Possible “Devolution” and US Military Tribunals for Civilians

Patel Patriot tells us his fantastic theories about Trump’s plan for continuity of government move to retake the government. If initiated, either way, there will be plenty of action in a US Tribunal for civilians.

US Military Tribunals for civilians remain a longshot despite persistent rumors that something is going on behind the scenes. And so, the searing question is: are they true? Especially, since so many conspiracy theories have come true lately! However, this…

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Intense! Election Integrity Safeguards: America’s Battle for Sovereignty

A fierce battle over election integrity safeguards is still in progress. However this time MAGA is actively involved in making sure only valid votes are counted. And so, the Democrat communists are concerned they could lose in 2022. However, I…

Homes of Conservatives Broken Into by FBI Battering Rams

The FBI is battering down the doors of defenseless, activist Patriots in blue states who oppose the Biden Regime.

In accepted FBI practice, battering rams are now used to break down the front doors of Conservative activists! Producing fear on steroids! Can you even imagine how you’d feel if it happened to you! Our first taste of this fascist-style…

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Breaking! News of Forensic Audits of 2020 Elections by State

News of forensic audits of the 2020 elections is a list of states doing forensic audits, plus those close to commencing one. Moreover, included in the latest important news are state-by-state commentaries. All post topics are sprinkled with today’s news…