America Fights Hard for Election Integrity Safeguards!

Featuring Nancy Pelosi’s sinister plan to steal the 2022 election!

Election integrity guaranteed by the US Constitution

America really is at stake! These are critical days! Find out why! Election integrity safeguards are key to winning future American elections. And, Democrats are “fighting like hell” to have them declared as illegal voter suppression.

News Date 4-12-2021: In an “all hands on deck” move, the global Maoist oligarchy has now sent their best and most aggressive Democratic Party lawyers to stop any investigation into voter fraud in Arizona. This comes as auditing in other counties across America is reporting proof of voter fraud from their forensic audits.

Misled, many think their State has absolute power to regulate their national elections. But even that may not be so if the case reaches the US Supreme Court!

While their State has wide discretionary power over national elections, the final say is with Congress. Not understanding this fact causes Trump supporters to lose focus on how to win the 2020 election.

The liberal-socialist Democrats have sinister political operations ready to spring on conservatives in the coming 2022 elections. Here I expose surprising possibilities so patriots can take preventative action.

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The Death of Election Integrity Safeguards? A Trick Up Nancy Pelosi’s Sleeve!

I’m not proud of it, but I read Nancy Pelosi like a book!

She’s part of that sick crowd who enjoys giving us advanced warnings of schemes. Then rubbing our faces in it for not stopping them.

So it’s time to listen to Nancy Pelosi’s and read the “tea leaves.” She’s telling us she’ll House Speaker power to ensure the GOP doesn’t win the House in the coming 2022 election.

She is still desperate to demonstrate that she is a “Master Legislator,” as she claims. That she is capable of stealing the coming 2022 election herself! Thus, sealing the deal that she got the best of Trump and led the socialist revolution in America.

First, let’s gather the pieces, then the finale on Nancy Pelosi plans on stealing the 2022 election:

Contrary to popular belief, Congress, not State Legislature, has the final say about how State elections for national offices conducted. Carrying the weight of a Congressional law, EOs came into existence to override Congressional roadblocks for good laws. Here is the kicker! Our US Constitution has no mention of EOs!

How Nancy Pelosi Screws Trump during 2022 election.

  • Nancy Pelosi, with the untested EO in hand, remains silent until the last minute to avoid a US Supreme Court challenge. Then, she refuses to seat 2022 GOP House winners because Biden’s EO supersedes States’ national election laws. And so, Democrats keep both the House and Senate and the Presidency!
  • If Trump and his Vice President manage to get elected. They immediately get impeached on trumped-up charges, maybe insurrection.
  • As Speaker of the House (3rd inline), Nancy Pelosi becomes President and selects Hillary Clinton or Obama Vice President.

If Trump challenges the Biden EO and loses, Democrats keep the House in another corrupt election. If he doesn’t challenge, she still wins by holding on to the EO until time to seat new House Members.

Joe Biden’s Executive Order to “Let Them Vote.”

House Bill HR1, “Let the People Vote,” was a sweeping state election reform bill. It passed in the US House but failed in the US Senate. It would have forced the states to adopt federal election rules that legalized the liberal socialist Democrats’ methods of cheating.

But Biden and pretty sure Obama’s team didn’t let the Senate defeat stop them. They quickly moved on to a backup plan by issuing an Executive Order, the “For the People Act.” Its contents mirrored the failed Senate bill.

This is what everyone concerned about America’s survival should be talking about.

Quotes from US Constitution about who runs State national elections?

Our Founding Fathers wanted state legislatures to run their own state elections. They wanted them to be a check against the possible tyranny of the federal government.

For an authoritative, clear summary of the Election Clause.

But, the words following the word “but” make this Section I, Article 4 quotation from our US Constitution unclear.

The Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

Constitutional Center, Copy of US Constitution PDF, Article I, Section 4

To further clear up any doubt of Congressional control of a state’s national elections process:

Although the Elections Clause makes states primarily responsible for regulating congressional elections, it vests ultimate power in Congress. Congress may pass federal laws regulating congressional elections that automatically displace (“preempt”) any contrary state statutes, or enact its own regulations concerning those aspects of elections that states may not have addressed.

US Constitutional Center, US Constitution, Article I, Section 4

I bring to mind the events going on in Arizona. Officials in Maricopa County claim the State Legislature has no right to audit the ballots of national elections. Surprisingly, they have a legitimate point!

