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Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review


Conservative social media platform reviews help you quickly discover and evaluate them with critical research information no one else provides.

  • Level of platform activity
  • Ownership trust
  • The latest company news
  • Method of moderation
  • Venerablilty of infostructure to Cancel Culture

List of Reviewed Platforms

Truth Social logo

Truth Social is the Donald Trump Truth Social Media Group (TSMG) chartered as a new social media platform to rival big tech—one with free speech moderation governed by our First Amendment.

The format of Truth Social is much like Twitter or GETTR, except “tweets” are called “truths.” However, its hosted by a trusted free speech provider in its cloud service rather than a Cancel Culture “de-hoster” like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Truth Social is expanding its user base rapidly, and many prefer its format better than Twitter. I can’t wait to see what happens.


Because Truth Social is arriving so late on the Conservative social media scene, its format is stale, but the high quality of the “truths.” make up for it. Besides, it’s the best place on the internet to hear directly from Trump.

Several established social media platforms are already leaving Truth Social in the dust by installing advanced platform features, such as video libraries, talk shows, chat messaging services, etc. However, Truth Social will close the gap quickly when the political time is right.

Moreover, the totalitarian Marxists continue to attack Trump to damage investor confidence in Truth Social. While a successful strategy, for now, it won’t last.

Nevertheless, its growth has been nothing short of explosive! In June 2022, the number of users went over 30 million, and forecasts are for continued growth.

Truth Social: Free Speech, global deployment, soaring traffic, and Play Store acceptance

I am not sure how but somehow, the Truth Social app is now on Google Play. What I mean is, how was a deal made with Google touting the non-constitutional interpretation of hate speech bans while Truth Social promises a rules-based system based on our First Amendment?

They are not the same!

Maybe one day we’ll be let in on the details. Interestingly, Rumble video sharing has apps in both stores but doesn’t seem governed by “woke hate speech” guidelines.

Truth Social’s global debut is delayed!

The global debut of Truth Social is delayed because Trump has “his hands full” in the U.S. with political challenges, no doubt his investors want more assurance there won’t be more challenges ahead.

Traffic on Truth Social Soars!

Nevertheless, the traffic on Truth Social continues to soar! Especially after its Android app at the Google Play Store rose to number one in its category and number one overall.

Truth Social secures its platform inside a friendly cloud.

In the early morning of April 21, 2020, Truth Social installed its platform in a proprietary child cloud on Rumble. Primary technology reasons for choosing Rumble include its status as a direct connection to the internet backbone and superior video lives streaming technology.

Any hosting company does not host Rumble, so not in any danger of cancelation. They genuinely believe in free speech moderation guided by our First Amendment. And Rumble’s contract with the app stores served as a gateway to getting the Truth Social Apple app approved.

Is Truth Social uncancelable inside the Rumble cloud?

I wouldn’t go so far because Rumble still needs permission from an international internet organization to connect. And, if it gets canceled, Truth Social would be left scrambling for a large internet funnel.

Actually, more likely that some giant globalist would try to buy Rumble. Like what Elon Musk has done with Twitter.

Listen in as COO Devin Nunes acknowledges that Rumble now hosts Truth Social.

Can Trump own Truth Social and still be President in 2024?

American politics has never had a presidential candidate who directly owned such a large media empire as Truth Social, and the MAGA social media infosphere is already so influential.

Historically, American presidents put their assets in a Blind Trust, but Trump never did during his first term.

Nevertheless, “How would that work?” Maybe it should be considered like a website (which it is!) where he corresponds with people, which is a common thing to do for a politician.

Truth Social has run into legal and trademark problems. While many are likely to blame the Never-Trumpers, I contend it’s just as likely that the organization had it coming.

Truth Social had its name refused by the US Trademark Office because it was too generic. And Google Play refuses to list its app because there is insufficient oversight on what’s said. Both roadblocks seem legitimate and not politically motivated.

Gab Social with Conservative Political News Casters

Gab survived the first major Cancel Culture attack, and it not only survived but emerged more robust than ever! Because now, it is an even better platform offering a full range of media services like chat, social, video, streaming, etc., with end-to-end encryption that includes data on its proprietary servers. What a comeback!

