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Can the Republican Party win another election?


Republicans are facing the possibility of never winning another consequential election. With election fraud firmly in place to control enough presidential electoral votes and all General Elections, as it stands now, Republicans cannot win!

To win future elections, Republicans must unify and learn to compete in the world of mail-in ballots with broken ballot custody problems and dirty voter rolls.

Other critical, unfair hurdles to election integrity exist that cannot be fixed without passing new federal laws. Please read to the end to understand the severity of this problem. Hint: it’s not about the voting apparatus!

Let’s look at legal, common-sense ways for MAGA-led Republicans to reverse their fortunes and begin winning. By its nature, this post must be frequently updated as ideas are constantly improved.

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List of reasons the Republican party cannot win another election.

  • The Republican party is divided.
  • Trump is again being unfairly investigated.
  • The machines are rigging the vote count.
  • Big Tech gives Democrats billions in free advertising and other help.
  • Mainstream media brainwashes a sizable part of the population.
  • MAGA’s base is beginning to drop out because of hopelessness.

Not a joke! Candidate Joe Biden admits to fraud during the 2020 campaign!

This is a video that many people watched in 2019 and is still on Youtube. Right to our faces, he tells us that the 2020 election will be rigged! I saw it live myself and was stunned! I thought he must have made a bumbling mistake, but he didn’t!

Why was he so upfront about the coming fraud? He knew there was nothing we could do about it!

Nevertheless, even on the eve of 2023, we still haven’t nearly cleaned up our elections. America will continue to dive into political and economic darkness until we do.

Here are some of the budding ways, though.

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RHINOs are at war with the American people.

Republicans in Name Only (RHINOs) are dangerous enemies because once turned, you never know where they’ll turn up next! Unfortunately, we too often find them in key positions to swing elections and prevent auditing of ballots or voting apparatus.

The political and funding actions of RHINOs against Conservatives were damaging in recent losing elections. Even worse, they are now closing ranks with the Democrats to form a Uniparty that does not MAGA. Both parties are done with American values!

A stinging 72-minute podcast by Mark Levin about the backstabbing of the Republican party.

They stab MAGA and the country in the back. It’s now apparent that they are working for non-America causes. Why? In this battle of minds, too many previous staunch Republicans are now overcome with false news, leaving MAGA seemingly terrorists.

If you think I’m going off the deep end, think about the number of people in high offices that shut down the auditing of recent elections, both national and the midterms. If you think about it for more than a few seconds, it’ll dawn on you that the Democratic party must have had help.

I’m thinking of the Republican party, corporations, and foreign actors. All interfered in the people’s elections. But why? Because they don’t want America to become a country ruled by the people. Why again? Because they have a different agenda!

While pondering, let’s move on to cleaning up our elections.

Which political offices should I begin lobbying?

  • Governorship holds veto power over state legislatures and can call them into session during off periods.
  • The Secretary of State manages elections via power given to them via the state legislature.
  • Attorney General prosecutes election fraud issues.
  • State and Federal judges rule on election fraud issues.
  • Election commissioners make election rules consistent with state legislature rules.
  • State legislators have the ultimate power to change election rules. Like Congress, parties take control by achieving a majority in elections.

What should your state legislatures clean up?

  • Mail-in voting and ballot harvesting need to be outlawed. By its nature, mail-in voting cannot guarantee a chain of custody for ballots. Therefore, it must be outlawed, or we can never have confidence in our elections.
  • Outlaw spoiler voting is when absentee voters can change their vote. The trouble is the first vote is hardly ever voided.
  • Remove all voting machines – Democrats can never guarantee they are not connected to the internet, which is by nature unsecured. All codes must be open for public inspections if kept for a while.
  • Change election voting to encrypted paper ballots.
  • Clean voter rolls.

The mystery of why the RHINOs side with the Democrats.

Do they hate Trump that much, or are they ready to move on from American values?

It’s tough to swallow, but Mitch McConnell and his RHINO buddies can’t stand it when the people rule, so they turn to communism and accept large donations while doing so. Somehow, we must win another presidential election and drive them out or go back to the ideals in the Constitution.

Adding insult to the sabotage of America is the Republican Nation Chairperson, the niece of a turncoat, Senator Mitt Romney, may be voted back again to her position.

The war to win elections by controlling minds.

What is Mass Psychosis?

Mass psychosis is brainwashing or gaslighting on a social scale. The vehicle is a carefully constructed and maintained false reality and exclusivity over the info victims receive.

Although the authoritarian Democratic party, through Operation Mockingbird, has succeeded in causing a mass psychosis within the U.S. that prevents voters from processing political news accurately, the MAGA media has still managed to wrestle away a significant share.

