Best Conservative BlockChain Social Media Platform Reviews

An forward yet sad look at how the Marxists and Patriots may end up living side by side, yet each with their own economy and cryptocurrency.

Best Conservative BlockChain Social Media Platforms Reviews

Best conservative blockchain social media platform reviews sort out which ones can power a combination of cryptocurrency and social media platforms. A forward review of these platforms is prudent since it’s unlikely that political conservatives will tolerate the Biden administration for four years.

If indeed patriots can’t stop the cheating by the Marxist now in control of the Democratic Party, then state governors will need to declare many more “safe areas.” And, if Biden takes these cases to US Supreme Court, and patriots lose, it’s possible they may refuse to obey.

And such behavior will lead to even more talk of states secessions.

Congressman Devin Nunes says, “Republicans will never win another election without a free social media.”

Why Trump’s Leadership Is Maybe Essential to the Survival of Conservatives

Trump’s leadership may be essential to the survival of conservatives. Because moving to a distributed social media platform based on blockchain technology will inevitably lead to discussions of a cryptocurrency for conservatives.

Am I getting ahead of myself?

I don’t think so! Look how conservatives already banned by so many global companies now fight the fascist corporate technocracy.

Reviewing Conservative Cryptocurrency-Based Social Media Platforms

  • Conservative friendly
  • Expertise in managing member assets
  • Database of approved conservative businesses

The Democrat Marxists are tough, stick together, and really don’t care what happens to conservatives. They targeted their businesses for economic destruction, using lockdowns, and declare their livelihoods non-essential.


What is a Blockchain?

Understanding the native security of the blockchain concept is critical to understanding why conservative social media networks may have no choice.

In case you don’t understand the blockchain concept and terminology, you should watch this short video.

A blockchain is a mathematical formula that allows the discovery of a limited number of digital coins and sets up a system of distributed virtual ledgers.

Interestingly, the blocks forming a document or message are dispersed across a network. At no time is all of a document located within one server. And so, canceling a blockchain platform involves simultaneously shutting down all servers.



Brought to you by “,” this effort to redesign how social media interacts with a blockchain seems dedicated to protecting the interest of users. The developers are the best from the mother Steemit crypto project.


Voice is a group of young programmers who left Steemit after the Chinese company Tron.

It’s likely that Tron bought Steemit to disband it. The reason was the prevention of the US from using a distributed social media platform.


Still researching….


This caught my eye, “If you’re not getting your news from alt media platforms, then you’re getting brainwashed.”


Micro-blogging for HIVE, which was formerly Steemit. Meanwhile, Steemit’s Chief Technical Officer Dan Larimer just left Steemit, saying that he is increasingly interested in “censorship-resistant technologies.” I’d love to know where he’s going!

The Hive Platform

March 2020, Steemit witnesses (stakeholders) “hard forked” their open-source codebase to form an independent blockchain called Hive. To pay the bills, they changed their business model from just blockchain social media to productivity tools based on blockchain technologies to big businesses.

Too bad, as Hive offered everything conservatives needed in a social media platform!

Pros and Cons

However, I see two problems:

  • A $12 per month seat charge
  • Much of its income comes from known globalist businesses. They are now playing with the wrong side.


Talented idealistic young IT engineers from Steemit followed their ideals of free speech, until they ran out of money. Now, a little older they’re following the money.

Whether they still carry the torch of individual liberty is anyone’s guess. Maybe they are ready for another codebase modification in the near future.

(Next Review is Coming Soon)

Can Conservative Blockchain Social Media Platforms Guarantee Privacy?

The resilence of a blockchain concept is already proven. Once it’s planted on a large distributed network, it’s nearly impossible to take down. Plus, all data is encrypted and personal user data is ever entered.

But does this also apply to a social media application running on top. Would it have the same security protection?

Assuming it does, conservatives need to know exactly how the connection between the blockchain and social media works. For example, exactly where is the archived messaging data keep?

I assume it would be kept on encrypted hard drives, but where? And how does it arrive there? Who has the keys to peek inside?

Techniques for stealing identities without User Ids and data.

People or governments that spy on someone often use a combination of techniques to identify the users. Cell phone tower triangulation on smartphones, logical neighborhood elimination, and many other techniques are used.

So, because the encrypted digital ledgers of the financial blockchains now would have personal info text and media data, it’s more important than ever snoopers be kept out. Because we are all entitled to free speech.

Also, networks are frequently attacked trying to shut down the network encryption process itself. And so, always a layered approach to security is used.

Native Conservative blockchain social media networks anti-spying capabilities

Fortunately, today’s distributed networks are by design more capable of fighting off network attacks. For they operated using the objects of the virtual machine (VM). Let’s just say, they bring a gun to a gunfight, instead of a knife!

A new generation of computers and smartphones running these advanced operating systems are now available for personal use. Look for those who say they run Linx or some word that ends in OS.


While I am excited that a showdown is occurring, I’m worried that Americans are not ready. And, following my logic even further, it winds back to the only person who can lead this cyber warfare of this immense dimension, the Former President. A man who I have never seen operate a smartphone or computer.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.