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Central Bank Digital Currency is here!


A Central Bank Digital Currency for the U.S. is being tested. And Joe Biden already issued an Executive Order allowing its use as a replacement for paper and coin currencies. And the outgoing U.S. House is due to approve it before they leave office in January 2023. How convenient the timing is!

We are on the verge of digital currency in America!

While I know its initial convenience, unfortunately, it is also the perfect platform to strap on dystopian features to spy on us and limit our freedom. In the age of gradualism, I don’t see how we stop this first step and what’s sure to come.

Let’s discuss how to minimize Central Bank Digital Currency’s danger while enjoying its convenience.

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Our Central Bank readies to rock our world!

The Federal Reserve or Central Bank is a private bank whose existence was signed into law over 100 years ago. At first, its job was only to manage our sovereign money, but now it assumes it has the right to choose our form of currency.

No big deal! Right!

Well, it is a big deal! And I want you to know what they have in store for us goes far beyond a change in the form of currency. Instead, digital currency is the key to expanding fed government surveillance power that will rock your world.

Money and power, and Bitcoin

World political history tells us that once people have power over you, they never peacefully give it back; it only grows.

While I am not necessarily against digital currency per se, I am afraid that the Central Bank or Federal Reserve will add additional features, like vaccine passports; I don’t want any government or private company to have such power.

The good and bad of digital currency

And the coming implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the U.S. eliminates any chance of personal privacy. It opens the door permanently to the dystopian world of the totalitarians. The only way to resist is altogether drop out.

Notice: while there is nothing specific to privacy in the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution, it is implied in several Amendments. And so the only way out is for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that the CBDC cannot be forced on us and our right to privacy must be protected.

It’s only money

Only a reminder because most already know that Digital Currency by the Globalists is only the beginning. Soon afterward, it will evolve into an app platform for other services.

All in the name of services, but eventually, they will eat up your individualism!

What are the unexpected consequences of the Central Bank Digital Currency?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has already announced digital currency, and vaccine passports platforms will be merged. In other words, the Central Bank and the World Health Organization, backed by communist China will manage the programs.

Nothing will if this unholy union doesn’t send chills down your spine! Nevertheless, a Central Bank digital currency is now being tested. With the results due in 3 months.

Will Bitcoin survive the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency?

Many years ago, I thought about investing in Bitcoin; I even argued with people at my local deli. But I always came back with the same logical response.

‘Those who control the money will never allow an independent or competing currency to survive because they would threaten the totalitarians trying to control the world. I don’t know how or when, but they will take out Bitcoin.’

I am more sure than ever that I was right!

The collection of your data is unstoppable!

Today’s data collection of your personal information is more extensive than you imagine! Nowadays, you can be tracked no matter where you go or what you do, and the system can build a profile about you.

The key to understanding what’s happening, and it’s scary, is that the web browsers, smartphones, street cameras, etc., are connected. And, the data storage and processing about you happens in the vast cloud servers.

Now the scary part, all the devices share the same data. And so, all have unlimited processing power and data access based on immediate needs. Watch the video below to learn more.

“Big Data” collects and processes your data inside its cloud servers.

Big Data collects and processes your data inside a cloud server, which enables more efficient processing and merging of your personal information from all sources.

One source is the Internet of Things which can collect your data from places you never imagined! For example, your car, refrigerator, light bulbs, etc.

“The Internet of Things” is the phrase given to anything connected to the internet, like an intelligent light bulb, home security system, or even a smart refrigerator or TV. All can use sensors to collect your data without you knowing and report it to a cloud server. And someone will get paid for legally stealing your data.

More and more, the internet of things is everything around you, from a doorbell to a refrigerator. They are constantly scanning and uploading data about you for processing in artificial intelligence computers.

The merging of Vaccine Passports with Digital Currency

As long as the globalist go on with their plan to cull the world using gene editing, the merging of Vaccine Passports with Digital Currency is inevitable. And so is the elimination of your privacy.

However, that’s precisely where we are headed! But what does our Constitution say about the right to privacy? Unfortunately, nothing specific enough to save us.

The first amendment allows the privacy of beliefs, the third amendment protects the privacy of the home against any demands to be used to house soldiers, the fourth amendment protects the privacy of a person and possessions from unreasonable searches, and the 5th Amendment gives the privacy of personal information through preventing self-incrimination.

Laws.com, Right to Privacy – US Constitution – LAWS.com

Loss of our online privacy

Once the “rolling train” of governmental digital currency begins, there is no turning back, and other programs of tyranny will ride on the same platform. Each one will leave us with fewer opportunities to opt out.

The only chance is immediate, worldwide non-compliance, which I doubt will happen because the resulting loss of privacy and freedom will be quick but incremental.

The primary tool used against us is our addiction to smartphones and convenience.

Is the advent of Sovereign Digital Money unstoppable?

Implementing Sovereign Central Bank Digital Currency technology is impossible to stop because the bankers and nations are too powerful. Besides, it’ll be so convenient! However, hang on for the add-on as sinister plans are afoot by globalists.

Contrary to popular belief, Central Bank Digital Currency is not based on blockchain technology because the Federal Reserve does not need a distributed network. Instead, it’ll be centralized, then later interconnect with a global network. What could go wrong with its clients, the freedom-loving citizens of the world?

In the hands of sovereign global entities, the dream of an untrackable digital currency platform is about to become a worldwide dystopian nightmare.

And data collection shifted into high gear and became unstoppable when Google began collecting it via our browsers.

Will getting rid of things that spy help?

Russel Brand rants about how Amazon’s doorbell service shared camera data with the police.

Except for those exceptionally dedicated to private life, I doubt you can get rid of all spy things. A single face scan that reveals your identity will be quickly shared among the “clouds” of powerful corporate and government platforms.

Know that many electronic devices can spy on you; from lightbulbs to doorbells, they watch, listen, and report on you. Worse, once your data ends up in a Big Tech cloud, it can be processed, indexed, combined, etc. All are leading to controlling you when purchasing, getting medical treatments, traveling, and more.

I was confusing the artificial intelligence of Digital Currency.

While we can maybe confuse artificial intelligence for a while, eventually, it will gather more info and sort things out, and then eventually identify you. Moreover, you are probably unwilling to interrupt your life to pause your identification.

For example, achieving online privacy is nearly impossible if you carry an unshielded smartphone. Furthermore, it becomes impossible if you have the Facebook app on your phone.

And so, the choice is clear. Either refuse to use digital currency and put down your smartphone now, or forever give up your privacy and freedom.

Smartphone “bags or pockets.”

These bags are easy to use, inexpensive, and effective, but one false move! And presto, they know where you are.