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Conservative social media lists and reviews of websites so you don’t need to rustle around the internet evaluating them. In addition, I add critical information about which sites are hardened against the sinister Marxists Cancel Culture.

On the bright side, in the midst of this information war, our capitalistic system is already at work. It’s rewarding the best while marginalizing others. And so, rest assured eventual Conservative social media will dominate.

However, your help is needed because you are the judge, and, they may have laid traps that you need to know about. And so, pay close attention to these best conservative social media networks. Then, see if you agree that we may have rats aboard!

Ranking of reviewed sites

Here are the ones that deems the most popular. Ranking information is for Jan 2022 was downloaded on January 1, 2021.

Social Media Site Name & LinkMonthly Visits
(M= Million)
Avg. Duration
Frank Speech2.24M4m2s
Truth Social1.9M1m22s
  • Gab Social – My number one choice! It’s a platform with a full lineup of additional services, like chat, social, video channels, TV streaming, etc. And, importantly its the only one that checks all my network security boxes.
  • Telegram Messaging is the big gorrilla in the room with a whooping 184 million visitors each month! However, a major portion is the traffic from other countries. Nevertheless, it’s very popular. However, you need to know about the owners. Yes, they are Russian, but there are even more serious security concerns about them.
  • GETTR a clean-looking Twitter replacement. But, why did they host on the globalist Amazon (AWS). In case you didn’t know, not too long ago, it de-hosted Parler while still hosting Twitter. Plus, it’s Comm Manager is not a MAGA person by any stretch. And, what free speech compromises did they make to get their apps accepted in the Apple and Google app stores?
  • Frank Speech – a full featured show platform with dozens of guest hosts. The owner, Mike Lindell, and his main host ensure a Christain or Bibilical spin. Even better, the platform is expanding at an incrediable rate and so is the number of users.
  • Rumble Video Sharing has grown up enough and gone public. Then, signed an infostructure deal with the Trump media organization. However, they do have apps in the big tech stores which means Rumble agreed to censor “hate speech”, rather than use our First Amendment as its guide.
  • Truth Social is Trump’s media company’s entrance in the world of conservative social media. It is due out in January, 2022. So far, all we know is that Truth Social “will use Rumble technology” and will offer a “Big Tent”. However, because it’s app is accepted in the Google Play Store, it has agreed to censor “hate speech”, rather than abide by our First Amendment.
  • Sovren is our first blockchain Conservative social media platform. And so, we jump into the new universe of non-stop and secure server technology. For the moment, its momentum appears stalled. That’s ok though, from what I’ve seen it has a lot more to do than a regular social media platform, especially with its blockchain and ETF token system. Actually, I hope they take their time and do it right with all security tools in place and working well.

Important: Not surprisingly, often I find that simple research is complicated by the Marxists laying down a carpet of misinformation smearing a Patriot. And so, I’m constantly updating information as it comes in.

Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review

Why so few reviews? Because I only review the ones that are popular and have defensible IT structures. Find out more about my review pre-requisites.

For a more complete list and ranking of conservative social media websites showing traffic and average time online visit here. Or, so we are comparing apples to apples and prepared to describe the new multi-features conservative show now out, like Frank Speech. Here you’ll find a much-needed clarifying definition of what a social media website really is.

Conservative Social Media Platforms (More Details)

What we know.

The Trump Media & Technology Group is signed up to use the Rumble Cloud video-sharing technology and the hosting services of Right Forge. And, it plans to compete with every globalist’s online media technology under the sun.

With its selection of cloud and Domain Name Services (DNS), it demonstrates its commitment to platform security and independence from globalist info infrastructures. A commitment only Gab and Rumble can rightfully claim!

The lack of mention of a conservative search engine tells us something important by omission. That the predictive programming of news feeds and the Search Bars of social media are replacing Google Search, especially for conservative politics.

Furthermore, it is downgraded to an encyclopedia sitting on a bookshelf only to be used for special one-off searches. Opening the door for finding conservative websites again.

What is RightForge?