You’ll find no security compromises with big tech as they offer their app for download from their site rather than a download from the Google and Apple stores.

Another thing, they are the only conservative platform with an online payment processing system. And so it can avoid getting payment system cancelation by the Cancel Culture.

Other GAB advantages you should consider.

GAB offers users actual free speech. This fulfillment of our First Amendment promises means that all speech legal under our First Amendment is legal at GAB. All other sites in my review allow only non-hate speech, whatever that is. Why the difference?

Any conservative social media platform with an app in the Google or Apple store must abide by their hate speech rules. And, they are different than our First Amendment, as they change according to what the communist want to hide.

Gab’s strong points!

  • Proven leadership: Company CEO Andrew Torba fought hard to keep Gab afloat during its attack by the Cancel Culture.
  • Fortified Self-Hosting and Name Hosting are done internally within their servers, making Gab resistant to Cancel Culture attacks.
  • Services as Apps (SAA): Already installed, integrated, and operating as social, messaging, video, and live-streaming apps, Gab is ready to serve.
  • GabPay is a proprietary online bank credit card system already in use billing Gab’s Pro users.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is a proven Conservative leader and free speech advocate.

CEO Andrew Torba has already proven his leadership abilities under fire. He’s shown that he will not back down from his commitment to running a free speech platform.

In addition, he has already implemented the beginnings of a parallel conservative economy. And so, he backs up his words with action!

Cancel Culture attacked GAB hard and fast!

It was not playing around! They wanted to put GAB out of business by attacking it so savagely! For example, it was de-hosted, bank accounts were closed, and their all-important online bank processor went.

And don’t just think about your convenience! What would happen if we discovered that RHINOs or communists ran large numbers of them? And they just disappeared one day.

To be sure, “The Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue shooting of 2018” provided the perfect opportunity to begin prosecution. It’s when the Democratic party Cancel Culture organization first swung into large-scale action, de-host Gab, by getting Globalist suppliers to cancel their services.

Multiple Gab Services as Apps Platforms (SAAPs)

  • Social (Facebook-like) – Gab’s original app.
  • TV (Youtube-like)
  • Messenger Chat (Twitter-like)
  • Live streaming app

The CEO learns his lesson and radically changes Gab’s platform infrastructure.

Following the vicious Marxist attack, Gab smartly re-imagined its info infrastructure. Since he knew Gab could not withstand another cancellation, he made a radical and unexpected decision.

He moved his platform to a publicly distributed network called The Mastodon.

Obvious and non-obvious reasons to move Gab to a publicly distributed network

Gab move to a public network to make it difficult for the Marxist Democrats to de-host. Nonetheless, not impossible! Because close attention must be paid to their node or instance licensing agreement on the Mastodon public distributed network. Since then, it’s become even more resistant to de-hosting; by registering its private software copy.

Traditionally, websites transferred their Domains (i.e., example.com) to their hosting company. Domain Name Services (DNS) can resolve within the GAB network. Therefore, eliminating another Cancel Culture chokepoint.

Gab is as secure as a platform gets, except Rumble video sharing, which has risen to IP provider status with its direct connection to the internet backbone. Note: Rumble provides its sub-cloud service to Truth Social.

Gab goes all in on helping Conservatives establish an alternate economy!

With Gab’s activation of GabPro services, it foretells an essential beginning for a Conservative alternate economy. With PayPal-like services, it’s already actively billing its GabPro customers.

Financial services are a critical part of the alternate economy, and GabPro is the only reliably Conservative one. So, important. I wish the service well!

Note: we’ll see if Elon Musk does for a bank payment processor if his current one cancels.

GabPro online bank payment processor eliminates a Cancel Culture chokepoint.

At present, GabPay now accepts payments from Gab Pro users. In doing so, Gab eliminates an important Cancel Culture chokepoint!

For this reason, it’s a significant milestone for Gab and possibly other conservative social media platforms if shared.

