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Conservative Media Continues to Grow.


Conservative media has grown tremendously over the past few years and will continue. Moreover, political talk shows, movies, music, etc., are emerging everywhere as content providers realize Conservative audiences comprise a significant market share.

Its growth was made possible by the ever-increasing exposure of the truth, which is contagious. Even more good news, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk means moderate Democrats are now exposed to Conservative views, and red pill distribution is widespread.

Here I attempt to keep up with the highlights of Conservative media growth.

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Why does the Conservative Media continue to grow?

A sliver of free speech is getting out there, and that’s all it takes! Because people are hungry for the truth.

Old fashion competitive capitalism is at work selecting the best Conservative media, as hard-earned dollars judge who survives. Thereby ensuring one day, Conservative media will overtake mainstream, maybe sooner than many realize, because capitalism, left alone and given enough time, always produces the best content.

To clear the way, large international companies have recently learned to respect Conservatives’ economic power. The Marxist Cancel Cultures has become a passing trend, as their cadre of international globalist businesses too often feel the brunt of organized Conservative boycotts.

It’s become fun to watch the pure form of capitalism in action. While we can already see that the new Conservative media is highly distributed, what crawls out of its business startup cocoons will undoubtedly be unbeatable!

I ordered a Mike Lindell pillow while watching the Steve Bannon War Room from a Central American hotel!

While visiting Latin America, I noticed nothing was good to watch, and the world news was all about CNN International, offshoots, and two Chinese news channels. And so I ended up watching Steve Bannon and the War Room via my laptop and a cable connection.

I even ordered a Mike Lindell pillow set for a wedding present, even though it’ll take a week to go through Florida, etc. Good deal, great cause!

Anti-woke comedian Chrissie Mayr leaves YouTube for Rumble.

Another example, and I have dozens more entertainment talents leaving Youtube for a look-alike, Rumble video-sharing. After a 7-day suspension from Youtube, Chrissie had enough.

More and more talent is leaving Big Tech and mainstream; Chrissie is another example of a post-millennium runaway, which is a good sign that Conservative media continues to build its alternative entertainment business.

Conservative media growth through definitions of acceptable speech.

Those who control acceptable speech control morality and reality. Their political leanings have the power to unite or splinter a nation. Those who determine the rules of speech and their enforcement control the world!

America has a significant advantage because its definition is founded in our First Amendment. Many do not realize we are the only country with a solid and precise definition of free speech.

That definition comes from the U.S. Constitution and its First Amendment. While there are a few exceptions, the definition of free speech is spelled out.

No tyranny can invade America as long as we follow it.

Why is Conservative media growing so fast?

Conservative media continues to grow because more people realize that mainstream media is lying to them. They can see the unwanted changes around them and want to know what is happening and how to change things.

Some people had been hiding under a shell, while others had an inkling of the truth and wanted more info. In any case, the MAGA or freedom movement is growing, forcing progressives to move to their next revolutionary before they are ready.

Progressivism is more sinister than you think!

It is a Marxist-aggressive use of psychological weapons to take over a country. It features blatant lying in-line with a carefully crafted and maintained false reality or narrative.

Furthermore, whether successful or not, it’s a doubling down on each event until, as spelled out in their playbook, event or propaganda failure morphs into successful operations.

Progressivism is a sinister form of insurgency with no solution other than throwing back at them legally.

Why did some elites come home to Conservative values?

There is a steady stream of elites coming home to Conservative values because they are the trustworthy source of their wealth and power. On the other hand, relying on subjecting a population is such an ugly way to live.

Besides, totalitarianism goes against the flow of history. More people want to live free and won’t settle for anything less.

What are some newsworthy examples of conservative media growth?

Conservative media invested in more secure infrastructure and entertainment stars and rocked the world!

  • Parler Social Media – Entertainment star Kenya West is buying it. Look for him to shake up the Conservative media world with exciting, new formats.
  • Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 billion dollars!
  • Rumble Video Sharing – Rumble now connects directly to the internet without a host and has gone public, raising enough money for the next level. Furthermore, Trump’s Truth Social hosts via Rumble, forming an uncancelable info structure.
  • The Steve Bannon War Room channel on Rumble powers the MAGA movement, which has turned the 2022 election in their favor.

Check out my Conservative social media reviews for more granular info and examples.

Let’s keep a chronological roll of significant events on what’s happening.

Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 billion dollars.

Another brilliant move by someone who doesn’t need the money but only wants to save the world from tyranny. Considering that Elon is often the receiver of significant government contracts, it’s easy to see that he’s placed everything on the line for the sake of a free world.

Why such a significant purchase number when Twitter is losing money? Yes, Elon knew that the platform had many bots incorrectly counted as users and that the employees were radical Marxists.

But, there is a more severe problem with Twitter that I wonder if Elon realized the importance of. It has to do with one of Twitter’s main strengths as an international platform.

How will the globalists censor Twitter?

Twitter evolved into a platform that supports the brainwashing done by the globalists. On a country-by-country basis where they control, they do not want a powerful, free-speech social media in their midst.

And so, they will dictate their Marxist moderation rules, which will not be compatible with the new ones at Twitter. Therefore, Twitter will temporarily suffer until Elon wakes up! Twitter can only serve nations that still have some degree of free speech left.

Yet, Musk wants to convert Twitter to a platform featuring free speech for all.

Converting Twitter to a free speech platform is like teaching a pig to fly! Therefore, I suspect Elon knows he’s only buying an international name, and most employees must leave. I’m guessing about 75% will be looking for other work shortly.

In a letter, Elon said he wants to take Twitter away from the globalist, so the world can benefit as it becomes a free speech platform. There will undoubtedly be an employee revolt as the “stay behinds” become insurgents. However, I’m sure Elon knows this and will quickly root them out.

While turning Twitter into a free speech platform without bots will be difficult, Elon must do it.

Musk must “clean house” at Twitter.

Essentially, Musk must start over with patriotic employees and advertisor base, because previous employees and advertising customers will not follow him into a new era of free speech at Twitter.

I wonder if Musk understands what he’s gotten himself into, and I hope he never quits.

Elon Musk is off to a good start firing the Twitter top brass. The severance cost was $100 million! It’s no wonder Twitter was not making any money!

Kanye West “Ye” buys Parler Social Media.

While Conservative Media is taking off, too many possible MAGA converts think politics is inherently dull. The proof compares the number of online fans of entertainers versus political figures across all measures.

Thankfully, we now have a popular, well-known entertainer unafraid of expressing his MAGA support by buying Parler Social Media. While he will lose most of his globalist-aligned business, he’ll more than makeup for losses with MAGA advertisers.

Meanwhile, Parler’s new owner Kanye West, now renamed “Ye,” brings his massive social media fan base. And hopefully, a new entertainment format for Parler Social will attract new advertising companies.

Will Kanye West style fit in with the employees?

Parler Social has not grown like other Conservative media despite a loyal following. And so, it’s time for new energy!

And I can’t think of a better shot of new energy or platform format than Kanye West. What’s better than having an international entertainment star and his friends inject fresh ideas and add colossal fan bases?

A long time ago, I was in the entertainment business, and I know how crazy this creative environment can get. However, Kanye is a Christain, so I can’t think of a better fit for Parler.

I hope the employees can adjust; if not, they should walk away with a big termination check.