Why Conservatives Can’t Hide Their Online Identities.

Knowing about my personal quest can save you a lot of time.

conservative can't hide online identity
Man sits in chair trying to hide his face behind a paper smile.

Conservatives can’t hide their online identities. It’s far too late for that! Because big tech’s artificial intelligence (AI) already has an extensive personal online shopping profile about us.

But, now capitalism demands they grow globally to meet the ever-growing demand of stockholders to increase stock values. So, they must expand to capture the world markets, before someone else does.

However, doing business internationally is complicated and expensive because of all their legal and cultural differences. And so, a one-world government becomes the best path forward.

Making it simple, they don’t want you with a personal identity because you may once again want your freedom back. And that would complicate their business model.

Is it impossible for Conservatives to hide their online identities?

To be blunt, you’ve let credit card systems and Big Tech collect your personal data for decades. But a case can be made that you were never properly told how they colluded to hide your online personal profile.

Even more, driven by the desire for wealth or the American Dream, your entire capitalistic system has joined in to help.

So, all we can do is try to confuse their artificial intelligence or limit their data on you. As in the movie “The Matrix,” you can’t completely get out of their system!

An in-depth “White Paper” on what you can and cannot do with your online internet identity.

Let’s look at the timeline of this untenable situation.

Chronology of the demise of your online security.

  • First time a computer-generated customer ID number associated with your personal info.
  • The Google Chrome browser is introduced, plus Facebook and Twitter began scrapping personal info.
  • Google introduces the “Chromium Project Open Project” which enables third-party web browser developers to quickly develop quality, customized browsers with Google’s mandatory download program always running.
  • Google introduces Chrome OS to make sure they are ready to continue download activities even in the new age of Linux browsers.
  • Under the heat of user privacy, Google announces they have other ways to obtain your data

Google Chrome

When the Google Chrome browser entered the browser marketplace competitors soon folded. Because they discovered using Google’s open-source Chromium Project as their codebase reduced development costs. And the commission they paid them for allowing Google to download your data was too enticing!

Note: the third-party browsers all say they do not themselves download your data. Which is just a play on words! Instead, the Chromium code kernel does the downloading under Google’s control.

That is how Google destroyed their competition! They made it easy to sell out their independence in exchange for a steady revenue stream. Doesn’t it sound like a Marxism strategy miniaturized in the business world?

The free Google Chromium open source project for third-party web developers

Free and open-source code sure sounds good, but there is a giant catch. The code comes with a directory only Google can control. And, you guessed it, it enables Google to manage and directly receive the downloads of your personal information.

Free to third-party web browser developers and Google pays them a commission for letting Google downloading your data. So, when they say they don’t download your data, technically they’re right. And again, you agree to this arrangement with their Terms of Service Agreement.

How Big Tech profile building and political elections intersect

Big Tech has the political profiles and a hostile Democratic Party has the political power. Together they set out to destroy conservatives.

But, why?

Because conservatives are the middle class, and communism ideology doesn’t allow one. More specifically, many are now forced to try to hide their political beliefs to avoid persecution by their famously cruel, “Cancel Culture.”

Are You Trying to Avoid the American Marxist “Cancel Culture?”

Trying to avoid the American Marxist “Cancel Culture” while keeping your moral beliefs intact is hopeless in the long term. Because they trace back the financial dealings of conservatives, and so eventually they’ll find you!

Despite my warning, at the same time, I keep in mind your need for a job and your responsibility to your family. And so, while you protect your lifestyle, you must get politically active to boot out the communists before they get to you.

If you’re the last one to fall, you can be sure no one will help you!

The fallacy of having nothing to hide?

Quit telling yourself that you have nothing to hide. That logic doesn’t work when communists will misuse every piece of information they can find against you.

And since totally hiding your online identity is not practical, eventually, they will find you!

Consequently, the only practical solution is actively participating in pushing them out of places of power ASAP!

My Personal Research Into How a Conservative Can’t Hide An Online Identity.

If the truth is known, few have less to hide than me. Nevertheless, sitting here hour after hour writing to help conservatives regain their online voice, it was past time for me to think about controlling or limiting my personal information.

And so, I set upon a journey of looking for the “Holy Grail” myself– to hide my own online identity.

Here, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned.

Even Online Personal Security Gurus Are Stumped!

Most I listen to are genuine experts. While they all had good advice, none had the end solution. Most were trying to figure out a solution themselves, even as they taught their classes!

If you thought encyption was the answer, you’d only be partially right!

Ok, your messages get encrypted and travel to someone’s server. Of course, they have a key to open it. Unless, maybe, if it’s a blockchain smart contract app. Even then, I’m not sure!

With a Court Order, they can! The only exception may be when your message is part of a blockchain network. Even then, a government institution may have a master key. BTW, it’s now common knowledge they use these keys without court orders.

Also, you must be aware of whether anyone copied your message by accessing your computer, while you transmitted it, or during storage on their network.

This one example of following the security of a message tells you that it could be dangerous to proceed unless you have some basic knowledge of internet networking.

If can’t give up any one of Facebook’s services, you’ll need a separate web browser and identity.

Will a Minimal Linux Web Bowser Hide My Identity?

Theoretically, it could. But, Chromium already offers a Linux version called, Chromium OS, which will become the next dominant force in third-party web browsers.

And, Google is making the moves to keep from straying from their main purpose — open a data pipeline from us to Google.

Why web browsers are not secure!

Logically, using a secure web browser is your first line of defense. Unfortunately, none of the popular ones offer any hope of protecting your identity.

When enticing you to download their browser, they don’t tell you the whole truth. Sure, they don’t download your data, but with a wink and a nod, they allow Google to do it!

Do You Have a Right to Remain Anonymous?

According to our Right to Free Speech, you do have a constitutional right to privacy. That is unless you agree to waive it.

“Terms of Service”

In the words of the intolerably long and unreadable “Terms of Service,” we all agree to give them the right to download and sell our data. In doing so, we give up our right to privacy.

You’ll find this just before you download and in the footer of every web browser. Five bucks, you never read and digested one!

Your right to move or delete your personal data.

New laws say that Big Tech must provide an easy way to download your personal data and move to another platform. Or delete your data entirely.

Important: Messages you sent to others on their platform remain.

This means anything you enter on a Big Tech platform is forever! This is an important reality when trying to protect your identity.

Google now allows you to delete data they collect about you.

While I don’t know about you, I am suspicious that deleting data collected on me really entirely removes it from their system. I’m thinking what they mean is you can now delete the information we show you about yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any popular browsers that don’t allow Google to download my personal data?


Can I stop Google from downloading my data from my web browser?



Maybe I beat around the bush too much by squeezing in tidbits of information? But that doesn’t change the fact that hiding your identity is impossible. And, any degree of hiding it requires so much knowledge and hard work that I doubt it’s worth it.

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