Best Conservative BlockChain Social Media Platform Reviews

The dream of the perfect social media platform for conservatives takes a big step forward.

Best Conservative BlockChain Social Media Platforms Reviews

Blockchain social media platforms for conservatives are poised to turn the mainstream media and big tech monopolies upside down. And, I want to be right there with you as it happens!

I think you already know how badly we need a game-changing IT technology to counter the propaganda of the liberal socialist Democrats. And create a secure and private social media home for conservatives.

Well, this technology was percolating within blockchain technology, and now it’s rolling out to save the day! Here we spread the word along as we celebrate the development and implementation of conservative blockchain social media platforms.

Please keep in mind that this technology will evolve at the speed of light! And, so you’ll need to check back often.

News! A new social media network by Trump announced!

Date: 3.21.2021 Trump Advisor Jason Miller announces that Trump will return to politics with his own social media network in mid-summer. I’m really excited!

Hate to brag, but I’ve predicted this would happen for over a year. Trump and America had no choice!

Needless to say, his network will change the makeup of conservative social media networking. And maybe, a lot more!

And, in this new distributed networking world Trump’s about to enter, his network will interconnect with existing conservative social media networks, form groups or channels. Best of all, there will be no master node for counter culture to pick on.

I saw in the eyes of CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. And, what they said without a word. He knew when he kicked Trump off his platform that the info war was just beginning.

[My Opinion] Now for the rest of my prophecy, the Trump network will feature an extensive online store for conservatives and its own crypto tokens or currency. [/End Opinion]


I am ahead of myself. Large-scale, blockchain social networks do not yet exist. But, there are dozens of small ones online even now! Please be patient as I do my research and trials.

Even so, your time not wasted here as the blockchain social media technology model is what other choices are there? The blockchain with social media compatible apps offer the only total answer to the tyranny of the liberal socialist Democrats.

This is an live blockchain social media site. Click and poke around for the fun of it! You’ll be opening up a stripped down example of the future of online conservative social media platforms! FYI, it does use a third-party cyber token.
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Conservative Blockchain Social Media Platforms Bring Back Free Speech

Blockchain social media platforms have the disruptive power to stop the erosion of our free speech rights. In doing so, we become an unpersuadable block against the false realities of the liberal-socialist Democrats.

With this one technology, conservatives create their own bubble where truth can flourish. Let there be no doubt that it eventually overtakes the fake reality world of the Marxist-based mainstream media and big tech.

Thankfully, with blockchain as a social media platform, we no longer need to chase technology. We just need to find talented, patriotic people to implement it.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a file structure of encrypted and hash-tagged blocks transactional records that ensure security, transparency, and decentralization. It’s a chain of records stored in the forms of blocks controlled by no single authority.

In case you don’t understand the blockchain concept and terminology, you should watch this short video.

How the “Smart Ledger” App Enables a Blockchain Social Media Platform!

Diagram of a permissioned conservative blockchain social media platform versus a permission less public blockchain.
The “Smart Contracts” app automatically sets up a private permissioned blockchain.

The “Smart Ledger” app sets the blockchain as private, changes user permissions from one to many, and creates social media blocks rather than financial ledger blocks. It’s important to know that the blockchain cannot be changed back to standard settings.

You need to know this to understand why third-party cyber tokens are necessary to transfer value between users. With the use of blocks for social media, the blockchain loses it’s ability to generate coins and otherwise act as a cybercurrency network.

I am hoping that the “Smart Contracts” App can one day handle its own integrated conservative cyber currency and social media. So, third-party crypto tokens are not needed.

Blockchain Social Media Platforms Features

  • Native encryption of messages
  • Conservative friendly conversations, no left-wing moderators.
  • No user identifiers
  • Third-party crypto token payment for publishers of content on the network.
  • Create and send encrypted messages
  • Messages stored encrypted and in blockchain “smart ledger” format.
  • Virtually impossible to shut down any blockchain network.
  • Allow self-hosting of Domain Name.

Definition of Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a list of record blocks that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of its data. This is because once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.


