Why Conservatives Can’t Hide Their Online Identities.

conservative can't hide online identity
Man sits in chair trying to hide his face behind a paper smile.

Acknowledging the collection of Conservatives’ personal data is now impossible for them to avoid. And, strategies, systems, and a legal framework are already in place to further cement information tyranny. In fact, the biggest and most powerful one hides in your web browser.

For example, before there were ways to give up living in the new world order in exchange for privacy. However, that is no longer an option because their info collection system is now global.

Therefore, your only best case is to confuse artificial intelligence temporarily. so they won’t track you. But, even those moments of reprieve arise only after some effort and inconvenience.

They know your name and where you go.

After all, you’re web browser and your passport app database together and individually track you. And also, continually update your societal value number and include personal info.

With this intention, your web browser contains elements of Google Chromium, no matter whose you use it. And so, continually downloads it. If you only use Facebook (Meta) then the privacy intrusion is even worse!

Furthermore, with each jab, your autoimmune system is erased more. And so, you’ll soon be totally dependent on getting shots to live.

However, if you want further proof of what I am saying, you should read on.

Can I use SMS messaging technology to hide my identity.

Many smartphone users have thought about sending messages through their phone chips. While might have worked a decade or so ago, the door is now shut. Because all phone companies now share data with big tech.

And, this fact includes their assistance in allowing Google to download your personal data. Even as you connect across their networks. BTW, you approve this when you sign up for their service.

Cell phone tower internet connections offer some anyonimity. .

There is some hope for protecting your personal data when using a cell phone tower. But, who ONLY uses a cell phone tower. Besides, they can still match you to serial numbers kept about your smartphone or computer.

Google Chromium make it official, you cannot hide!

Our chance of online privacy went out the window when the Google Chrome browser was introduced. Because Google is the one company that can effectively leverage our data to earn massive advertising profits.

Once Chrome web browser dominance was achieved, Google went on to establish the Google Chrome Project. Together with Chrome, this free, open-source code project extended its downloading capabilities to third-party web browsers. So much for personal privacy from any web browser!

But, how do they do it without us realizing what’s happening? Across the web browser marketplace of both Chrome and third-party web browsers!

What is Google Chromium?

Google Chromium is web browser code that constantly runs in the background of your web browser. And, it’s busily downloading your personal data in the background whether you’re using it or not!

Before you get upset remember that Google and all third-party web browsers advised you in their Terms of Service Agreement.

The relationship of personal freedom and personal online privacy.

In this age of authoritarian government when you give up your personal privacy, you give up your freedom. Because using what they know about you will always be used against you. In fact, with the information of all of us, the want-to-be kings can control all of us!

For now, we are in a bad situation because they have too much of our data. Until we protect our privacy it will only get worse!

My personal exprience into why a Conservative can’t hide online Identity.

If the truth is known, few have less to hide than me. Nevertheless, sitting here hour after hour writing to help conservatives regain their online voice, it was past time for me to think about controlling or limiting my personal information.

And so, I set upon a journey of looking for the “Holy Grail” myself– to hide my own online identity.

Here, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned.

No methods or technology is secure!

Even technology like a blockchain runs that continuously in an encrypted mode with no user input info is not secure. Because Chromium can identify you when you first connect.

As far as encrypted connections, Chromium can still identify you by your computer id and often location. And, if encryption is not done at the server level, your personal data can be hacked there.

Online personal privacy is a complicated subject. Let’s see what the experts say.

Even Online Personal Security Gurus Are Stumped!

I learned from genuine experts, however, while they all had good advice, none had the total answer. In fact, all tried to figure out a solution themselves, even as they taught their classes!

One even de-Googles phones and runs his how Virtual Private Network (VPN) But, still admits he doesn’t have a total solution.

Will a Minimal Linux Web Bowser Hide My Identity?

Theoretically, it could. But, Chromium already offers a Linux version called, Chromium OS, which will become the next dominant force in third-party web browsers.

And, Google is making the moves to keep from straying from their main purpose — open a data pipeline from us to Google.

Forbes tell you why your web browser will never be secure.

Not until at least, Google says so!

Logically, using a secure web browser is your first line of defense. Unfortunately, none of the popular ones offer any hope of protecting your identity.

When enticing you to download their browser, they don’t tell you the whole truth. Sure, they don’t download your data, but with a wink and a nod, they allow Google to do it!

Do You Have a Right to Remain Anonymous?

According to our Right to Free Speech, you do have a constitutional right to privacy. That is unless you agree to waive it.

“Terms of Service”

In the words of the intolerably long and unreadable “Terms of Service,” we all agree to give them the right to download and sell our data. In doing so, we give up our right to privacy.

You’ll find this just before you download and in the footer of every web browser. Five bucks, you never read and digested one!

Your right to move or delete your personal data.

New laws say that Big Tech must provide an easy way to download your personal data and move to another platform. Or delete your data entirely.

Important: Messages you sent to others on their platform remain.

This means anything you enter on a Big Tech platform is forever! This is an important reality when trying to protect your identity.

Google now allows you to delete data they collect about you.

While I don’t know about you, I am suspicious that deleting data collected on me really entirely removes it from their system. I’m thinking what they mean is you can now delete the information we show you about yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I stop Google from downloading my data from my web browser?



Maybe I beat around the bush too much by squeezing in tidbits of information? But that doesn’t change the fact that hiding your identity is impossible. And, any degree of hiding it requires so much knowledge and hard work that I doubt it’s worth it.

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