Intense! Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Sovereignty

A fierce battle over election integrity safeguards is now taking place! Democrat lawyers and judges are working together inside a false reality touting themselves as saviors against “vote suppression”. Versus straight-thinking Patriots only wanting voting accuracy.

It’s a “fight to the death” situation for both sides with the communists quick out of the chute, and the Patriots struggling to catch up. Although, especially in the last half of 2021, some judges are waking up and resisting.

Needless to say, election integrity safeguards are an important topic, and the battlefront is all 50 States. Give me a chance to make sense of it all.

Mike Lindell via Attorney Generals file US Supreme Court Case to nullify 2020 election.

The case is long and goes over many corrupt aspects of the 2020 election. While compelling evidence nevertheless few have been heard by the lower courts. Keep in mind that the US Supreme Court is not a trial court but rather it decides constitutional questions.

Control Packets

Part of the case is the presentation of Internet Control Packets from the night of the election. I believe these were leaked right after the election (I believe they came directly from our CIA). Now whether they are considered proof is up to the US Supreme Court is an open question. And so, the question may be left to a lower court.

Is our country at stake?

It’s said that if the 2020 election is not fixed, then our democratic republic is finished. In other words, if this lawsuit actually filed by some 26 state attorney generals fails, America ends. In my opinion, that is that it’s probably true.

My Prediction

The US Supreme Court denies any remedies that are the purview of state legislatures. Because their power over their elections is absolute under the US Constitution. But, grants remedies for anything to do with Federal jurisdiction.

In the end, I believe they will refuse the remedy of overturning the election, but may offer other forms of relief. Or, of course, it may not hear the case at all.

Table of examples of what the US Supreme Court is likely to decide (if they take the case at all) after the presentation of the state attorney generals’ case.

ActionableProbable Remedy Granted
Federal Appeal Court seal information of voting machine vulnerabilitiesUS Supreme Court orders information unsealed and shared with Attorney Generals.
Election FraudState Legislature must first officially decertify elections before even considering.
Presentation of Control Packets captured during the 2020 election votingWill the US Supreme Court accept these packets as proof that the election was hacked? If so, new elections and investigations must happen.
These are my predictions.

Interestingly, the Feds have scrapped away state legislatures’ powers thru passing various congressional legislation. And, the Biden administration has threatened to issue an Executive Order for national voting procedures. And so, the case will decide if our constitution is still valid.

What are the necessary election integrity safeguards?

  1. Limit outside money. For example, we cannot allow private money to overwhelm an election with an unaccountable billion dollars.
  2. Counter the Power of Big Tech. Contrary to popular leftist beliefs, MAGA is already taking back the messaging. FYI, Twitter and Facebook are becoming lonely places.
  3. Require Voter Photo IDs Cards. The ability to tie back each each serialized ballot with a voter ID number is the holy grail.
  4. Encripted Ballots. Currency grade anti-fraud ballots – UV reactive paper, QR Codes, Microprint, Holographic Watermark. Spearheaded by Mark Finchem, Republican State Legislature Represenatative from Arizona this is number one in importance.
  5. Stop illegal immigrants from voting. Illegal aliens are not citizens. There is no need to say more unless your a Globalists.
  6. Add biometric security layers for who accesses voter roll databases. For example require a face scan or a fingerprint before entering a password. So, we know who is messing with the rolls.
  7. End mail-in voting for those who don’t apply. There is no way to enforce chain of custody, so why bother?
  8. Limit ballot harvesting to old folks homes, and only if home allows both parties to present case.
  9. No hard-wired or wireless internet access by any election machine.
  10. End election counting on election day, and limited advanced voting days.
  11. Ensure both Democrats and Republicans supervise counting of ballots.

Countering the influence of a partisan big tech.

Between the huge hard cash donations and the free media help, Big Tech can swing an election. Therefore, any plan to implement election integrity safeguards must include a level playing field for the media.

After all, Facebook alone donated almost 500 million dollars just in the swing states! Additionally, the amount of their free advertising is incalculable!

And so, you may ask if the Democrats can win just with the help of big tech alone! Even with massive election integrity safeguards implemented.

My opinion is that they can’t but it put them a lot closer. Moreover, could MAGA afford another big election surprise? Obviously not!

How to raise large MAGA campaign contribution to counter big tech.

Conservative social media platforms are helping a lot to counter big tech. But obviously, they don’t have the big money to help like Facebook.

And so, I’m advocating lobbying a list of large, existing conservative-friendly businesses for much more campaign support. In turn, their contributions tied to more support from MAGA supporters.

More active support for Conservative social media platforms.

Already sprouting up like a spring crop, Conservative social media platforms are already growing fast! Because MAGA supports them.

However, even more, support wouldn’t hurt! So don’t forget to forget big tech whenever possible. And, keep sharing those links!

