Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Review


The best conservative social media platforms review helps you quickly find stable and friendly political groups and commentators. And importantly, the most resistant to cancelation.

Conservative social media platforms are distinguishable by content moderation according to rights granted in our First Amendment.

Recently, the label conservative social media has expanded to include live streaming shows. And so, I present together reviews for both social media and live streaming platforms in one review.

List of Social Media Platforms

For users, video creators, and publishers, this is how your earnings panel works. Also, there are other screens itemizing site activity you generated.

Gab Social is owned and managed by Christian patriot, CEO Andrew Torba. He dedicated it to free speech.

Unfortunately, during Gab’s early years, his company was de-platformed by one of the first cancel culture Marxist attacks. However, Gab emerged on a more secure platform.

Your benefits of Gab’s new Information Technology?

With Gab, you’ll never be left behind! Because it has all the bases covered!

For the geeks reading this blog, Gab moved to a Linux-based, public distributed network with protective self-hosting of their domain. This means Gab can now offer us more security for our personal data and is less likely to disappear after another cancel culture attack.

Looking ahead, Gab’s Linux operating system comes with several integrated Apps As Services Platforms (ASP). Which are distinct advantages for platform stability and simple software maintenance.

Maybe even more important, several of these types of apps are popular nowadays. And so, you can signup and move your emphasis between apps as times change.

Popular Gab apps already installed with growing user bases:

  • Social (Facebook like) – Gab’s original app.
  • TV (Youtube like)
  • Messenger Chat (Twitter-like)
  • Live streaming app

Even better, their network is now front-ended by an advanced multi-purpose HydraLabs blockchain server. Hmm! A conservative digital currency in the works?

App Stores not necessary!

You won’t find Gab in the big app stores, but you can download apps directly from their website. Their CEO doesn’t want any part of Big Tech censorship, and apparently, they don’t want any part of him! Live Free!


Parler is a social media gathering place for conservatives, without the censorship of Facebook. It is partially owned by the conservative celebrity Dan Bongino. Who also has a financial interest in a popular video-sharing service called Rumble.

The January 6th Capitol Hill Riots sink Parler

Parler was accused of being a digital meeting ground for rioters. While a true statement, the same was occurring on Twitter at the same time.

Then, Amazon (AWS), after a warning, de-platformed Parler. Along with all their merchant accounts, including their Apple and Google app store privileges.

Needless to say, Parler was scrambling!

Driving the stake further into the heart of Parler, Operation Mockingbird journalist chimed in with false rumors of Russians accepting their hosting business.

The reason they all gave was that Amazon Parler was not doing enough to censor “hate speech.”

The comeback…

It seems the ex-President of Parler could not make sense with their convoluted definitions of “hate speech” censorship, so he was replaced with one who came up with a new idea.

Here is what interim CEO Mark Meckler said:

Parler has and will always be a free and open forum where users could engage in the free exchange of ideas in the full spirit of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. We have worked to put in place systems that will better detect unlawful speech and allow users to filter content undesirable to them, while maintaining our strict prohibition against content moderation based on viewpoint.

CNN, April 20th, 2021, Author: Brian Fung, Apple will let Parler Return to the App Store.

In any case, the Parler apps are back in the stores and many Marxists and Patriots wonder what happened?

However, when Parler was released from the “cancel culture” prison, they did not return to Amazon (AWS) hosting. Instead, they found an even more suitable one. It’s amazing how karma works!

What does Parler’s New Information Infrastructure Mean to You?

Mark Meckler, one of the early creators of the Tea Party movement and now Parler’s interim CEO, said, “the platform has been rebuilt on Ceph pre-distributed file system technology and is “not reliant on so-called ‘Big Tech’ for its operations.”

For us, that means that Parler is now with an independent hosting service, and so less likely to get canceled again.

Unlike Gab, it seems they are less likely to branch out into other social media services, but they surely could. Their leaning is to make what they’ve got better.

Your Favorite Channel Show Hosts

Everyone has their favorite channel hosts! And, nowadays there are lots of them! Parler a long list of the most popular ones.