It is a full-service technology infrastructure company. Notice that they do not single out hosting services. Their broad description of services shows that any service is possible.

It could even include Domain Name (DNS) as a blockchain service. Just saying!

Who runs RightForge?

Martín Avila is CEO at RightForge who has championed a second internet for conservatives after Twitter de-platformed Trump as president. He says he expects more than 75 million social media users rather quickly.

However, it looks like Trump media is planning a media empire that encompasses much more than just social media. But, rather over time, the entire entertainment and news business!

Blockchain type server geographical distribution?

I imagine this for us because Right Forge says it has servers around the world. Which can only mean they are storing videos and streaming capability and/or it really is a blockchain system.

Great! Order up one chain for live streams and another for the new American economy!

Of course, there isn’t much more about RightForge, except the word “forge” seems to have a gaming connotation. Especially, in the Minecraft hosting world.

Truth Social, the expansion of a new age of free speech.

Thank God! Truth Social and Gab’s newsfeeds and Search Bars will greatly decrease the dependence on the unfairly stack fascist website ranking of Google. Now, with these two giants taking off, Google will need to compete for conservative searchers.

Or, be regulated to a search silo with dramatic reductions in search volumes. Meaning that the free market is back in control!

Need to quickly move into new technologies.

This is no time to play around with creating it to replace a 6-year-old Twitter concept. It is simply not going to feature frank and open discussions between MAGA and fascist Democrats! Nor is it going to capture and stoke the imagination of American voters, especially younger voters.

Here is what’s happening… When Facebook realized what Trump media was all about, it quickly adapted. It knew it had to pull the trigger by changing its very name and dive into the metaverse before Trump got to the young people.

But, it’s too late already! Young people are quickly realizing they want to live free, both in and out of the metaverse. And so, Trump media with its First Amendment guarantees cannot lose, and freedom to accept or not accept vaccine mandates cannot lose!

Great news for those worried about rejecting global tyranny!

Love Devin Nunes, but!

Does Devin Nunes have the media and large-scale background to run this multi-facet empire that is bound to unfold? Or, is Trump just rewarding a guy who tried to help him when he was president?

I am guessing that Trump will assign Devin some old technology tasks. And, at some point someone much more familiar with his streaming and movie network dreams. After all, it’s something he must do to capture a huge, conservative entertainment and political metaverse that awaits him.

A wild guess look into the future.

How in the world could Trump become president again while owning a global media company. How could he separate his business interest when politics is all about media and exposure?

Could he be thinking about being a shadow president, like Obama? Would the world be better off with Trump media ending a fascist regime’s propaganda control? While Governor Ron DeSantis becomes President?

Other wild ideas!

That is unless Truth Social plans to buy the Gettr user base sometime in the future. Because, Gettr is hosted by an untrustable globalist hosting company, Amazon (AWS) whose moderation policy doesn’t go by First Amendment laws. Rather, they enforce the standards of anti-woke, hate speech.

A conservative social media platform cannot rally against tyranny while they are hosted by their IT infrastructure.

I would even be happy to see Truth Social be defensible and serve as an interconnection hub between all conservative networks. That would be a practice first step that would help.

Why other popular Conservative social media platforms are NOT setup to resist Cancel Culture.

For example, At least one of the owners of Telegram Chat has close ties to the World Economic Forum! For me, much more concerning than that, he’s also Russian.

I’ve been warning my readers about this for over a year. You’d think conservatives would have learned their lesson after Gab and Parler got canceled a few years ago!

But, here we are at an even more critical and dangerous crossroads again! With both Telegram Chat and Gettr’s hosting indefensible, and right before a critical election campaign cycle.

Degrees of hosting defensibilies

Actually, there is no such thing as completely secure hosting protection from big tech, only degrees. The most secure is having a direct connection to an internet fiber backbone and owning your own server. But even then an IP provider could cancel the hosting.

Another example: While I could run this web from my laptop but then a hostile Globalist provider could cancel my internet service. Just saying nothing is totally secure but why make it too easy?

