The Coverup of the Cleanup of the Demolition of Building Seven


The coverup of the cleanup of the demolition of Building 7 of the World Trade Center is the key, not the demolition itself. For, when we know who hid the evidence and kept it out of government reports, we’ll also know who demolished the Twin Towers.

The facts around the cleanup of Building 7 are all too suspicious. But again, our government keeps the facts from us. And so, we remain in the dark bound to speculate.

Here I tell you in a neat package what we do know, and a possible theory. Looking at the total absence of listings on the cleanup of Building 7, this is your only chance to consider it.

List of Reasons Suspicious About the Cleanup of Building 7 Debris

  • Independent structural engines claim the building was demolished by unknown people.
  • A line of dump trucks appears the next morning to clean up. We don’t know who ordered the trucks or where they came from.
  • Debris spends 9 months — out of sight of news agencies — in the dump.
  • China buys the debris, and much is sold to China below market price.

The Building 7 Debris Leaves the Scene Without a Chain of Custody

Maybe nothing, but wouldn’t you like to know who ordered so many “clean up” dump trucks for Building 7. If you look close you can see a fake company name stenciled in white over an army green truck. They went to work in the morning the following day!

A line of dump trucks headed for Building 7 the morning after the Twin Towers fell. It was as if they knew in advance it would fall and wanted to remove the evidence before an investigation could be called for.

Why wasn’t the rubble of World Trade Center 7 marked off with yellow tape until investigations were complete? You’d think, especially after the collapse looked so much like a controlled demolition, that they at least look for traces of thermite.

In other words, there was no chance to test for explosives. Strange!

Debris: From Junkyard to China

The cleanup of the rubble took 9 months of 1.5 million tons of debris. Interestingly, the chain of custody for the critical rubble ends with China buying it!

I’m guessing those responsible for 9-11 needed months to go through the debris to find what they needed. To make sure no one else could spear anything they missed, they sold and transported the debris to China.

One More Look at the Collapse of Building 7

Where are the Twin Towers the real target? Did Building 7 fall because of internal barely seen internal fires? How were so many freshly painted signs on a hundred dump trucks and drivers ready at 5:30 the following morning? Find the ones in charge of the clean-up of Building 7, and they’ll lead you right to those responsible for the Twin Towers!

By Team Go Beyondo

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