Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review

The world of conservative media continues to expand!

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The best conservative social media platforms review’s goal is to feature the best. And then get you to join them, and get politically active!

My selection of which platforms to review has a twist. Much of what I look for is subjective.

I look for those with the best chances of surviving the left’s “Cancel Culture.” Specifically, those who self-hosted their domains and management that’s already proven they can withstand their attacks. After all, how could I recommend to you a platform that seems destined to disappear soon?

I’ll also shun platforms with a boring user experience. Like too few users in the political arena or inactive commenting.

I review the best conservative social media platforms, and this is my judging criterial.

List of Best Conservative Social Media Platforms

Many other social media platforms were reviewed but not included because they failed my pre-requisites listed below.

List of Pre-Requisites for Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review

  • Use of distributed networking infrastructure with self-hosting of Domain Name.
  • Proven conservative credentials of owners.
  • More than 1 million users, with 20,000 active.
  • A privately owned codebase.
  • Moderation of comments according to our First Amendment.
  • Server data encryption for messages and personal profiles.

Best Conservative Social Media Reviews Background

It’s a pleasure to present my reviews of these conservative social media platforms. All proven patriots “put through the wringer” by the “cancel culture” have emerged stronger than ever!

For my part, I show approval for conservative social media platforms that adopt distributed networking technology. Hoping one soon, they form an integrated communication network. Each one running on an independent network and managing their own domain names.

Even more, conservative social media platforms need to be flexible. Enough to lead the way in the coming conservative blockchain marketplace and save our individual liberties.

A tall order since conservatives are so far behind in understanding how technology is changing politics and the world. And, let’s face it Trump didn’t get it!

Now we must make up for lost time in a dual drive to reestablish individual freedom and lead the way in a blockchain world.

Conservatives and America have been written off by the globalist who think we can’t prosper in the world of globalization.

Social Media Platforms and Blockchain

For those relatively new to blockchain, I’m not only talking about digital currency. Blockchain will eventually run everything from traffic lights to how insurance eligibility is determined. And, robot services.

While blockchains cannot be shut off, their preprogramed rules can be changed. We need to make sure those with conservative values are designing the blockchains and making the upgrades.

In fact, the 2020 election was our first big exposure to what happens when we don’t control the machines or the code. Please think about it.

Conservative social media platforms is only how we counter today’s censorship and avoid deplatforming from the left’s counter culture. Getting to a dominating position with blockchain will be the real test!

Many are talking about an entire conservative online economy riding on the blockchain. But, even after accomplishing such a massive job, American values from our culture will disappear if we don’t lead the way globally.

Technology is now the power, and the political system that seizes control, gets to write the social rules. After the first quarter of the American football contest, conservatives are behind 14 to zero.

Since the require distributed networks are already appearing, I focus on those that can lead the way to the new American normal.


Video sharing, with new concept on how to reward content creators. Driving massive amounts of traffic.

Combines Video Sharing with Social Media

With political videos sharing combined with free speech moderators, Rumble has found the “sweet spot.” And so, both watching and commenting is fun again! I only wish there were a few lefties to pick on.

Over the next few weeks, I will be swapping out this site’s embedded YouTube videos in exchange for those hosted on Rumble. It’s time for me to listen to what I preach.

About Rumble

Rumble is a video sharing service, similar to YouTube, that features moderators who punish only those who violate our First Amendment, not some politically based ideas of “hate speech.”

Users or “rumblers,” cannot say anything they want.

Business Orientation

Rumble, the flagship brand, provides video creators a way to host, manage, distribute, create OTT feeds and monetize their content. One of the things Rumble does best is providing audiences that will generate revenue for video creators.

Rumble, Timeline

Here’s a breakdown of each user option:

Free Account – This will be fine for most users. You can upload and monetize videos on Rumble only, or Rumble plus other video sharing platforms (see options in the section below). Basically the same as what you do on YouTube.

Publisher Account – Is also free, similar to the free account, but you can also monetize your videos when they are embedded on other websites. Good if you are a blogger or creator who has a lot of your videos embedded on other people’s blogs.

Business – A more expensive premium option, where you can actually host your own videos instead of having Rumble host them. A Rumble user then has much more control over your content.

New Blogger Zone, Inc. – Is Rumble Free?

Gab Social is a node (instance) that rides on the Mastodon distributed microblogger network. It has hard-forked the “open source” Linux code to its own licensed copy.

Gab Social and its many products are the most underrated conservative social media platforms out there! By front-ending its platform with a HydraLabs server it has more products than any other conservative social media platform! All in one place!

And, they are all working! All it needs is more active users!

