How Did a Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy Defeat America?

In plain sight, behind its back!

coup d'etat against America - Insurrection Act save America

So amazing that a Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy (GMCO) defeated America with a gradual, silent insurgency. To do so took generations of effort cumulating in today’s revolution.

In doing so, they used Maoist and CIA revolutionary techniques. The Oligarchy identified the frustrations of American society. Then they fanned the flames and organized them until a raging political fire swallowed us.

All the while using mass brainwashing techniques to create a false reality among some Americans. Thus, creating an unsolvable state where no logical discussion or agreement is possible.

Then, the virus lockdown hoax finished us off by shutting us up with mask-wearing and kneeling. Additionally, they are finishing their plan to crash our currency and flood America with illegal immigrants needing public assistance funding.

However, their victory was not at all what you think, not at all! After all, President Trump actually won a landslide electoral victory in 2020. Therefore, despotic means the only way they can remain in power.

How to Regain America with Conservative Cancel Culture.

Time needed: 1 minute.

How the Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy defeated America.

  1. Sabotaged America values in our entertainment industry.

    Make sure the entire family turns off these shows. After all, they are for entertainment and brainwashing.

  2. Infiltrated communists university teachers

    Stop giving grants to them, and send young adults to other schools.

  3. Communism took root in our governments, especially in our intelligence agencies.

    Immediately clean house. Have the patriots ready to take over.

  4. The popularity of Maoism surged as a solution to the imagined and manufactured frustrations in America.

    Expose the truth about Maoism using the new conservative social media platforms.

  5. Natural-born grifters joined in.

    Lock up or get rid of grifters like Hillary Clinton and Republican Rhinos.

  6. Operation Mockingbird by the CIA becomes even more bold as they cover for the impending takedown of America.

    Make sure taxpayers’ money or foreign actors fund them. Then, let them rot away.

  7. 2016 – Donald Trump interrupts their takeover plan.

    Let’s elect him or whoever he decides best and shake up Washington D.C. even harder this time.

  8. 2020 – Obama gives the go signal to Antifa!

    His community organizing is the real domestic terrorism. The FBI must be gutted and rebuilt to go after him.

  9. Was COVID-19 released to help defeat America? If not, it sure came at a bad time!

    Whoever responsible must be tried in a US Court.

  10. 2020 – With grifter or brainwashed judges and politicians in place. The 2020 election steals occur to take the Presidency and the Senate.

    People need to recall the politicans, and impeach the judges. We now know who they are!

Who is the Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy?

  • Globalists – those who have the most to gain with a one-world government.
  • Maoists – the true revolutionaries who think American capitalism is inherently unfair. They think they’ve discovered a new improved form that is compatible with communism.
  • Big Global Business Leaders – either brainwashed CEO from their Marxist training in universities or those drunk on the thought crushing competition and doing business unfettered in a world market.
  • Oligarchist – Wealthy international bankers and a new class of stock market gurus.

The Oligarchy seems like an insurmountable force, similar to what our Founding Fathers faced against England.

Why our Founding Fathers never imagined the people ruling America?

Our Founding Fathers knew the people did not have the knowledge or will to rule America. Instead, they were left to manage their own local areas.

And so, what is this talk of “we the people” running the country and government officials working for us? When did this happen!

Stay tuned. I’m going to answer that question soon.

What did the average citizen know about the military strategies, foreign policy, currency, etc. in 1776? The truth is practically nothing! They were only experts in their own local areas and knew who could best represent their interests.

So why would our Founding Fathers turn the country over to the will of the people? The answer is: they didn’t.

How the addition of our Bill of Rights mucked up our Constitution.

While our Constitution is everything people say, its logic can sometimes be flawed. It’s a document meant to be for a new Oligarchy, but parts were changed to make its residents in 1776 more inclusive.

Therefore constitutional lawyers can find plenty of contradictions. Apparently, The Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy uses them to create confusion using unresolved issues. The corruption of the Constitutional powers of State Legislatures by the US Congress in Federal elections is one such example.

What was on the Founder’s Minds?

Were they mainly concerned with their personal safety and ending unstainable taxation on their business interest when drafting the US Constitution? Maybe there is probably some truth in that!

How could they start the Constitution with “We the People” when the colonies were individual oligarchies?

Why did they add our Bill of Rights at the last minute? Was it an enticement to recruit more soldiers?

The majority of people in America in 1776 knew little to nothing about geopolitics. But, they only knew rich and ruthless men in their townships whose interests aligned with theirs. So, they sent them to Washington D.C. to negotiate for them and vote.

Their true intentions confirmed by how they made the US Senate an unelected body. They only gave power to the people to elect Senators as a bargaining tool. This occurred during the Great Compromise admission negotiations with smaller States.

The illusion of “rule of the people” in America

We don’t directly elect our politicians, never did. In fact, US Senators weren’t even elected by the people until recently.

The truth is that we the people were never were in control, and our Constitution never contemplated we would.

But, this truth is changing. Or, at least, I hope we’re given another chance.

Scared into Patriotism.

Up to now, people lacked the knowledge and will to lead a country. However, especially recently, they knew people in the background were controlling America. But, hey let us live the good life, and we can live together.

But they were successfully labeled as communists or oligarchist, and suddenly that is un-American! At least it’s driven tens of millions of us to get extremely politically educated.

In a strange quirk of geopolitics, Americans are finally ready to run their own country! While an Oligarchy is ready to take it away at the same time.

What caused the Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchists to unite?

Can you see what’s coming next?

An inevitable clash between those who ran the US from behind for years coming together in a global oligarchy. Versus, the American people finally ready to rule themselves.

While we can argue why the Oligarchist decided now is the time to take control. It’s time has come an gone!

