Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Reviews

The inconvenience of de-hosting needs to drive future conservative social media platforms to distributed networking models.


Best conservative social media platform reviews help you find an online space to chat with friendly people! One that’s resistant to de-hosting attacks and features reasonable moderators without a radical political agenda.

Hosting on a distributed network is the only way any platform nowadays can claim IT infrastructure independence from the crushing attacks of the world corporate technocracy and their minions.

These reviews also consider the political and economic survivability of the platform’s owners and vendors. A determination needs to be made whether they stand up in the heat of battle.

Assuming a platform passes survivability tests, the number of active users and the grace of the content moderators is also considered heavily.

Wondering when I’d get to the features and user experiences. Don’t worry so much now for all distributed networking is remarkably similar. They are all based on the same basic networking technology.

Therefore, the time to rate user experience will come later.

Distributed Networking Definitions

Now is a good time to learn or brush up on the terms used while discussing distributed social media networks. Thankfully, there are not as many terms as you think! Many different flavors of networks use different terms for the same thing!

To zero in on what I’m saying, watch the distributed networking video of the Mastodon and read through the FAQs. Besides getting orientated, you’ll be amazed at the advanced technology.

Even more, you may wonder why we’ve been sheltered from these networking advances?

While this video is about the Mastodon and the Fediverse, you should know there are many other such free, open-source systems available. Or, better yet, the Trump organization could hire someone to write their own.

FAQs About Distributed Social Media Platforms

What is a distributed social media Network?

Is a collection of nodes interconnected by common software with rules and protocols.

What is an “instance” in distributed social media platform terminology?

An instance of a program is a copy of an executable version of the program that has been written to the computer’s memory. Think of one as a window opening to do a job, then closing, usually in much less than a second. Click here for a detailed explanation. In the case of the Gab platform, it’s one big collection of instances.

What is a Linux Operating System?

Linux is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system that superseded the UNIX of the 60s. Nowadays, Linux, or a fork, is the multi-user, multi-tasking networking system that powers most internal and external internet networks.

What is a “forked open source” software?

When a person downloads a free of the “open source” and then makes substantial customizations to the original code, it’s called a “forked” copy. They went on their own and can’t rely on others to help them. In Gab’s case, they made a “hard-fork” in their copy of the code base, and so they can need to support their own.

What is “open source” software?

“Open source” software is a program code open for others to use as a code framework for a similar project. It’s free to download and use, but they must agree to its license agreement.

Distributed Networks Offer Best Platform Survivability

  1. Users own their own accounts and data
  2. Users/moderators can be selected that eliminate “hate speech” according to 1st Amendment law.
  3. “Instance” stakeholders for lawfare resilence.
  4. Distributed IT network infrastructure where messages are kept in clusters.
  5. Politically conservative creator and stakeholders.
  6. Owns at least their servers, or entire IT infrastructure
  7. Plan for cryptocurrency in case of financial meltdown or interference
  8. Archived encrypted backups

User Experience

  • Fast response
  • Great support
  • Moderated messages and media
  • Great reviews

Conservative Social Media Platform Reviews

Gab Social is my pick for the best conservative social media platform, as it resides on a distributed network and both it’s employees and its CEO, Andrew Torba, are long-time survivors of media and vendor attacks.

Gab Social wins hands-down! With a hardened free speech leader and a smart, radical decision to move to a more sustainable distributed hosting scheme, Gab blows away the competition! When coupled with 100% user ownership of their own data and “hate speech” filters for each user, no other website is even close.

The name of the network is the Mastodon and its collection of nodes is called the Fediverse. While still a node, Gab has now made enough software changes that it’s software license has been upgraded to “Creator.”

Gab is a proven survivor whose hosting was canceled by several hosts before they found a new way to protect themselves using distributed networking. Furthermore, they have figured out how to survive without globalist vendors.

Bear in mind though, their entire business foundation is still under attack!

How To Use Gab

Video by Gab on how to use its platform

Gab Social Turns to Distributed Social Media Networking for Hosting Survivability.

Gab Social began with humble beginnings by legally downloading the Mastodon “open source” code. Then, they customized the code to suit. Along the way, they upgraded their code license with the government, and now they own it.

Importantly, under the license, the users own their data, and that makes a big legal difference.