Gab Background

Gab Social is run by a Christian patriot, CEO Andrew Torba. Some five years ago he devoted himself to creating a microblog free speech platform. And wow! His efforts have been extremely demonized by the left!

He’s been blamed for being a launching ground for mass murders and a breeding ground for white supremacists. It’s been de-platformed and made unwelcome. Plus, he’s had vendors and banks refuse to do business with him. All proving that his business concept is right over the target!

He’s a survivor. The kind of leader a conservative social media platform needs right now!


Gab features a suite of integrated products:

  • Social
  • TV (videos and live stream)
  • Shopping
  • Chat
  • Browser

Gab Social

Gab Social is their flagship service. It has millions of users.

It’s said President Trump almost agreed to post regularly on it in a much need scope.

The key to Gab’s success is: Will the conservative big names host start posting on their network? Certainly, Gab is capable of handling the traffic.

The Gab “Dissentor” Web Browser

Gab also has it’s own web browser called “Dissenter.” It’s based on Google’s Chromium project, so don’t get too excited thinking it will protect your identity.

It’s still has those “back doors” reporting your personal information to Google, but I’ll bet my lunch money Google pays no commission.

Gab Social has millions of users, more than any other network node on the Mastodon distributed network.

Gab Chat

Gab’s chat service began over a year ago, and it’s drawn millions of users. Again, getting people to adopt it for everyday messaging is the key. Doing so would make Gab a dominate conservative social media platform.

However, when President Trump and others went with Signal and Telegram Messenger, they stabbed Gab in the back.

In my conservative messenger reviews, I refuse to rank either one. So strong are my suspicious about Signal, and the fact Telegram Messenger is owned by a Russian. Not that I am so biased against Russians, but the politics look bad.

Using Hydralabs as a blockchain front-end for their chat or messenger service, Gab is on the right track. They are leap-frogging other platforms by adding HydraLabs and blockchain technology. Conservatives need to hang in there with Gab, and to grow it!

Gab TV

It’s like a bare-bones video sharing service, like Rumble or Bitchute. Maybe someday it’ll look like a TV service, but for now it should be rename Gab Video Sharing and offer and accept payments in crypto currencies.

The decision for you here is how many conservative online platforms can you participate or watch in a day.

Gab Review Conclusion

Gab is not getting the credit they deserve. They’ve been to hell and back to keep open free speech in America, and the world.

Sure, Gab’s user base swings a little harder to the right and include evangelist and other God-fearing patriots. The may be the heart and soul of America.

We should know by now that the radical left’s always goes after those over the target. Judging by the smears and attacks, Gab must be directly over it.

I will admit though I don’t like their platforms choice of green colors. Why not red, white, and blue?

Gab desperately needs popular conservative host to regularly post with them.

Gab Social News!

4.1.2021 Gab Social just announced they are porting their entire social media platform to blockchain technology using HydraLabs products within the next 90 days!

This is terrific news for conservatives wanting a secure, growing community and possibly our own online economy if need be.

Hydra Labs is a blockchain solutions company from Quebec, Canada. Signs indicate Gab Social will use their server interfacing solution.

Needing better network security after a hack, they are getting ahead of their bad publicity by moving up to a blockchain social media platform. They say they plan to implement blockchain services, such as crypto tokens and person-to-person marketing services.

Hacked! And so, in full disclosure

Apparently, Gab Social engineers left their proprietary servers with user information and messages unencrypted, and so they got copied by a hacker. While embarrassing and destructive, it’s not surprising for such a young network.

The “cancel culture” of the global Maoist corporate Oligarchy are doing their best to put Gab Social out of business. They’ve smeared his company and had his platform deplatformed home.

Must be frustrating though, since Gab is now out of reach.

Parler Social Media Platform: Blueprint for Censorship


Android App

Parler is now settling into some advanced networking technologies. I’ve noticed they’ve been down sometimes for half a day. A brief time, so be patient.

Parler Background

Mark Meckler, Interim CEO of Parler

Parler’s interim CEO is Mark Meckler. You may recognize the name for he famously founding the Republican Tea Party. And so, he has a sterling reputation as a true, loyal conservative.

Parler is largely funded by Rebekah Mercer, a conservative megadonor whose family was among the most influential backers of then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Dan Bongino, a conservative activist, has also said he’s a co-owner.

Business Insider, February 15, 2021, Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, Parler, A preferred social-media platform for the far-right, is back online with Mark Meckler as interim CEO}

I put up this article to show how we can no longer pay any attention to the global Maoist corporate oligarchy. Everything but the date of the article and the author is wrong!

