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Conservative Social Media Traffic Ranking Top 10 Sites for October 2022


Ever wonder which popular Conservative platforms had the traffic? And how the new ones are faring in an increasingly crowded online marketplace?

Below are the top conservative social media sites and the traffic volume, followed by an analysis of changes and trends. Each is site name is linked, so you can quickly click and jump to visit each one.

A politically conservative site is only slightly right-of-center, not right-wing.


What is a politically conservative website?

A politically conservative website is only slightly right of center on the political compass.

Is Twitter a conservative social media site?

It is in the process of opening up free speech so that I can add it soon to the list.

Is traffic at conservative websites increasing?

Overall, the traffic is increasing tremendously! However, some growth is stalling because of new or reinvigorated websites. The next big step will be growth through international growth.

Social Media Site Name & LinkMonthly Visits
(M= Million)
Rumble Video Sharing87M
Gab Social46M
Telegram Chat24M
Infowars 22M
Truth Social15M
Frank Speech1M
US Life204.36K

Source of table data: Google Analytics

The traffic of conservative social media and Rumble video-sharing websites continues to grow. As MAGA-led Republicans spread the word about saving America on all conservative platforms creating a red wave for the 2022 midterm elections.

Meanwhile, Truth Social and GETTR continue their growth phase as they lower forecasted increases from more established conservative social media sites. Although the recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk will add a welcome burst of traffic, I thought it would be gone forever.

“Frank Speech” seems to be going nowhere fast in the face of stiff competition for conservative traffic, and the voting machines he promised would be removed are still there. Nevertheless, CEO Mike Lindell remains a popular MAGA conservative, and he’s not quitting the fight.

Something else you should know about this list. While Telegram Chat has 230M monthly worldwide visits, I subtracted the foreign traffic to make it more meaningful.

International presence means a lot more traffic, usually.

While conservative social media sites have a respectable amount of U.S. traffic, it doesn’t compare to Big Tech. However, adding Twitter will help as its purchase comes with a large international footprint.

Nevertheless, conservative social media is expanding internationally in the face of censorship by powerful global and emerging totalitarian political forces.

Moreover, international conservative audiences are often loyal and rabid. Their discovery of conservative social media sites will be the answer to countering the global mainstream media Mockingbird media.

Elon Musk wrestles with Twitter employees over free speech.

The return of Twitter traffic for conservatives is now a tremendous opportunity for a more global reach. We can only hope that its new owner Elon Musk can wrestle this kicking-and-screaming Marxist behemoth to the ground. Can he transform Twitter back into the free-speech platform that it once was?

Frankly, I don’t see how, but I don’t have the creative mind power of Elon Musk!

As time passes, I predict he must acknowledge that neither side will agree on anything, not even disagreement guidelines. Twitter will eventually become a global, conservative platform with a new set of advertisers and audiences. And they will be conservatives.

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