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Shocking! Homes of Conservatives Broken Into by FBI Battering Rams


Breaking down the front doors of the homes of political opponents with battering rams in the early mornings is a well-known Marxist tactic to instill fear in their political opponents. And now it’s happening even in America!

And it is a sign America is skipping past socialism and communism right into something even worse–an authoritarian totalitarian government, Nazism. Who would have thought its muscle would be our FBI?

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Table of battering ram raids on Conservatives

DateConservative Name
Jan. 2009Roger Stone (battering ram)
8-1-2022Tina Peters (battering ram)
8-10-2022Donald Trump (raid)
8-20-2022Majorie Taylor Greene (swatting)
I don’t show where the raid occurred or why because, quite frankly, it’s immaterial.

What is a battering ram attack?

“a military siege engine consisting of a large wooden beam with a head of iron used in ancient times to beat down the walls of a besieged place”

Merrian Webster Dictionary, definition of a battering ram
The FBI is battering down doors of defenseless, activist Patriots in blue states who oppose the Biden Regime.

List of battering ram raid events:

  1. The FBI uses a battering ram and busts open the front door in the early morning hours.
  2. Outside is a SWAT team, maybe even an armored car!
  3. A State Attorney General’s Office member shows a court order so general and without cause that it’s worthless.
  4. The Patriot is handcuffed and led outside for the neighbors to see.
  5. The FBI rifle through their stuff, looking at everything. But, they will permanently confiscate personal electronic devices, promising to give one a list of what they took later.

When finished, the FBI uncuffs the Patriot. Then, to rub the humiliation in their face, the Attorney General representative onsite asks the question. ‘Will you please sign an affidavit stating that you were “well-treated!”

These battering ram incidents are causing immense psychological damage to each Patriot and their families. However, this is legal under the new Marxist laws. But they certainly aren’t legal under the U.S. Constitution!

Example: Sherronna Bishop was terrorized in Colorado by a battering ram incident.

Not the first, and certainly not the last, is the breaking by the FBI at a parent activist in Colorado. On 11.20.2021, the FBI broke down her door with a battering ram and terrorized her and her kids.

Then, they took her outside in cuffs for the neighbors to see. By now, you know the rest of the FBI’s Battering Ram Drill for Patriots from above!

As usual, per their drill, they took her smartphone. Presumably, she is a political ally of patriot activist Tina Peters (see below). She challenged the 2020 election and helped fellow Patriots take over Marxist-controlled school boards.

Part I. Sherronna Bishop tells her shocking story to Steve Bannon of abuse by the FBI. They are no longer working under any Constitutional law we know.
Part II

Terrorized Tina Peters, a Gold Star Mother, finds her life threatened!

Tina Peters was the Recorder for Mesa County in Colorado during the 2020 election. Her “crime” was being suspicious of election fraud. And so, she made images of her entrusted election server hard drive before and after a vendor software update. As you may guess, the before and after were different!

Judging that, the FBI used a battering ram to get in, then searched her house without a warrant! Furthermore, a Search Warrant in her case was not even warranted.

It’s safe to say a comrade somewhere in the chain of command was unhappy about the trouble she caused and exceeded their authority.

Rifling through her memories of her dead hero son

The FBI was ruthless! They even opened a sealed box with precious items of her dead son — a decorated Navy Seal. I can only guess the FBI thought she’d hide her election fraud evidence inside her box of memories.

The Marxists step up the battering ram raids.

The Marxist bureaucracy’s raids are becoming more outrageous! And now they don’t even care what we think about them because the DOJ and FBI consider us “domestic terrorists.”

What caused this weird conclusion? Mothers protecting their children from Marxist propaganda, citizens refusing to get jabbed by experimental gene therapy shots, etc.

Here is your answer: Some tyrants are genuine Marxists, while the media brainwash others. In the process of brainwashing others, their own logic is damaged.

Which, by the way, is their greatest weakness!

The raid on former President Trump

OK! The FBI did not use a battering ram per se, but the raid on former President Trumps Mar de Largo office did not happen in a vacuum. It was only the latest in a list of raids on Conservatives.

The occupants didn’t fight back when the FBI Swat team appeared and flashed a Search Warrant. Trump was not there at the time of the raid.

“Swatting” is for the Marxists who want to get their opposition killed.

“Swatting” is calling in a false report that something deadly is happening in the house of their opposition during the early morning. Therefore, the FBI, local sheriff, and swat teams are dispatched, along with local mainstream media.

The idea is to terrorize the opposition or set up a shooting incident. For example, catch the victim standing in the front doorway with a rifle, giving the swat force an excuse to “mistakenly” shoot them.

“Swatting” is what happened to U.S. Representative Greene.

Swatting is different from battering ram raids; instead, unknown callers instigate them.

We are living inside a tyrannical federal government.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are now living inside the tyranny, waiting for the final moments of America’s survival. Hoping and praying our last attempt to take control of Congress pans out.

Ironically, FBI Director Chris Wray comes through with his typical saying his agents are under attack. Most likely, he has agents attacking them for publicity purposes.

FBI Whistleblowers step forward

Over twenty FBI employees have stepped forward to say enough is enough! A group of partisan hacks at the top of the DOJ and FBI are out of control. While some twenty FBI employees are not near a majority, what they’re doing vigorous action indicates what’s happening inside.

Meanwhile, the head of the DOJ issues a department-wide memo warning employees not to talk to the media. A weak ploy to stop its corruption from leaking out.

Recent polls indicate that less than 10% trust them. How bad does this need to get?

Who is spearheading the partisanship of the FBI and DOJ?

The legal enforcement strategy of extreme but unnecessary force to harass political opponents is a favorite of a lawyer, Andrew Weissman. Now we find him working for the FBI after a stint as a lead lawyer in the Mueller investigation.

Nowadays, we need not even ask who ordered these crazy psychological raids. Because in every case, they are called this Marxist American lawyer spearheading terror.

Andrew Weissman is an attorney and now “Show Raider” on Trump supporters.

Will the county sheriff’s department come to your rescue?

Recently I’ve been reminded of the policing power of counties. Our founding fathers set them up as protection against renegade states or a federal government. And so, patriotic sheriffs are joining together to stop the tyranny of the in-process Marxist takeover attempt.

Their organization and power to deputize citizens is a more likely scenario than a marching state militia.

Interestingly enough, they are the only ones who can “deputize” large numbers of citizens in times of emergency.

The FBI exceeds its constitutional authority with the use of battering rams.

Using battering rams early in the morning against political enemies is unconstitutional. Because citizens have the right to expect reasonable intrusions, but these raids go far beyond that!

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice (DOJ) runs the FBI, and the presidency runs the DOJ. So, only by voting out the Biden Regime can changes occurr.

The dangers of not speaking out

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Next, they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

United States Holocaust Museum, Post World War II Speeches by Martin Niemoller

State and county protections against excessive force

There are no protections when living under a dual justice, communist system. You don’t have any protection because those who should be protecting you are doing the battering.

If you are a Patriot living in a Blue State, I advise hunkering down or moving to a red state if things get too bad too fast.

The bottom line is that you must help ensure the next election is fair. Or, most likely, it’s time to move to a red state. Because no one is coming to rescue you, things can only worsen, especially for Patriots.

Moving to a red state

Honestly, now, America is following the path of Nazi Germany! And so, if you are a Patriot living in a blue state, you should seriously think about moving to a red state at least, till this blows over!

Here are some examples of why! All are extremely disturbing as the feds show force at every encounter to intimidate us. Notice all are occurring in blue states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)