They have plenty to money and power to put on a negotiating table with true representatives of the people. Their is no reason for them not to negotiated, except a quest for raw power in an end times.

Maoist find the weaknesses in our armor against tyranny.

People who knew the US laws very well helped our enemies plan the takedown of America.

My guess is that one who spearheaded the plan is a constitutional lawyer, trained as a community organizer, and from birth a trained communist. From the skill he shows manipulating the inter-workings of the highest levels of government, he was once a US President.

At just the right moment, the entire Oligarch fanned the flames of our national frustrations. Then, with gentle pressure and a ton of cash, they let us defeat ourselves.

The weaved racial tension and wealth imbalances into the most unlikely racial stories. Then, used the confusion to steal an election and deny fraud.

Money and Chinese agents flowed in to easy the infiltrated the upper levels of our government, educational institutions, and businesses. Big corporations led by Maoist or plain greed also joined in.

However, this cabal is such a diverse group. And so, I wonder if they have anything other than propaganda dogma to carry them to long-term success. And emerge on the other side as a unified Oligarchy.

For that matter, I wonder if enough of us have the conviction to fight for this real moment of freedom.

One thing is sure this battle will be won by whose vision is strongest.

Never give in

In the famous book, “The Art of War,” we gain interesting insights into the minds of Maoists at war. After a land battle was already won, a soldier asked his General, “What should I do?” “There are still a few remaining fallen enemy soldiers drowning in a nearby river!”

The General said, “Swim out to them with a tube and blow water down their throats!”

And so, against this aggressive mindset, we fight back to regain America. It’s the obvious reason we must grow a backbone.

Armed with perspective, let’s explore why they do such bizarre things! And how they helped defeat America.

Lying doesn’t matter, only winning!

Lying to protect the Maoist movement is perfectly logical. The ends always justify the means. Even the creation of a “world of opposites” where everything is a lie justified if helps the cause of Maoism.

To begin with, their logic is that if you are not on their side, you are the enemy. Think racial slurs and Black Lives Matter, and falsely labeling you a racist, Nazi, or a White Supremacist.

Acceptance of these labels required.

It’s a form of lying to yourself, thus creating a feeling of unworthiness within you.

Erasing our memories of American Life

There are groups who do nothing but figure out how to destroy your loyalty to America or your God. There is no room for none of this because they need your brainwashed mind worshipping the State and its elites.

Political re-educated is necessary for those who don’t go along. Think rejecting COVID-19 gene replacement or citizen replacement open border policies.

By the way, what do the Maoist really mean by replacement? History tell us, and it’s not pretty!

Both the Marxist early on, and now the Maoist know they must first remove the pillars that built America.


The constant trashing of family values on TV weakens America. “Days of Glory” of family values seen on the media are over! A resurgence would be extremely helpful.

Did the TV audience’s watching habits signal they wanted more violence, sex, and lying programmed? Or was the change part of a plot?


The Maoists have no room for the belief in God. So, they will do anything to stamp out any religion, especially one that holds political power against them.

Again, all focus on political leaders and the elite, for they are our god now! Think of the training we receive watching a two-tier judicial system unfold.

If we accept it, we are cheating ourselves, and are not worthy to rule ourselves. Think of our acceptance of wearing masks.

In other words, President Joe Biden is our god! Oh! My God!

I think it is because people are so awakened. Will we stay awake and not get complacent again? No, history always repeats itself.

Even more, just to stay even in the balance between Oligarchy or Communism and Americanism. It’s now apparent, once conservatives regain power, we must be more aggressive and smart about spreading dreams of freedom throughout the world. Otherwise, the ideal of individual freedom will lose more ground every time the Oligarch threatens.

Learning from the Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy

No matter what happens, we should study what triggered the Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy. Maybe it really was concern for the planet, though the “Doubting Thomas” in me doubts it.

Nevertheless, while we are awake, patriots should evaluate what parts of the “Save the Planet” agenda are valid. After all, we can fight them off and still steal their ideas — only fair after what the Chinese did to our technology lead.

The following 3 subheadings list areas of environmental conservation to evaluate:

1. Environmentalists: Save the planet

First, it was save the planet from “global warming,” but when that didn’t work, the buzz word changed to “climate change.” Both were, and still are a coverup for their insurgency.

2. Ending COVID 19 lockdowns

While the virus is real, the lockdowns are a hoax. A hoax to keep us inside and inroads into a global tracking system necessary for a modern oligarchy.

3. Redistributing Wealth and Cancelling Student Loans.

Antifa is those who think they were about to start their lives over their heads with student debt, and a time of diminishing numbers of jobs. And, left to pay off, trillions in debt, while we retire.

I still don’t know how they think a Marxist Oligarchy plans on how to outperform a Capitalistic economic system. If history is any indication, they plan to sell off all our personal property.


Most of our institutions are infiltrated beyond recovery. But, we don’t need a communist takeover, instead we need to fix what they broke. And, refocus Americans to take better care of our fragile experiment with granting individual rights.

It’s embarrassing as they did it by boring into our institutions and using our own propaganda institutions against us.

I now understand why Communist China blocks all media against their political beliefs and why their people will never have a chance to consider the advantages of living as free people.

After witnessing the cowardice of our own US Supreme Court in the Texas Court Case, it’s obvious that there is no common ground to hold America together, a separation of states is necessary.

Fox News and others go on the false hope that Special Counsels will restore law and order to America. They only insult our intelligence. For if they were ever to uphold the law, they would have done it by now!

For example, a Special Counsel to prosecute Hunter Biden, etc. We all know Joe Biden will nominate a loyal global communist as Attorney General, and the first thing he’ll do is dismiss any Special Counsel against his family or friends. How stupid do they think we are!

They are doing all of us a disservice even pretending. We now have about the same chance now of living free as the people of China.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.