarity and efficiency. However, please be aware that the time is late, as 5th Generation Civilian Warfare experts say.

Only an America built from the ground up to resist tyranny could have survived this long. However, our institutions and families are still crumbling, signally that we do not have much time left.

A general list of ways to restore America

  • Unify or take over the Republican party by becoming a committee person on GOP Precinct or your local school board.
  • Force, if necessary, state legislatures controlled by patriots to exercise their constitutional right to manage election integrity reform, including getting rid of voting machines.
  • Lobby the friendly House members to pass laws to prevent Big Tech from giving away free election advertising and notices.

United the Republican party! The end of the RHINO rule

One crucial element is removing left-over RHINOs as quickly as possible. This will take several election cycles if we can slow down their drive to form a Uniparty with the Democrats.

Another critical issue is making the Democratic party election fraud machine work hard to save and win seats in all 50 states. We learned this lesson after the 2022 election, where MAGA picked up a few unexpected U.S. House seats in New York and California. Without them, we would not have control over the House today!

Because MAGA already does an excellent job with in-person voting, let’s start with mail-in voting.

How do the Democrats cheat? Let me count the ways!

The Democrats now use an ever-evolving, multi-layers approach to winning elections. Some of their tools are legal, while others are not so much. Here is a general list:

  • Voting machine ballot and voter fraud
  • Keeping inaccurate voter databases
  • Failure to report as campaign donations the free advertising and notifications from Google and Facebook

Disband these tools, and we win!

11/30/2022 The heart of the attack on America is the Democratic party’s corruption in our elections systems, followed by the sabotage of RHINOs. Corruption comes from voting machines that either run algorithms or have remote access to them. So, the systems cheat, and the Republicans in name only (RHINOs) run legal, political, and media coverage.

Afterward, the false voter database is returned to its unaltered state, so no one knows what they did. Even passwords are shared, so if caught, no one knows who did it! To continue, often, when Republicans go to vote, they can’t because the voting system says they already did. And so, a Provisional Ballot is issued and illegally never counted.

As you can see, anything you can do to clean up the voter roles goes a long way to restoring America. An activist, such as yourself, and funding for an election lawyer may be needed. Or, surprise everyone and devise your plan.

Mail-in Voting

Several types of mail-in voting are open to ballot fraud in different ways. Let me explain.

If a voter requests a ballot be mailed to them, there are various ways to cheat. But when ballots are automatically sent from inaccurate voter rolls, that’s the granddaddy of election fraud. This corrupt way of running elections is how MAGA-led Republicans are losing elections.

Another manner of crime is those who manipulate voter databases online in preparation for mass mailings. Whereas Democrat zealots intercept non-deliverable generated ballots, please fill them out, and deposit them in remote ballot boxes.

  • Gather, and get control over the voter rolls or best estimates.
  • Update database and online technology for contacting those who usually don’t vote.
  • Spread the word in person about MAGA platforms. It will be the first time many even heard it.
  • Every strategy must be kept secret.
  • Sue every nursing care center for the right to present cases to residents before their votes are surrendered.
  • Beef up MAGA presence in the colleges. Use the funding power of the U.S. House to force colleges to allow Conservative speakers. Ballot harvest early and often.

In-person voting

  1. Get out to vote yourself, and bring like-minded friends and family.
  2. Do competitive ballot harvesting where legal. Convince, get a signature, get a ballot in the box.
  3. Get poll watchers inside the post office and printers
  4. Get poll watchers at drop boxes, and make sure cameras work and drop boxes have locks.
  5. Get the number of ballots to be counted immediately after the polls close.
  6. Clean up your state’s voter rolls.
  7. Talk to your state legislator about passing a bill to fund and conduct an automatic full audit immediately following elections.

Who to contact to restore honest elections?

If you reside in a blue state, you are “screwed and tattooed.” After every election, check if MAGA represents a vital office. Here is the ordered list:

  • Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Congress Representatives
  • Attorney Generals

Look for MAGA officeholders because you are wasting time talking to Democrats and RHINOs. Anyway, ask them what you can do to get an honest election.

