Best Conservative Video-Sharing Platforms Review

Entrepreneurs at work! The best are rising to the top!

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These best conservative video-sharing platforms are becoming the stables of the Patriots’ online news world. Conservatives are learning how to find their favorite channel host shows. And adjusting to only using Youtube as a backup.

Video-sharing platforms are online hubs where video creators upload their videos for the sake of a bigger audience. In compensation, the platforms share advertising revenue.

As expected, video-sharing entrepreneurs have created new innovative services. For example, they have re-written the rules for how to earn money for creators, publishers, and viewers.

The very next time you get that feeling of anger upon discovering your favorite Youtube channel canceled, pop over to one of these popular conservative video-sharing platforms. Because you’ll find them all there waiting for you.

List of the best conservative video sharing platforms:

  • Rumble is famous because Dan Bongino (Dan Bongino Show) is a minority owner, and of course great management. And, recently, it made a smart move acquiring a popular Conservative membership blogging website called
  • Gab TV
  • Bitchute
  • Odessy

About Rumble

Rumble is a Canadian, full-service video platform that connects creators to viewers. The company has a new common-sense approach to dividing income between its creators, publishers, and even viewers.

Who is the CEO of Rumble?

An extensive interview with Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble. Watching any portion or all will add a lot of depth to what you know about this booming Canadian business!

Chris Pavlovski is Rumble’s founder and chief executive. He is a global entrepreneur who set up video contracts for Rumble with the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo, and 10 other major video distribution companies.

I suspect the reason Rumble remains untouched by the Marxist Cancel Culture is his business sense and contacts.

News! Rumble acquires

After all, it made sense to purchase their Member’s List and traffic.

Furthermore, Rumble did a favor for the independent Conservative journalists of this subscription-based blogger service. Because more exposure and traffic means more shared recurring membership commissions for them.

Conservative Political Celebrities on Rumble

To begin with, Rumble attracted big-name Conservative celebrities that increased memberships and viewership. And so, most patriots producing political videos submit them to Rumble instead of Youtube.

For example, the Steve Bannon War Room successfully uses Rumble as a Youtube replacement.

Making money on Rumble

Like everything in the internet marketing world, it takes a lot of traffic to even earn even “pizza money”. And so, all of us need the help of an “angel” to get things going.

However, if you have viral video content, you can make a few bucks. But, if you want to earn commission by putting Rumble videos on your site, don’t count on eating much pizza. That is unless your site has a ton of traffic.

If you still want to pursue earning commissions on Rumble, and not just sharing for the sake of sharing, read on for hints.

The Truth About Earning Money on Rumble

You can earn money as a Creator, Publisher, or Commenter! To keep track, each participant has their own Earning Page which shows how well they’re doing. Just know that unless some of your videos go viral, it’s tough to earn much.

Can’t blame Rumble, but if you are not a viral video content creator or have a hot conservative blog site, you won’t even earn pizza money. But the times are changing!

Rumble is the place for you if you get canceled by Youtube! If not, support the cause and watch political videos and leave comments anyways. It’ll be some years before us regular people can even earn pizza money on Rumble.

What are Rumble’s account types?

Free Account – Upload and monetize videos on Rumble. Much like YouTube, they pay only if a viewer clicks on an ad.

Publisher Account – Monetize your videos when embedded in your website. Doesn’t pay much unless you have tons of traffic.

Business – A more expensive premium option, where you can host your videos instead of having Rumble host them. A Rumble Business user then has much more control over their content.

Payment by Rumble is easy!

Anytime your Earned Balance is more than $50, you can request the funds transferred to your Paypal account. Watch the video below for information on how this works.

See the results of my personal attempt to earn money as an authorized Rumble Publisher.

Where is the Rumble Earning Page?

It is in the upper right-hand corner of your screen where you click the menu item for Personal Profile.

You’ll find it by clicking on your User Profile picture in the upper right-hand corner once logged in.

Tik Tok

Recently, Tik Tok has swept the video world with its new short, repeating format. And Odysee doesn’t require a phone number or email address to subscribe. But, they are comprised mostly of silly videos, so unsuitable for serious conservative political commentary. Or, are they the future?

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