The Democratic party, in partnership with our Central Intelligence Agency, has perfected brainwashing and brought it to the masses. They call it mass psychosis. And we made achieving it all so easy!

More election-result-changing than most realize is the illegal gift of massive, free advertising to Democrats by Big Tech!

Watch this video to understand an essential underpinning of why MAGA-led Republicans are losing elections. Stop blaming each other, and realize the strategy of the corrupt voting machines are only part of the problem. Step into the reality of unfair elections that few still realize.

Dr. Robert Epstein is a Democratic party social media scientist with over ten years of experience studying the effects of Big Tech advertising. Watch the video to get a clearer understanding of the extreme danger to our Republic, and its influence brings. Corrupt voting machines are only part of the MAGA-led Republicans’ challenges to restore America.

How the illegal, free advertising of Big Tech influences elections must be a paramount concern for MAGA-led Republicans because it can easily swing elections. As everyone knows, too many voters, especially young ones, rely so much on their smartphones for all kinds of info.

Furthermore, during every election cycle, especially during the “get out to vote” time Google, Facebook, etc., flood Democratic party prospective voters. Yet, this advertising does not appear anywhere as campaign contributions!

Republicans must stop blaming each other and realize Big Tech is a critical Democratic tool for winning elections because of its ability to identify voters from its sophisticated personal profile collection techniques and its timely get-out-the-vote notification sent to smartphones.

The constantly changing Democratic party strategies of election fraud

The strategy used by those controlling the Democratic party election fraud is constantly adapting to circumstances. After all, the only purpose is to win political control without getting caught.

The massive free advertising campaigns by Big Tech

Recently, we’ve seen Big Tech assume an even more significant role in drumming up voters and reminding them to vote. Because their capabilities are so powerful, it seems the fraud of the election machines is more held in reserve lately.

Besides, what Big Tech does seems more legal, but is it? What is the value of the free advertising they get from them? Is it reported as campaign contributions? Of course not!

Chasing ballot fraud-ridden machines and internet connections

I will predict the time will come when the Communist Democratic party will not even need corrupt machines to win because Big Tech will get them over the line instead. People still do not realize the power they have to influence or, dare I say it, steal elections.

Like a shell game, one day, patriots will get an opportunity to look under the hood of the dreaded corrupt election equipment but find nothing! The fraud mechanism will have moved to the unfair searching, advertising, and notification capabilities of Big Tech.

Besides, I’m betting the code that illegally gives and takes votes is being moved to a centralized location outside of America (China). And, so, there will be nothing to say when the code is examined.

Therefore, the way to stop election fraud has moved to the legal realm. That is stopping the free advertising that Big Tech gives to Democrats.

What anti-election fraud organizations should I support?

A bright spot after the disastrous election steal in 2020 is the rise of hundreds of new, grassroots Republican anti-election fraud organizations. So distributed are these organizations they are impossible to shut down or censor.

To help you become even more effective in your efforts to help clean up our elections, I encourage you to join one or more. Here are some of the more popular or powerful ones.

“True to Vote” turns up the heat on real-time election fraud reporting.

“True to Vote” is the brave organization that supplied the data for the documentary “2000 Mules.” And the inspiration to attract a top movie producer like Dinesh D’Souza.

Beyond the years of hard work tracking election fraud, they have now dedicated their efforts to catching and reporting it in real-time. What they are up to now requires a lot of volunteers.

A technology-driven response

“True the Vote” confirms that the Democratic party uses a Fusion Control Center to connect all the voting machines and process election data in real time. And now, “True the Vote” rises to counter their operational plan by copying it. Of course, with a few twists.

What is an intelligence fusion center?

  • It is an online, cloud-based database for receiving and processing political intelligence.
  • It is specially adapted to catch election cheating at dropboxes in near real-time.
  • The cloud automatically dispatches local sheriffs from a MAGA Fusion Center citizen’s app.
  • A server cloud does all the processing by machine or human processing.
  • Can process biometric data.

It’s time MAGA got the tools it needs to battle the 5th Generation political attack, we know; BTW, if you want to buy your fusion center server.

They installed an intelligence server to track what happens and receive real-time reports and videos from citizens. Of course, none of this matters unless without police muscle.

Local sheriff departments provide MAGA with voter “identity theft” prosecution muscle.

Several MAGA-friendly elected sheriffs in rural areas have banded together to respond to citizens who report someone illegally voted in their name. They respond via an app from “True to Vote.”

It’s an exciting concept, I hope it works, but I’ve heard nothing.

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Ok, What are we going to do to stop the election fraud?