Homes of Conservatives Broken Into by FBI Battering Rams

Conservative patriots’ front doors are broken into by battering rams at will by the Marxists in blue states! To qualify just challenge their regime!

Imagine having your front door smashed by a battering ram! When all you did was actively oppose a stolen election or the teaching of communism in your child’s school!

This is what is now happening in blue states, but the rest of us are only one election away from the same fascism. Therefore, It’s time for a national organization to toss out the communists in all states. Because the next door smashed in with a battering ram may be ours!

Why you should stand up for everyone’s rights.

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Next, they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

United States Holocaust Museum, Post World War II Speeches by Martin Niemoller

The point is that we’re complicit by our past silence of the Marxist takeover of America. And now, the “chickens have come home to roost”.

Why do the FBI think they can use battering rams against us?

  • They think have so much local political and legal control that they don’t care what we think anymore.
  • That they need to intimitate Conservatives to get them to shut up.
  • They are showing their street minions that our lives don’t mean anything. And, therefore any violence against us is ok!

Or, more likely all three forged together. In fact, the use of battering rams means that they want us dead.

Means of constitutional protection cut off

The weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and local Attorney Generals have recently stepped up their harassment of patriot activists.

Those three terrible power centers seized by the communists cut off any legal remedies. And now, we are left only with some state and local courts–and even their justice can be very suspect!

Why does the FBI use a battering ram and so much other force?

They use so much force because they’ve war-gamed this communist takeover. They already know that battering rams and overwhelming protect the FBI from patriotic neighborhood militia.

They’ve studied the history of warfare. And, therefore know that sooner or later Conservatives will organize by communities and neighborhoods. In order to protect themselves as their last lines of defense.

Watch your tongue!

General Flynn recently said that “30 million patriots need to storm Washington DC”. However, Steve Bannon says the general needs to watch his “loose” tongue, and yet he claims patriots cannot allow these atrocities to continue?

So which is it! What is the plan? Can America wait another year or more?

And, Steve Bannon, please! We’re sick of saying you will “follow this and it won’t stand”. Yet, you or the posse can do nothing! If you can’t do anything to stop the FBI and the DOJ please clearly say so. Please don’t give patriots false hope.

Moving to a red state

Truly now, America is following the path of Nazi Germany! And so, if you are an activist living in a blue state, you should seriously think about moving to a red state. At least, till this blows over!

Here are some examples of why! All are extremely disturbing as the feds make a show of force at every encounter in hopes of intimidating us. Notice all are occurring in blue states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

Why batter ramming the doors of Patriots is NOT unlawful?

Batter ramming the doors of Patriots is not unlawful in the blue states because they live under communist rule. Therefore, saying using a battering ram is “illegal” only clouds reality and encourages denial!

After all, when your local government on up through your federal government is communistic. The US Constitution becomes a set of laws used only when convenient.

In light of being swallowed up by communism, I’m pretty sure batter ramming the front doors of “political domestic terrorists” is legal in blue states.

Definition of a battering ram.

a military siege engine consisting of a large wooden beam with a head of iron used in ancient times to beat down the walls of a besieged place

Merrian Webster Dictionary, definition of a battering ram

A partial list of Conservative homes broken into by FBI battering rams

The FBI is battering down the doors of defenseless, activist Patriots in blue states who oppose the Biden Regime.

Since the same routine is used, let’s give it a name. So you won’t need to read the same over and over again.

The steps in the “FBI’s Battering Ram Drill for Patriots

  1. The FBI use a battering ram busts open the front door.
  2. Outside is a ridiculously large show of force. Armoured personal carriers may even show up!
  3. A member of the State Attorney General’s Office show a court order so general and without cause that it’s worthless.
  4. The Patriot is handcuff and led outside for the neighbors to see.
  5. The FBI rifle through their stuff, looking at everything without saying what they’re looking for. But, will always confiscate personal electronic devices, promising to give one a list of what they took later.

When finished, the FBI uncuffs the Patriot. Then, to rub the humiliation in their face, the Attorney General representative onsite asks the question. ‘Will you please sign an affidavit stating that you were treated well!’ Needless to say, don’t sign it!

This after having caused immense psychological damage to each Patriot and their kids. However, all of this is apparently legal under the new Marxist laws in the blue states. But, it certainly isn’t legal under the US Constitution!

Sherronna Bishop terrorized in Colorado

Not the first, and certainly not the last is the breaking by the FBI at a parent activist in Colorado. On 11.20.2021, they broke down her door with a battering ram, then terrorized her and her kids. Then, took her outside in cuffs for the neighbors to see. Well, you know the rest of the FBI’s Battering Ram Drill for Patriots from above by now!

As usual per their drill, they took her smartphone. Presumably, because she is a political ally of Tina Peters (see below) who challenged the 2020 election. And helped others take over communist-controlled school boards.

Part I. Sherronna Bishop tells her shocking story to Steve Bannon of abuse by the FBI. Apparently, they are no longer working under any Constitutional law we know of.
Part II

Tina Peters, a Gold Star Mother, now finds her life threatened!

Tina Peters was the Recorder for Mesa County in Colorado during the 2020 election. Her “crime” was being suspicious of election fraud. And so, she made images of her entrusted election server hard drive before and after a vendor software update. As you may guess, the before and after were different!

Judging from the fact that the FBI used a battering ram to get in, then searched her house without a warrant. It’s safe to say a comrade somewhere in the chain of command was not happy!

For those not familiar the county is on the far west side of the state. And, its biggest city is Grand Junction.

Rifling through her memories of her dead hero son

The FBI was ruthless! They even opened up a sealed box with precious items of her dead son — a decorated Navy Seal. I can only guess the FBI thought she’d hide her election fraud evidence inside her box of memories.

By Team Go Beyondo

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