Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review

The world of conservative media continues to expand!


The best conservative social media platform review is a practical guide. Without it, you may waste precious time testing multiple platforms before ever finding the right one!

Conservative social media platforms are distinguishable by their moderation of content according to rights granted in our First Amendment. Differing political views are always allowed.

Entrepreneurship and free markets are quickly powering the creation of an evolved conservative social media. One that completely out-classes old-stream media, as the comparison of the number of viewers clearly shows.

Because you’ll find them in all corners of the internet busily testing new media and formats, a guide of the best conservative social media platforms is helpful. These reviews help you quickly find those best suited for you.

Best Conservative Social Media Platforms

  • Rumble – (External Link) Video sharing platform, active comments after popular videos.
  • Gab Social – Rated No. 1 because of its full spectrum of services, advanced technology. Trump beginning to post on Gab Social!
  • Parler – Terrific technology and a large number of active users.
  • Donald J Trump Desk – (External Link) Read-only messages from Trump himself, no user commenting.
  • Frank Speech – (External Link) Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow features continual streaming of interviews with conservative hosts and guests.

5 Steps for Selecting the Best Conservative Social Media Platform.


  1. Find out if the platform’s management are true conservatives.

    Do they really believe in the conservative ideals of America, or are they just building a platform to sell? Have they already fought and came out the other side against the counter-culture.

  2. Get the know their informational technology.

    Without the data security of an encrypted distributed network and self-hosting of their Domain name (i.e., your favorite conservative social media platform could be destroyed in an instant by Democrat cancel-culture and corporate partners.

  3. Browse your selected platforms to see what they are like.

    Do the platform layout, articles, and comments interest you? Are you looking for current or in-depth insights? Do you want to draw your commentary sword, or just be among the like-minded?

  4. If they pass the first three test, register an account and participate.

    And, if you like the platform, pay for advanced services or donate. They all need your help! There isn’t a single conservative network out there receiving government funding!

  5. Update your viewing habits.

    Place screen icons on your smartphone and computer–that way you won’t revert back to old habits. I still use YouTube for general purposes, but my political news comes from conservative social media platforms.

For users, video creators, and publishers, this how your earnings panel works. Also, there are other screens itemizing site activity you generated.

Gab Social is owned and managed by a Christian patriot, CEO Andrew Torba. He is one of the first to stand up to the attacks by the Marxists in America.

Some five years ago, he devoted himself to creating a microblog free speech platform. Quickly, the Democrat cancel culture tried to shut his company down! Their actions included the de-hosting of his social media network, cancelations of his bank card processors, and general smearing of himself and his company. Yet, Gab emerged stronger than ever!

To show you what I mean, after the vicious de-hosting of Gab, they quickly scrambled to find another hosting service. Fortunately, along the way, they discovered a better IT infrastructure way to more securely self-host Gab and make the Gab network more resilient and ready to accept future innovations!

Gab moved to a public distributed network with protective self-hosting. Even better, recently, they front-ended their network with advanced blockchain HydraLabs server technology.

Their struggles demonstrate how tyranny so often makes the oppressed stronger! And, in this case, it has served as the impetus for the adaptation of advanced distributed information technology for all conservative social media platforms. It’s the answer to leave Big Tech in the dust.!

Add-On Gab Social services

The Gab Social is the center of several Linux add-on services. However, each one also stands ready to take center stage. This is a distinct advantage as user traffic moves from traditional social media to video and live streaming formats.

The distributed nature of its Linux operating system comes with many advantages. One big one is there is a bevy of easily installed add-ons to build out a network. They can work independently or together with the main social media program.

So, when Gab made its getaway from the old-fashion, central hosting model. They stepped into a new information technology world! One that only needs tweaks to evolved into what you see below:

  • Social (Facebook like)
  • TV (Youtube like)
  • Messenger Chat (Twitter-like)
  • Live to stream

Social (Facebook like)

Gab Social is Gab’s flagship social media service which features millions of users. And, with its diverse and integrated set of other services. I rate it at least equal to other conservative social media networks.

TV (Youtube Like)

It works well as a bare-bones video-sharing service, like Rumble or Bit chute. I only hope that one day they continue to operate independently, but all appear on one central service. I’ll bet they are at least talking about it.

Chat or Messenger

Gab’s chat service began over a year ago, and it’s drawn millions of users. Again, getting people to adopt it for everyday messaging is the key. Doing so would make Gab a dominate conservative social media platform.

However, when President Trump and others went with Signal and Telegram Messenger, they stabbed Gab in the back.

In my conservative messenger reviews, I refuse to rank either one. So strong are my suspicious about Signal, and the fact Telegram Messenger is owned by a Russian. Not that I am so biased against Russians, but the politics look bad.

Using Hydralabs as a blockchain front-end for their chat or messenger service, Gab is on the right track. They are leap-frogging other platforms by adding HydraLabs and blockchain technology. Conservatives need to hang in there with Gab, and to grow it!

Live Streaming


Parler is a survivor, like Gab Social. They got de-platformed by Amazon (AWS) and went on to find a better home where they can self-host.

“Shell shocked” after de-platforming for not moderating users, they now ask users to set up their own filters. That Parler needs to be more careful with radical conservative comments than Twitter radical Antifa bothers me!

Nevertheless, Parler recently came to terms with the Apple and Google Stores. So you once again can download their apps! This is a good thing, as long as it lasts!

In summary, Parler Social is just now recovering from de-platforming and integrating new technology while it’s Rumble video-sharing service continues to grow.


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