Intense! Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Sovereignty


A fierce battle over election integrity safeguards is taking place. As state legislature in red states and an army of Democrat Marxist lawyers face-off. Meanwhile, corrupted RHINOs discreetly sabotage these safeguards from their high-ranking state executive jobs.

Election integrity safeguards are laws and rules to protecting the will of the people.

In addition, the Feds want to seize control to centralize all election laws! What they are proposing institutionalizes election fraud clear and simple!

As you can see, your country is in the midst of a Marxist takeover attempt. Let’s drop in to see how the battle goes to maintain election integrity safeguards.

The overall status of election integrity safeguards

Election integrity safeguards are under assault. None exist in states controlled by Democrat Marxists while red states struggle to keep theirs in place.

An important dynamic to realize is that once a state turns blue, Democrats take control of its voting process. The first thing they do is eliminate election integrity safeguards, making it easier for them to cheat. This is why when a state turns blue its control is like money in the bank. They never lose it.

And so, election cycle after cycle, Democrats seek out to pick off Republican states. And so, Republicans need an actual strategy to take back Democrat states. Something other than ignoring Democrat election fraud while simply trying to overwhelm them.

Example states California versus Arizona

Election fraud in California is so bad that Patriots cannot win there no matter what! And, the massive inflow of future dependent voters at our Southern border guarantees nothing but election integrity safeguard losses in the future.

Meanwhile, Arizona is the shining light in the battle for election integrity safeguards. But, it remains to be seen if these changes become laws. As it’s well known that there are at least two Marxist turncoats in their State Senate. Important, because they break up the Republican majority needed to pass election integrity safeguards.

Solutions for passing election integrity safeguards in blue states.

MAGA is simply not going to win elections in blue states without fundamentally changing strategies. Especially now, the Democratic Marxists are not afraid to cheat as much as necessary to win.

Of course, we’re all hoping some realistic, quick, legal method of reversing elections can be found.

And so, MAGA must change the game to win. And, that game must begin on the local level. You’ll be surprised how neglected yet powerful the world of local politics can be!

Political power at the grassroots level

But, while we’re hoping, it’s time for local board action. Politely take control of every local board, including GOP precincts, children’s schools, trade, etc. In other words, the MAGA movements must seize control of the Republican Party and establish a robust grassroots. Especially important is doing it in blue states.

Examples of what you can accomplish… Controlling your local GOP precinct means you can rise up known MAGA candidates. Trump needs your help to identify them. Of course, nowadays especially, his endorsement means a lot! Also, by taking control of your children’s school boards you make sure not taught Marxist doctrines. In particular, the dangerous Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Using election technology wisely

Not all high-tech technology is good for elections or our individual rights. What I’m saying is what we need for election integrity safeguards is not necessarily the most technical.

I’m going to explain further what I mean with the two simple, low-cost examples listed below. My ideas are simple: using encrypted physical ballots and fingerprints to identify voters.

Using election machines at the county level is not necessary and not secure. As they are open to election fraud through an internet connection.

Encrypted Ballots

Mandate encrypted ballots! Like our currency! Check out the research done by a Member of the Arizona House. See the comparison below. Additional cost: approx. $.25 cents per ballot!

Using fingerprint identification to identifying voters

Making voters dip a finger in ink and make their mark works! After all, it’s still a safeguard in other countries! So why not bring back the fingerprint as a way of identifying people? Besides, it makes auditing much easier with computer scanning. On the other hand, signatures can’t.

States tightening up their election integrity safeguards

States are tightening up their election integrity safeguards, but the changes are not yet as important as you’d think!

Analyzing the election fraud of 2020 taught us many lessons. Now comes the most difficult part which is updating our election laws to stop the fraud.

Up to now in the middle of September 2021, eighteen states legislatures have tightened specific problem areas. However, only two of the eighteen are swing states. And, only two have Democrat governors.

This unfortunate state of affairs signals something bad in the air. That the Marxist Democrats and RHINOS still cling to election rules that enable them to cheat.

States actively working on updating their election integrity safeguards

FloridaKansasNew Hampshire
Notice that only two are blue states: Arizona and Georgia. And, they have yet to pass an election reform bill.

My bottom line is: MAGA is now effectively locked out of blue states. And so, we must use a different election strategy or suffer continuing election defeats.

Check list of red state election integrity safeguards to guard against flipping

Note that these are safeguards to protect red states from Democrats who cheating their way to flipping a red state. Because MAGA will never get them past in the blue states anyways.

  1. Require Voter Photo IDs Cards. The ability to tie back each each serialized ballot with a voter ID number is the holy grail.
  2. Currency grade anti-fraud ballots – UV reactive paper, QR Codes, Microprint, Holographic Watermark. Spearheaded by Mark Finchem, Republican State Legislature Represenatative from Arizona this is number one in importance.
  3. Stop illegal immigrants from voting. A Driver’s License is not enough even if checked against voter database. Because experience tell us this often doesn’t happen.
  4. Add biometric security layers for who accesses voter roll databases. For example require a face scan or a fingerprint before entering a password.
  5. Enforce strict “chain of custody documentation for ballots and election equipment.
  6. Limit or elimination of remote ballot boxes, in any case, they must be under 24 hour public supervision.
  7. Limit ballot harvesting to old folks homes, and only if home allows both parties to present case.
  8. Restrict mail-in ballots to only those who request them, and have valid reasons for doing so.
  9. No hard-wired or wireless internet access by any election machine.
  10. End election counting on election day, and limited advanced voting days.
  11. Enforce strict penalties election workers not allowing observers to do their jobs.

Mail-in voting versus voter ID laws now determine election outcomes.

In the same fashion, count up the electoral votes for those states offering mail-in voting versus voter ID laws. And, you can easily determine who wins US elections going forward. Note that if there is any bias, it swings in favor of the blue states because of their embedded RHINOs.

By Team Go Beyondo

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