Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review

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Enables you to quickly find those best suited for you. Then, explains why! In light of these personalized features, you’ll find here the most useful reviews of conservative social media platforms on the planet!

Reviewed Conservative social media sites:

  • Gab SocialCancel Culture resistant social media with full lineup of additional apps, like Chat, TV streaming, etc.
  • Parler – Uncluttered Facebook replacement, on neutral hosting service.
  • GETTR – Clean Twitter replacement, but why is Globalist Amazon (AWS) hosting it?
  • Frank Speech – is live streaming with repeats (signup first to browse).

Why so few reviews? Because I only review the ones that are popular and have defensible IT structures. Find out more about my review pre-requisites.

List of Reviewed Social Media Platforms

Being that Gab was Ground Zero for Cancel Culture, it deserves special recognition. Because how it survived and actually grew stronger is still an example of courage.

In short, out of its ashes rose a more defensible company with even better technologies. So you know, I now use the Gab example as part of my prerequisites on how to review other conservative platforms.

Gab strong points!

  • Leadership. To point out that As a Cancel Culture harden CEO Andrew Torba is a proven trustworthy, Christain.
  • Fortified Self-Hosting and Name Hosting. For this reason its use of a public distributed network resistent to Cancel Culture attacks is genius.
  • Services as Apps (SAA) – As a result, Gab can offer a wide scope of services like, social media, messaging (Twitter), video, live streaming, all on a single platform.
  • GabPay. Their own in-house bank card processing system which makes them even more resistent to Cancel Culture.

And so, why isn’t Gab sweeping the Conservative platforms? Nothing more than conservative politics, a lack of GAB showmanship!

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is a proven leader and free speech advocate

CEO Andrew Torba has already proven his leadership and that he’s serious about his commitment to a free speech platform. In other words, his dues paid!

I like his persistence because the Cancel Culture “threw the book at him and Gab.” And yet, came back “swinging” for the fences!

Cancel Culture suddenly attacks Gab hard and fast!

The sudden unexpected nature and completeness of the Cancel Culture attack against Gab were frightening! Because, right off the bat, they let conservatives know they are playing for keeps!

The Marxists began a new era in conservative censorship with the “The Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue shooting of 2018.” Where the shooter posted on Gab before the shooting.

When the Cancel Culture found out, they quickly got to work putting Gab out of business. They got it de-platform, its domain name de-hosted, and then stripped away its business merchants.

Afterward, many thought Gab would never return! Nevertheless, it did return in a few months! And stronger than before!

Fortified info technology structure

  • Runs on a public distributed IT infrastructure called The Mastodon. Although Gab doesn’t actually interact with other nodes.
  • Self hosts its own domain names to keep them away from globalist control
  • Uses its own bank payment processor called GabPay so the Marxist Cancel Culture can’t again cut Gab off.
  • Ready for a the new world of blockchain security? For social media messaging with a Hydra server front ending their platform.

One-Stop Gab Services as Applications (SAPs)

  • Social (Facebook like) – Gab’s original app.
  • TV (Youtube like)
  • Messenger Chat (Twitter-like)
  • Live streaming app

GabPay online bank payment processor eliminates a Cancel Culture chokepoint

GabPay now accepts payments from Gab Pro users. In doing so, it shows they are capable of eliminating an important Cancel Culture’s chokepoint.

For this reason, it’s a significant milestone for Gab. And, in general, foretells the end of a vital Cancel Culture weapon against the social media platforms of Conservatives.


Wouldn’t it be nice to break away from using a Facebook timeline? Away from its spying, censorship, and screen clutter! If so, then you should check out Parler.

Parler is an online town square for free speech, however, each user can moderate their own timeline. But, if they fail to do so they can get de-platform from Parler, not Parler itself.

The major investor is Rebekah Mercer. With Dan Bongino of Fox News and his own Youtube channel holding a minority interest. For more background about Parler read this CNN article.