Who makes the rules for state elections?

Congress has the right to dictate State election rules for Federal elections, while the States are only given “wide-discretionary” powers. Here is where the law gets dodgy.

  • State legislatures have the absolute Constitutional power to send whatever delegates they wish to the elector’s election (the one that counts) in Washington. While Congress has the right to regulate Federal elections? Sooner or later, this legal incongruity will go to the US Supreme Court! Court-packing anyone?
  • However, state legislatures delegated or forfeited too much election power to career politicians, most notably, their Secretary of State and especially their Governors. Almost all state legislatures are aware of the problem and are clawing back their power. Their success is critical for conservatives winning future elections.

You’d think our Founding Fathers would be clear about who is responsible for State Election laws for a national election. Well, you’d only be partially right!

Let’s first clear up one misunderstanding. States legislatures have absolute power to regulate their own election. But, in the case of federal elections that job falls to the US Congress.

Mission to get Biden Executive Order declared unconstitutional

Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to regulate the conduct of States in NATIONAL elections. However, States have wide discretionary power.

Many patriots don’t realize how shaky the legal grounds for state legislatures demanding a recount of a Federal election.

This is where the Patriots should be focusing. And, where the Biden administration fight in courts to stop.

The US Supreme Court Challenge Sure to Come.

Pretty sure, somewhere Attorney Generals from the Red States are putting together a US Supreme Court challenge against Biden’s Executive Order nationalizing Federal elections.

What’s at stake here is whether or not we’ll tolerate living under a totalitarian form of government. It’s said that we’ll get the exact amount of government that we’ll tolerate.

So, why would we think the Court will now uphold the state legislatures’ right to manage their elections? They won’t!

If the US Supreme Court Affirms the Executive Order is constitutional, Republicans will now never win another national election or a local election for that matter! Especially since Democrats are replacing their fallen voter base of black Americans with illegal Latino voters, and they’d have a license to cheat. As if they didn’t need one!

Will the US Supreme Court uphold the original intentions of our founding fathers, or will they let the communist take over? That is the real question.

States’ secession is the last option.

If red states can’t win an election, why stay in the Union? Not just for election corruption, there are plenty of other reasons to justify secession!

There is no doubt that Attorney Generals in red states are huddling and discussing the possibility. But, first there will ask the US Supreme Court to declare Biden’s Executive Order to federalize national elections in states unconstitutional.

In reality, there is no reason to think the Court would accept the case, or rule in our favor.

Do Mainstream media claim the results of the American Civil War makes states’ secession illegal? Didn’t our rights to Life, Liberty, and Happiness come from God? Not a piece of paper?

One of my more far-out political thoughts, but did it ever occur that the liberal socialist revolutionaries want to make it impossible to secede during a national bankruptcy. Over-spending to keep the country intact! Otherwise, subjugating America under the United Nations might be unduly messy. Just a thought.

How Democratic Party Lawyers Crippled State Legislatures (Three Steps)

A flurry of last-minute political legal warfare by Democratic Party lawyers froze State Legislatures during the 2020 election. Not being lawyers or in many cases career politicians, they really did not even understand what was about to unfold.

Yet, it was the main thrust to end America!

Nevertheless, under an insincere cover of protecting citizens from “voter suppression,” Democratic Party lawyers succeeded in legally engineering the largest legal deception in US history!

1. Republican state legislators were surrounded, ridiculed, isolated, and frozen.

Don’t think for a minute that the MK mind-control used by mainstream media and “Big Tech” limited to national politics! It extends down the ladder to state politics and local politics.

Their top technique used to control people is surrounding, ridicule, isolation, and freezing. And then, recruit them!

You’ll find these exact words used in their itemized political playbook on how to stage overthrows, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

No doubt that Democratic communists identified state legislatures early on as critical election targets to neutralize. That’s because of their absolute constitutional power to manage elections. And, the people directly elect them.

Our founding fathers were geniuses!

Elected by the people, they considered state legislatures the least corruptible. And so, they avoided or went around them.