And so, for now, the most secure conservative social media platforms are Gab and Rumble. Even though Telegram Chat and Gettr are so popular.

Nunes sporting his new executive haircut, says probably Truth Social available end of the first quarter of 2021.

Make a reservation

Go to the Home Page for advanced reservations for the sites and app(s).

Already an investigation!

The battle between the Democrat Marxist and MAGA continues with the Marxists now controlling much of our Federal government. And so, they are using every available lever to silence MAGA and somehow hang a felony around Trump’s neck.

On this witchhunt, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, are concerned (right). No doubt anxious to put together some sort of charge against Trump, as long as it’s a felony.

But, no one is talking at the moment, and so the speculation heats up!

Meanwhile, Truth Social signs technology agreement with Rumble Video Sharing

Rumble Video Sharing says they are going after Youtube armed with their free speech platform. And so, extracted over half a billion dollars in investment capital from the capital markets.

Therefore, I wonder what market Trump goes after? My hope is that he changes the name and becomes the Trump Metaverse, and does a combination of virtual reality and search engine gig. And so, Truth Social becomes only a diversion. Wouldn’t that be something!

Also, you should know that Trump Media will be going into streaming and the movie business.

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At this instant, I am thrilled that a blockchain conservative social media platform has been introduced! Furthermore, I wish everything I hear and read is true! That Sovern can prove that blockchain technology can indeed help shelter our rights to free speech.

Because so far, all the conservative social media platforms are still venerable to cancelation. Even, the distributed networks that I encourage so much only offer more security, not total security.

In the long run, the blockchain has always been our ultimate security answer. Because it offers the only way to protect our freedom of speech in this age of tyranny. But, I needed to wait until a reliable video messaging app for blockchain arrived.

Well, the time is now! Let’s see if it performs at scale!

Video-sharing and more coming…

Sovren Media is at its heart a video-sharing service, much like Rumble. However, it is a blockchain platform offering crypto tokens for sale at ten cents each. Nothing special as they are selling and using Etherneum tokens.

Since my previous attempt to make enough money at Rumble for a pizza was such a failure. I am looking forward to trying again with Sovren Media.

Like all new conservative social media platforms, it begins with a single app, and then blossoms out.

Ben Swann, CEO of Sovren Media

Ben Swan is a “so-called” conspiracy theorist who is usually correct.

I welcome his forward-leaning blockchain entry into the world of Conservative social media platforms. Because it may lead the way to a dynamic Conservative economy.

Also, I like his site’s artistic media flair and heard it comes from his experience as a TV journalist. It looks like some talented media artists followed him to Sovren Media.

Jumping ahead to a Conservative economy

First of all, let’s not call a Conservative economy an Alternate economy. Instead, let’s call it “The Economy”. Next, looking ahead, there is a good chance MAGA is going to need its own cryptocurrency built on a blockchain.

I hope you get where I’m going with Sovren Media and the need for our own currency.

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To begin, my disclaimer. I do not work for Gab or receive any payment. In fact, I have never talked to a GAB employee or any family member or friend.

Being that Gab survived the first Marxist Cancel Culture attack, it deserves special recognition. Especially since they battled back so hard, ending up with the most secure conservative social media site in America. And, it offers a full range of services like chat, social, video, streaming, etc. All of them work exceedingly well! Making GAB grow fast and securely.

Better yet, you’ll find no compromises with big tech, because they offer their app download on their site rather than the Google and Apple stores. Another thing, they are the only conservative platform with its own social media online payment processing system that avoids the communists’ Cancel Culture.

Other GAB advantages you should consider.

GAB offers users true free speech. This means that all speech that is legal under our First Amendment is legal at GAB. All other sites in my review allow only non-hate-speech, whatever that is. Why the difference?

Any conservative social media platform that has an app in the Google or Apple store must abide by their hate speech rules. And, they are different than our First Amendment, as they change according to what the communist want to hide.

So you know, I now use the Gab example for my prerequisites on how to vet other conservative platforms. Because I don’t want conservatives getting suckered into a social media platform that gets canceled. And, I see all the other sites with similar future problems!

