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Conservatives Must Call Out Evil and Never Back Down.


Conservatives must expose evil and never back down because giving even an inch always leads to a more vicious attack. While it may seem easy to run and hide, but history tells us the communists will not allow you, especially in these days of tight mass surveillance.

Fear is the primary weapon the globalist uses to pound us into submission, fear of losing our job, savings, retirement, etc. It causes us to lose focus and lash out at our own. But, resist the temptation because the real enemy is right before us. And they are who they say they are.

Also, foreign countries are no longer refugees to hide in because communists control almost all. Therefore, you must stay in place and resist.

The best way to fight back is to expose them and never back down.

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Know your enemy.

Our enemy is a small number of hard-core communists and millions of Americans with psychosis telling them we are the communists. They are dispersed but hold key business and governmental positions, and they move around as if in a private employment agency.

Know that your globalist enemy is so arrogant that it always publishes its plans in advance. And so we only need to read their stuff to understand their intentions.

Karl Popper – The Open Society and Its Enemies. (2022, October 30). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Open_Society_and_Its_Enemies. Popper forms the philosophical basis for the insurgents we see today. Without reading and understanding this paper, one cannot possibly understand the philosophical underpinning of globalists. If you thought they were only Marxists, you’d be wrong.

Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals. A list of operational rules for overturning America.

America and your family: spirits versus physical things

As a parent, you must protect your family from fear, which can be overwhelming! That’s when the need for overt spiritual help for the entire family as a unit becomes indispensable.

Whether reaching inside for spiritual help via prayer or meditation, civilian soldiers often need the structure to contact their subconscious for guidance and motivation because it’s critical to overcoming tangible and dark forces of evil.

The world is now upside down as the devil wanted. Prepare yourself and your family spiritually in the best way you know. Spiritual warfare is now here, with a dark side manifesting physically against us.

Why don’t Democrats want transparent elections?

Democrats can’t allow exposure that they are engaged in election fraud because they are not ready for total, public exposure of their evil nature. But rest assured, soon it will be even more in our faces!

The extent and expertness of how they’ve blocked transparency are remarkable! The evil Democrats have blocked every avenue of exposure while increasing their national political strength.

The window of opportunity for stopping a national uprising is closing. Just know that it is far easier to stop them now than later.

Is the recovery of America happening soon enough?

America is recovering but at the same time evil continues to infiltrate. It’s a horse race in which one wins. Unfortunately, if we do recover, the countries around us will be already deep into authoritarian rule.

Looking back, in some ways, America did fail but not because of the ideals in the U.S. Constitution. Instead, Marxism sabotaged America, some say, as soon as a few decades after its founding and infiltrated by Marxists, beginning some 100 years ago.

However, learning how to participate and protect Americans was seldom taught in schools. And we all recently learned voting is not enough. But, I believe we are now and will come out of this period more competent and motivated than ever to Make American Great.

Putting your political foot down

For the already stubborn type, this will be easy! That is: Don’t believe a word the Marxist-led Democrats say from this moment forward.

And don’t comply with anything they mandate!

Above all, please do not give them a single vote on anything! Pretty simple, once you set your jaw bones and straighten your backbone.

Go about making America great again while acknowledging that evil does indeed exist. And you are quickly smothering it before it can take root in yourself, your family, or your country.

Video: Words of wisdom from a man who performs exorcisms

Author, The Exorcism Files: True stories of Demonic Possession.

It’s everywhere now! The darkness and the fear are palpable. And, no joke, it’s about ready to take over the world! All those awful decisions that have left your head spinning were done on purpose.

  • It is injecting babies and adults with vaccines that kill and maim many.
  • Threats of nuclear war continue
  • American soldiers are now fighting Russia
  • Out-of-control price rises
  • The dramatic increase in crime
  • The creation of an upside-down world
  • Collapsing housing market

Were they set up even before Joe Biden became President? Yes, and Trump tried to undo them. But the insurgent, Marxist-led Democrats were waiting for Biden to light the fuse.

Hardening your family against evil

Expose the evil, and make you and your family more resistant. You have left your front door open to wickedness if you don’t.

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