Shocking! Conservative Web Browser Privacy Revelations


Have you given up on web browser privacy.? Then, read on until you get to my radical, common-sense recommendation. Because it may be your only hope!

Actually, the collection of your personal data via any web browser is a constant. Stopping it is not possible!

So your personal online profile constantly gets more accurate and thus valuable to marketers. And, now also your government.

At this point, you should be rebelling! Asking, who is in charge of this mess! How do I stop it!

Even more, did you give them your permission? Can any popular browser stop the downloading of your personal data? Is there a web browser privacy on and off switch? Did I agree to this? Help!

Well, actually you did already agree via some of the longest and most boring contracts ever written! And, not read! But, anyway, forget the idea of personal privacy lawsuits!

Let me quickly answer these questions so you know what’s possible and what’s not. Then, I’ll lead you to an answer with details on my own personal web browser privacy solution.

The false promises of web browser privacy

Edward Snowden talks about how your smartphone downloads your data to multiple hosts all day long. And when the courts gave away your right to withhold your information from big tech.

Your personal data on your smartphone are not secure. Any promises of personal security while browsing are false. Furthermore, you cannot make your data secure until fundamental legal changes are made.

And so, they offer you tidbits of privacy solutions while ignoring the main issue. For example, setting your web browser privacy settings to block pesky advertising and third-party cookies.

Can corporations own your personal data?

Ok, you agree to this long, complicated, boring Agreement to hand over your personal info to big tech. But, is it legal?

Yes, it is!

However, Big Tech senses the legal winds are changing. And so, they step up their lobbying efforts. They don’t want to give up what is maybe the most lucrative business in world history!

How free stuff led to enslavement

Everyone dreams of getting something for nothing. Ok, we all knew that Facebook and Google were profiting by using our personal data to help sell their advertising.

The trouble is their power over us grew too strong. And, “power corrupts, and too much power corrupts absolutely.”

That’s where we are: on the brink of tyranny. Because we took the easy way and just let it happen!

Your fundamental privacy problem for all web browsers

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve most likely already agreed to waive your web browser privacy. For this reason, the powers that be aren’t about to give them back!

Besides, you can never retrieve the personal data you’ve given away. Because of the sinister, never forgetting nature of the internet.

The Google Chromium Project is a codebase for all mainstream web browser development!

With this in mind, inside its base of code is a non-removable, mandated back door! Ready to download and send even more of your personal info to further perfect your online profile.

And so, you are screwed! Because you contractually agreed to it!

Third-party web browsers built with Chromium

They must allow Google to locate your browser when active and take control of downloading your personal information. This right is central to their Agreement to download their free, open-source codebase to build their browser.

You may first think to yourself, surely there is a web browser built without Chromium. Well, there isn’t except for this rare class of browsers that I’ll tell you about later at the end.

In the meantime, let’s follow the money!

In the center of the finances of third-party web browser companies are the commissions paid by Google. They pay for the rights to download your personal data from their browser.

Looking for exceptions

Maybe you think that among the outlier web browsers, surely there is an exception. Well, there isn’t! All have succumbed to the lure of Google commission checks.

And, why do all that time-consuming and expensive development work when The Google Chromium Project does it for them? And so, you can eliminate, Bing, Tor, Safari, and even Firefox as possible solutions.

Nearly useless privacy features of third-party web browsers

Sure most all can block ads and tracking cookies, and even run a little faster than Google Chrome. But, Google Chrome now offers the same privacy settings options.

So, what is the point of having a third-party web browser? That is what they are struggling to find!

The double privacy whammy of using Facebook and any web browser

The first thing to realize is that if you use Facebook or any of its other platforms, There is no reason to worry about web browser privacy. Because you are already screwed! Full stop.

Web Browser Reviews

Brave Browser

Access files located in any “Interplanetary File System.” If you never heard of it before, you’re not alone! I bring this up to show the desperation of even one of the most popular to be different.

Brave also lets you earn cryptocurrency just for browsing. But, you’ll need to browse for a few years before earning enough spendable money for a pizza.

Google Chrome

Why would you ever leave such a stable privacy web browser? It’s a blotted privacy web browser that can bring down any computer with borderline RAM (500 MBS). While simultaneously running with an anti-virus program.

Sorry, my only answer is for semi-geeks! Make the change to a Lynx Operating System with a Distro Web Browser

The only way to achieve web browser privacy is to join the new world as it embraces Lynx operating systems. So ditch that flaky bloated Windows operating system! And work or play directly with the underlying code in a Virtual Machine world.

Warning! The world of Lynx operating systems is traditionally for real geeks. Only recently have they gotten easier to use for the casual user, so tread carefully. If you’ve got the time, and the years left, it could be the best move you ever make. And, it’s the gateway to modern programming.

Sure, you’ll need to re-learn lots of things about operating and maintaining your computer. But, then again, what is your web browser privacy worth these days.

A Shocker! Here is what I do for web browser privacy.

For me, I use a $450 HP laptop that came with 500MB of ram and added another 500MB. It’s all the horsepower I need for any Distro Lynx web browser.

Here is the article that got me close to my Windows/Lynx finish line. I choose and still use the Linux Mint Distro.

The speed and responsiveness of my Distro Lynx operating system with a browser are addicting. Specifically, the mushiness and delays of my mouse and keyboard under Windows 10 have disappeared!

The Distro browsers are faster and my only hope of achieving browser privacy. If you’ve only risen to become a semi-geek like me you should give them a try.


Knowing that Bill Gates is a billionaire on account of his flakey Microsoft Windows.

BTW, operating systems named with names similar to Lynx are all similar.

And, of course, there are a ton of Lynx Distro operating systems to choose from. However, be careful not to select another one with Chromium. And, above all, don’t select Google Chromium for Lynx!

By Team Go Beyondo

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