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Man depositing ballot via harvesting

GOP Ballot Harvesting: I reverse my course to embrace it.

I was so depressed about MAGA facing another defeat, but the idea of legal ballot harvesting perks my spirits. I hope you’ll have visions of winning in 2024, like me.

However, ballot harvesting requires specific knowledge about a state’s regulations, so do your research or join a group to guide you.

So let’s get started here learning about the opportunity that legal ballot harvesting offers and how to get started.

Convergence of sources and information leads to how MAGA can win elections.

I knew he was right when I listened to Scott Presler of early vote action on the Bannon War Room. What he was doing to win early voting for MAGA was the answer I prayed for.

Furthermore, in researching, I discovered that legal ballot harvesting is legal in some form in 29 states. I didn’t know that!

The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was finding out that he and his organization were active in 2022 in California and New York, where his efforts won enough seats for the Republicans to take over the U.S. House!

A common sense solution backed by success! What else did I need?


What is early voting?

The voter requested and was mailed an early voting ballot. Depending on the State, they are often returned to a drop box or the State House.

What is mail-in voting?

This is where voters on the rolls are mailed ballots; then, the voter drops the completed ballot in a drop box.

How to do ballot harvesting GOP style

The big bonanza! Mail-in voting ballots.

Ballot harvesting a few hundred thousand more mail-in votes in each State means we win big-time in 2024! So let’s focus on learning how to get the ballots of newly registered Republicans, early voters, and mail-ins into the drop boxes without decreasing the number of in-person voters.

The Democrats had free reign over early voting, often piling up insurmountable numbers before in-person voting began. This must change! The MAGA-led Republican community must hold their noses about the lack of chain of custody of mail-in ballots and begin legal ballot harvesting to win elections!

The good news is that there are often hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of ballots at stake! And in the reality of so many close elections, capturing a small percentage can change the course of American political history.

To amplify the opportunity, the Democrats have much more to lose on the political map during the 2024 election cycle than the Republicans, meaning MAGA can turn the country on its ear.

Video: Trump changes opinion on ballot harvesting.

In this video, we hear more about Trump acknowledging that MAGA must ballot harvest where and how legal. Accepting the laws allowing a voting process without a chain of custody took a lot.

Recently in February 2023, much of MAGA, including Trump and myself, changed our opinion on ballot harvesting. While we hate the idea, we must use it to win in 2024.

Besides, my hint of embarrassment about changing course on ballot harvesting is more than compensated for reading about the California Democrats’ fear that Republicans want to cheat in their State. I’m stunned that a California Democratic party operative would dare challenge Republicans after their elections get more dishonest every election.

The importance of cleaning up voter rolls

While much attention has focused on cleaning up voter rolls, not much has happened. When cornered, often the Democrats ignore court orders or run programs that add phantom voters just before mail-in ballots are mailed and delete them right after the election. Having this advantage of deception thwarts judicial attempts to clean up rolls.

Therefore, keeping the voter rolls updated during each election cycle is essential. Security measures must be followed, like issuing separate passwords for every person and eliminating large job batches that change registrations.

I will be updating this post in March 2023 with more ways to ballot harvest.

Still not a fair fight!

The Democratic party controls most State voter rolls, so naturally, they are stacked with likely Democratic voters. They know where those special mail-in ballots are going and which are likely not picked up, especially when the United States Post Office (USPS) employee rolls are filled with Democrats.

The GOP’s only advantage is that it’s the majority and our noble motivations. And so, we must focus on registering even more Republicans, making sure they vote and following the ballot into the drop box.

Adding get-out-the-vote activities to Trump rallies

I am bored with the same Trump speeches; he’s a great speaker, but it’s the same thing at every rally. Since he’s always speaking in counties where he most needs votes, why not organize a massive get-out-the-vote before the rally?

Maybe start it the morning before the rally? Something, anything! Let’s make Trump’s rally contribute to victory more meaningful.

Each State has its ballot harvesting laws (follow this link for an extensive breakdown and complete list). If you like to watch videos, here is a video and more info about ballot harvesting laws from NBC News. Both links are invaluable sources of information.

Beyond that, it’s essential to know that State Legislatures are constitutionally responsible for election laws regarding ballot harvesting. Yet, the Marxist Democrats are trying to situate the courts above them.

Both sides are nervous about a pending SCOTUS decision about gerrymandering in North Carolina. But, it has no desire to get involved in election matters because I believe the U.S. Constitution clearly states legislatures are in control.

Note: The Democrats don’t like this because the Republicans still hold a slim majority in State Legislature majorities.

A custom winning plan for every State

Each State needs a custom GOP Election Conquest Plan, which should merge with others nationwide.

Like the Democrats who bus election workers nationwide, if we think big along this path, America will be saved!

Video: Watch Scott Presler

You can find out more about Scott Presler at Early Vote Action.

He’s already proven how to win in 2024. Everyone wanting to save America needs to check out his action volunteer website.

Man depositing ballot via harvesting