If search online, you’ll see a ton of Marxist misinformation or omissions about Parler. And, what do you know? Their time, like Gab, to get de-platform came soon enough.

Parler’s failure to remove their social media chatter ahead of the January 6th Capitol Hill Riots leads to de-platforming.

On any given day there are Patriots talking shit about the Marxists in Washington D.C. But this time, Amazon’s (AWS) hosting took action. Of course, none of this would have happened without Antifa and the FBI setting them up.

Anyways, Parler’s hosting company, Amazon (AWS) warned them. That they must better police user “hate speech.” But, Parler didn’t react strong enough! And so, Amazon canceled their hosting contract, thus de-platforming them.

Interestingly, Twitter and Facebook had the same “hate speech” problems. But, the cancelation of their platforms didn’t happen.

Addition Cancel Culture takedown moves

At the same time, another part of Cancel Culture’s pre-plan takedown quickly unfolded. Where other Globalists followed suit by canceling their online bank credit card processors. And, Apple and Google canceled their online app store privileges.

After this disastrous attack, Parler scrambled to get back online and restore their user’s confidence. Even while Which they did in less than 30 days!

Parler returns online stronger than ever!

Amazingly, the Parler platform returned online a month later more resistant to Cancel Culture attacks! And, even better able to innovate! Notice that Parler came back similarly to Gab.

Here is how Parler survived to canceled Cancel Culture:

  • Hire a Free Speech Hosting Provider – Parler needed a new non-Globalist hosting service who wouldn’t deplatformed for their free speech doctrine. They did this by moving their data to Epik Hosting.
  • Self-Hosted Domain Name – They now protect their Domain Name. by self-hosting as a node on a private network.
  • Chose a Private Distributed Network Provider – They did this by choosing the private network SilkSky and using the Ceph protocol. With this combined service the present and future of Parler is bright!
  • Established their own Online Bank Processor Merchant Services. They built AlignPay. (I think this is a different name for the GabPay services.) Very important because not having the ability to accept online payments is a critical problem.

Parler CEO

CEO of Parler, George Farmer, formerly from Turning Point, laughs with his new wife Candice Owens. Together, they are a force in the movement to restore America.

While the Parler of a few years ago withstood the Cancel Culture attacks and came out a winner. George Farmer, formerly with Turning Point, remains untested.

Nevertheless, his hooking up with Candice Owens as his bride adds a lot of trust for him and Parler. For she’s been a well-spoken Conservative stalworth for many years.

Parler settles on a boutique hosting company to add internet technology talent.

Parler is now hosting their distributed network on “SkySilk.” Much like Gab, but it’s on a private rather than a public distributed network.

Anyway, they are a boutique hosting company that adds a lot of innovative internet networking talent to the table. And so, I am also a big fan of the big move to this new hosting provider!

Even more, SkySilk adds valuable entrepreneur development talent to complement its own staff.


“Founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought, and the rejection of political censorship and ‘cancel culture,” this social media has big promises to keep.

This social media platform looks and feels a lot like Twitter! And is well on its way to becoming the conservative’s replacement for it.

Jason Miller is the founder and was a Trump Senior Advisor. So his name alone is helping GETTR grow rapidly. However, there is a serious hosting question, and GETTR’s response is incomplete.

GETTR is on a mission to replace Twitter.

What’s up with GETTR’s choice of hosting company?

Why select, Amazon (AWS)! After all, this is the same service that de-hosted Parler!

GETTR says they have other options immediately available in case Amazon de-hosts them.

Spectator World, July 5, 2021, “What makes Jason Miller site different!”

Now, I do understand the attraction to Amazon Web Services.

After all, they host some 40% of all US web traffic, including sensitive areas of the CIA! And, they even host GETTR’s political competitor, Twitter itself!

Maybe most important, Amazon’s most attractive feature must be all their in-house knowledge of how to run a huge Twitter messaging service.

Yes! I do get the attraction of Amazon (AWS), but!

