Conservative Social Media Parler Gets Secured Home!

Learn how the Parler platform is escaping the clutches of “Big Tech.”

Parler Social Media Platform: Blueprint for Censorship

The conservative Parler social media platform lives again! This time with a hosting company determined to counter Amazon Web Services (AWS) participation with the “Cancel Culture” of the Democrats.

The new hosting company appeared out of nowhere, after at least 5 others wouldn’t touch them. SkySilk and its CEO Kevin Matossian did indeed come to Parler’s rescue!

It does seem that Parler plans on monitoring and deleting a broader range of so-called hate speech, but that is a good thing.

What is Parler?

In Parler, you’ll find a social media platform for free speech with his conservative orientation. It’s one of the foremost outlets for free speech in America. Maybe the world!

Parler is back online

Many know Parler as Dan Bongino. A hard-driving, conservative known for telling viewers on his YouTube channel just what’s going on. But, there are more forces behind Parler, as it had grown too important to fail in the conservative media world.

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Note: I have no business relationship with Parler.

Owners and Managers of Parler Social Media Platform

SkySilk hosting company and its CEO Kevin Matossian

In addition to Dan Bongino, conservative donor, Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer, directs Parler’s board.

And so, where did SkySilk come from? Apparently, the CEO thinks Parler has a right to exist, as long as they don’t allow too many of its users to violate rules of constitutional free speech.

In other words, that your “hate speech” nonsense elsewhere!

Parler’s Hosting Survivability Chances Reviewed

Parler’s New IT Infrastructure

Parler moved its platform to new-fashion hosting with a patriot of free speech. Also, it again has use of the Apple and Playstore listing and download service.

Parler is playing nice! Let’s see if their new hosting service, Skysilk gets attacked.

From what I can tell, Parler is renting a cloud-based Lynx server that creates blocks of data stored in a secured distributed database. Sounds cool. If you want more information visit this more techy article with a video that provides a lot more info.

Parler now uses CloudRoute LLC as its new Domain Name provider and replaced Amazon with an open-source software platform named Ceph Infor.

Information comes from the anonymous left-wing computer programmer, “Crash Override,” who goes by the Twitter handle @donk_enby.

Are Parler’s vendors threatened?

The fascist corporate technocrats’ minions on big tech are now alone to talk among themselves. And, in doing so reinforce their altered realities.

As you read this article, so are we conservatives forming unintentional info silos! Hopefully, after the constant, mind-controlling attacks by the other side, we’re still able to discern reality.

Not only is this strategy failing, but the distributed networks or Gab, Parler, and others will accelerate the exposure of their lies.

I hope you’re imagining what can be done here to compete with the centrally hosted “Old Tech” system, especially Twitter!

As a cluster on the “open source” Ceph distributed system, Parler developers will have proven source code ready for social media messaging customization. Around for over ten years, Parler developers have a wealth of tested applications ready for branding and customization.

How secure is Parler’s domain name?

Not sure if “Big Tech” can de-platform the Domain Name. After all, the Domain Name Service (DNS) is run by a globalist organization. However, I’m more sure that the platform itself is secure.

A Domain Name simply points or redirects to an IP address. And so, the worse case is that users would need to enter an IP address (ie. rather than a Domain Name.

In any case, Parler is much more secure on a distributed network. And, in case anyone interested, I like their hosting more than Gab Social. The reason being is that Gab shares the with a bunch of crazy lefties.

Is user data on Parler secure?

A network of servers scatters user data, so no single server containing all of it. And so, if any server(s) goes offline, there is always a complete backup.

If you think this sounds like a blockchain network, you’d be right! Only with Parler, we’re dealing with messages, not a cryptocurrency. At least so far! Plus, the internet itself serves as an example of a wide-area distributed network used for decades!


At this point, I can only say that Parler is much more secure on the distributed network than the central hosting concept of Amazon. And so, we can be sure the most immediate attacks will be against Parler’s vendors, not necessarily their host.

Just as damaging, look for the radical left to attempt to cancel credit card services, banking relationships, and any advertisers. Fortunately, running a website is not as expensive as some other types of businesses, and Parler has an investor with deep pockets!


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