Can Totalitarianism Erase America by Lying?

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The jury is still out whether or not totalitarianism will erase America by lying. However, the Democrat Party Marxists are certainly trying.

However, while it may work for a while, eventually it will come crashing down. Because sooner or later enough Patriots will speak truth to power and break their spell; it always does!

The question is how much suffering are we in for, and how long will it last. And, if we manage to hang in there battling for extended periods, how long are we talking about and how bad will it get.

History Background: The Age of Ignorance

Many think of kings as beloved rulers or even father figures, which they were neither. They think maybe some kindness on their part helped them rule. They think that outrageously cruel behavior by the king would automatically trigger their overthrow. But, history tells us the opposite story.

The authoritarian or totalitarian rule of kings, called oligarchies, treated the common person as personal property or slaves. In other words, their only purpose was to serve the state (king). And, interestingly, it was almost always the meanest and most ruthless kings who survive for long.

Are we immune from going back to a medieval government?

By the same token, those speaking the truth always eventually discover how powerful they are. And, the only way out of a coup is also what they MUST do. And, that’s how it almost always or eventually works out.

However, what happens if the suffering under totalitarian rule becomes too intolerable (which it will)? How long could it last? What does history tell us? After all, dictators or kings have dominated sometimes for even centuries!

In other words, kings created an illusion that their power to rule came from god. And, that’s why a high-ranking priest was always nearby to bolster their claims. And so, incredibly people remained loyal subject right up to the time when the tyranny becomes so intense they could no longer survive.

Fear of death without the king

The king’s secret for retaining power was creating fear, and convincing their subject they could only survive with a king and a nearby castle. Otherwise, they would surely die in the darkness outside the castle when foes attacked.

No thought to building their own castle, because, after all, the king’s power to rule over them came from god.

The creation of a medieval false reality

Living in squalor and told they are only animals to serve the elites, the common man thought his place was just above a barnyard animal. And, kings kept their false reality alive through fear and control over propaganda.

To even talk about self-rule was the equivalent of saying you’re smarter than God. Besides, it was blasphemy which was punishable by death.

Today’s examples of Opposite Speak

During Marxist takeovers, the meanings of words change in an orderly way to create a pre-programmed reality.

Words change only gradually, so people don’t have emotional checkpoints to realize what is happening. Then, they wake up too late!

Here, I expose how the normalization of structural control and propaganda brainwashes people. And the large number of fallen Americans already living within the Marxist false reality.

Notice that I made my own change for the sake of accuracy. I’ve changed the traditional words, “double-speak” to “opposite speak.” Because as you have probably already noticed, what the Marxists say is always the opposite of the truth.

Table of comparisons between words:

GlobalismOligarchy, Communism
Anyone against GlobalismRacists, Nazi
Domestic terrorists, white supremacistAmerican Patriots
Great ResetTotal takeover
Sometimes a good guideUS Constitution
Note that their words do not necessarily lie. In fact, most are intended as misdirections.

Accusing us of what they do!

A working phrase for the takeover enemy America faces is “Global Corporate Communism.” For short, they don’t mind being called Globalist though, as the “cat is out of the bag” about who they really are.

However, they could also be called the “New Global Oligarchy.” But, they call themselves instead, “The New World Order.” Also, instead of calling for a “Revolution,” they call for a “Great Reset.”

In a word, I call them “fascists.” How strange, but predictable that’s exactly what they called me about six years ago!

Welcome to the world of “Opposite Speak!”

Why Patriots labeled as domestic terrorists?

I guess we should feel lucky because the totalitarians (kings) wouldn’t bother labeling us anything. Because they had every right in this world and the one beyond to kill a “domestic terrorist” on the spot.

Of course, they’d need a nod from the court priest to make sure it was God’s will.

The Globalists need to label Patriots as domestic terrorists to make full use of their contrived state of medical/military control. From which harsher penalties are available to threaten us.

The totalitarians (New World Order) however don’t believe in God

Wait for it! They believe in transhumanism or the worship of computer-driven realities. And, if they can seize a culture, nation, or world to rule over and cull the population, then they are beholden to no one. And, no action they take or anything they say is going too far as long as their objective of world dominance is met.


One of my strengths has always been the ability to filter spoken words and do real-time translation of liars. While I’m good at it, it gets exhausting after a while.

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