Gab’s strong points!

  • Proven leadership by CEO Andrew Torba who fought hard to keep Gab afloat during its attack by the Cancel Culture.
  • Fortified Self-Hosting and Name Hosting is done internally within their own servers making Gab resistent to Cancel Culture attacks.
  • Services as Apps (SAA) are already installed, integrated, and operating as social, messenging, video, and live-streaming apps.
  • GabPay is a propretary online bank credit card system already in use billing Gab’s Pro users.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is a proven Conservative leader and free speech advocate

CEO Andrew Torba has already proven his leadership abilities under fire. He’s shown that he will not back down from his commitment to run a free speech platform.

In addition, he’s has already implemented the beginnings of a parallel conservative economy. And so, he backs up his words with action!

Cancel Culture attacked GAB hard and fast!

It was not playing around! It was obvious that they wanted to put GAB out of business, as they attacked them so savagely! GAB was de-hosted, bank accounts were closed, and their all-important online bank processor went.

And so, what happened to GAB should be a lesson for all conservatives about how to choose a social media home. And, don’t just think about your convenience! What would happen if we found out that large numbers of them were run by RHINOs or communists? And, they just disappeared one day.

Please keep reading about the other sites. Because I see trouble coming!

The beginning of Cancel Culture against conservative social media sites.

To be sure, “The Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue shooting of 2018” provided the perfect opportunity to begin. And so, the Deep State de-host Gab and got the hidden Globalist suppliers to cancel their services.

Multiple Gab Services as Apps Platform (SAAPs)

  • Social (Facebook like) – Gab’s original app.
  • TV (Youtube like)
  • Messenger Chat (Twitter-like)
  • Live streaming app

The CEO learns his lesson, and radically changes Gab’s platform infrastructure

Following the vicious Marxist attack, Gab smartly re-imagined their info infrastructure. Since he knew Gab could not withstand being canceled again, he made a radical and unexpected decision.

He move his platform to a public distributed network called The Mastodon.

Obvious and non-obvious reason to move Gab to a public network

In effect, moving the Gab platform to a public network makes it near impossible to de-host Gab. However, not impossible! Because close attention must be paid to their node or instance licensing agreement.

Especially, when the head guy is a mad Democrat, or worse!

Besides, becoming resistant to de-hosting there is another advantage, Domain Name Services (DNS) can be resolved within the GAB network. Therefore, eliminating another Cancel Culture chokepoint.

GabPay online bank payment processor eliminates a Cancel Culture chokepoint

At present, GabPay now accepts payments from Gab Pro users. In doing so, Gab eliminates an important Cancel Culture chokepoint!

For this reason, it’s a significant milestone for Gab, and possibly other conservative social media platforms if shared. Furthermore, its activation foretells the end of a vital Cancel Culture weapon. Additionally, maybe even the beginning of a parallel Conservative economy.

Rumble Video-Sharing

News! Rumble goes public and signs a technology deal with Former President Trump and his coming Social Truth platform. With a boatload of money and MAGA behind them, this should be the first step in restoring free speech.

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12-7-2021 Best explanation to date about what is about to happen at Rumble.

I find myself using Rumble Video Sharing 100% for watching Conservative political news. And, you may have noticed almost all the videos I share on this site are from Rumble. And so, I am thrilled that Rumble is going public! In addition, Rumble has made a technology deal with Former President Trump and his new social media site Truth Social.

However, you should know that Rumble has its app in both the Google and Apple stores. That means they approved to abide by their rules about free speech, and not our First Amendment.

Plus, being in the stores of big tech means tracking scripts can be added for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Not so, with GAB who keeps their app download link on their own site.

Get to know the CEO of Rumble, Chris Pavlovski

My first impression of CEO Chris Pavlovski was that he was another RHINO. Who talked out both sides of his mouth. However, my opinion was based solely that he is indeed friends with executives in big tech. Which I still worry about!

