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Explore my favorites, and bookmark the ones you like.

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Conservative websites icons

Everyone wants to save time! And bookmarking your favorite conservative websites is an easy way to reduce searching for them. Also, bookmarking them enables you to see them all in one place.

For this reason, I spend a great deal of time and energy researching conservative social media sites. And so, bookmarking my suggestions will improve the quality of your choices and save you time.

It feels good to get organized and bookmark the “keeper” conservative blogs.

In doing so, you help focus somewhat on the power and influence of the best. Thus, help the process of natural selection of the best conservative sites capable of going toe-to-toe against the partisan websites that brainwash our fellow countrymen.

Great Conservative Websites to Bookmark!

The Gateway Pundit

So you know, The Gateway Pundit is my go-to conservative website for important political news. And so, it’s my first icon on my smartphone home screen.

The Glenn Beck Show

Most of the best minds in conservative news and opinions can be found on The Blaze. Better yet, they fearlessly report the truth about sensitive stories, even though receiving threats.

The Glenn Beck Show really is about sticking one’s neck out no matter the danger. For example, one of many dangerous topics was the Federal Reserve. Eventually, some very powerful people got his Fox News Show canceled some 7 years ago.


While still popular in Conservative circles, Dan Bongino has taken some hits. First, he tanked when Parler was de-platformed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Next, he associated with Fox News just as Fox was also going down.

However, he and his show are still very popular. Even if the conservative media world has grown and his Youtube and Rumble channel must compete harder than ever for viewers.

Rumble video-sharing

While I have often listened to his video shows on Rumble, I have a confession, I never particularly liked his drawn-out manner of presenting his commentaries on the news.

Anyway, I included his website because his subject matter is concise and to the point. (Most likely due to his alter-ego wife.) Because Dan lays out the true dangers America faces and how to peacefully take back America. And so, I sometimes watch him on Rumble and read the blogs of his show notes.

Admittingly, his website lacks the packs of political writers like a Fox News site. But I like his clarity, honesty, strength, and relevancy about conservative politics.

Just the News

John Soloman is one of the best conservative investigative journalists in the business! So, if you want to read carefully-researched blockbuster news stories, his website is the place to go! However, like Bongino, his visibility on the net has taken a hit because his main source of viewers was Fox News.

Frank Speech

This is the promised free speech network of the My Pillow man, Founder, and CEO Mike Lindell.

I keep his icon on my smartphone because, frequently when I tap the icon, I am treated to an interesting interview. However, so you know, its platform runs continually, and so frequently repeats shows at night.

The main host Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse is the main host of Frank Speech because of his decades of experience with his own website and hosting shows. Furthermore, he’s hosted the platform from day one.

In light of being a solid conservative and having a deep knowledge of the Bible, he knows how to put what’s happening in perspective.

BTW, his son is the studio producer. It’s so much like a conservative to have a family business!

Furthermore, Mike Lindell, the Pillow Man from My Pillow is the platform’s owner and frequent guest. And, Brannon shows a lot of patience listening to his “hugely” optimistic plan to get the 2020 elections canceled.

Infowars – the most banned platform in the world!

The owner and host, Alex Jones has been right about the communist takeover of America for over 23 years! Labeled a conspiracy theorist for decades, the enemy still tries to take him off-air.

He has hard-hitting blogs, interesting guests, and continual “live” conversations. As he talks about the most taboo topics. In fact, the big tech will prevent, in live-time, even linking to him. This is something that’s gone on for some 2 years!

Unlike everyone on the left, I don’t consider him right-wing because how could he. After all, he’s correct about almost everything! And, he definitely does not espouse political violence.

If you don’t know for whom I mean (AJ), then I know that you wouldn’t like to add his icon.

Breitbart News

Ah! Good old Breitbart News! As a long-time favorite of Conservatives, it features a large daily list of articles written by professional journalists.

While not daring to mention the sinister end-goal of the globalists, its articles map their strategy. And so, the globalists try hard to shut them down.

Not surprisingly, they are labeled right-wing by Wikipedia and the rest of the global communists, but they are not.

Table of Useful Conservative Websites: My Estimated Personal Clicks Per Month.

Name of WebsiteNumber of Clicks (month)
The Gateway Pundit200
The Blaze20
Fox News5
The Daily Caller2
The Unmentionably Banned (AJ)80
Breitbart News30
My estimates only.

Steps to Adding Bookmarks

Time needed: 1 minute.

Bookmarks help you find conservative websites.

  1. On your smartphone

    Go to the conservative website and tap “Save to Home Screen.” Your phone will automatically save an icon and link.

  2. On your computer

    Go to the three vertically stacked dots (on Windows it’s in the upper left corner) and click, then click “Bookmarks.”

What are the Advantages of Bookmarking?

Viewing the sum total of your favorite conservative websites in a group and tapping an icon is a fast way to visit them. Furthermore, once grouped you can accurately see all your options in one place. And, with an icon, you bring up websites faster, and with fewer misspelled searches.

What are Social Bookmarking Sites?

You can maintain your own list of bookmarks or share them. The most popular social websites that will share your bookmark include:

  • Reddit,
  • Listly,
  • GetPocket,
  • Scoop,
  • Diigo.

If you own a blog, you can embed the list on your site. Great SEO strategy for building backlinks.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.