In any case, you’ll need to broaden your scope from a MAGA platform vendor to a find the ballots and get them in the box activist. Use your creativity, join a MAGA election integrity group chapter in your state, and be a positive force.


We’re in the battle of our lives! The world’s first attempt at a built from-the-bottom-up free society is seriously jeopardized!

I bet you thought America was a free country. Well, it never was entirely free!

Instead, it tolerated interference from European banking and intelligence powers and passed laws of permanent, costly socialism during the Great Depression. And so, real America has never been implemented! Who knew?

Time for American Revolution 2.0

We have no choice but to restore America now, or we lose it! While the infiltrators needed tremendous patience and military-grade planning, they are now within our gates! Yet, patriots are just beginning to plan what our counter-insurgency should look like.

While I’m not part of the military-style planning complex, I can take some educated guesses. America will need creativity and turn the weapons of our enemy against them as they have done to us! And fully realize that this is war! After all, it’s abundantly clear that the globalist will fight until one side is fully extinguished.

Like the original Revolution, we are badly outgunned by superior political power and money.

How should the Revolution be fought?

The MAGA-led Republicans are already ramped up and sweeping school boards and GOP precincts. However, the “mom and papa bears” have a huge task because there are 3,000 boards to take over, and they’ve only done some 300.

But knowing every board MAGA conquers is another step for instilling citizen participation, which will be irreplaceable to restoring America and keeping it that way!

The rising bottom-up political power

MAGA will be the first grassroots-based participatory-style government in world history!

MAGA is more rare and vital than most people know. It’s the first movement in history to accept what the citizenry must do to live free fully. And so, admittedly, in self-defense, it turns to build out a true “light on the hill” as it first builds a grassroots the way our founders wanted.

The Marxists say communism is an inevitable evolution after the failure of Americanism. I am here to say, “we have only begun to fight!”

The Modern Marxist: Karl Popper

The true enemy is those who follow the ideals of Karl Popper, for they are the modern Marxists. While he considered himself communist at one point, he eventually rejected it in favor of a more progressive ideology that promotes a non-rational view to establishing an “open society.” Sound familiar?

If you don’t click and read about his ideals, you’ll never understand your enemy enough to defeat them.

Another true enemy is the author of the book, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. He wrote a rule book on overthrowing America, while Popper wrote why.

What is Progressivism?

The rot of progressivism leaves nothing untouched or worth replacing. It most likely needs immediate removal in its entirety and all at once. I say this not out of panic but in practicality.

Its tools for our destruction range from eliminating religion, families, and nation-states with self-rule. Sound familiar?

It is the primary weapon we face. Here are some of the tools of the progressive weapon.

World Economic Forum (WEF)

The WEF is where detailed plans to rule the world are laid out, and schools are conducted to train future authoritarian leaders. Its leaders say, “You’ll be poor and have nothing, yet enjoy it.”

How do we stop the WEF? What is the WEF’s biggest fear? So simple! Regardless of what happens, say no! And begin politically and legally reversing everything they do. There is no sense in analyzing each evil action; reverse everything!

And so when you see after-school classes in Satanism or watch a Walt Disney movie with kids holding signs saying they love the devil, please know it’s a ploy to get you emotionally unbalanced. After all, their ploy is about “control,” nothing more!

Get in touch with your spirit!

Don’t think you won’t need spiritual or emotional help! Reach out and join a church, Bible study, or a like-minded political group. The devil is unrelenting and tricky; no one stands alone. United we stand, divided we fall, and all that.

Restoring my relationship with God was my first step in preparing for the battle against the totalitarian insurgency plaguing America. This connection gave me the strength to fight my best over the last 6-years.

The online insurgents continually try to put me down personally because their reality can not be defended. When I get angry, I rely on my spiritual strength to calm down and get them to talk about issues.

They are counting on eventually wearing me down, but my faith, not me, won’t let them.

Plugging into the inspiring music of a Christian church sets us free!

Decades later, a friend invited me to a “People’s Church” that played rock Christain music, where I was utterly impressed with the joy and involvement of the congregation. According to Catholic doctrine, the “bad boy” in me came out, and I committed a mortal sin by attending.