The selection of the Ceph Network is maybe their best move ever!

The selection of Ceph as their “open source” distributed social media network appears to be a brilliant move. This means with Ceph, they cannot be de-platformed. And, they can self host their own domain name.

Ceph has state-of-the-art networking technologies, and in fact, even invented some of them! Parler is going to be fun to watch!

From the Desk of Donald J Trump

Former 45th President launches his megaphone called “The Desk of Donald J Trump.”

From his desk, he gets to continue Twitting, but on his own platform. It’s only a one-way system. However, the more I think about it. The more I realize it’s not only the only thing he could do. But, it’s also a brilliant move!

Frank Speech is live!

In the platform’s first live stream Mike Lindell (CEO of My Pillow) begins the political fireworks! I imagine the global Maoist corporate oligarchy is scrambling right now for an “off-switch.”

Go To Frank Speech Livestream
Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow on the phone outside the Trump Whitehouse.

What is Frank Speaks Like?

Hard-hitting interviews without the commercials or “clickbait.” And, Lindell says, conservatives guest hosts will be invited at times to do their shows in front of its large audience.

The opening salvo from Mike Lydell and Frank Speaks:

Mike begins by slamming a radical left-wing, so-called fact-checker, Alan Duke of Lead Stories and Looking over his sites, it’s obvious that he’s a pawn of the discredited old stream media.

Apparently, he published a false debunking of an election fraud video called “Absolute Interference.” You can now see the video on the home page of Franks Speak for now.

In Mike Lindell’s first live stream on Frank Speaks, he debunks, line by line Alan Duke’s unsourced fact-checking article about his deep dive into 2020 election fraud. Over and over again he asks him to tell the truth for the sake of America’s existence.

Alan Duke trying to defend the indefensible

Of course, Alan Duke cannot defend his “so-called” fact checking journalism. In fact, I reviewed some of his debunking. My opinion is that he even debunks common sense if it benefits the Biden adminstration narrative.

And so, he did what they all do. He verbally counter-attacked saying he felt sorry for Mike, and hoped he wasn’t regressing back into his heroine habit.

In my only agreement ever with Alan Duke, I have to say that after watching Mike’s performance I was hoping the same.

Still struggling to open!

While his techs struggle to keep up an onslaught of online signups, Mike Lindell (CEO, My Pillow) is “live” letting loose with accusations and some new information about election fraud in 2020.

I’ve never seen a host come to broadcast with so much to say. Mike is letting it all hang out with some new election fraud info and taking apart fact-checkers and muckrakes line by line, piece by piece.

About Michael James Lindell

Also is known as the “My Pillow Guy,” is an American businessman, and the CEO of My Pillow, Inc., a company he founded in 2009. Lindell is a prominent supporter of, and advisor to, former US President Donald Trump.

Born: June 28, 1961 (age 59 years), Mankato, Minnesota, United States

Net worth: US $300 million (2018)

What Else to Know About Conservative Social Media Platforms.

How to get an icon on your Smartphone home page without downloading an app.

I don’t blame you for not wanting to type in an website address to access a conservative social media platform!

But, you don’t need to. Getting that pretty icon on your Home Page screed is easier than you thought!

  • Enter the address in a smartphone browser
  • Click to load the website
  • Press those three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner
  • Click “Save to Home Screen.”

That’s it! Your icon will appear on you Home Screen until you decide to delete it.

Blockchain: The ultimate conservative social media platforms solution.

By adding an application called “smart contracts” to a blockchain, it can become a social media platform.

And hopefully, these Blockchains can one day be linked together to form an entire conservative online infrastructure which security.

Informational technocrats are tracking our efforts to unite online.

As time goes on, I’m even more sure that protecting our personal identity is key to defeating the globalists. For, authoritarian governments can never maintain control over a free country.

Intentionally or unintentionally, a maze of ways to track and identify all of us already in place. It’s time to reverse this dangerous state.

Dan Bongino, the YouTube hosting sensation ask the Marxist, “How did you get so dumb!”


What is a distributed operating system?

A distributed operating system is system software over a collection of independent, networked, communicating, and physically separate computational nodes. They handle jobs that are serviced by multiple CPUs.


Establishing secure lines of communication is the first step in taking back America. Fortunately, this need surfaces at a time when information technology is creating what we need.

Fighting for the existence of our free country, patriots called upon to rally. Trained and brainwashed Marxists, who no longer capable of processing the truth, must be turned back.

Mayor corporations, politicians, big businesses, big tech, globalists, and mainstream media all boast that America already finished. They have good reasons to think that way. Let’s pray they are wrong!

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