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Conservatives Must Call Out Evil and Never Back Down.

Conservatives must expose evil and never back down because history tells us that giving up even an inch always leads to a more vicious attack! And so, we no longer talk of courage because our Marxist enemy is already within our gates. We must call out evil and never back down!

The evil of Marxism is attacking American values using unrestricted warfare on all fronts. This might involve changes such as the elimination of gender roles and the creation of communal living arrangements.

The communists try to tell us they only want a “re-alignment of institutions for the betterment or fairness. But we all know the truth. They only want power!

The natural godless philosopher of our enemy

Most people think the enemy is the philosophy of Marxism, but it’s the Open Society by Karl Popper. Read about it, and you’ll agree that the “Popper” school of thought is much more similar to what you see happening.

However, like Marxism, Popper thought is also a godless form of government. Looking at fundamental differences, it allows for a multi-layered controlling party of corporate, government, and technocrat “stakeholders.” By the way, if you’re not a stakeholder, you’re not part of the club.

Karl Popper – The Open Society and Its Enemies. (2022, October 30). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Open_Society_and_Its_Enemies. Popper forms the philosophical basis for the insurgents we see today. Without reading and understanding this paper, one cannot possibly understand the philosophical underpinning of globalists. If you thought they were only Marxists, you’d be wrong.

Further reading, Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals. A list of operational rules for overturning America.

Ways the Marxist Democrats use unrestricted warfare to destroy America:

Marxism wants to end the family.

You can make sense of the bundle of crazy things happening if you understand that ending the family is critical to the Marxist New World Order. Even though Marxism preaches that it does not seek to “end the family” as a social institution, it wants to transform how families operate within society. Whatever that means!

Marxism sees the family as a product of the capitalist system, reinforcing the values of individualism, competition, and the pursuit of profit. In this view, the family is seen as a site of conflict between the needs of the individual and the needs of society, as well as a source of inequality between men and women and between different social classes.

The Marxist theory argues that the family should be transformed to reflect the values of a socialist society, which would prioritize collective needs over individual ones. They want to end the family as we know it by brainwashing parents and kids, making them more compliant with their authoritarian rule.

Marxist teachers instill obedience to authoritarian propaganda in kids.

The only way to determine their true meaning is by looking at what they do, not what they say. For example, Marxism doesn’t want mothers and fathers interfering with school teachers! On its face, this policy would make families significantly more useless.

The scuttling of American patriotism

The Democrat communists want to end American patriotism to make room for the patriotism of communism. But look around; the only patriotism for communism worldwide is for party members, not the people.

This is an important truth because it’s so essential and obvious.

The culling of the world population?

What gets me is how a person or a group can have an ego large enough to think they have a right to decide who lives and dies! Would this come under the heading of evil?

Every time I think about it, I am more angry and shocked!

Yet, when I put together what they write and do, I am way past having doubts.


The word is out; jabs are bioweapons designed to depopulate the world. Their goal is culling billions and doing so before they can be stopped.

Thousands of experts and dozens of health articles in world-renowned journals are breaking free of control and reporting the truth about the jabs.

Ending religions

Marxism views religion as a product of social and economic conditions and sees it as a tool the ruling class uses to control the working class. Marx famously wrote that “religion is the opium of the people,” suggesting that it serves as a distraction from the real problems of society and prevents people from striving for change.

While Marxism does not have a religious component, it does offer a set of beliefs and values that can be considered comparable to religion in some ways. These beliefs include the importance of economic and social justice, the need to overthrow oppressive systems, and the ultimate goal of a classless society.

As you can tell, regardless of vague claims, Marxism does not believe in a Supreme Being. And so, religion is only sometimes tolerated when taken over but mostly snuffed out. One thing is for sure; it never rises to levels of importance.

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