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Intense! Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Honest Elections

Intense! Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Honest Elections

Election integrity safeguards get massive boost with the new Fusion Center. Which will automate and centralize political intelligence and offer many other tools.

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Election integrity safeguards are rules and procedures passed by State Legislatures to prevent election fraud.

When I read the headlines that the Democratic Party had fanned out some 600 election lawyers across the country for the 2020 election, I knew something big was up!

The article said their job was to prevent the un-American “voter suppression” of the Republicans. Its misleading wording was a diversion for the greatest election heist in American history!

MAGA gets a new Fusion Center to fight against Democratic party election fraud!

What is a TruthtoVote.org fusion center server:

  • An online database for receiving and processing political intelligence.
  • Specially adapted to catch election cheating at dropboxes in near real-time.
  • Data processing can be machine or human processing.
  • Can process biometric data.

It’s time MAGA got the tools it needs to battle the 5th Generation political attack we now face BTW if you want to buy your fusion center server.

The early days of election integrity safeguards

Sketch of a polling place from th 1920s with a line of men voters waiting to vote.
Depiction of voting places in America in the 1920s

In the early days of the American elections, voters seldom discussed elections because they thought, what’s the use? As a result, election integrity safeguards were only protected by losing politicians.

However, as our enemies infiltrated America, the need for election integrity safeguards has become mandatory. While they make MAGA out as the bad guys accusing us of “voter suppression.”

This is another expression of our “world of opposites.”

What are election security safeguards?

The rise of election security safeguards is a sign of a maturing Democratic Republic, while eliminating voter suppression is a return to the old days. Funny that MAGA should be the progressive party on this issue!

Now that we have fresh eyes on the role and place in the history of election security safeguards let’s look at the fight we’re in to preserve America.

The democratic party does not care to safeguard your vote.

The Democratic party does not protect the sanctity of your vote because they only want to win.

They fight against those who try to protect safeguards by claiming MAGA wants to win by “suppressing the vote.” However, all MAGA wants are fair elections where only legal votes count.

In any case, we are well past arguing about this as the Democratic Marxist Party is now exposed. And their logic and currency are only the attainments of power.

The critical role of State Legislatures in safeguarding our elections

Our founding fathers left us the constitutional tools to resist tyranny by putting State Legislatures in charge of elections. And yet our U.S. Supreme stood back and punted when Texas and 17 other states asked to re-affirm.

If they had, Trump would have won the 2020 election, and we wouldn’t be in such danger from Marxism. However, had “we the people” paid more attention, the U.S. Supreme Court won’t need to step in.

The U.S. Supreme Court punted when America needed it.

Texas and seventeen other states handed them the case to reverse the 2020 election right after the stealing occurred. But they refused to hear the case! Most likely, Chief Justice Roberts was behind the scene sabotaging docket scheduling and busy influencing young conservative judges.

In any case, the Court left the American people “out to dry.” And, now they agree to review another case to fix things. But not until after the 2022 election with the upcoming adjudication of Moore versus Harper. What is going on? Why is the Court so out of touch?

A governmental report confirms election integrity safeguard weaknesses.

The prestigious Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a lengthy report on the possibility of domestic and foreign actors in our election. And wondered, does anyone in the government care? Are we expected to beat the Neo Marxists by out-cheating them?

Regardless, MAGA is hard at work trying to install safeguards before we completely lose control of America, if we haven’t already.

Table: An overview of new state election laws so far:

StateNew LawsNotes
ArizonaOnly citizens can voteSignificant improvement, but can illegal immigrants with National ID cards vote?
New YorkThe New York Supreme Court rejected a New York City law that allowed illegal immigrants to vote.No longer can they vote with a New York driver’s license or by showing they live there.
WisconsinWisconsin Supreme Court declares public drop boxes illegal.The Court’s decision is a significant 4-3 win for MAGA! But will the RHINOs ignore the law?
…More to be added shortly

How to stop election fraud now!

Stopping election fraud by cleaning up laws is going to take time. And so, what can be done in the meantime, or what has worked lately?

Fortunately, MAGA has had two stunning victories lately: in the Virginia Special Governorship and Arizona Primary elections. Both successful efforts to tap down the cheating featured incensed voters and MAGA “eyes” everywhere!

That may work for a while with these global communists, but let’s also strive for more permanent ways to ensure honest elections.

