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Can the Republican Party win the presidency in the 2024 election?


The Republican party cannot win the presidency in the 2024 election because it hasn’t yet fixed what caused its 2020 loss. And so, not even the most significant presidential landslide victory in U.S. history cannot elect a Republican President!

Making them honest will be tough as elections are infiltrated with Globalists and their well-thought-out and battle-proven election strategies. Even worse, the certainty of their methodical takeover methods and polished election steal apparatus reached its zenith in this current takeover attempt of the USA.

Why MAGA cannot win the 2024 Presidential election.

Because after my counting possible electoral votes, reaching the required 270 is impossible! That means they have enough phantom voters on the rolls and voting machines to win enough electoral votes to put them over the top!

Furthermore, when Ronnie (Romney) McDaniel was re-elected for another two years as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, it snuffed out the chances of the needed radical changes to win the election. But I must admit, even as I write this post, I am lost in what to do.

How Republicans win the next presidential election.

Remove phantom names on voter rolls to cripple election fraud.

Removing phantom names from voter rolls is the most effective way to stop election fraud. That’s why Democrats go to such lengths to limit computer access to only their people.

Phantom voters are names of people who could vote but probably won’t, and the Democrats want to keep as many on the rolls as possible because they use them to increase the vote totals needed to win dictated by the voting machines. What’s strange is how much we know about how they cheat but can’t seem to do anything about it!

Phantom voters swing elections in large counties.

Democrats mostly stick to inflating voter rolls with phantom voters in large cities because the math tells them that is all they need. Therefore, even though it’s easier to get phantom voters off the rolls in smaller counties, it’s the largest ones that matter most if you want to win an election.

So find which counties run the elections of significant cities and learn the art of lobbying. But I advise you that changing minds will seem impossible at first; you’ll need organizational help from MAGA!

Report: Omega4America.com uses technology to find voter roll errors.

While I applaud its efforts, it isn’t the end-all solution to cleaning voter rolls. Ultimately, its answer is using fabulous real-time data to persuade or threaten the keepers of voter rolls as if they didn’t know their rolls were inaccurate.

I had hoped that the hard work and advanced technology of Omega4America.com would be a solution, but it’s not! The Marxist-led Democrats are ideology-driven, so they will lie and mislead to protect their “sacred” list of phantom voters.

For reference, the infamous, hardworking Judicial Watch won a dirty voter roll court judgment in Los Angeles County to remove 1.5 million illegal entries before the 2020 election. However, the county registrar never did it and still hasn’t!

Remove RINOs and Marxists from the Republican Party

These are the MAGA choices at the moment for uniting the Republican party. There aren’t years left for America in its current state to start a new party.

Again, a big problem for MAGA is the mainstream media propaganda telling RINOs that MAGA is only a cult with few followers. Brainwashing prevents the processing of facts like MAGA represents the majority of Americans.

As in my opening, I am sure of what I’m saying, but I need your help figuring out answers as we go along.

Why does MAGA need to win elections?

While I didn’t understand before, I do now! MAGA needs to control the Republican party to win elections because only the party has the power to do critical things. By not supporting the people’s will, the Republican National Committee (RNC) stab MAGA candidates in the back by not helping fix election integrity and avoiding funding MAGA candidates.

But, that is the view of the RNC Chairwoman, Ronnie McDaniel, which would be in line with her U.S. Senator Uncle, Mitt RHINO Romney. The Republican party wasted an opportunity to take back the USA because a closet communist was in charge of the RNC.

Who made this disastrous appointment possible? Donald Trump!

In January 2023, MAGA gained the power of the purse in the U.S. House, and soon there will be an election for the Republican National Chair. Let’s hope there is a change in the air and chair!

The coordination of candidate funding according to the most likely winner.

Viewing MAGA candidates and their supporters as easily placated fools, the National Republican Committee (RNC) only supported MAGA candidates that were inoffensive to them. Unbelievably, if they were strong MAGA supporters, they were often ignored!