Requiring Voter ID Cards

Proving who you are when voting is the most common-sense election integrity safeguard there is. When Democratic Party lawyers try to block this voting requirement, they claim it discriminates against the poor. How lame?

Yet, they want to let illegal immigrants vote simply by getting a driver’s license!

Of course, requiring a Voter Id makes mail-in voting cheating more difficult, so Democrats will fight it all the way.

Melt down voting machines and “turn them into prison bars.”

“No fan of Trump expert” details the venerability of the election machines.

Use encrypted ballots

After all, we encrypt our money why not our paper ballots? After all, a member of the Arizona House was quoted only .25 cents more per ballot! Overall, an excellent idea that makes counting and auditing ballots a snap.

However, after thinking more about it, the trouble is that the Marxists surely won’t go for it. Because since they can win without encrypted ballots why would they change?

However, just maybe, you can find enough fed-up moderate Democrats to vote for encrypted ballots? And so, if you did you just might turn the country around!

Dipping a finger in ink to vote? What’s wrong with that?

So why not bring back the fingerprint as a way of identifying people? After all, it makes voter identification and auditing almost foolproof! By the way, this method of voter identification is still used successfully in many countries.

Moreover, if an accurate voter base is kept, it could prevent illegal immigrants from voting with only a driver’s license. Because there would be no need to merge information.

Stopping illegals from voting

The Democrats are losing their dependent class of voters. And, so they leave our Southern border open to let in millions more. But, they are not citizens who can vote. Or can they?

In any case, the Democrats are trying their best to grant them amnesty. Not because they are such nice people, but because then they could vote.

Even though the feds prohibit illegal aliens in 1996 from voting in their national elections. Many states do allow them to vote in theirs. The trouble is all too often they receive the full federal voting ballot. Or, without their permission, a lefty zealot uses their name.

Uninformed votes by illegal aliens do add to national welfare

The trouble for us is that their doing so dilutes our vote. While most do not even speak English. All they know is Democratic is good, and Biden let me in.

Nothing personal, but we already have too many voters like that. And, their votes do not help the national interests. Only the interests of the Marxists keep track of them, so they are the only ones who can reach them.

Add biometric security layers for those accessing voter roll database.

Talk about sloppy! How about Arizona’s Secretary of State handing out the password. This leaves an election impossible to know who’s illegally changing voter data.

Why Kate Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State not held accountable is hard to fathom!

Anyway, why not require fingerprints or facial recognition security to log in to any voter database nationwide. Then, an auditor knows who did what while logged in.

Eliminate mail-in voting

Mail-in voting is inherently insecure because the chain of custody for ballots is too easily broken. And so, eventually, it must be done away with. But, in the meantime, here are some suggestions.

  • Limit or eliminate remote ballot boxes in any case, they must be under 24-hour public supervision.
  • Restrict mail-in ballots to only those who request them, and have valid reasons for doing so.

How to take back blue states when they count the votes.

MAGA must learn how to win back blue states! Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be easy as they are in charge of ballot counting. And, they are not afraid of audits. As state legislatures must approve any audit or election law, and they are the majority party.

Then, how did the Marxist win the red states?

Mostly, the Marxists won red states through bribery and extortion of key elected officials. The most important ones are Governors, Secretaries of State, Attorney Generals, and judges. Note: brainwashed RHINOs hold some of the offices, but not near the majority.

Now you know where all that Facebook money went!

Needless to say, MAGA must somehow unwind the recurring skullduggery elections of these officials, to turn the states red again.

Good news! The Democrats plan to control all future elections fails again!

The Democrats already know that the Republican election integrity safeguards are popular. Therefore, they try again an end run around the state legislatures. Because they desperately seek pure centralize federal power in order to cover up their crimes.

After their bid to enact sweeping election regulations failed in 2013, they tried a different way to control us. The got a “Let the People Vote” to the US Senate for a cloture vote. Meaning 60 Senators need to approve. Fortunately, they were a long way off with only 49.

Anyway, if it had passed, states legislatures would be required to first send all new legislation to the DoJ.

Which institution holds the final power to elect a US President?

State legislatures have constitutional plenary (absolute) power to manage elections and select presidential electors. And this absolute power supercedes Congressional law and Presidential Executive Orders. Plus, all election laws must be codified by state legislatures with a majority vote in their House and Senate.

Nevertheless, the Marxist Democrats work behind a Congressional Law they passed for themselves. But, their “Election Act” is doomed to failure against the state legislatures awesome plenary power!

The only way to trump these founding father tools is by buying Governors, Secretaries of State, etc. Which they have already done in many states.

Nevertheless, they keep hoping the states or US Supreme Courts will slip up and let them seize control. All long as they don’t this unique power will continue to save our country.

By Team Go Beyondo

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