The Coverup of the Cleanup of the Demolition of WTC Building 7

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Thinking through who cleaned up the WTC building 7 ruble can’t help but solve the big mystery of who planned the September 11th disaster. Because it happened so quickly and in the dark as if someone was trying to hide something.

And so, let’s follow the logic and the money as together try to make sense of one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Hint: it wasn’t Bin Laden.

Who cleaned up WTC Building 7?

The companies are Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc., Tully Construction Co. Inc., Turner Construction Company, AMEC Construction Management, Inc., and Plaza Construction Corporation.

List of suspicions about the cleanup of WTC Building 7 debris

  • A fleet of freshly-painted clean up trucks arrived the very next morning at 5:30 am, and so they appeared pre-ordered.
  • All file cabinets were removed or crushed beyond recognition before the office clean up began.
  • The ground zero was not marked off as crime scene until much later.
  • Chain of custody of the rubble was broken when it was brought to a local landfill called “Fresh Kills”. Where it was later sold and moved to a barge for shipment to China.

A fleet of landfill trucks arrive at the crack of dawn the very next morning!

Maybe nothing, but wouldn’t you like to know who ordered so many “clean up” dump trucks for Building 7. If you look close you can see a fake company name stenciled in white over an army green truck. They went to work in the morning the following day!

If someone had secrets to keep about why and how WTC was destroyed, I’d imagine they need to first get rid of the evidence. Especially, when everyone would naturally suspect it was a demolition job.

Debris loses change of custody supervision.

In the first place, a line of landfill dump trucks arrived at Building 7 so early. They arrived at 5:30 in the morning after the attack in single file formation. Notably, they were US Army trucked freshly painted to look like they belonged to an unknown civilian contractor.

It makes perfect sense someone needed to get thermite contaminated debris out of the area before an investigation could occur. Of course, they also needed a shame investigation to further hide the removal and presence of thermite explosive traces.

Debris: From the “Fresh Kill” landfill to China

On March 21, 2001, just 5 months ahead of September 11th, the nearby New York City landfill, ironically named “Fresh Kills”, opened. It was a great place to hide contaminated debris.

Months later, what remained of WTC 7 debris in the “Fresh Kills” landfill sold at below market value and shipped to untrackable China. However, the rubble and thermite story must end here.

As the “Fresh Kill” landfill was paved over and turned into an amusement park. Just like the mafia would clean up many murder messes.

Looking back… How can the destruction of WTC Building 7 be anything but a demolition?

I think we all know what a controlled demolition looks like by now! Close your eyes for 30 seconds, open to watch the video, afterward close your eyes again and judge again if you just watched a demolition.

Assurances that the demolition of WTC 7 never happened is world-class gaslighting! Only topped by these same sick people running a false, worldwide DNA gene replacement therapy for over 2 years!

The multi-trillion dollar bailout of financial institutions in 2008

I’m stretching a bit here, but how ironic that the financial district’s banks, brokerages, and insurance companies received bailout with trillions of our money in 2008! All of this toward the end of Bush Jr.’s administration.

And, as in all financial fraud schemes, they quickly needed payment. Or the entire US economy would fall. The amount was in the trillions, and the American people got nothing!

Such gall! Giving away 4 trillion dollars of our money!

Huge companies received bailed out for making bad loans. Imagine how the US economy would have taken off if we the people split among ourselves the 4 trillion dollars! We could have been the decision-makers about who to continue doing business or got behind a new breed of companies.

However, the opportunity to approve or disapprove of the bailout money never happened. Besides, common sense tells us in hindsight who the hell ever gives away 4 trillion dollars!

Caught up in a cascading series of large-scale murder events?

They relate to why I’m even exploring the September 11, 2001, WTC massacre in the first place. Because, in brutal honesty, I suspect (like many others) that it’s related to a series of other mass murder events.

And so, the only way to stop them is to expose where the American people can jump in the middle to stop the next one. In fact, the false virus alert is proof the cabal has lost all respect for American patriotism. And, they are not capable of stopping a world totalitarian takeover.

The beginning. The events.

More and more people, including me, are seeing that the attempt to take down America began with England’s attempt to bring its colonies back under its control. And, it never stopped, even today.

Without going back to far in an article about a salvage operation, let’s pick up with the assassination of President John Kennedy. Then, September 11, 2001, the Las Vegas mass shooting, and now a mass extermination gene replacement event.

All have the fingerprints of a national intelligence operation.

While we don’t know who is fighting who, you can bet the cause is a silent war going hot. And, the war is about the wealth creation of the American people. Although, that has changed in the last few decades into a fight over the money we borrow.

Anyway, the extent of the coverup of why and who for these events is way beyond the realm of coincidence. Yet, it’s all tied back to a simple question.

Who ordered and paid for the clean-up of the World Trade Center, Building 7?

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