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The New Central Bank Digital Currency is Here!

A new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the U.S. will be released soon. If you’re wondering, Joe Biden already issued an Executive Order, and the outgoing Congress passed an approval bill. Knowing their end game, you know what’s coming, is not good!

Implementing CBDC represents the final curtain on our privacy and personal freedoms because it will be used to centralize our personal information and track us. The totalitarian government Democratic party is “licking its chops” because it knows once central bank digital currency is implemented, it can finish its takeover of America.

However, there are other forces at work to mess up their plans, but one thing is for sure digital money of some sort is almost here!

Video: The World Economic Forum (WEF) creates a “credible and trusted digital currency.”

The possibility of a trusted global digital currency has sparked political, economic, and regulatory discussions worldwide. What trends are shaping the future of digital currencies?

What put me off about the video is how the speaker calls it a “trusted currency.” Aren’t those the similar terminology of election machine software upgrades, “trusted builds?”

As for credibility, as I sit here, the US dollar’s value continues to crash!

Furthermore, the USA and global monetary organizations have stepped up attacks on cryptocurrency because they are “unreliable and offer no real benefit to users.” Again, I refer you to the crash of the value of the U.S. Dollar!

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Our Central Bank readies its Trojan Horse!

Coming soon to America is an upgrade in how we use money and a natural platform to strip our rights completely. My pessimism goes beyond guesswork, as the globalists openly tell us how our lives will change.

One step at a time, the CBDC will become the governmental center of our being as power-hungry people strap on additional info-sharing services until our Bill of Rights is obliterated.

World political history tells us that once tyrants have power over us, they never peacefully give it back; it only grows.

Notice: while there is nothing specific to privacy in the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution, it is implied in several Amendments, especially the Fourth and Ninth. And so the only way out is for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that the CBDC cannot be forced on us and our right to privacy must be protected.

The FedNow system is the bait for the introduction of CBDC.

The introduction of the people-to-people FedNow digital monetary systems in July 2023 will normalize centralized governmental control of digital money in the U.S. This will make way for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), followed by a single currency for the coming authoritarian one-world government of the New World Order.

Do you think this is a stretch?

Person-to-person digital money transfer systems are already in use in China, India, and several countries in Latin America. The general public in some countries like the idea, but others see through what’s happening and what’s to come. For example, Costa Rica’s local version is called S.N.I.P.E., which many people use, but many don’t vendors use it.

How governmental digital currency creates slavery

With the advantages of sovereign digital currency comes the certainty of digital human slavery. It’s natural and bragged about by recently formed elites of the New World Order.

What does our Constitution say about the right to privacy?

… 5th Amendment gives the privacy of personal information through preventing self-incrimination.

Laws.com, Right to Privacy – US Constitution – LAWS.com

Note: if you think privacy is not essential because you do nothing wrong, you need to reevaluate.

Any information they have about you can be used against you.

In our communist-controlled federal government, our judicial department can convict a “ham sandwich.” And so, there is every reason not to help them by giving away personal information.

The trouble is when the feds can collect and cross-reference your data, thus creating a profile, your freedom disappears. And that’s precisely what’s at stake when we give way to government-controlled digital currency.

Why the CBDC platform is the ultimate hammer against us?

Any information that can be collected and digitalized will be included. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will continually scan and update profiles to handle the massive amounts of new data collected. In short, the government and corporations will know everything about you!

The hammer!

Government digital currency is the hammer! It can shut down your money by pushing a button or executing a line of code. It can decide if you are a well-behaved Global citizen and where and when to buy things. Furthermore, it can decide if you have any money at all.

Can government-controlled Digital Money be stopped?

Implementing Sovereign Central Bank Digital Currency technology is impossible to stop because the Globalists are too powerful. The only question is, what does the future look like as we learn to coexist barter and cryptocurrency tech evolves?

Fortunately, cryptocurrency offers alternative digital money, which is a strong competitor as long as it ends ties to the old money system and the CBDC. If it tries to coexist, it will fail.

Cryptocurrency was born for times like this; if it turns its back on its mission of a decentralized money system that replaces the old, it will fail. Look for cryptocurrency companies to look for friendlier countries to base themselves on and a re-entergization of efforts to buy things with crypto without converting it into sovereign money or tocans.

FedNow, an instant payment system, is scheduled for release in July 2023. I bring this up because it’s another step that means the Central Bank is serious about digital money.

The cryptocurrency was born to fight the coming tyranny of government-controlled digital currency.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created during the 2008 financial scare. From day one, cryptocurrency has been an open and distributed network designed to challenge global currencies.

The value of cryptocurrency is rising because so many feel its time has come. Still, political tyranny says otherwise. Banks with ties to virtual money are being closed, so virtual money owners will have trouble cashing out.

The bank cashout problem

Returning your cryptocurrency capital and earnings should be easy, but it’s not for me because I live in another country. In comparison, those living in a more civilized world can cash cryptocurrency into a Visa Fast Funds debit card or a U.S. checking account.

But I cannot! This leaves me only one option with all the crypto exchanges. That is with an expensive, slow international wire transfer.


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