They are the personification of the globalist takeover movement! And, so how can we trust them to resist de-hosting at a critical Globalist moment?

While CEO, Jason Miller claims he has laid down a pre-plan move to a new host in case of de-platforming, I wonder what kind of plan could this be! Especially, since their hosting company, Amazon (AWS) canceled Parler earlier?

I am even more concerned after discovering social media messaging platform Telegram’s owners are themselves Russians and World Economic Forum globalist members and donors!

My problem is that now I see two chinks in the conservative platforms’ security armor. With these chinks, we are losing any chance for security over our own online world!

My concern is: What happens if GETTR and Telegram get yanked down together at a critical political moment?

Getting around GETTR

At first glance, I found GETTR very similar to Twitter. And so, I asked myself why wouldn’t conservative Americans want to move their attention from Twitter to GETTR? My answer: they would!

And, since the universe of pissed-off canceled conservatives is so large, GETTR is bound to quickly grow by adding millions of new users. At the beginning of August 2021, Jason Miller, the CEO and founder said GETTR has 2 million users.

How it works

Gettr allows users to follow each other, host videos up to three minutes long, do live video streaming, and make posts with up to 777 characters.

It also allowed users to import their tweets from Twitter onto GETTR. Miller reported “more than half a million users” had already signed up for the new platform.

Gettr has that essential dedication to free speech, and I wonder how they plan to remove truly dangerous messages as per First Amendment.

Jason Miller, CEO of GETTR has over a million news users on its first day! Many coming from Cuba. Now Cuba is staging a big freedom movement. Coincidence?

Frank Speech

Frank Speech - Mike Lindell setting up details of Frank Speech
Mike Lindell at White House on Phone

Want no-holds-bar, live-streaming, truth-telling! Events considered crazy if they weren’t true?

Frank Speech is like no other conservative social media platform! For one, it starts as a live stream, and IT-wise expands down to blogging.

It’s events shoot for the fence. And, it plays the “Save the Nation” war in the only way possible to win.

You’re going to need to register, and it may turn into a “nothing burger,” but it’s worth the risk!

What is Frank Speech like?

The format of “Frank Speech” is much like the Infowars, only more ragged.

Nevertheless, it still features prominent experts in many fields, including virus technology, economics, geopolitics, etc. Each laying down uncensored facts. So you know, I’ve learned a great deal from “Frank Speech” in only a few months!

The Frank Speech Cyber Symposium

His 3-day Cyber Symposium occurred between August 10-12th, 2021. What a brilliant combination of business marketing and patriotism!

By holding this symposium, this talkative president of My Pillow and Frank Speech, Mike Lindell stood up to the Cancel Culture while going on the offensive against them!

He didn’t get a quick automatic election reversal, as he promised. But, he still deserves a lot of credit. Besides, he still has those router control packets showing Marxist election fraud. And, they may come in handy later.

Guide to daily hosts on Frank Speech TV

Frank Speech TV rotates hosts throughout the day. When no show is not active, they loop back to previous shows, much like Alex Jones and the Infowars.

Note: Read down the first column, then the top of the second column for chronological order. This schedule is courtesy of Frank Speech

Meet the Main Host of Frank Speech, Brannon Howse

Previous to the opening of “Frank Speech,” I had never heard of Brannon House. But, the more I watched the more impressed I became.

His decades of experience covering Christain/political topics shines through. You can also find him on his own website and online TV called Worldview Weekend.

How I Select the Best Conservative Social Media Sites.

These are strange times! So is my method of selecting who to review. Platforms must be both fun to use and resistant to Cancel Culture de-platforming.

Finger on the Pulse

Hosts, guests, and comments showing how to take back America.

Cancel Culture Resistant

Proven ability to scramble and survive its efforts to erase their platform.

Fearless Management

If a CEO gets de-hosted and bank accounts canceled at least once, the platform gets extra points, especially if they come back even stronger.

New Patriot Economy

We must begin admitting that Patriots may need their own economy to win. A platform that makes plans receives extra points.

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