And to Rumble’s benefit, I guessed that by being friends, he’d kept Rumble’s apps in their stores. And, possibly keep Rumble from being de-platformed. But, I was wrong on at least one point. That is that Rumble has built its own platform from the ground up. In other words, it only connects directly to the internet, which was obviously a wise move.

Since Rumble went public and is some kind of technology deal with Former President Trump. To think otherwise, would be just too much at this point!

A comforting view of Rumble’s CEO

The special deal between Rumble and its content creators

In order to survive and prosper, every new company must have a special idea. One that puts them above every other competitor and makes them a ton of money!

And so, Rumble’s idea was to share video advertising money earned more equitably. And, of course, provide a large-scale, quality free speech platform.

More special deals…

I first knew something was up when Rumble bought a quality blogging membership site called And, now that we know that they have some kind of technology deal with Trump’s Truth Social platform. Something is going on behind the scenes!

Rumble is no Youtube: returning to reality!

Rumble doesn’t even have an index of topics and commenting is a nightmare. Moreover, Youtube has many other features that leave Rumble in the dust! Nevertheless, Rumble does promise a form of free speech, while not Marxist, it’s not true First Amendment compliant speech guarantees.


GETTR is on a mission to replace Twitter.

Founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought, and the rejection of political censorship and ‘cancel culture.”


In spite of this quote on the GETTR site, I am baffled by what’s going on there! For example:

While Jason Miller is a former Trump administration advisor and a former CNN contributor. Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr is falsely claiming to be a “free speech” platform and an alternative to Big Tech, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Daily Beast, Will Sommer, Adam Rawnsley, Asawin Suebsaeng, Updated Jul. 05, 2021 12:19PM ET / Published Jul. 01, 2021 7:40PM ET , Trumpworld App Is Bankrolled by Fugitive Chinese Billionaire (

While I don’t normally quote “The Daily Beast”, there are some interesting facts in the article.

Apparently, Gettr isn’t thinking about your security too much!

Gettr acts like one giant, unsecured smartphone with connections to where you don’t want your info going.

Maybe the Gettr engineers (Amazon Hosting) will quickly clean up their security disaster because this report clearly spells out Gettr security flaws. No kidding! You’ve really got to read this report.

Of course, if you don’t care who tracks you or believe your online data can never be secured anyway, continue on with Gettr. Because it is true you are already being mercifully tracked through your phone already!

Note: I don’t work for GAB or Rumble, but both bought their own servers, routers, etc. And, if Gettr isn’t busily building their own right now, for an early re-launch. I’m running for the exits!

Warning! What is going with Gettr security?

Let me see if I get this straight! Gettr has apps in both Apple and Google, so you know they signed their agreement to censor user speech according to communists’ dictated “hate speech”, rather than upholding our First Amendment.

Furthermore, our Justice Department declares war on deplorable, and then Gettr hosts their “Twitter Killer” social media site on the proven hostile Globalist hosting company Amazon (AWS)?

Now, for the kicker: who else does Amazon (AWS) host? Cozy enough, they host Twitter and the CIA (separate cloud servers)!

Moreover, Gettr debuts in time to scoop the Truth Social platform of Trump which is supposed to also be a “Twitter Killer”.

Want even more… “Chinese renegade billionaire Guo Wengui bankrolled the development of GETTR and this backing has been confirmed by Miller, though he denies Guo has any official authority in the current venture.” – from Talk Liberation, Jan. 9th, 2022, What are you really getting with GETTR? (

Yet, patriots are flocking to the site by the millions! I must admit that while Jason seems like a good guy, this is no time to have any doubts about such an important site.

Who is CEO, Jason Miller?

Jason Miller was a senior Trump advisor, and so his name alone is helping GETTR grow rapidly. Before that, he was a CNN contributor. He’s a communication specialist for designing talking points for speeches.

What’s up with GETTR’s choice of hosting company?

Why select, Amazon (AWS)! After all, this is the same service that de-hosted Parler!

GETTR says they have other options immediately available in case Amazon de-hosts them.