You can make a moral judgment about my decision, but I don’t care to be right if I am wrong. Because being inspired by God is more to me than loyalty to a church institution. I did not leave the Catholic Church. It left me.

While you decide how to restore America by strengthening your faith in God, the inspiration and the music of a “People’s Church” and its music was mine.

Watch the video below to see some clips of the crowds. Guaranteed they will inspire you.

Steve Bannon interviews Christian music artist, author, and founder of “Let Us Worship” Sean Feucht.

Visit Let Us Worship for videos and a concert schedule in your area. It’s incredible how many young people get it!

While it would be great if Trump became President again, MAGA now moves with him or beyond his presence. This evolution is probably something Trump probably looked forward to.

Because the totalitarian-led Democratic party is so focused on him and a few other possible 2024 candidates, the door for another political candidate is wide open. Would it be Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida? It could be.

A man who discovered his faith again because of FBI persecution.

A Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Lee Edwards

“… if we really want to restore our country and we’re very serious about restoration, regeneration, renewal, it’s not going to be rooted in Washington, D.C., and in government. It’s going to be rooted in faith, the family, and personal sacrifice in our communities, in our neighborhoods.”

Authors: Timothy S. Goeglein and Craig Osten, American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation 

Strengthen your family’s cohesiveness.

Dr. Carol Swain talks about the importance of strong families in restoring America.

Do Conservatives support the gay community?

Most Conservatives accept gays have a right to life, liberty, and happiness; moreover, if they are not aggressive in their sexuality, they are accepted. However, unlike the Democrats, they do not want to take their kids to homosexual nightclubs, etc.

That’s all the progressive weapon needed to fan the flames of claims of “racism” toward gays. It’s all it needs to put pornography in your child’s library and schedule dancing events of gay men in from of your kids.

Probably a surprise; far too many parents think confusing kids about genders is cool. I wonder if they equate their approval with the takeover of America. Or do they care?

In any case, the decision to let this continue to destroy America is in the hands of those who elect their local and state representatives. This must be you.

The age of smartphones accelerated the destruction of the family and the coming of transhumanism.

In many ways, the age of smartphones ushered in the dawn of transhumanism. We got accustomed to losing mental control by transferring our total attention to the machines in our hands.

It started for me when my company bought an IBM XT personal computer long ago, and I took it upon myself to install accounting software. I ignored my employees and missed family dinners because of this stupid program!

I was one of the first transhumanists!

Decades later, my attention-deficient weakness moved to my smartphone! I still struggle to balance my time in a demanding online world with the real world. And so, I speak with knowledge, conviction, and humility.

Smartphone addiction is a personal surrender.

Not to pick on young people, but the addiction is most severe with them. For example, there is the case of my sixteen-year-old stepson, a weekly visitor. He is intelligent and well-spoken, but after a brief hello upon arrival, he only plays on his smartphone.

I sense that a merger between his mind and smartphone screen is happening! And he doesn’t have a clue how strange his devotion is!

Would he accept a brain implant if his genes were already edited with a vaccine? Would thoughts of God, family, and country fads become unimportant in a digital metaverse world? I think you know as well as me the answer.

And so, getting a handle on smartphone usage time, games, and metaverses is critical to restoring America. And it must be done before we lose him or ourselves.

Do I have the right to lecture others on smartphone usage?

Recently, I found myself tempted to lecture a high school student on why he should get off his smartphone while I crawl back to mine.

Expanding my addiction to include the public, my point is that we must all know to prioritize our lives and live within a smartphone time budget. That is to restore the values of God, family, and the country needed to restore America.

Our minds are already one with the computer (smartphone apps).

We have already “mind-melded” with information technology, whether we admit it or not. So don’t wince when I say America is not headed for transhumanism; we are almost there!

Therefore, you need to look backward and inward as you and I discover how to restore America from a realistic perspective.

Steve Bannon at the War Room on Rumble discusses the beginnings and nature of Marxism and Progressivism.

How to restore America from the bottom up and prepare it for the future.

Restoring America from the bottom up and preparing it for the future still involves restoring belief in God, family, and country. These beliefs are fundamental to America’s restoration and survival.