Built to network and expand

The Gab Social platform even allows its user to send messages among their node, and to other users on other nodes! These nodes are called the Fediverse.

Since then Gab has gone full steam ahead after crowdsourcing millions of dollars. By the way, all payments were in Bitcoins.

Gab’s Series A is designed to help the company expand its team and build out Gab’s infrastructure at both the hosting and payment levels—which is where Bitcoin comes in. The plan, Torba said, is to integrate Bitcoin and Lightning Network across all of Gab’s products, which now include a web browser (a forked version of the open-source Brave browser) as well as its social media platform (renamed Gab Social).

Yahoo Finance, Gab is decentralizing…

Is there a Gab Social app on Play Store or Apple?

There is no Gab app on Play Store or Apple. As one would expect, the fascist corporate technocrats canceled their store privileges long ago. But, you can save Gab on your Home Screen by tapping those three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Parler Social Media Platform: Blueprint for Censorship

Great news! Parler has selected a distributed network to host their social media platform! I’m giving their “instance” on the Ceph network a few weeks and report back.

But, I’ll be happy to say now that they made the right choice!

Now, we have both Gab Social and Parler on distributed networks, no now both the principle social media networks can grow with more confidence. Of course, the puppets of the fascist corporate technocracy, continue to attack the vendors of both.

Distributed social media networks prevent de-platforming

As you may have read above in my Gab review, a distributed social media network offers a more robust hosting survivability.

  • Instead of relying on a central server with unified message formats, distributed networks keep them in parts in different servers, ensuring security.
  • Users own their info, and so are individually responsible
  • Community member monitor for bad language
  • Any host must have a staunch conservative president and investors.

Hang in there Dan Bongino! While Parler still has too many start-up network and vendor challenges. One day, Parler may be ranked number one among the best!

Too bad it made the mistake of hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because they cancelled their hosting. But, don’t think for a moment they were canceled because rowdies were spouting off about entering Congress on January 6th. It was just time for another step toward the elimination of conservative voices.

In fact, every day we hear AWS and other fascist corporate technocrats trying to alter reality through propaganda they control. But, they know the race is on to finish taking over America before conservative social media platforms come of age.

On this day, February 22th, 2021, Parler is back online.

Parler is now officially battle-tested and using a distributed social network to protect it’s hosting and legal position. It’s now is a good position to challenge Gab Social for the No.1 position.

Two, willing and able competing conservative networks devoted to free speech with conservative roots. Online conservative living is about to get much sweeter!

Other Conservative Social Media Platforms That Fail.

Not saying that these platforms don’t offer a great user experience or owners are dedicated in some way to free speech, it’s just that I don’t trust them not to turn on free speech loving conservatives.

Evaluated, but not considered in rankings: Too many political doubts.

A few years ago I might have just shrugged my shoulders. I’d let it pass when told Mark Weinstein, founder of MeWe, is a libertarian. But, nowadays, for many good reasons.

Why MeWe will not be ranked among the best conservative social media platforms.

Reasons I’m suspicious about Mark Weinstein ad MeWe:

  • His many political campaign donations to Democratic Party.
  • His writing articles for left-wing publications
  • Middle of the road political Libertarian claims
  • Never been de-platformed, or had the MeWe application cancelled from Apple or Google stores.
  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services (IP address Hostname Provider AMAZON-02 ASN 16509)
  • Not using an independent, distributed network for hosting. Amazon could easily cancel them with most any flimsy excuse.

I’ll admit that Mark, always says the right things about user privacy and free speech, but conservatives are not in a place to give chances. Especially, not when so many signs point to his mixed affiliation.

Conservatives should get off this platform for now, and use either Gab Social or Parler.


There is something dreadfully wrong when conservatives need to hide their free speech to resist de-platforming by corporations.

So you know, I have no confidence that traditionally hosted conservative websites will survive. Almost, all hosting companies are globalists at best.

Since America’s enemies are within our gates, and in control of major portions of our Republic, we have no choice but to build our own economy and currency just in case. With Gab and Parler now on distributed social media networks the future of free speech brightens.

And so, I am already looking beyond to social networking platforms riding on the back of blockchain technology. Only then, we have the security and privacy to rebuild.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.