Being one of the first really popular conservative social media platforms and anchored by Dan Bongino himself, lead the way with celebrities as an important draw for massive users.


Gettr is on a mission to replace Twitter. A little late I think as the market has already moved on. Live streaming shows and messenger apps are where the action is.

Tagged as the “Marketplace of Ideas,” its profile on the Google and Apple’s app stores says it’s “founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought, and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture.'”

This social media platform looks a lot like Twitter! Does anyone think this is Trump’s promised “super social media platform?”

Since, Trump, Senior Advisor, Jason Miller is the founder. The Gettr platform has a bright future. Because high-level political connections do attract massive users.

About the social media platform

Gettr allows users to follow each other, host videos up to three minutes long, do live video streaming, and make posts with up to 777 characters.

It also allowed users to import their tweets from Twitter onto GETTR. Miller reported “more than half a million users” had already signed up for the new platform.

Gettr has that essential dedication to free speech, and I wonder how they plan to remove truly dangerous messages as per First Amendment.

Jason Miller, CEO of GETTR has over a million news users on its first day! Many coming from Cuba. Now Cuba is staging a big freedom movement. Coincidence?

Frank Speech

So far, it’s a live-streaming show site with promises of much more. It’s a site I listen to the last thing at night in bed with my smartphone and headphone.

I’ve heard the most prominent experts in virus technology, economics, geopolitics, etc. lay out the uncensored facts. I’ve learn more in-depth knowledge at Frank Speech than anywhere else!

Mostly due to the excellent hosting job of Brannon Howse. Overworked, but always prepared. He’s said that help is on the way. One that I noticed recently is the Steve Bannon of the War Room. So, now are two of my favorite show hosts back-to-back live-streaming. How cool is that!

Frank Speech now has an online My Pillow e-commerce store. The owner Mike Lindell says it will eventually compete with Amazon! Love his confidence!

To say that the CEO Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow have been under attack by the Marxist cancel culture is an understatement. However, Mike has fought back harder and smarter than you can imagine!

The Frank Speech Cyber Symposium $5 million dollar challenge!

Not only has he resisted, but he has taken the battle to them. Not only with his Frank Speech social media streaming platform but with his upcoming Cyber Symposium on August 10-12th, 2021.

$5,000,000 reward for anyone who can prove his internet “unchangeable captures” of election day on November 3rd, 2020 are false. He and others claim the Chinese CCP and others flip votes, and he aims to prove it during a 3-day cyber symposium beginning August 10, 2021. Only cybersecurity professionals are invited.

Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse is the main host of the 24 hours Frank Speech live stream. (Of course, many of his interviews or shows are repeats.) He also has his own popular Christain/political website and TV called Worldview Weekend.

Before Frank Speech I never heard of him! To my surprise, he’s one of the most capable streaming hosts on the planet!

The War Room with Steve Bannon on Rumble

Is a popular live stream show that begins at 8 am (Central Time) Monday thru Friday. Where host Steve Bannon is on fire with the guest you want to hear from! Afterward, you’ll find a video copy of the live stream loaded on the Steve Bannon War Room on Rumble.

How I Select the Best Conservative Social Media Platforms.

While the best will eventually rise to the top in viewership numbers, conservative social media is so new that many do not even know where to begin looking. I hope here we helped and more.

Finger on the Pulse

Hosts, guests, and comments showing how to take back America.

Cancel Resistant

Proven ability to resist and defeat the Marxist “cancel culture” efforts to erase them.

Fearless Management

If a CEO gets de-hosted and bank accounts canceled at least once, the platform gets extra points, especially if they come back even stronger.

New Patriot Economy

We must begin admitting that Patriots may need their own economy to win. A platform which makes plans receives extra points.

Are Conservative Social Media Platforms Replacements for Facebook?

A frequent question about social media platforms is: Are they a replacement for Facebook? Definitely, there is less clutter and fewer people. The answer is if you need the clutter (Marketplace, Groups, etc.), then they are not!


America’s free market is quickly inventing new technologies to match the needs of conservative social media websites. Eventually, the totalitarianist globalists sites will fall behind as entrepreneurs can adapt quicker.


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.