Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Sovereignty


Election integrity safeguards ensure the will of the people is expressed. However, State Legislators failed us when they allowed a fraudulent election to happen. After all, they had the absolute power and responsibility to stop it.

Election security safeguards are a collection of laws design to ensure only lawful votes count and the counting is accurate.

Compounding the problem is the State Legislatures gave away much of their power to their Governors and Secretaries of State. In general, they signed away their power to do their job.

The unspoken truth is that some want to make things right while others want to duck and cover. While others are just corrupt.

[Watch] FBI Director Says FBI Will Guaranteed Election Integrity Safeguards in the 2020 Election!

[Comical, if not so serious!] Christoper Wray, FBI Director, says don’t worry because the FBI is there to defend election integrity safeguard in the 2020 election. Nothing can go wrong!

Obviously, the promise of election integrity safeguards from our FBI Director is a sinister joke! Actually, the opposite is true. The FBI now actively promotes Marxism and a takeover within America.

How he can keep a straight face while doing the video is difficult to imagine!

List: Election Integrity Safeguards: State Laws to Stop these Shanagians.

  • Sending out unsolicited absentee ballots by mail.
  • Not cleaning up voter roles.
  • Extending election day.
  • Stuffing drive thru ballot boxes.
  • Not counting votes accurately.
  • Misprinting ballots and using Sharpies to confuse counting.

Election integrity safeguards are laws governing how to secure an election. Conservatives promote them. While Democrat Marxists flip every label and do anything to win.

Different ideas on how to design election laws:

  • Republicans – make voting easy, yet count every lawful vote.
  • Democrats – eliminate “voting repression,” mail-in voting, etc. And give amesty to illegal immigrants so they can vote.

Democrats want to create a de-facto, single-party Marxist dictatorship that will eventually tear up the US Constitution.

Advances in Election Technology

Watch the video for clarity about fake election fraud terminology and how the Democrats are squirming over these forensic audits.

Who Manages National Elections: The US Congress or the State Legislatures?

The roles of the US Congress and State Legislatures in managing national elections are not clearly separated and defined in the US Constitution. Incredibly, after some 250 years, there are still unresolved issues.

List of US national election legal stakeholders:

Does the Biden Regime really want to risk going to the US Supreme Court where they may rule a state has the absolute right to manage both state and national elections any way they want? And, therefore, their Congressional “Election Clause” and his Executive Order are invalid? It would be a ruling that would spell the end of the Marxist attempt to overthrow America.

The Biden Regime US Congress and the Presidency threaten State Legislatures

Dancing on the edge of a confrontation with the states, specifically Arizona at this time, the Biden Regime threatens State Legislatures. Assuming the freight train of forensic audit turns out badly for the Marxists, they want to be in a good legal position to delay any calls for new elections or decertifications until after the 2022 election.

And so, the Arizona State Legislature first receives a threatening letter from the Department of Justice and then the US House of Representatives. However, since the Democrat Marxists are indeed guilty of election fraud, their play is obstruction, not confrontation.

Department of Justice

The first threat by the Department of Justice, which is managed by President Biden.

Biden threatens to issue Executive Order to overrule the power of State Legislatures

In a calculated move, the Biden Presidency threatens to pass an Executive Order (EO) to force states to adopt the same election rules they used to steal the 2022 election. Ironically, the name of the EO is: “For the People Act.”

What are the Republican options if Biden issues the “For the People Act” Executive Order?

  • Appeal to the US Supreme Court.
  • Republican state legislatures use their absolute constitutional power to declare all their future state elections corrupt, and therefore “appoint” their own electors.
  • Within a state legislature’s right to regulate its own state elections, expect actions to “unintentionally” block the Executive Order.
  • Secede from the Union

This draconian EO should concern everyone. It legalizes every method Democrats used to steal the 2020 election. However, if the Arizona audit turns out the way we think, Biden may not be able to order a State to adopt Federal election rules proven to promote cheating, but that may be only wishful thinking.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) warns Arizona to not “hound” voters in the upcoming canvassing.

The Biden Regime asked his Department of Justice (DOJ) to “protect voters and ballots.” (As if they really cared about election integrity safeguards!) And so, the DOJ sent the Arizona State Legislature a letter almost threatening to charge them criminally. That is if they asked voters who they voted for.

But, the Legislature already told them that they never had any intention of doing so! So, it’s not hard to figure out the threatening letter is a setup to facilitate a future legal charge.

Of interest, the Arizona State Legislatures already did successfully subpoenaed the election ballots of Mariposa County by going to a state court. Importantly, that decision confirmed they did indeed have the Constitutional power to run their state national elections.

In the 2020 election, we discovered the importance of honest Governors, Secretaries of State, and judges. Without their help for Democrats, they’re considerably less corrupt. We wouldn’t be facing the nation-ending antics of the Joe Biden Regime.

The Angry Republican State Legislatures

Republican State Legislature are angry that Democrats made fools of them in 2020. Or, put them in impossible positions. And so, out of both anger and Patriotism combined, they order forensic audits.


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