The Coverup of the Cleanup of the Demolition of Building Seven


The coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of Building 7 of the World Trade Center is the key, not the demolition itself. For, when we know who hid the evidence and kept it out of government reports, we’ll also know who demolished the Twin Towers.

By focusing on who covered up the cleanup of the demolition of Building 7 of the World Trade Center, rather than the demolition itself, offers a new angle for discovering who knocked down all the buildings.

Often solving the unsolvable requires looking at this old event in an entirely new way. Let’s look at the coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of Building Seven.

Maybe nothing, but wouldn’t you like to know who ordered so many “clean up” dump trucks for Building 7. They went to work in the morning the following day!

FAQS – The Coverup of the Cleanup of the Demolition of Building 7 is the Key to 9/11

What makes you think that World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed due to controlled demolition?

The best independent structural experts in the world are now demanding a retraction of the official government report. I’ll go with there conclusions because they make more sense.

Why write about such old stories?

The reason is that I now clearly see that what happened on 9/11 is related to the murder of president John Kenedy. Even more, the same culprits are attempting a coup of America.

Background of the coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of building seven

For kicks, let’s start with the assumption that the World Trade Center 7 Building was demolished, and did not collapse because of internal fires.

“A group of engineers and architects is demanding the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) retract and correct a 2008 report that concluded one of three World Trade Center buildings collapsed because fire weakened the steel supporting it in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

From: Daily Commerce News – World Trade Center 7 building did not collapse due to fire reports.

With two conflicting opinions, who do we trust? The prestigious, independent structural engineers or our government?

An even bigger decision than one might think because if their report is false, our government likely conspired to mislead us. Moreover, who knows where the blame for the 9/11 disaster may fall!

And what about what we saw with our eyes? Do we ignore what common sense tells us?

Independent Architects and Engineers Say, ‘The Government Study Has No Value.’

“The Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” publish their 4-year study and say the governmental National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) study has “no value in explaining future structural failures because their study is so flawed.”

 Here is their finding and methodology. A PDF with easier reading abstract and full study called “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.”

They recommended that NIST correct their study, but they never did. Anyway, they found traces of active thermite explosives (the kind used in building demolitions) on four separate dates. Just a coincidence?

Families Submit Appeal for New Investigation

Not happy with the NIST investigation, claiming it was seriously flawed, families of the victims submitted an appeal to re-investigate Buildings 1, 2, and 7 on August 28, 2020. They claim all the buildings were demolished by explosives.

Expect their request to be denied, as the truth would reveal a level of corruption that we haven’t seen since the coverup of the murder of President John Kennedy. And, our country is not ready for another scandal.

However, it’s worth talking about because exposing this scandal may shed light on the players behind the US insurrection attempt we’re now seeing. Just an educated guess, but they are probably the same organizations running false flags on the general public for decades.

BBC newscaster says the building fell before it actually did!

A BBC newscaster announcing the World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it did leads to even more questions. The only explanation given by the BBC was that the newslady copied (without giving credit) another newscaster’s false report.

Ironically, she gave her premature report of Building 7 collapsing with a live camera shot of the building still standing over her right shoulder! Embarrassing, to say the least!

Counter Video Report from the National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST)

The government’s counter report supplying more details about why the WTC Building 7 collapse only looked like a demolition. Up to you to determine if you agree with them.

Government employees of NIST published a counter video showing how WTC Building 7 collapsed due to internal fires. Defensively, they claim its collapse is not a controlled demolition because no one heard an explosion. Interestingly, no one asked.

So we are left to believe the fire started inside on one section of WTC Building 7 on one floor, while no other buildings in the area caught on fire. Are you buying this?

Assuming there was a coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of building seven.

We’ve seen above some suspicious activities, and so, without any debris to analyze, let’s still assume there was a coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of Building Seven. Just for the fun of it!

Now comes the question of the decade! Why cover-up a building demolition? If we knew why maybe we could discover who.

Also, let’s assume that the destruction of the Twin Towers was a diversion away from the primary target, Building 7. And all three were taken down by two airplanes and thermite explosives.
Independent evidence

Building 7 targeted for a clandestine demolition?

Why fly airplanes into the Twin Towers while covering up the demolition of WTC Building 7?

