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The Coverup of the Cleanup of the Demolition of WTC Building 7


A cleanup coverup is apparent, and deducing who did it is the key to uncovering who is responsible for 9/11. While this post won’t prove anything, the dots will auto-connect if you sit back and think about its logic.

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Suspicion begins with a cleanup that seemed prepared in advance!

Working backward is the key to concluding that the fall of Building 7 was preplanned: a fleet of trucks arrives at 5:30 am the following morning to pick up the ruble. The trucks were freshly painted, military-style, arriving as if conducting a rehearsed maneuver.

Who painted and dispatched the trucks so quickly? Owners of the trucks? Who chose the ruble disposal site? Who later developed the amusement park that paved over the concert ruble? Was the sale of Building Seven steel to China pre-arranged?

Maybe nothing, but wouldn’t you like to know who ordered so many “clean up” dump trucks for Building 7? Looking closely, you can see a fake company name stenciled white over a green army truck. They went to work in the morning the following day!

The companies that cleaned up WTC Building

Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc., Tully Construction Co. Inc., Turner Construction Company, AMEC Construction Management, Inc., and Plaza Construction Corporation.

All had close links to the owners/managers of the Twin Towers. Note: I’m not hinting that they were the only ones involved.

List of suspicions about the cleanup of WTC Building 7 debris

  • A fleet of freshly-painted cleanup trucks arrived the following day at 5:30 am, so they appeared pre-ordered.
  • All file cabinets were removed or crushed beyond recognition before the office cleanup began.
  • Ground zero was not marked off as a crime scene until much later.
  • The chain of custody of the rubble ended once trucked to a local landfill called “Fresh Kills.” The large chunks of steel were later sold and moved to a barge for shipment to China.
  • The cement rumble lay was quickly paved over for a new amusement park.

Clean up breaks change of custody of Building Seven debris.

First, a line of landfill dump trucks arrived at Building Seven at 5:30 am, lined up like a military operation. They were US Army trucks freshly painted to look like civilian trucks.

Debris: From the “Fresh Kill” landfill to China

On March 21, 2001, just five months ahead of September 11, the nearby New York City landfill, ironically named “Fresh Kills,” opened. It was a great place to hide contaminated debris.

Months later, what remained of WTC 7 debris in the “Fresh Kills” landfill sold at below market value and shipped to untrackable China. However, the rubble and thermite story must end here.

As the “Fresh Kill” landfill was paved over and turned into an amusement park. Just like the mafia would clean up many murder messes.

No one even looked for termite-contaminated debris.

Looking back on how Building Seven fell, the first thing any investigator should have done is look for thermite-contaminated debris. Failing to do so is also a big clue that something other than investigations were going on.

Termite is the name of the type of explosives used in the demolition of buildings.

Move fast, and tell a big lie! A pattern of Marxist deception and mind-control that still goes on today!

Assurances that the demolition of WTC 7 never happened are world-class gaslighting!

Video of the freefall of World Trade Center Building Seven

I think we all know what a controlled demolition looks like by now! Close your eyes for 30 seconds, open them to watch the video, and afterward, close your eyes again and judge again if you just watched a demolition.


I write this post in hindsight because I want you to put the past and present together. So you can form your own opinion.

One thing is for sure. Bin Laden was not the mastermind! And so, the American public is fooled again!

Moreover, with little effort, I could tie the murder of JFK in Dallas. Because I do believe it’s the same cast of bad guys. And there may be others involved.

The point is that America has been under attack for a long time, and we no longer have the luxury of shrugging it off. Or starting wars with the wrong people.