Goals: How to clean up our election integrity safeguards mess

Unfortunately, all we have no is a wish list because the Democrat Marxists still have too much control over the politics and legal aspects. All you can do is do your best to rally MAGA politicians to revert to constitutional voting laws.

Scrap all mail-in voting machines, and return to paper balloting.

Our election security safeguards crumbled when we unnecessarily allowed voting machines and vendors to count votes.

Because of the missing chain of custody, mail-in ballots throughout balloting and counting must be outlawed in all states because it is one of the primary reasons for our fraudulent elections.

The critical importance of eliminating voter machine

Neither computers nor the internet can ever be secure. And yet, they are used in the one function that protects our Democracy–voting!

Sorry, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Barrack! But you can take your leaky technology and shove it!

Use of high-tech, security paper

With encrypted paper ballots, we add an essential election safeguard never before possible! However, unlike other reports, I add that other news election safeguards are needed even after these secure ballots are adopted because the cheating minds never stop plotting.

Clean state voter rolls.

The Neo Marxists need to inflate state voter rolls because every valid voter on it that doesn’t vote means they can use it. However, in the last few elections, they have included even people who vote!

End the “ERIC” national voting rolls audit system.

The original intent of the so-called nonpartisan “ERIC” system was to help states keep their voter rolls up-to-date. Since then, its only function has been helping Democrats win elections.

A decade ago, it certainly sounded like a good idea! A centralized, national computer prevents people from voting in more than one state during a single election. What could go wrong?

Radical leftists took it over—collecting money from red and blue states. Then, used to add names to voter rolls to increase fake Democratic voter numbers.

Add biometric security layers for those accessing the voter roll database.

Talk about sloppy! How about Arizona’s Secretary of State hand everyone the same password? That left election auditors with the impossible task of knowing who’s illegally changing voter data.

Why Kate Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State not held accountable is hard to fathom!

Why not require fingerprints or facial recognition security to log in to any nationwide voter database? Then, an auditor knows who did what while logged in.

Use encrypted paper ballots.

Using paper ballots with security encryption etched right into the paper is a simple way to reduce fraud.

Here are some of the advantages of switching to paper ballots:

  • Encrypted ballot paper
  • Each ballot traceable to an actual voter
  • Cameras can audit and count the votes
  • If equipment fails, counting stations can quickly revert to non-encrypted ballot counting.
  • Voters can go back and see their vote online
  • No buying expensive voting equipment
  • The extra paper cost is only an extra $.25 per ballot

The Arizona Report lists methods by which the Neo Marxists cheat.

The Arizona Report on Election Paper Ballots fraud lists how cheating occurred. It is an excellent source for discovering their various methods, so counties and states can harden their systems. In any case, States must eliminate mail-in voting and networked machine counting.

Note: Save time and jump the video to 1hr 14minutes to see the PowerPoint presentation about methods of cheating that went on.

In-depth expert analysis manipulated paper ballots totals to give Joe Biden and the down-ballot the win in the 2020 Arizona election.

The uni-party Democrats’ election fraud routine is multi-faceted. Furthermore, MAGA must shut down all avenues of cheating simultaneously.

Outlaw big corporations from buying elections!

Big Tech has so much money that it can steal an election. Like what happened when Facebook injected 480 million dollars into the 2020 election.

They now even use politicians from both parties as puppets in their fascist corpocracies. For example, Facebook donated some 500 million dollars just in the swing states during the 2020 elections! All to “aid democracy” by contributing to mostly small Marxists organizations. Of course, Facebook was not the only corporate bribing politicians.

Require Voter ID Cards

Proving who you are when voting is the most common-sense election integrity safeguard. Democratic Party lawyers regularly block voter ID initiatives claiming voter suppression by Republicans.

But, everyone, except hard-care Democrat Marxists, knows that is not the case. Instead, the Cards messes up their mail-in voting corruption plans.

Because they might be able to vote in your state legally, and if not, what are the rules for identification and registration for voters?

Don’t be surprised if the Marxist Democrats are registering them right now!

Or, there are present-day laws for midterm elections based on these outdated laws. For instance, you qualify to vote to get a driver’s license or show a water bill.

Or allowing the Democrat Marxist to use their names and change their registration info or claiming that just because they voted, they are indeed citizens.

Please make no mistake; they can vote for the Marxist Democrats by the millions. The fact they are hiding them is further logic of their intended use.