Logical tells us that the attack was against a particular tenant or to coverup an activity going on in the underground connecting tunnels between the Twin Towers and the WTC Building 7.

So, what offices would likely be targets of an international terror plot?

Well, there were IRS and CIA offices inside Building 7, and the CIA office was a sub-station for keeping track of spies within the nearby United Nations building. Underground between buildings was a storage area for gold, and there was a robbery on that day.

By the way, for a mountain of information on 9/11 conveniently dedicated as a full wiki, visit this detail-rich site.

Not protecting this office would be a strong slap in their face because it would show they’re as not untouchable as they thought. And, an intelligence agency war began.

So why wouldn’t some victorious secret intelligence agency announce to the world their accomplishment? You guessed it! Because they’re secret!

The Rapid Removal of the World Trade Center Building 7 Rubble.

Why wasn’t the rubble of World Trade Center 7 marked off with yellow tape until investigations were complete? You’d think, especially after the collapse looked so much like a controlled demolition, that they at least look for traces of thermite.

In other words, there was no chance to test for explosives. Strange!

The cleanup of the rubble took 9 months of 1.5 million tons of debris. Interestingly, the chain of custody for the critical rubble ends with China buying it!

The Real Story Never Told

Irrefutable evidence presented in long form.

Somewhere there are people who desperately didn’t want anyone to discover they demolished the World Trade Center buildings. And unfortunately, in the immediate days following, our government quickly followed a narrative, not investigative science.

So, we are left with a flawed narrative and no way of proving anything. Sounds like the perfect CIA operation and coverup. Doesn’t it?

A faction of the Saudi Arabian government seemed to be involved because the attackers were Saudis. And so, why did we attack Afganistan? Bin Laden? Why didn’t we want him captured alive?

See, now the questions just go on and on!

So, Who Demolished the Buildings?

I wish I knew! Or, maybe we should be glad neither of us knows. For those who did are most likely a powerful and ruthless group.

For now, we blame radical Saudi Arabians who support Bin Ladin who could have easily arranged for pilot training, etc.

But, what about the demolition of Building 7, and the coverup?

Why would Bin Laden publically fly two planes into the Twin Towers, and yet try to cover up the demolition of Building 7? Or, was the terribly lame government study of NIST just another demonstration of governmental incompetency?

The question of who demolished a 47-story building, and right in front of our eyes, remains unanswered. The nerves to blame it on internal fires, something that never happened in the annuals of structural engineering, and cover their story with a flawed governmental study done only by a state intelligence agency.

Consider whether the fear of being labeled a dreaded “conspiracy theorist” blocked our common sense at the time.

Was the coverup of the demolition an indication of a silent war between intelligence agencies?

Did a rogue US intelligence agency cover up the demolition of Building 7? Was the demolition a diversion to cover up a war between intelligence agencies? Hmm…

Again, the entire 9/11 episode looks to be an act of war on the US, not a war between agencies. Someone wanted us in a war! So again, why would they hide the demolition of Building 7?

And, who had the connections to move the rumble out of the US so quickly for recycling?

A war with them, or a false flag so we’d fight their enemy for them. Could be a good fit! But, was there a war between our intelligence agencies? Or was there a foreign country involved?

Did someone else bring down Building 7, and our own government hides who did it?

Regardless of who did it, our own government or a cabal of players hide that Building 7 was a demolition job. And so, faked the final report!

Was Building 7 demolished as a cover for a gold heist?

To this day, most people don’t realize that below the park of buildings were interconnecting tunnels to vaults of gold. And, as you can imagine there are many theories and stories about people robbing billions of dollars in gold, and demolishing Building 7 as a cover or distraction.

I’ll find out the latest and include new information on my next update of this article.


Not trusting my own government is not a good feeling, but that where I am.

My distrust of the US government started when they held back critical information about the murder of President John Kennedy. Then finding finally came out that our intelligence agencies did it!

Forty years later, we have a Building 7 falling exactly like a controlled demolition said to have collapsed due to internal fires. Come on, how am I to believe this! Even worse, the scrap metal, which could prove how it fell, is sold and shipped to China!

Now we have a deadly virus spread to the world. And how did it start? A bat did it!


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.