Category: God, family, and country

restore America boy with flag

Peace between God, family, and country is my priority, and all are under attack by the Neo-Marxist Democrats and Republicans in name only (RHINOs).

The foundation of American values

Whether you believe in God or not, the Bible is the best guide for personal values, and from it, the U.S. Constitution. Interestingly, all other religions, except those built on satan worshipping, have similar values.

Family and community-centered

The concept of strong families is the bedrock of American values. Any cult seeking to damage or control family and community living does not have your best interest.


Neo-Marxists are the most severe threat to our country. Unfortunately, they are all under attack by Neo-Marxist trying to take over America and the world. Their most deadly attack vector is their corrupt elections.

Therefore, the easiest path forward is cleaning up elections because they cannot win an honest one. It’s tough-going as the Marxists and friends have concocted a brilliant, savage plan to take over America.

So, don’t expect miracles, though, because election fraud has been “baked” into American politics for a long time. And so, it will take many election cycles to clean them up. The only question, a good question, is whether America will still be around by this time.