Spectator World, July 5, 2021, “What makes Jason Miller site different!”

Why is GETTR is better than Twitter?

For starters, Gettr can host 3 min videos, live video streaming, and write posts up to 777 characters. It also allowed users to import their tweets from Twitter onto GETTR. Miller reported “more than 5 million users” had already signed up for the new platform.

Traffic volume

Traffic-wise Gettr is kicking but! It’s said they had a million users pre-subscriptions on opening day. It looks like they will successfully replace Twitter for political conservatives in the US and beyond.

Frank Speech

Frank Speech - Mike Lindell setting up details of Frank Speech to become one of the best conservative social media platforms.
Mike Lindell at White House on Phone

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Do you want a central show platform for live-streaming of quality hosts? Then, is your place! It is the My Pillow, Mike Lindell web platform you probably already heard about.

8 show hosts broadcast daily. And usually, in the afternoon, it begins re-broadcasting them. However their main host Branon Howse often fills blocks of slots with special guests.

I wish it offered downloadable MP3 audio files so that when I go for a run I can listen uninterrupted, rather than deal with connecting with cell towers.

What is Frank Speech like?

Frankly, I’ve never seen a platform grow so fast while adding so many services and talk show hosts! It features prominent experts in many fields, including virus technology, economics, geopolitics, etc. Each laying down uncensored facts. So you know, I’ve learned a great deal from “Frank Speech” in only a few months!

What I don’t like about Frank Speech.

My only real complaint is a big one! With 8 hosts covering the same daily political news. It’s getting boring. To fill the gap, there should be fewer talk show hosts and more investigative reporting. Plus, they should supervise putting field captains at community board meetings and organize more rallies. This would decrease the boredom and increase the value of Frank Speech.

The Frank Speech Cyber Symposium

His 3-day Cyber Symposium occurred between August 10-12th, 2021. What a brilliant combination of business marketing and patriotism!

He occupied the news with his plans to expose election corruption, giving Patriots a chance to organize. Then, got dozens of state Attorney Generals to file a case to the US Supreme Court. A case that we are waiting for its deposition.

However, with Biden’s voting reform bill again defeated by his own Democrat Senators, I expect the US Supreme Court will not even hear this case. Instead, they will rely on the 2022 election and the statehouses to settle the issue because they have little to say about elections. I hope I’m wrong.

Guide to daily hosts on Frank Speech TV

Frank Speech TV rotates hosts throughout the day. When no show is not active, they loop back to previous shows, much like Alex Jones and the Infowars.

Frank Speech is a best conservative social media platforms because it has these shows.
Note: Read down the first column, then the top of the second column for chronological order. This schedule is courtesy of Frank Speech

Meet the Main Host of Frank Speech, Brannon Howse

Previous to the opening of “Frank Speech,” I had never heard of Brannon House. But, the more I watched the more impressed I became.

His decades of experience covering Christain/political topics shines through. You can also find him on his website and online TV called Worldview Weekend.

The registered users Menu

HomePodcastsSupreme Court Petition
NewsState by State 2020 ResultsOnline Store
TVFix2020FirstAbout Frank
List of Menu Items from Home Page. Note: you’ll need to register to see this menu. Click the Home menu to register.

My secrets to selecting the Best Conservative Social Media Sites.

These are strange times! So is my method of selecting which sites deserve reviewing.

If I told you that they must be both easy and fun to use, you wouldn’t be surprised. But, if you knew how much a platform’s resistance to Cancel Culture counts, you’d be shocked! But, it’s the identification of platforms owned by the enemy that will “rattle” your cage.

Finger on the Pulse

Hosts, guests, and comments showing how to take back America.

Cancel Culture Resistant

Proven ability to scramble and survive its efforts to erase their platform.

Fearless Management

If a CEO gets de-hosted and bank accounts canceled at least once, the platform gets extra points, especially if they come back even stronger.

New Patriot Economy

We must begin admitting that Patriots may need their economy to win. A platform that makes plans receives extra points.

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By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.