Election Integrity Safeguards

Wondering how you can help restore your country? Turns out there is something you and do!

Election integrity guaranteed by the US Constitution

Election integrity safeguards by state legislatures begin to reform our elections. They always did have the constitutional authority to manage them, but many didn’t realize the extent of their powers.

So, how was an army of Democratic Party lawyers able to bypass the approval of state legislators? Why did the US Supreme Court refuse to hear cases about the violations of their constitutional election powers?

The answer: All three branches of our Federal Government have collapsed into communism.

How Lack of Election Security Safeguards Crippled State Legislatures (Three Steps)

Well-planned and executed, last-minute legal warfare by the national Democratic Party lawyers paralyzed our state legislatures during the 2020 election. They waited till the last minute to present election law changes that enable massive cheating, then quickly got these corrupt elections certified.

Their plan was too obvious to believe and everyone involved keep the secret, the result was state legislators in swing states were caught uneducated and ill-represented by statehouse attorneys.

Under the deceptive cover of protecting citizens from “voter suppression,” Democratic Party lawyers engineered the largest legal deception in US history!

1. Republican state legislators were surrounded, ridiculed, isolated, and frozen.

Don’t think for a minute that the mind-control used by the Democratic Party is limited to national politics! It extends down to state politics and below also.

Their top technique used to control people is surrounding, ridicule, isolation, and freezing. And then, recruit them!

You’ll find these exact words used in their itemized political playbook on how to stage overthrows, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

No doubt that communists identified state legislatures early on as identified early as critical targets to neutralize. Because they are the one institution granted enough power by our founding fathers to safeguard our elections.

Elected by the people, they considered state legislatures the least corruptible. And so, they avoided or went around them.

2. Infiltrate communist disguised Democrat politicians into key positions.

Communists know their “utopia” cannot exist inside of a Democracy. Therefore, they only want to tear ours apart from the “inside out,” as a famous communist commentator on CNN revealed. And so, they have no moral problem pretending as a Republican or moderate Democrat.

Politicians, appointees, and judges activated during the months preceding the 2020 election. Together, they formed a “wall” of political power that secured the election and prevented challenges.

3. An army of aggressive Democrat lawyers “Bum Rushed” state legislatures

I can still remember reading the headlines that the Democratic Party is sending 600 lawyers to the swing states just before the 2020 election. For a moment, I wondered what they were doing!

I bring up this incredibly obvious legal invasion to show how the combination of political preparation and legal warfare stole the election of 2020. As well as, how the Democratic Communist Party cares nothing about the will of the voters.

State legislatures left confused and alone.

The Democratic Communist Party left state legislatures confused and alone, exactly like they plan per their party playbook.

Bear in mind, in many cases, they are not career politicians, and so rely a lot legislature provided legal council. And, from what I’ve seen and told, they own lawyers are not patriots.

Even mainstream media momentarily shocked and confused!

Somehow, I chuckle a bit, for mainstream media first thought they had the army of Democrat lawyers pegged as a hot story and then quickly shut up to toe the party line. In other words, first, they “spill the beans,” then quickly stop covering so you and I wouldn’t have too much time to think about it.

Once again, mainstream media told another lie. They claimed the Democratic Party dispatched them to ensure President Trump didn’t cheat again!

Does anyone know how much 600 lawyers cost for 4 months of service?

State Legislatures Fight Back With Election Integrity Safeguards

Many Republican state legislatures are now clawing back their power. Moreover, as more and more proof of massive election fraud in their state emerges, election integrity matters are now critical.

Arizona is an example. Voters and other state legislatures are keeping an eye on what goes on there.

Arizona state legislature fights a corrupt Board of Election Supervisors.

My favorite example of a state legislature fighting against embedded communists. Especially since they have their own YouTube channel to keep us informed.

Seems the County Board of Election Supervisors in Mariposa County covering the sprawling city of Phoenix are now dominated politically by communists. And so, there were massive amounts of election cheating going on in this heavily populated country.

Arizona state legislature files several lawsuits.

The Arizona state legislators were patient, but they had enough. Except for the turncoat Republican State Senator, Paul Boyer. He held out there was still a chance they could work together without filing contempt charges. The truth is that he knew better!

The Maricopa Board of Election Supervisors refuses to turn over ballots and voting machines for a state audit! Or even, turn the ballots over to the state treasury department, as required by Arizona laws.

Time and time again, they stalled, gave flimsy excuses, and changed their minds. I sure the Board is getting legal advice from a communist lawyer handler.

Even worse, the Republican one vote majority was flipped as one of the State Senators has apparently changed sides. Although not formally announced, I’m pretty sure, since he’s already exposed, he’ll be voting Democratic from here on out.

He is a prime example of an embedded communist that I harp on so much. The good news is that he’s been forced to exposed himself.

And, yes, people across Arizona are collecting recall signatures.

Judge for yourself! Is this Republican State Senator flipping? Or, is he really having a crisis of conscience?

Arizona recalls politicians en masse.

I don’t recall hearing of any state with so many upset voters! They are really upset! Seldom seen, we now see recalls done on multiple politicians on the same recall list!

Election 2020 Canvassers going door-to-door asking voting questions.

Regular citizens are out on the streets asking about voter eligibility questions. They are uncovering even more election fraud than anyone thought.

What they are finding out is that Arizona’s voter eligibility must be verified and rolls cleaned up. And the mail-in voting laws need severe restrictions.

The Surprising Reason Our US Supreme Court Refuses to Help Us!

I am shocked at the decisions by Trump’s last two US Supreme Court picks. Why they are siding with the communists will go down as the greatest mystery in our country’s history!

The final step to a communist America

Expect soon a Congressional election reform law to nationalize the state election laws that enabled the stealing of the 2020 election. Then, a challenge by some red states in the US Supreme Court is imminent.

In that case sure to come, if the US Supreme Court confirms that Congress can indeed override the constitutional authority of state legislators, we must admit that our country has fallen to Marxism.

Hopeful theory on why the US Supreme Court won’t rule or hear cases to help restore fair elections.

Here, I make a stab at making sense, but it’s a long shot! More likely, the US has completely collapsed and become a communists’ state.

I struggled for almost a week trying to figure out why the US Supreme Court refused to help clean up our elections. Is the Court now communistic?

The answer came to me in a bolt of mental lightning while taking a showering! I hope I’m not being naive.

State legislatures already have US constitutional plenary (absolute) power to manage their elections. And they are elected by the people in their own states.

Therefore, why would the US Supreme Court get involved?

The legislatures and the people already have all the power they need! Besides, the people have the power to recall politicians and appointees.

And so, it’s time for the state legislators and the patriots to eliminate the last-minute state laws that enabled the cheating. And, ignore the accusations of “voter suppression.”


The absolute power of state legislatures to manage elections and the people’s power to recall politicians offers hope. Together, they can restore election integrity.

However, restoring our freedoms will not come easily. We are the definite underdogs, the counter-revolutionaries.

Our Federal Government is now firmly under the control of communists, and they are actively tearing our Constitution apart. And, I’m afraid they now have the power to do whatever they want.

And that includes canceling the constitutional power of the state legislators to regulate their elections. Afterward, the US Supreme Court will uphold anything the communists do.

Sad to say, but at this moment, I see no way to restore election integrity in the US.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.