Rumble video sharing services

12-7-2021 Best explanation to date about what is about to happen at Rumble.

Rumble video-sharing services jump out of the pack as a legitimate substitute for Youtube, at least as far as American politics is concerned.

Because they bought locals.com and now host Truth Social on their cloud. Their number of users and traffic has gone through the roof! Not to mention more and more Youtube political content creators are moving to Rumble.

Bannon’s War Room Channel on Rumble

America’s Voice Network syndicates the War Room channel on Rumble. Together with Trump, they form America’s most potent conservative media political combo!

Its call sign is “Signal, not Noise.” In other words, let’s talk about important issues that matter. Its end game is the achievement of the MAGA agenda.

To find it go to Bannon’s War Room.

Rumble makes some moves.

And so, I am thrilled that Rumble raised a lot of money going public! However, my panicked mind wonders if the trillionaire Marxists will one day take it over. Like Elon Musk took over Twitter.

In addition, Rumble is now hosting Former President Trump’s new social media site, Truth Social. BTW, Frank Speech just opened its social media app also. Folks, Conservative social media is getting crowded.

The need to connect Conservative social media sites

I hope they interconnect messaging systems through a standard protocol; I recommended over two years ago. Eventually, they will have no choice.

However, you should know that Rumble has its app in Google and Apple stores. That means they approved to abide by their free speech rules, not our First Amendment.

Plus, being in the stores of big tech means tracking scripts can be added to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, not so with GAB, which keeps their app download link on their site.

Get to know the CEO of Rumble, Chris Pavlovski.

My first impression of CEO Chris Pavlovski was that he was another RHINO. Who talked out both sides of his mouth. However, I think he is indeed friends with executives in big tech.

However, this friendship is to Rumble’s and our benefit, as it kept its apps in its stores. And it should also be noted the apps for Truth Social.

But, I was wrong with at least one point. That is that Rumble has built its platform from the ground up. In other words, it only connects directly to the internet, which was a wise move.

Since Rumble went public and is some technology deal with Former President Trump. To think otherwise would be just too much at this point!

A comforting view of Rumble’s CEO

The special deal between Rumble and its content creators

To survive and prosper, every new company must have a unique idea. It puts them above every competitor and makes them a ton of money!

And so, Rumble’s idea was to share video advertising money earned more equitably. And, of course, provide a large-scale, quality free speech platform.

Rumble’s commenting features are not as good as those on Youtube.

Rumble doesn’t even have an index of topics, and commenting is a nightmare. Moreover, Youtube has many other features that leave Rumble in the dust! Nevertheless, Rumble promises free speech; while not Marxist, First Amendment compliant speech guarantees are not valid.


GETTR is on a mission to replace Twitter.

Founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought, and the rejection of political censorship and ‘cancel culture.”

GETTR, https://gettr.com/onboarding

Despite this quote on the GETTR site, I am baffled by what’s happening there! For example:

While Jason Miller is a former Trump administration advisor and a former CNN contributor. Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr is falsely claiming to be a “free speech” platform and an alternative to Big Tech, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Daily Beast, Will Sommer, Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng, Updated Jul. 05, 2021 12:19PM ET / Published Jul. 01, 2021 7:40PM ET , Trumpworld App Is Bankrolled by Fugitive Chinese Billionaire (thedailybeast.com)

While I don’t usually quote “The Daily Beast,” some exciting facts exist.

Gettr isn’t thinking about hosting security too much!

Graphic showing the lack of info security for GETTR
Gettr acts like one giant, unsecured smartphone with connections to where you don’t want your info.

Maybe the Gettr engineers (Amazon Hosting) will quickly clean up their security disaster because it spells out Gettr security flaws. No kidding! You’ve got to read this report.

Of course, if you don’t care who tracks you or believe you can never secure your online data, continue with Gettr. Because it is true, you are already mercifully tracked through your phone!

Note: I don’t work for GAB or Rumble, but both bought their servers, routers, etc. And, if Gettr isn’t busily building their right now, for an early re-launch. I’m running for the exits!

