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Looking Back! Conservative Social Media Platform Parler Gets De-Platformed

Not surprisingly! the Parler social media was de-platformed by the Marxist Cancel Culture! Because the platform inadvertently offered a place for a mass murderer to announce his plans. And yes, Parler was also used by patriots in planning the riots of January 6th. But so were Twitter and Facebook! Yet, Parler alone was singled out!

Making it evident that the Marxists had Parler on their radar for de-platforming beforehand, and the events were the excuse. No doubt put there even before the staged-for-TV insurrection spectacle.

Here, I updated an essential article because of the ingenuity and determination of Parler to return from their Cancel Culture de-platforming two years ago. It is still both a model and a warning for all Conservative business owners.

A podcast on what happened the day before Parler was de-hosted.

Why did Parler built a free speech platform?

Parler is one of America’s first large-scale free-speech platforms. It was born because both Twitter and Facebook had canceled the accounts of so many conservative users for their political views.

One of its early investors is Dan Bongino, who has his show on Rumble video sharing and Fox News. We don’t hear much about Parler because the conservative social media platform business is so competitive.

I guess no news is good news. And it’s app is still in the app stores.

Parler’s Beginnings

Parler began as any other entrepreneurial enterprise — to fill a need. Even back at the beginnings of Trump’s presidency, it was apparent there was a need to get out conservative viewpoints. Here we drop in on the founder John Matze and Parler’s early days canceling Marxist bots.


No doubt the investors were genuine Patriots who also saw Parler as a money-making machine. After all, tens of millions of motivated, online Patriots had nowhere else to go.

What were the results of Parler’s de-platforming by Amazon?

Parler found another hosting provider offering similar private, cloud-based hosting like Amazon. But, this time, it has a CEO who believes in free speech. The results are that Parler is more secure, and Amazon is minus a $300,000 thousand a month customer.

And, it looks like Parler is looking at near-future improvements that the globalist Amazon (AWS) would never have allowed. In other words, short-term problems are solved with long-term answers.

For example, Parler and Gab are now looking at partnering to form a conservative online banking processing services company.

Amazon (AWS) hosting is exposed as a Marxist organization.

Amazon hosted both Parler and Twitter at one time, and conservatives used both for planning the Jan. 6th riots. Yet, only Parler was de-platformed!

Amazon was therefore exposed as a globalists or communist corporation. And in the following months, many more American global corporations “came out of the closet.”

Google and Apple de-list Parler’s apps.

In addition to losing their Amazon hosting, Google and Apple delisted them from their App Stores. Plus, their online banking merchant also canceled their account.

Nothing unexpected here, as they had already demonstrated their anti-American stances. With their censorship and shadow banning of conservative platforms and user accounts.

The savagery of their “cancel” attack on Parler foretold the future. Many more came, but the Marxist switched to canceling conservatives from Twitter and Facebook. And shadow-banning them on Google Search.

Patriots flee big-tech in droves!

After Parler’s de-platforming, conservatives felt disgusted and fearful. This de-platforming was a final straw for millions of users! It’s when the BIG migration away from Big Tech began in earnest!

Instead, sites like Gab and Marxist run conservative sites recorded record growth! Too bad! Because most ran too fast and never checked out the pedigree of the sites they place so much confidence.

Parler scrambles

There is no doubt that Parler scrambled to get back online. Meanwhile, the Marxist Operation Mockingbird press was in full swing, putting out false information.

Users of Big Tech services were left to talk among themselves while thinking the mouths of conservatives were shut!

However, Parler came back online stronger and more secure in the end. Let’s see how a strong dose of reality dramatically changed Parler.

The HUGE challenge of moving Parler’s private, cloud-based Amazon platform

Parler had 30 hours to find and move their data from Amazon (AWS). That was impossible. And Amazon knew it!

Parler resided within Amazon as a private cloud service. A status that’s impossible to beat for online stability. Yet, difficult to move to new hosting.

Unwilling to take a step backward, they found a boutique hosting service willing to offer a similar service. And so, Parler again has put “all its eggs in one basket.”

Parler gets back online!

When Parler found a way to get online again, you might have thought it was the same. But, behind that Home Screen is a very different home!

Faced with the same Cancel Culture deplatforming as Gab a few years earlier, Parler found a similar answer.

Parler carves out a secure, sensible network environment (Geeks only)

Parler’s new hosting company, SkySilk, is a small boutique hosting company. It’s customers’ data residing within a cloud-based distributed network. In Parler’s case, data resides on the network and within an open-source application called Ceph Storage.

The Ceph storage architecture is flexible and extensible, enabling block storage (Ceph RBD), file system storage using a metadata server (Ceph MDS), and object storage with both Amazon S3 API and Openstack Swift API simultaneously using the same pools.

In other words, they have joined Gab in their selection of a distributed network. But, with a private network rather than a public one like Gab. Which one is better is up for debate.

Of course, Gab covers itself by getting a private license for its open-source software. In contrast, Parler has a private, open source license for a private system. If that makes sense to you, then you are a geek!

Domain Name moves

Parler moved the domain name Parler from Dreamhost to a more conservative Domain Name reseller called Epik. (Click here for a history of the Parler.com domain name.)


Parler is now back online, but again with “all their eggs in one basket.” Hopefully, this time they have chosen wisely their hosting company. And have a plan for a quick move to another host if necessary.