We should have realized this was going to be a problem when Trump was battling with RINO Ronnie McDonnell, a niece of king RINO Senator Mitt Romney, over campaign donations. Therefore, during the 2024 election season, the RNC and MAGA must agree on a combined winning funding strategy. This is why the Jan. 2023 election of a chairperson is so critical.

Red Eagle Politics tell of considerable differences in fund-raising and ad buys. And how the Republicans’ poor use of campaign funds may have cost them the 2022 midterms.

Watch this video to understand an essential underpinning of why MAGA-led Republicans are losing elections. Stop blaming each other, and realize the strategy of the corrupt voting machines are only part of the problem. Step into the reality of unfair elections that few still realize.

My only hope is that I’m wrong and there is only a misunderstanding. Otherwise, the Republican party cannot win another presidential election. That is unless we can root them out, or they put us in jail.

What is the difference between a RINO and an asleep Republican?

RINOs are part of an American Unity-Communist party; they are traitors, while asleep or moderate Republicans don’t yet get what is happening! They “stick their thumbs in their mouths” while sitting on political fences.

Both are dangerous, but the RINOs are the worst because they are clandestinely and strategically placed as judges, state legislatures, governors, etc. They pop up when you least expect them to do significant political damage.

Or are they so against Trump that they’d sacrifice America to keep “Orange Man Bad” from being re-elected?

A stinging 72-minute podcast by Mark Levin about the backstabbing of the Republican party.

There is a hardcore cadre of RINOs, and they are everywhere!

It’s tough to accept, but we feel it! RINOs are popping up everywhere! America’s been thoroughly infiltrated and taken over! There is no other accurate description of what’s happened.

Recognize them! Avoid them! Get them removed!

Adding insult to the sabotage of America is the Republican Nation Chairperson, the niece of a turncoat, Senator Mitt Romney, may be voted back again to her position.

Why did the RINOs turn against MAGA?

These reasons are a combination of my conjecture and factual information.

Focus on “getting the ballots in the box!”

I know this sounds weird, but until the laws and their enforcement change, scour the country for people who haven’t voted, get them to vote, and put it in the box for them! Please don’t spend a lot of time selling them on MAGA.

Of course, that may not be enough, as the Globalist cheaters will illegally create phantom voters from the rolls. And they can inject 100s of thousands or even millions into the paper ballot stream without even chain-of-custody documentation. Which is something only those who control the vote counting can do!

Make mail-in voting illegal.

The law is on your side because many election laws mandate a ballot chain of custody. The root of our chain of custody challenges is mail-in voting because it can never be secured; another is remote drop boxes.

Both voting means must be stopped in red and blue states before Republicans can win another presidential election.

For counties with few voters, you may get results through persuasion but for the larger, more critical counties, again, join a MAGA group.

Undoing the election integrity damaged by emergency COVID laws

A self-described army of 600 Democratic party lawyers fanned out among the States in 2019, each with a pre-set plan to lobby for mail-in voting. And, for the most part, each did their job in time before COVID was even known about (sic).

According to Joe Biden, the lawyers were the forerunners of “The largest and most sophisticated election fraud organization in history.” Yes, he did say that!

The laws and promises made left behind must be cleaned up. Each state must make mail-in voting illegal, or a congressional law must be passed because the U.S. Supreme Court will not help.

A determined, creative “nitty-gritty” lobbying style to win a presidential election.

Don’t let a Democratic-controlled Congress or a run-away President who is Executive Order happy pass a national election rules package, or the Republicans may never win another election.

Joe Biden slips and admits to voter fraud.

A U.S. Supreme Court case named Moore v Harper may reaffirm the legal right for state legislatures to control all election laws. And so, the ramifications of the ongoing case go far beyond gerrymandering questions. Republicans may win back blue states if the re-districting ruling favors Republicans and the constitutional power of state legislatures is reaffirmed.

List of critical political officials to stop voter fraud?

How to earn good relationships with key people who can change election laws. Here are the critical offices to target:

  • Governorship holds veto power over state legislatures and can call them into session during off periods.
  • The Secretary of State manages elections via power given to them via the state legislature.
  • Attorney General prosecutes election fraud issues.
  • State and Federal judges rule on election fraud issues.
  • Election commissioners make election rules consistent with state legislature rules.
  • State legislators have the ultimate power to change election rules. Like Congress, parties take control by achieving a majority in elections.