Who is CEO Jason Miller?

Jason Miller was a senior Trump advisor, so his association with the MAGA leader is helping GETTR grow. Before that, he was a CNN contributor. He’s a communication specialist for designing talking points for speeches.

Nevertheless, GETTR is already better than Twitter.

Gettr can host 3 min videos, live video streaming, and write posts up to 777 characters. It also allowed users to import their tweets from Twitter onto GETTR.

Get ready for more as GETTR gets ready to introduce Vision which is a short video format. And GETTR pay which will allow payments in crypto coins.

Traffic volume and reach

Traffic-wise, Gettr is kicking butt! CEO Steven Miller said that they already had a million users pre-subscriptions on opening day. And, now, millions more!

Even more impressive is that only 40 percent of GETTR’s traffic comes from the USA. With 60 percent coming from other countries. The desire for freedom of speech is just as global as we thought.

Frank Speech

Do you want a central show platform for live-streaming from numerous quality radio talk hosts? Then, FrankSpeech.com is your place!

Along with its impressive array of radio talk show hosts, one is Mike Lindell himself; FrankSpeech.com also has an online store for My Pillow and third-party patriot business owners. Also, soon he even promises to include a shopping channel!

Frank Speech - Mike Lindell setting up details of Frank Speech to become one of the best conservative social media platforms.
Mike Lindell at White House on Phone

At least twelve show hosts broadcast daily, beginning in the morning and running into the early evening. Its primary host Brannon Howse is the main host that keeps the shows running.

What is “Frank Speech?”

It is the My Pillow, Mike Lindell web platform you have probably already heard of.

First and foremost, “Frank Speech” is a Conservative social media platform that promotes getting rid of election machines. Its CEO Mike Lindell, often reminds viewers that if we don’t get rid of them, America will no longer exist.

Simultaneously, the platform serves as a marketing platform and store for Mike Lindell’s My Pillow business and other third-party products. None should be upset at the commercials, as he’s given up so much to defend America.

“Frank Speech” focuses on getting rid of the election voting machines.

Every Conservative political outlet focuses on something. “Frank Speech” focuses on eliminating the election voting machines to save America. And, I agree that there is nothing more important at the moment.

CEO Mike Lindell is devoting his life, fortune, and prayers to “melting down the machines” and turning them into prison bars!

There is a new social media site called Frank Social, where you will find a link to its app on Google Play.

Guide to daily hosts on Frank Speech TV

Frank Speech TV rotates hosts throughout the day. When no show is not active, they loop back to previous shows.

Frank Speech is a best conservative social media platforms because it has these shows.
Note: Read down the first column, then the top of the second column for chronological order. This schedule is courtesy of Frank’s Speech.

Meet the Main Host of “Frank Speech,” Brannon Howse

Before the opening of “Frank Speech,” I had never heard of the announcer Brannon House or his Worldview website. But, the more I watched him as the primary host of FrankSpeech.com, the more impressed I became.

His decades of experience covering Christain/political topics shines through. He is a political and religious newscaster and prolific writer of books. You can also find him on his website and on online TV called Worldview Weekend.

Will the Frank Speech store become the new Amazon for Conservatives?

Mike Lindell of My Pillow has come right out and said that he wants Frank Speech to be the new “Conservative Amazon.”

Amazon is a giant online mart that sells, collects payments, ships, and handles customer service for billions of sales annually. Frank Speech has a long way to go to match Amazon.

However, never doubt the determination of an entrepreneur like the CEO of “My Pillow,” Mike Lindell, who is steadily expanding his new store named “My Store.” I say this because he’s steadily expanding all areas of his online business and political calling.

The number of talk shows, his efforts to expose fraudulent elections, his new online shopping channel, and his new online stores all expanded! While these reviews are about conservative social media platforms, his venture to save our country and expand and his help leading an alternate conservative economy certainly deserve to move him up in my reviews.

An interesting idea would be adding affiliates who can drive traffic and earn a commission without a product, in other words, affiliate marketing. Interestingly, Amazon used affiliate marketing to help them get started. And they still use it.