Examples of Marxist Opposite Speak


Examples of Marxist “Opposite Speak” are everywhere! Like when they accuse you of doing something they themselves are guilty. Heck, this tactic is even in their published playbook! Furthermore, often their gaslighting attempts are just plain ridiculous!

During Marxist takeovers, the meanings of words change to create a new reality.

Words change only gradually, soo people don’t have specific points during their takeover to rally against them. The idea is for us to wake up only too late!

Here, in one place, I alert you to multiple words the Marxists have changed. So you can better recognize what is happening.

Notice that I made my own change for the sake of accuracy. I’ve changed the traditional words, “double-speak” to “opposite speak.” Because as you have probably already noticed, what the Marxists say is always the opposite of the truth.

List of current examples of Marxist Opposite Speak:

  • Globalism is the new system of government, and Americanism is the old system. No, the opposite! Globalism is feudualism (oligarchy) with the state as king and an elite class as its court. Looking the other way Americanism is the new system. Because its perfectly situated to maximize globalization benefits. As it encourages innovation and motivation when Globalism doesn’t.
  • Patriots labeled domestic terrorists. This is one of the most shocking examples, and it comes from our FBI! So, you know, now you should consider all their words as suspect. Because they have proven our suspicions that they are indeed a Marxist institution.

Globalism simply re-labeled Global Marxism

Seldom used is the word “Marxism” or “Maoism.” Because their philosophies have failed so badly. Yet, they remain as the guideposts for Globalism!

Truly amazing! Their opposite-speak con is that Americanism is an outdated system. Therefore, unsuited for the challenges of globalization. All the while, the truth is that Americanism is much newer and better suited for globalization.

Globalization fails to provide the motivation and innovation in globalization.

The medical tyranny of Globalism may cause people to give up their freedom in exchange for supposed personal security. However, the fear it causes will never provide the motivation and innovation necessary for globalization.

The true source of human motivation

The true motivating force for human beings is personal greed. But, don’t be despondent, someone’s personal greed can help many people. As you probably heard, “A rising boast helps all ships.”

Over the last few centuries, this saying has proven correct. That is when too much socialism doesn’t interfere.

On the other hand, as we see in China, North Korea, and Cuba, the motivation and innovation necessary for globalization are insufficient.

Globalism is not globalization.
Dreams of a utopian lifestyle under communism always end up just dreams.

Globalism snuffs out motivation and innovation

On the other hand, the totalitarian nature of Globalism snuffs out personal motivation and so innovation. Because it’s human nature to work harder with more creativity when there is the hope of a better life.

For example, from personal experience, I can tell you that none of my businesses started in the mid-70s would have survived without a common belief of dreams of a better tomorrow.

The Chinese say they learned how to maintain their Marxist roots, yet add capitalism.

Not surprisingly, China tries to convince us they can combine Marxism with Capitalism. In reality, this is ridiculous! Because anyone who understands the fundamental underlying structure of each already knows they cannot exist together.

Is pure Capitalism best for globalization?

Too bad socialism made so many inroads right after the Great Depression, otherwise, America would have evolved by now.

With this in mind, the ancestors of the frontier families could have developed a better safety net. It would have surely been the largest, most efficient neighborhood social program in the world! And, because of its person-to-person distribution mechanism, it would be the most personally satisfying!

Why do the Chinese need to steal intellectual property?

The Chinese steal intellectual property from the West because their own people can’t. Not that the Chinese people aren’t smart enough, they most certainly are. But, their totalitarian system only motivates them to “keep their heads down.”

So how can a regime that suppresses the human spirit possibly serve globalization? Just say, “No!” For this reason, the best economic and political system for globalization is Americanism.

Marxist takeover right in the faces of American Marxist domestic terrorists.

Why Patriots labeled as domestic terrorists?

The Globalists need to label Patriots as domestic terrorists to make full use of their contrived state of medical/military control. From which harsher penalties are available to threaten us.


Given these points, it’s puzzling why the Globalists keep trying to sell the same failed communist oligarchy system. No great wealth allowed, except for their elites. But a guaranteed income as long as you deserve it, and they can afford to pay it.

On the other hand, Americanism (which features capitalism) has already proven its utility in generating personal wealth. No guarantee of wealth but everyone should have an equal shot.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.