Identifying and winning over crucial election contacts

The state legislators are critical contacts you should make, and often they are the easiest to reach because the people elect them. Besides, they are constitutionally charged with overseeing elections.

Here is a summary of critical topics I discuss with them:

  • Mail-in voting and remote ballot boxes need to be outlawed. By its nature, mail-in voting cannot guarantee a chain of custody for ballots. Therefore, it must be outlawed, or we can never have confidence in our elections.
  • Outlaw spoiler voting is when absentee voters can change their vote. The trouble is the first vote is hardly ever voided.
  • Remove all voting machines – Democrats can never guarantee they are not connected to the internet, which is by nature unsecured. All codes must be open for public inspections if kept for a while.
  • Change election voting to encrypted paper ballots.
  • Clean voter rolls.

I recommend you join a local MAGA political group to coordinate your efforts. Go to a GOP Precinct meeting or your child’s school board to reach out.

Demand equal advertising exposure from Big Tech.

All big platforms give political candidates equal exposure, except the most important one, Big Tech. Most do not realize its massive, blatant, and subliminal effects. Getting that equal treatment is so vital that I doubt Republicans can get a presidential candidate election without it.

For this reason, Conservative media and Twitter have risen in importance to make the elections fairer. Nevertheless, Google and Facebook remain kings of views.

Below is a video of famous podcaster Joe Rogan having a conversation with the doctor/scientist who lit up the airways about how significant the influence of Big Tech is. Its influence is much more significant than most imagine!

Dr. Robert Epstein is a Democratic party social media scientist with over ten years of experience studying the effects of Big Tech advertising. Watch the video to get a clearer understanding of the extreme danger to our Republic, and its influence brings. Corrupt voting machines are only part of the MAGA-led Republicans’ challenges to restore America.

Sneaky ways Big Tech lobbies for their globalist presidential candidates.

How the illegal, free advertising of Big Tech influences elections must be a paramount concern for MAGA-led Republicans because it can easily swing elections. As everyone knows, too many voters, especially young ones, rely so much on their smartphones for all kinds of info.

Furthermore, during every election cycle, especially during the “get out to vote” time Google, Facebook, etc., flood Democratic party prospective voters. Yet, this advertising does not appear anywhere as campaign contributions!

Republicans must stop blaming each other and realize Big Tech is a critical Democratic tool for winning elections because of its ability to identify voters from its sophisticated personal profile collection techniques and its timely get-out-the-vote notification sent to smartphones.

Websites rankings, media censorship, educational programming for the critical base for election bias.

The Marxist-led Democrats have tentacles in every corner of our society. The highly partisan fake news of their artisan websites, media, education, and even the publicity of significant corporations, help create a mass psychosis that prevents moderate Democrats from coming to our side.

Warning: the result is an intense mass psychosis that renders the unfortunate unable to process any information that goes against the false reality in which they live. So, don’t be surprised if the crazies don’t listen to logic when they can’t process it.

The gap between adverting spending for Republicans versus Democrats is significant. Democrats often outspend Republicans 4 to 10 times.

This is a significant disadvantage as Republican candidates are forced to delay advertising until later in the election. We have the best platform, so we’ll win if candidates can get the word out.

Furthermore, there is something else that is frequently overlooked. Big Tech donates billions of free advertising on their platforms. And it can also swing an election!

Now that I look at what’s happening, it’s a wonder how MAGA and Republicans win any campaign races!

Beware of future elections deciding illegal immigrant votes.

This is especially problematic as the Democrats have imported so many immigrants to fill state voter rolls. And only they know who and where they are, but we can deduce that they are being settled in counties where they need more votes.

Importantly, you should know that there is a history going back to the frontier days of allowing anyone present to vote in local elections.

Although many state legislatures have outlawed this, the New Hampshire Supreme Court recently reaffirmed this outdated election law.

And so, its citizens now face the possibility of being outvoted in local elections by illegal immigrants!

Further info:

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Ok, What are we going to do to stop the election fraud?