However, we must be careful to acknowledge the inroads info technology has already made. And what works and doesn’t.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge that we have a competitor for the minds and hearts of Americans. That competitor is the totalitarian technocracy which is already here.

Teaching children the value of entrepreneurship is our secret weapon.

Therefore, our best battle plan for restoring America is using the creative energy of our capitalistic system to out-innovate the totalitarians. And do it early on before they get their military boots on our heads.

Moreover, a significant advantage we have for restoring America is that most people want freedom. And so, we must again show people the dream. But first, we must dream it ourselves and break up the illogical promises of the Marxist Democratic totalitarians.

Example: Electric Cars

How illogical is the promotion of switching to electric cars in California while warning of rolling electrical blackouts? And powering the cars with solar panels or wind turbines!

They won’t even begin to produce enough “always on” power!

Restore America must promote the building of clean coal plants and green energy where we can.

Table of critical conservative organizations to help restore America

Name & LinkMemo
The Precinct StrategyIt has detailed instructions and membership on becoming a committee person and taking control of a precinct.
Election Integrity Conferences
A coalition of America First Candidates with a particular interest in getting Secretaries of State elected.
Moms for LibertyOrganization to educate parents on their rights, especially getting Critical Race Theory out of schools.
This list is only a sampling as there are hundreds more.

More advanced ways to help restore America

  • Understand how the latest U.S. Supreme Court decisions provide the tools for taking back our country.
  • Defend your values by openly and vigorously telling others about your belief in God, your family, and America.
  • Make repairing or restoring your country using your ideas a priority.
  • Vote for MAGA candidates, especially those who want to abolish illegal Executive branch institutions.
  • Volunteer to observe elections and help eliminate ALL election vote tabulation machines.
  • Help take over the chairmanship of your local GOP Precinct.
  • Get the Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum out of your schools by voting out the Marxists.
  • Share links and donate to Conservative media.
  • Stop buying products and services from corporations aligned with the Marxist coup.
  • Join MAGA groups to help bring out the votes for irregular elections, such as recall attempts, special elections, etc.

Overcoming despair

As you get involved in restoring America, you will feel like giving up sometimes. It’ll feel like there is no way to save your country, and you’ll be right! That’s when you need the strength of your religion, family, and country the most.

That is to fight on until you and your friends find a way. Here are two areas where you can enter the fray and more easily see the progress that spurs you on.

Local politics: where victories are inspirational.

MAGA needs your help winning control over school boards, GOP precincts, etc. Moreover, it’s already having tremendous success, so get aboard when you’re feeling down. Taking over the committees of these local boards puts virtual handcuffs on the plans of progressive Marxists.

They are where the MAGA energy and overwhelming numbers are bound to win. Here is how you can get involved in booting progressive Marxism, CRT, and everything, out of your neighborhood.

Conservative media

Conservative media needs to bloom into THE mainstream media, and the Biden Regime also knows it. This fear even makes them ridiculously label you a “domestic terrorist.”

Give them something to worry about. Do citizen journalism, investigative reporting, help a news outlet, donate, etc. What’s important is doing something to help Conservative media expand, consolidate, and take over.

A prime example is Elon Musk’s freeing of Twitter. You should do the same if you have 44 billion lying around!

U.S. Supreme Court drops hints on likely restoration wins.

Legal timing is everything! And some justice systems are again rendering decisions based on the U.S. Constitution. Many recent locals, state, and federal court decisions are about privacy protection and voting laws. So pay attention that you know the law.

For example, just before the U.S. Supreme Court took off for its 2022 recess, it left us with the decisions we needed to save America. I encourage you to read about the all-important ruling and how it can save America.

MAGA needs to get acquainted with the spear and legally use it. Even if your court case goes back to the U.S. Supreme Court. Because it is the final say about reversing a stolen election and dismantling an out-of-control dangerous American bureaucracy

West Virginia versus the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

This case rendering is from the U.S. Supreme Court. Go to this link within this site about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in West Virginia versus the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It’s about the Court reigning in the power of America’s bloated, power-seeking bureaucracy. Few rulings could be more consequential than this one!