Chronology of Events Leading to Blockchain Technology

  • Individual internet accounts issued, followed by free, illegal corporate internet network accounts
  • Hosting services for websites
  • First search and indexing of websites
  • Breakthrough Google search and indexing of websites technology
  • Social Media sites make their first appearances. Facebook grows like crazy as college students use it as a dating tool.
  • A deal in the name of globalism made between the liberal socialist Democrats and big tech. Politically motivated Google Search ranking bias begins and gets worse over time. All the big tech companies join in.
  • Big tech removes influential conservatives from its platforms in support of Operation Mockingbird’s takeover of mainstream media. They help Democrats win elections, and, in return, Democrats don’t break up their monopoly.
  • Gab de-hosted by the corporate technocrats and their hosting friends. But, big tech really makes their move when Amazon Web Services (AWS) de-platforms popular conservative social media site,
  • Gab and Parler both move sites to “open source” distributed network platforms where they can protect their website by self-hosting.
  • Blockchain technologists introduce “smart contracts” that store social media messages. It opens the door to desperately needed internet technology answers.

What the Heck is Third-Party Crypto Tokens?

While accumulating your conservative blockchain earnings in third-party crypto tokens is optional. Its good to get some background and get somewhat comfortable with the terminology.

One day soon, it may very well be the money of the world!

And, not only will third-party crypto tokens be issued on conservative blockchain social media networks, but Google partners are already offering them with Chromium-based web search browsers!

An example is the Brave Browser that I reviewed as number one in conservative web browsers.

Blockchains mean cyber currency or tokens which can be registered for sale on open markets or privately. In either case, they are convertible into US Dollars.

Ethereum is the main player in the third-party crypto token business.

Ethereum has its own crypto token blockchain churning out virtual coins. It’s not considered an asset as it’s used more in rewards programs.

Their coins are used by a number of third-party resellers.

So, are you getting this? Third-party coins offered by third-party resellers to solve the problem of Google’s monopoly of as a third-party web advertiser! What could go wrong!

Or, maybe the blockchain itself is our protection from fraud.

But, I’m not done!

Where do we store these third-party cyber tokens? How do we store them and trade them?

Why of course! In third-party digital wallets!

Digital Wallets

I am not a financial advisor, so if you buy cryptocurrency, you’re on your own.

Should Trump Select a Particular Social Media Platform?

The “Holy Grail” of preferred decisions is an announcement that Trump may support or build a conservative blockchain social media platform that generates its own virtual currency. But, you can see that this technology doesn’t yet exist.

Besides, Trump doesn’t want to put his followers on the wrong cyber “Trump Train.”

He may already like what he sees.

A free market of platforms, each struggling to rise to dominate a capitalistic free market.

FAQs on a Conservative Blockchain Social Media Platform

Since blockchain technology holds such promise for conservatives and America, what are the liberal socialist Democrats and big tech doing to stop them?

Mainstream media and big tech “fight like hell” to dominate blockchain journalism. They are trying to pass laws that anyone publishing inside a blockchain network must fill out papers and get government approval.

Where is the conservative blockchain action occurring? I see nothing happening!

You’re right nothing much happened so far. But, I’m excited that we’ve identified the solution. See what is happening in the world of distributed networking, and check back here as I identify which blockchains have the action. Especially, keep and ear to the ground on any internet announcement by Former President Trump.

How does blockchain conservative journalism work?

Not unique to conservative journalism, Conservative blockchain journalism automatically pays users for viewing ads and publishers for creating content with third-party tokens.

What is the difference between a blockchain used for cryptocurrency and social media?

The enabler is a blockchain app called “smart contracts.” It adds intelligence to the ledger blocks. Without it a blockchain social media network would not be possible.

Will I need to enter my personal data?

So far, the answer is no personal data or profile is required. However, the liberal socialist Democrats will most likely eventually pass a law requiring it.

Congressman Devin Nunes says, “Republicans will never win another election without a free social media.”

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Seeing how the younger generation plans to determine pay and pension according to what we’re worth, sends a chill up my spine.

I’m betting they’re the answer for making the communist American worker perform. Is telling them they’ll kill them if they don’t work hard.

I wonder did their Marxist teachers admitted that it’s already been tried?

certainly solves an age-old problem about the lack of motivation in their new Marxist world.

Getting paid according to crowd-sourced customer decisions is interesting!

I can’t wait to get back to this article to update it as soon as my mind clears from this overload of research info!


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