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Conservative web browser reviews are about usability. And somewhat about privacy, although none of them are totally secure. In fact, the search for an overall personal security system that totally works still escapes us.

Furthermore, all browsers are built on the same open-source Google code. And so, when I talk about third-party web browsers, you’ll notice a remarkable resemblance between them.

Nevertheless, I’ll pull out the most important differences. And, in the end, we’ll discuss a new generation of Lynx Distro browsers where we’ll find better answers in obscure places.

Web Browser Reviews

Brave Browser

Access files located in any “Interplanetary File System.” If you never heard of it before, you’re not alone! I bring this up to show the desperation of even one of the most popular to be different.

Brave also lets you earn cryptocurrency just for browsing. But, you’ll need to browse for a few years before earning enough spendable money for a pizza.

Google Chrome

Why would you ever leave such a stable privacy web browser? It’s a blotted privacy web browser that can bring down any computer with borderline RAM (500 MBS). That is simultaneously running an anti-virus program.

Enter the world of “not for profit” Linux distro browsers!

There are many talented web browser coders who share your lack of privacy frustrations. And, so have written their own code for a Lynx browser.

However, you will need to switch over to a personal computer running Lynx, instead of Apple OS or Windows. Their days are numbered anyway. You should consider making the change. However, some of these Lynx Distros will run on the older operating systems.

Sure, you’ll need to re-learn lots of things about operating and maintaining your computer. But, then again, what is your web browser privacy worth these days.

Bear in mind, that all big web browser development companies need lots of money. And, the only way to get it nowadays is by building them on Google Chromium. That is in order to get that fat commission payment.

A Shocker! Here is what I do for web browser privacy.

For me, I use a $300 HP laptop with Gigs of ram. It’s all the horsepower I need for any Distro Lynx web browser.

Here is the article that got me close to my Windows/Lynx finish line. FYI, I choose and still use the Linux Mint Distro.

The speed and responsiveness of my Distro Lynx operating system with a browser are addicting. Specifically, the mushiness and delays of my mouse and keyboard under Windows 10 have disappeared!

The Distro browsers are faster and my only hope of achieving browser privacy. Even if you’ve only risen to the semi-geek level, you should give them a try.

Screwed again!

Security Expert talks about how Google is now reading our device fingerprint number. And, so attaining web browser privacy becomes different and nearly impossible.

Now Google is reading your computer’s internal machine identification. And so I’ll have to see if I can buy another computer via cash to keep my name private from Google.

Just another reason the New World Order wants to do away with cash.


Knowing that Bill Gates is a billionaire on account of his flakey Microsoft Windows.

BTW, operating systems named with names similar to Lynx are all similar.

And, of course, there are a ton of Lynx Distro operating systems to choose from. However, be careful not to select another one with Chromium. And, above all, don’t select Google Chromium for Lynx!

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