Indoctrination vs History: CRT in the Military Weakens America!

The indoctrination of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the US Military weakens America. Because it changes the focus of its personnel from protecting us to feeling guilty or oppressed.

Furthermore, it teaches the history of the US with such a slanted viewpoint that it’s not even true! But yet, many of our flag officers say it should be taught anyway. To enlight the way others think about racism and so-called white supremacy!

But, that’s not what’s happening! Instead, it is taught as a backdrop of all other lessons. To the point where CRT becomes indoctrination, not a history lesson.

CRT training in our military: Self sabotage in action!

US Senate Democratic leaders indoctrinate our military with communism, and know exactly what they are doing!

Listen to arrogant Democrats in Congress reveal their brainwashing by confusing courses with aggressive enemy military psyops!

Why should the US Military protect a so-called racist country?

On the contrary, they should oppose any racist country. And so, this brings us to the true goal of the CRT core training! Teaching personnel that the US is indeed a racist country!

Thus, setting up a communist takeover of our military. Indeed, we are training them as US communist Military!

And so, we can only assume that the goal of CRT is to weaken the resolve of our military. By causing psychological problems, such as unbalanced personal values. Which is the opposite of what should be happening during their training.

Democrat Marxist claim CRT indoctrination is no big deal!

Of course, they would! Because they are Marxist!

Military power is built from the ground up by building cohesiveness between soldiers and within small units. Therefore, CRT indoctrination where a buddy is automatically assumed as a racist is damaging to overall military strength.

Many previously called, “conspiracy theorists” are now proven right! America is indeed under attack by mind control techniques and has been for a long time.

Do the people who say CRT is no big deal mean it?

Brainwashing is so powerful! Many of our leaders express with disgust and conviction that we shouldn’t worry about CRT training.

However, they are wrong but unable to process contrary information in order to evolve their thinking. And so, they do mean it.

An extension of the takeover of America

And, the trouble is that it works equally well against a single person or a group. Therefore, we must stop these communist inspire mind-controlling techniques, whether or not the Democrats agree with us or not.

The lie of the “No one left behind policy”

The debacle in Afghanistan taught us that this policy is a farce. Only the brainwashed are unable to process the magnitude of this lie!

In any case, “leaving no one behind” is a fundamental policy of the US Military. The fact that its abandonment is now justified by the paradigm of the “state over people” further weakens America.


Our US Military training programs must return to teaching soldiering. Not social justice based on an interpretation of US history so biased that it turns reality on its head.

America has already suffered enough from the divisions caused by teaching CRT. We don’t need more proof that it’s the very brainwashing threatening America today.

It’s critical that MAGA understand the nature of our brainwashed countrymen, so we can snap them out of their delusions.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.