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Why Biden’s foreign policies weren’t wrong for 40 years?

The foreign policies of Joe Biden were not wrong. If you think so, you look at them from a mistaken viewpoint.

If you assumed they were wrong because they worsen your lifestyle. It would be best if you turned your thinking around.

Because his foreign policies were never for your benefit. , unless you’re a member of large labor unions, the Joe Biden family, or your name is Obama.

Who is Joe Biden

Joe started as a Democrat Socialist — a union guy — trying to help members enter the middle class. A campaign platform that cemented union support and got him elected repeatedly for decades.

He is not that bright, but he can be a brilliant speaker. He can cause an audience and himself to cry. Yet, be insincere. A skill both he and Obama shared.

The globalists find the perfect puppet.

However, in the latter days of his political career, the communist leadership noticed his natural political puppet capabilities. And so, Obama made him his bumbling Vice President and future unprosecutable “fall guy.”

In a puppet-like fashion, Obama left poor Joe with the mucky job of committing the presidential crimes of treason. For example, he’s ignoring his constitutional duty to protect our southern border.

Joe follows the money and transitions into more profitable global communism schemes.

Under Obama’s guidance, he slipped off the slippery socialism rock onto communism. It was a natural and inevitable slip that he and his family discovered that international influence peddling was highly profitable.

Why did Joe Biden open our Southern border?

Steve Bannon of the War Room interviews Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow, Center for Immigration.

Joe Biden’s opening of our Southern border can only mean one thing. He and his handlers are trying to crash America and subjugate it under a New World Order.

Specifically, importing over our Southern border:

(Video article and link) https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-joe-biden-revealed-why-supports-illegal-immigration-2015-change-the-country

Who are the voices inside Joe Biden’s earpiece?

Obama, or another communist, constantly speaks into his earpiece. They even tell him who to salute and when to kneel!

Even so, Joe continues to say stupid or unintelligible things. But does what he says even matter?

Did Joe Biden have an undying devotion to strengthening unions and thus the middle-class?

Early on in Joe Biden’s political career, he learned how to get the donations and votes of unions. He claimed the rise of the middle-class in America is almost entirely due to employee unions and their ability to negotiate higher wages.

No politician from Delaware ever had a more straightforward story to tell. And he rode this story to raise money and captured votes for 40 years as a Senator!

Joe Biden adds globalism to his corrupt unionist bucket.

Joe Biden is an ideological political grifter. So much so that not selling political influence is a sin of some sort to him.

For example, it is logical to tax American businesses till they bleed while unions demand higher wages. And so, with no moral compass or loyalty to America, Joe Biden requires organizations to buy access to taxation relief.

If the NWO and Obama fail, he becomes Obama’s puppet and fall guy.

Joe Biden is the perfect puppet president.

Joe Biden will never face prosecution because of his dementia. Moreover, Obama and Joe’s handlers are confident a double-cross is unlikely. Especially since Joe feels Obama is his best friend.

And so, today, Joe stands alone as America’s most significant political puppet while still getting rich on our backs.

Are millions of military-aged illegal aliens here to seize guns?

It makes perfect sense to use foreign fighters from developing countries to try to seize our guns because they have no allegiance to America.

Many are also accustomed to urban warfare or have a grudge against us. If the Democrat communists lose congressional control, look for their activation and a violent takeover.

Joe Biden gives global apologies for you being white.

He thinks whites are weak and darker tone people are strong. And so, he thinks upping the percentage of darker tone people is patriotic. It sounds like Obama’s been prompting him.

Of course, this so-called thinking is part of the Marxists’ attempt to create racial division. Not that Biden/Obama believed in racism, but rather together pumped it up to cause division and chaos.

And so, the Biden Regime begins by offering apologies for being white. It sounds like the Obama presidential “Apology Tour” in 2008.

The question becomes, does Joe Biden believe what he says. Or is the only parroting Obama? In other words, does our president even understand what he’s saying?

Why does Joe Biden go along with apologizing for being “white” when he is indeed white?

This apologizing habit comes from the deep-seated psychological problem of thinking his life is not worth much. And growing dementia that clouds his judgment.