England Almost Lost Its Sovereignty

Make no mistake the European Union and turncoat nationalists tried to absorb England into a new world order.


England almost lost its sovereignty as a European Union (EU) member. Even though it originally joined a trade organization, the EU gradually tried to absorb the country into its proposed one-world government.

Brexit supporters began realizing what was going on when their rights began to disappear and rightly decided to exit the EU. But, the political and legal fences put up to stop their leaving were outrageous!

While those who opposed Brexit can stomp and complain, the people of England spoke, they wanted their country back!

Back at the European Union and globalists everywhere, they accuse the Brexit people of being racist! Sound familiar?

Both the new free England and the remains of America now face the jabs of the one-world government propaganda. The awe of world-wide scope and the simple illogical accusations of racism are mind-numbing!

Magana Carte of 1215 gave the People of England the Right to Rule Themselves.

The Magna Carte in 1215 was the first official document guaranteeing partial citizen rule since the glory days of Greece democracies.

As the EU morphs from a trading block to the beginnings of a one-world government, the sovereignty of England faded. That is until the people woke up and voted to exit the agreement.

While England officially left the EU, they are still trying to hammer out a trade deal with each other. And, it seems that the EU is again trying to subjugate England under the new world order.

Brexit News

England faced the loss of its cherished national sovereignty. As the European Union (EU) slowly and painfully put the squeeze on them. But, they finally emerged as a free country again.

In case you’re wondering, England is doing great, except there are too many EU spies within the government and courts.

How the EU Undermined English Sovereignty

The EU recruits support in countries marked for takeover much like our CIA. They both undermine sovereignty ever so gradually and with the help of the infiltration of turncoat nationalists.

Fortunately, the people of England woke up just in time to save their country! I hope the same happens in the US.

The global communists and their rioters make it plain that a complete change of culture and government is their end goal. This became abundantly clear as the people saw England falling to an invasion of illegal immigrants sent by the EU.

The forced acceptance of millions of immigrants from Africa and the Mideast was the deal-breaker for English patriots!

England has gone through the same Marxist revolutionary methods as we now see in the US. And so, the battle to restore England is educational, to say the least.

Brexit Exposes the Difficulty of Leaving the European Union (EU)

No nation tried before to leave the EU. And so, they knew making it difficult for England was necessary. Besides, they had a large cadre of important English treasonist politicians and judges who’d help them cross the line.

While there was a legitimate reason why getting out of the EU, it took too long. Many of the delays were due to the infiltration of EU “influence” within the English government. Since then, many of the roadblocks have quit.

However, the media is still largely controlled by the globalist, even after Brexit. Their Sky Network even bans Fox News, so I can’t yet call England a nation-state again.

However, it seems the English judicial system is still full of judges who think they are part of the one-world EU. And, if the people of England don’t get back their non-partial judicial system back, frustration and chaos could return. Even, and even invite a desperate attempt at stability by joining the EU again.

So, while the future of England looks bright, after officially leaving, their work to regain their country is not over.

Like the US, the global communists infiltrated England’s judicial system. Made painfully obvious with an emerged two-tier justice system; one for the global elites, and less protection for the common man.

Why Did So Many Prominent British Politicians Join the Globalists?

It’s puzzling and disappointing why so many prominent British politicians became global communists! Did they get bribed, extorted, or just promised a place among the elites? Or do they really believe that the greed of capitalism is so bad that the means of production must be indeed shared?

At the same time, would their personal properties be nationalized or globalized for sharing with the world’s poor? Somehow I doubt it!

List of possible reasons prominent English politicians fought against Brexit:

  • Bribed with political power, money, or extorted.
  • Think the planet better off with fewer people
  • Want head off climate change or mass extinction events
  • Lack of respect for the common man
  • Afraid if common people retained power there would be an uprising where they’d lose their property, and possibly their lives.

Whatever the reason, it’s time for the patriots of England and the US to band together to regain control of their governments.

Brexit: England Jumps Out of the EU Frying Pan

And, the extreme local judicial bias woke up English patriotism before it was too late.

The EU failed to keep England as a member because they chipped away too fast at the well-established patriotism of the people. So then, the people woke up and left the trading block.

The EU underestimated the collective intelligence of the British voters. They thought they wouldn’t resist a slow, silent takeover (See my post on 5th Generation Propaganda Warfare).

However, the sheer numbers of mass immigration forced on them by the EU was a wake-up call.

Mass Illegal Immigration of Africans into EU Countries

The true intention of the one-world government began in earnest with the mass illegal immigration of Africans. The purpose was to erase the national identity of each member by tearing everything down and start over.

However, our resident global communists literally froze voters in place by calling them “racists.” For the most part, ridiculous assertions.

With malicious intent, global communist knew the illegal immigrants they helped transport had no intention of ever assimilating. In short, the EU ordered the destruction of our country and culture with their trade membership.

They think, “the minds of common people are too small to govern themselves.” Brexit was a revolution to show they were wrong.

Comment from a Brexit Patriot Living in England.

“I voted in the 1975 referendum to remain a part of the ‘common market’. For it seemed to make sense to be a trading partner with the European countries.

However, over the years the common market morphed into the EU and has taken in many more countries. More and more of our country’s power has been moved to the EU bureaucratic machine. And that it seems to have very clear intentions to form a European superstate. I believe in democracy and want the people I vote for to have power over what happens in our country. And so, I voted ‘leave’ in the 2016 referendum.

Quora.com, https://www.quora.com/What-is-your-opinion-on-Brexit-1 ,Pádraic Breathnach, lives in The United Kingdom


Watching the serious challenges to our individual liberties going on in both England and the US. I can’t help but see how similar our fights against the global communists.

In fact, what happens in England seems to be a precursor to events in the US. And so, we should pay attention.

In evaluating Brexit, I’m amazed at the smugness of the EU and the English traitors. Now that I’m alerted, I notice the same attitudes in the Democrats.

No, the global communists don’t like the common people, except for their votes, for now.


By Wayne

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