2. Infiltrate communist disguised Democrat politicians into key positions.

Communists know their “utopia” cannot exist inside of a Democracy. Therefore, they only want to tear ours apart from the “inside out,” as a famous communist commentator on CNN revealed. And so, they have no moral problem pretending as a Republican or moderate Democrat.

Politicians, appointees, and judges activated during the months preceding the 2020 election. Together, they formed a “wall” of political power that secured the election and prevented challenges.

3. An army of aggressive Democrat lawyers “Bum Rushed” state legislatures

I can still remember reading the headlines that the Democratic Party is sending 600 lawyers to the swing states just before the 2020 election. For a moment, I wondered what they were doing!

I bring up this incredibly obvious legal invasion to show how the combination of political preparation and legal warfare stole the election of 2020. And how the Democratic Communist Party cares nothing about the will of the voters.

How do Republicans Voters Fight Back Against the New Normal of National Election Laws?

First realize that you are trying to prevail over the same last minute election laws of 2020. With his March, 2021 Executive Order, Joe Biden made the same election rules the national law!

That’s right you now need to beat the other candidate and corrupt elections!

Since the communists will cheat until they win, I wish I knew how to accomplish this feat.

In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing: battling election fraud and recalling liberal socialist Democrats. And pray for a miracle!

State Legislatures Fight Back With Election Integrity Safeguards

Lengthy, detailed video

Many Republican state legislatures are now clawing back their power. But when the time is right, unfortunately, the Democrats in your State will quickly reverse your accomplishments!

How? By US Presidential Executive Order from Biden! The Order is named, “Let the People Vote!”

I know letting his get away with such a title is maddening! Democrats are still pretending and selling the lie that there was no election fraud!

Just remember the goal, restore America! And, that their goal is completely tear down America. Don’t let any person or event side-track your focus.

Arizona state legislature fights a corrupt Board of Election Supervisors in Mariposa County.

Arizona is a great example of Republicans joining with their state legislature to fight the corruption of embedded communists. One reason is that their allegiance to Marxism and the liberal socialist Democratic party is so obvious.

They even have their own YouTube channel to keep us informed.

The County Board of Election Supervisors in Mariposa County, which covers the sprawling city of Phoenix, is now dominated by a cell-like group of communists

Arizona State Legislature files several lawsuits.

The Arizona state legislators were patient, but they had enough. Except for the turncoat Republican State Senator, Paul Boyer. He held out there was still a chance they could work together without filing contempt charges. The truth is that he knew better!

The Maricopa Board of Election Supervisors still refuses to turn over ballots and voting machines for a state audit! Or turn the ballots over to the state treasury department as required by Arizona laws.

Time and time again, they stalled, gave flimsy excuses, and changed their minds. I sure the Board is getting legal advice from a communist lawyer handler.

Even worse, the Republican one vote majority was flipped as one of the State Senators has apparently changed sides.

Although not formally announced, I’m pretty sure, since he’s already exposed. He’ll be voting Democratic from here on out.

The video below is a prime example of an embedded communist or a turned communist that I harp on so much. And, yes, people across Arizona are collecting recall signatures.

Judge for yourself! Is this Republican State Senator flipping? Or, is he really having a crisis of conscience?

Arizona recalls politicians en masse.

I don’t recall hearing of any state with so many upset voters! They are really upset! Seldom seen, we now see recalls done on multiple politicians on the same recall list!

Election 2020 Canvassers going door-to-door asking voting questions.

Citizens in Arizona are now going door-to-door personally gathering information about voter eligibility in the 2020 election. As we expected, they are uncovering massive election fraud, and almost all favor Joe Biden.

What they are finding out is that Arizona’s voter eligibility must be verified and rolls cleaned up. And the mail-in voting laws need severe restrictions.

There can be no trusting liberal Democrat socialist in America.


The absolute power of state legislatures to manage elections and the people’s power to recall politicians offers hope. Together, they can restore election integrity.

However, restoring our freedoms will not come easily. We are the definite underdogs, the counter-revolutionaries.

Our Federal Government is now firmly under the control of communists, and they are actively tearing our Constitution apart. And, I’m afraid they now have the power to do whatever they want.

And that includes canceling the constitutional power of the state legislators to regulate their elections. Afterward, the US Supreme Court will uphold anything the communists do.

Sad to say, but at this moment, I see no way to restore election integrity in the US.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.